Dixie’s Olympics


In the Plantation Nation, the Roll Tide faithful are still true to their Cavalier Roots

(Editor’s Note: The Muse of Hate has been given the day off after delivering the great Ode to Victory after ten years of toil on this WordPress blog to rediscover the Race Soul of Dixie.

Having shaken off many illusions with the assistance of Plato and Georg Hegel, the Analyst of Hate is back to discuss the new paradigm which has been created in light of a gold mine of good observations. The Plantation Nation has come into sharper focus.)

It is another beautiful day in the Sunny South.

The Southern Sky blazes over the nation of Dixie which it embraces from all directions. It is now the middle of August. The weather will soon become more temperate as Persephone, the bride of Hades, leads our corner of Western civilization from summer to the fall season.

It is about to be our favorite time of the year in the nation of Dixie. The cooler fall weather is coming soon. Most importantly, the SEC football season and Friday Night Football is about to enrapture the Race of the Cavaliers, which will provide some much needed psychological relief from the “partisan divide” in Washington and the “financial crisis” on Wall Street.

Every great nation has its national past time. Rome had its great ampitheatres and gladiator games. Byzantium had its chariot races between the Blues and Greens. Hellas had its Olympics. The national sport of Dixie is football and our Colosseum is the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

The football season is one of the most important rituals in the nation of Dixie. It is a special time of the year when the American South takes the mask off and reveals to America that the nation of Dixie is still alive 150 years after the demise of the Confederacy.

This will strike “White Nationalists” as an absurd argument.

Southern universities have been integrated by federal law. The Whites cheer for African-American athletes. This is proof of the great success of “anti-racism” and “racial progress” in the American South.

But could it be something else?

The race soul of Dixie was born on the plantation. This region of the United States has always been an alternative universe. It is a sub-nation that was settled by different stock from the British Isles on a different cultural and economic model. The troubled relationship between Dixie and America is similar to the one that tied Ireland to Great Britain.

Dixie has always had its own mind about how the nation should be governed. The nation of Dixie once balked at ratifying the U.S. Constitution without the Bill of Rights. In the 1860s, Dixie fought the Second War of Independence from the United States. In the 1870s, guerrilla resistance in Dixie to the United States led to the demise of Reconstruction.

The philosophy of Dixie has always been conservatism. A conservative view of the world is based on hierarchy. In the Great Chain of Being, every being has its own special place in the structure of life which has been ordained by the Christian God.

Southerners take great care of their animals. We love our dogs and horses. The Southerner will spend a lot of time and wealth taking paternalistic care of his pet without acknowledging its inferiority or realizing why he is doing it. This is one major reason we tend to excel at veterinary medicine.

Insofar as the race question is concerned, it saddens me to report that White Southerners are culturally still very much “white supremacists.” Thomas Jefferson, for example, was a pioneer of the view that African-Americans suffered from a biological deficit in human intelligence and character, but this wasn’t really a source of animus toward them.

Jefferson lived in a world where White America was officially “the master race” in the United States. The White race was the leading race in the nation of Dixie. In such a world, a system of Christian paternalism could be fostered toward African-Americans, which is why “White Nationalism” never germinated here.

White Southerners are also republicans. The republican system of government is at the core of our social order. It has always been our nature to settle our grievances through the law and rational argument. This is another trait we share in common with our Roman forebearers.

The Mind of Dixie can be explained in five principles:

(1) The Team Principle – the team principle is the republican principle that everyone is supposed to work for the common good of the Republic. It is up to the law and the political process to deliver justice.

(2) The Racial Principle – the racial principle of Dixie is that Whites and African-Americans have an instinctive sense of racial identity because we live in a biracial society. African-Americans revel in their racial identity because it is not suppressed by the Mainstream Media (MSM), but White Southerners still have their own racial identity.

(3) The Religious Principle – the religious principle of Dixie is that everyone is capable of hearing God’s Word and God’s Truth and is thus capable of being saved through Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ is the truth and the way, then anyone can be a Christian and there can be moral common ground between races and nations.

(4) The Philosophical Principle – the philosophical principle of Dixie is that we are a conservative nation where everything has its proper place in the Great Chain of Being. When the natural order of things and our intuitive sense of the divine law has been violated, we experience a deep feeling of anxiety and alienation.

(5) The Cultural Principle – the cultural principle of Dixie is that we are a European nation of Cavaliers and Crackers. The enjoyment of our leisure time is at the root of Southern culture.

