Compromise of 2012

In 1877, President Rutherford B. Hayes struck a deal with the South and ended Reconstruction


In 1877, the South struck a deal with the Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes to end Reconstruction.

The Union Army would withdraw its troops from the occupied South. The states would be given the freedom to restore some level of race sanity in the defeated Confederacy.

Buried within this Harold Meyerson column, I have found something intriguing, an indicator that Rick Perry might be willing to look the other way in the White House and allow the states to start making their own laws again:

In “Fed Up,” his campaign manifesto, he says the federal government has gone too far by passing laws “regulating the environment, regulating guns, protecting civil rights, establishing the massive programs and Medicare and Medicaid, [and] creating national minimum wage laws.” These are all endeavors, he argues, that should be left to the states.

This is significant.

It is worth investigating further. If the federal government really stood aside and allowed the states to reassert themselves on the subjects of “civil rights” and “immigration,” then Rick Perry would actually be worth supporting in 2012.

I find it highly unlikely though that Perry is actually serious about this states’ rights platform. It is significant though that he would even put a “Compromise of 2012” on the table. It shows just how far White America has drifted away from the “mainstream consensus” on race over the last decade.

Does Rick Perry want to be Rutherford B. Hayes? The president who redeems Texas from the disastrous legacy of LBJ and George W. Bush?

Note: There is nothing that I would like to see more than getting the American South out from underneath Washington. The Colossus of LBJ must fall one way or the other. We have lived in the world that LBJ created for almost fifty years now.

Note: As I have said several times now, Whites have revolted against Obama in the Midwest. He might not have enough Democratic support to win Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois in 2012.

In the videos below, Obama blames the blogosphere for his loss of legitimacy (some of you are reading OD and SBPDL instead of the New York Times), and Maxine Waters illustrates why Black Run America is running out of steam.

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  1. The intellectual and moral heirs of the Haymarket riot, the 1968 DNC riots, the Weather Underground, the people who act as apologists for every single illegal act committed by blacks, the same folks who foster the anarchist and “anti-racist” thugs and use them as proxies to silence dissidents are lecturing us on the importance of law and order? Talk about chutzpah!

  2. Agreed. He’s good on only two issues, but they are crucial: States’ Rights and Gun Rights. These are the issues that can spark Civil War II. And that’s the only way we are going to rid ourselves of ZOG and restore the Republic.

  3. Perry is a snake oil salesmen. He may be to deep into Gun Rights to get out but everything else he would sell down the river as soon as he could get 2 cents out of it. He is best thought of as a Carpetbagger at heart. He knows all the addresses in the land of crony-capitalism and they know him.

  4. Perry is an opportunist. He went from being a Democrat to Republican years ago. Huh?

    He was for the Trans Texas Corridor, which would have bull dozed and seized thousands of acres of private property to benefit corporate interests.

    I have yet to see any evidence he is truly a friend of any liberty.

    As a side note, the Texas governor does not really carry that much weight. So whether good or bad, you can’t really attribute it to one person.

  5. Back in 1976, I thought Jimmy Carter might restore some race sanity, and national purpose to America. I had no reason to think otherwise, as Carter was a former Governor of Georgia, a nuclear engineer, and a successful farmer. Too bad.

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