This is why the college football season is such a special time of the year in the Plantation Nation. It is the one time of the year when the nation of Dixie secedes from the United States and officially recognizes its own identity.

Why do Southerners love football games so much?

(1) It is a chance to cheer for the home team and the places we care about. We identify with these places and care about these institutions because we are conservatives. It is the Southern way of life to orient ourselves around the team and the place.

(2) It is a chance to relax, have a party, BBQ and tailgate, drink a few beers, tune out “the partisan divide” in Washington and “the financial crisis” on Wall Street, take life a little slower, have some good times, entertain some friends in our parlors, enjoy companionship of the women we love, etc.

It is time to tune out the School Marm Yankee on cable television, the Time Clock Yankee in the workplace, and the School Marm Yankee in the universities and the public schools, and to indulge in our own very best Cracker and Cavalier Culture instincts of enjoying our leisure time through the magical medium of ESPN.

It is time to experience the organic unity of the Plantation Nation for a few hours. There is nothing quite like the surreal experience of sitting in Bryant-Denny Stadium and hearing the words … “Touchdown Alabama.”

The Savage Ideal of Southern culture erupts in a mania of celebration across the State of Alabama with the assistance of radio and television. It reaches into both the White and African-American households … because the team principle, the racial principle, the cultural principle, the philosophical principle, and the religious principle momentarily align.

(3) Athletics is a chance to demonstrate our superiority and our loyalty to our teams in the outdoors. If this reminds historians and cultural anthropologists of the great Southern nations of Rome and Hellas, it should because there is an important connection.

Rome and Hellas were separated by climate from Germania. The Germanic peoples lived in heavily forested Northern Europe. The British race evolved under its peculiar weather.

The nation of Dixie is a Protestant race of Northern Europeans that lives under the Southern Sky in North America. Everything from its national borders to its attire to its spirit to its architecture to its culture to its athletics to its philosophy and excellence in politics has been shaped by its peculiar geography and climate.

The Mind of Dixie is inevitably drawn toward the allure of conservative Rome and Hellas. It was drawn there through Thomas Jefferson and Sir Walter Scott – through the prism of England – to construct the American Republic and later the Confederacy.

(4) The football season is a time when the Plantation Nation is mysteriously reconstructed and Whites and African-Americans are on the same side cheering for the same teams. By Sunday, they are back to attending their own churches.

The Plantation of Auburn has gone to war with the University of Oregon in the State of Arizona. Every “racist” in the State of Alabama (most of them at any rate) sets aside “racism” and “tribalism” for a few hours to unite around the team principle and the cultural principle.

In a single flash of Auburn’s Imperial Triumph in the BCS college football season, the nation of Dixie has revealed to the United States that “racism” is a bullshit term that was manufactured by European Marxists to poison American race relations.

For there are plenty of “White racists” and “African-American racists” in the SEC who are enjoying the Imperial Triumph, who have prayed in their own minds for the Auburn victory in the BCS, which only makes sense when you realize that Southerners are a Race of Cavaliers who have organized themselves around the team principle.

In the Plantation Nation, the Whites never really despised African-Americans, unless they were being denied some kind of social and economic opportunity, as the “peckerwoods” and “rednecks” were who were forced to scratch out a living in the inferior soil of the Piney Woods, the Hill Country, and the Mountains back in the old days.

In 2011, most of the “White racists” in the nation of Dixie resent being lied to by the liberal and conservative establishment in America. It is the establishment that says the blackness of African-Americans is holiness and that the divine grace of His Majesty Barack Hussein Obama is the redemption of America for the sin of slavery.

The establishment says that Al Sharpton should be on MSNBC to talk about “The Black Agenda” whereas Jared Taylor or James Edwards cannot be on MSNBC to talk about “The White Agenda.” It violates the conservative sense of the natural order of things (i.e., the racial principle and the philosophical principle) at the most visceral level in the nation of Dixie.

(5) College football is a game that we can follow and use our minds to understand. It is something which appeals to the descendants of generations of sportsmen, hunters, and small family farmers who have lived in the Sunny South for centuries. We have always loved games here, not because we are “lemmings,” but because we are sons and daughters of Dixie.

White Southerners don’t really “hate” African-Americans. We just intuitively recognize they are not the same as us. We resent the injustice and dishonour of being denied our rightful place in our own nation. Insofar as African-Americans are on the side of the phalanx of Alabama or Tennessee, we are happy to cheer for them, but that doesn’t mean we really truly believe “we are all the same” at the racial and cultural level.

As of the year 2011, the Washington and Wall Street way of doing things in the United States is looking shakier than ever. The Colossus of LBJ in Washington is finally succumbing to the gravity of its own misguided liberal ideas after decades of fatigue and exhaustion.

It won’t be long now until the demise of the Wall Street and Federal Reserve controlled financial system unleashes chaos, violence, and economic ruin upon us all. The people of Dixie will have to find some other living arrangement that will allow us to rebuild our civilization with a real mind toward the future.

The Olympics games of the American South are a valuable clue.

Note: After years of observation, I have arrived at the conclusion that the Southerners who call themselves “White Nationalists” are really just Southerners who are reacting against the discourse and racial etiquette the pollutes Dixie through the medium of print, radio, and television.

It is their own soil, their own blood, their own history, their own instincts, their own religion (the Protestant responds to the calling) and their own culture which has inspired the anti-bacterial reaction against the liberal status quo. The “conservatism” they are denouncing is a false conservatism that prevails in places like New York City and Washington.

The “conservatism” of Alabama and Virginia is another animal altogether. It is a “conservatism” that is about blood, place, piety, duty, honor, history, tradition and culture. This is the “conservatism” of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

It is not about “ideas.” No real Southerner believes that “conservatism” can ever be based on mere ideas and abstractions. The fanatical obsession with abstractions and ideological purity is the mentality of Boston, Massachusetts not Charleston, South Carolina.

Does this make any sense to you? I suspect it does if you come where I am from.


  1. I like white Southerners. But on 9/3, Georgia will be playing Boise State. Georgia will start 1 white and 21 blacks (literally – this is not made up). Boise St. will start 16 whites.

    Those drunken whites cheering on “their Dawgs” (and their no whites allowed policy) against a mostly white team will never be respected by me.

  2. Gotta agree, Bernie. Some metaphors work, some don’t. Do west Pennsylvanians love football any less than SEC folks? The reasons the SEC dominates –over 50% of blacks live in the South, academic standards are lower, and Alabamians are apparently not ashamed to pay $4+ million a year for the most mercenary figure in sports, Nick Saban. I think SEC football fanatacism is as much about southern hypocrisy than anything. Hunter, I still think you are just alienating whites elsewhere. Rural MI is just as much a place of sprint car dirt track races, yeehaw country music, and pick up trucks as the south, guys just might be into the Red Wings, Tigers, and ice fishing as much as college football, though UM/MSU will still put almost 200,000 combined in their stadiums on Saturday. Is it just me, or is sectarianism and a sense of hate towards “the north” that central to race realism down there? Is the plant manager at the non-union Japanese auto plant really a “Time Clock Yankee?” You know ESPN is out of CT, right? Are the Germans and Swedish of the Great Lakes less “Germanic” and “Protestant” than the Scots-Irish “Crackers” and English “Cavaliers?”

  3. Here’s an amusing observation:

    (1) It is an empirical fact that there are more “racially conscious Whites” in Georgia than Idaho.

    (2) It is also an empirical fact that the “racially conscious Whites” in Georgia will cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs over Boise State. Even though the Georgia team will start mostly black players.

    (3) The “racially conscious Whites” will cheer for Georgia over Idaho because Southern culture demands loyalty to place and home. It also demands loyalty to the state. No one loves their states more than the people of Texas and South Carolina.

    South Carolina will raise the Palmetto Flag over Michigan or Idaho.

    (4) The “racially conscious Whites” in Atlanta will do anything to escape the Black Undertow which is destroying the ATL. Yet they will cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs and Georgia Tech.

    (5) This contradiction is explained by the team principle, the cultural principle, and the philosophical principle.

    (6) So long as African-Americans want to play for the team of Georgia, the “racially conscious Whites” will cheer them.

    (7) White Nationalism is based exclusively on the racial principle. For a White Nationalist, his identity is synonymous with his race, but for ordinary people in Dixie identity is more complex.

    There is a racial identity, a cultural identity, a philosophical identity, a team identity, and a religious identity.

    (8) That is why “White Nationalists” have failed to convert the masses for 40 years. They demand exclusively loyalty to racial identity, but identity is more complex than race. In fact, race is just one marker of identity, whereas religion and philosophy are two others.

    (9) That is the key to solving our problem in Dixie. We must communicate with our fellow Southerners “on the right frequency” which is to say we must appeal to their racial identity, their cultural identity, their team identity, their philosophical identity, and their religious identity.

    In such a way, we can connect with our own people, which is what we have sought all along.

  4. Donnerwedder,

    I have nothing against Pennsylvania. I actually like the people who live there. Denise, for example, is a friend in Pennsylvania. These insights can easily be applied to Michigan or Pennsylvania.

    For example, I am quite sure there are plenty of Whites in Michigan and Pennsylvania who understand race, but who refuse to join White Nationalism for other reasons. Their objections to White Nationalism are religious, cultural, philosophical, etc. I’m sure you know these people.

    If you want to make White Nationalism work, which is to say, you want to revive White racial consciousness, you got to “find the right frequency” to communicate with your own people.

    Listen to their music. Watch their games. Go to their churches. Study their politics. You will learn quite a lot.

  5. I guess I really just don’t get college sports. White people all have their own schools, but why they cheer so loudly for black mercenaries- who they won’t even admit are mercenaries- is beyond me. As much as I roll my eyes at college sports, I sometimes liked to watch pro football- until this year. We have a black quarterback now, in the whitest part of the US.

    The English strongly identify with the Romans- in one movie, “The Last Legion”, the mythic connection is made explicit- but beyond some sense of national imperial greatness, this doesn’t make any sense. The English are fairly unique among European countries in *not* having Roman law- maintaining their own Anglo-Saxon legal system, English common law, has been a big part of the strength of English society, at least until it was hijacked by leftists.

  6. Donnerwedder,

    The country folk of the North and West, many of them at least, are culturally and genetically drawn from the soil of Dixie. Just because they live in Indiana and Michigan and Wyoming, it doesn’t mean they have ceased to be Southerners in their souls.

    You can leave Kentucky, but Kentucky doesn’t leave you. The fierce state pride of Indiana, for example, is nothing but the products of Southerners who live in the Midwest.

    The High Culture of Dixie will call them back to their own roots. Their ancestors moved to the North and West after the War Between the States. Sometimes they figure out who they really are:


    Why does this man from Michigan sing about Alabama and Tennessee? Because he is a Cracker who lives in Michigan by fate.

  7. Thrasymachus,

    It is because they are cheering for Auburn or South Carolina and wearing the team colors to demonstrate their loyalty, not for the black players per se. If the very same black players transferred to Idaho or UConn, they wouldn’t cheer for them.

    The only reason people in Auburn liked Cam Newton is because he played for Auburn. If he had played for Oregon like LaMichael James (or even worse for Florida), everyone in Auburn would have hated him.

  8. “The “racially conscious Whites” will cheer for Georgia over Idaho because Southern culture demands loyalty to place and home. ”

    I think you are on a slippery slope here. If whites must cheer for blacks over whites because they play for the home team then perhaps they should reevaluate their priorities.

    Would you cheer for a black boxer from your home state over a white boxer?

    Would you vote for a black presidential candidate from Dixie over a decent white conservative from a northern or western state?

    If so, then you should have more loyalty and love for the Negroes who go to your school or live in your neighborhood than to white people you never met.

    But there is the rub. The Negroes who go to your school are the same ones who hate whites, participate in flash mobs, rape white women and beat up lone defenseless whites. If these specimens represent 90% of your team then it is time to get a new team.

  9. “So long as African-Americans want to play for the team of Georgia, the “racially conscious Whites” will cheer them.”

    Then those whites will have to dance to their tune – literally – as the hip-hop plays in the stadium during the game.

    The white Ole Miss fans had to get rid of their Confederate flag, mascot and team name in the goal of recruiting more blacks. As the sherriff in Cool Hand Luke said:

    “That’s the way he wants it. Well, that’s the way he gets it.”

    Ole Miss has a total of 3 white starters. They gave away their flag, mascot and team name and they still suck.

    Whites in Wisconsin get to cheer on a team starting 15 whites (and a roster that is probably 80% white.) Same for whites in many other northern states. They cheer on teams that look like them. And those teams are better than Ole Miss, UGA, Miss State and the other black SEC teams.

  10. Hunter,

    Why do you suppose these SEC teams do not recruit white players? All-white schools win state high school football championships – often beating all-black teams. Why doesn’t this translate into scholarships for the white victors?

  11. Bernie,

    A few points …

    (1) White Nationalists are people who turn their racial identity into an ideology. They are people who have have turned whiteness into a romanticized abstraction. This is why they are unable to connect with ordinary White people.

    (2) What sense does it make to say that in order to be a “White Nationalist” you cannot love your own state, your own university, your own heritage, your own kin, your own culture, your own home team?

    (3) Most White people are comfortable with their racial identity.

    It is White Nationalists who are uncomfortable with their racial identity. They turn it into an abstract ideology. The average person is not an ideologue though. His sense of identity is a composite of various things, not a single ideological obsession with race.

    How do you sell people on White Nationalism? Well, if you want to be a White Nationalist, you can no longer enjoy a football game. Most people would disagree.

    Here’s a novel idea: we should appeal to ordinary people in the American South through their race, their culture, their religion, their philosophy, and their teams. Let’s just try that and see if it works better.

    (4) I will get around to Ole Miss being stripped of its heritage. As someone who knows people who go to Ole Miss, I know how wildly unpopular that was. The same is true of the NCAA trying to politically correct the Fighting Sioux in North Dakota.

    (5) That’s great for Wisconsin. More power to them.

    The people in Wisconsin are White, but so what? Aside from being White, they are not Alabamians or Georgians or Tennesseans. They do not share our culture.

    (6) There are White players on SEC teams. Greg McElroy? Tim Tebow? Barrett Trotter? Ryan Mallet?

  12. If you are from Wisconsin, your real grievances are against Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles.

    I’m going to try to put myself in the position of someone who lives in Wisconsin. In such a position, I would realize that the blacks in Milwaukee are a thorn in my side, the laws of Washington, DC prevent ordinary people from correcting the problem, the bullshit that comes over the radio, the television, the internet, and through print is what brainwashes people into believing nonsense about race and other topics.


    It is Washington, DC that lets in the endless stream of Hispanics and other exotics types of foreigners. It is Hollywood that glorifies being non-White. It is New York City and Washington which control our finances and which are ruining our economy.


    It was Jew Russ Feingold and Jew Herb Kohl who supported the DREAM Act and “comprehensive immigration reform.” It is the insane police department in Milwaukee which allows the “flash mobs” to terrorize White people in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair.

    If I lived in Wisconsin, I would be pissed off about the Wisconsin state fair and being ruled by lawyers and millionaires and Jews in the media and with Washington for ignoring these problems.


  13. Hunter,

    Thanks for the response. White nationalism aside, I still don’t understand why it is a commendable thing for white Southerners to cheer on almost all black teams.

    Cheering for an almost all-black team over a mostly white team like Boise State to me seems to be an example of self hatred – especially given what black people do to white people as is so ably demonstrated on your site.

    Should whites still love Atlanta now that it is part of BRA? Should whites still love the old high school if it is now all black?

    As you have demonstrated, whites have cleared out of Montgomery and other formerly white cities. If they have left their homes when the became part of BRA why should they not change football allegiances once their teams have become a perfect example of BRA?

    “There are White players on SEC teams. Greg McElroy? Tim Tebow? Barrett Trotter? Ryan Mallet?”

    Yeah, but whites are down to less than 20% of SEC starters. This number is going nowhere but down.

    The fact is, the coaches, scouts, donors and others think blacks are superior athletes and that is why they dominate the SEC rosters. The only role for whites in these schools is to cheer on the black players (Gods?) in the stands or as a cheerleader, support the team through buying tickets and donating funds and – if you are a white female – to support the blacks in other ways when they visit campus or at the after party.

    Why support this black supremacy – especially when whites have shown they can compete with and defeat blacks at football and most other sports?

    If you have a son who plays football, will Alabama, Auburn or LSU allow him on the team?

  14. “It is the insane police department in Milwaukee which allows the “flash mobs” to terrorize White people in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair.”

    Yeah, but it is the blacks who comprise the flash mobs and I blame them more than the police.

    Getting back to football, if any school – northern or southern – gets to be as black as UGA or Ole Miss, then no whites should cheer for them, in my opinion.

    As for the white SEC fans cheering on all-black teams, would their grandfathers and great grandfathers approve or disapprove?

  15. Bernie,

    I suspect White Southerners cheer for SEC teams for the same reason that the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan has White people who cheer for their teams in spite of the black players on those teams.

    It is because …

    (1) White people in Alabama identify with their universities like Auburn and the University of Alabama. As it happens, the black people identify with Auburn and Alabama, too.

    (2) White people in Georgia are capable of uniting around the team principle, the cultural principle, and the philosophical principle on the football field.

    (3) White people in Alabama and Georgia are not White Nationalists. They are comfortable with their racial identity. Thus, they see no contradiction between their racial identity and their universities and, say, having a good time on a Saturday night with their friends.

    (4) “White Nationalism” has never been the philosophy of the American South.

    (5) The real philosophy of the American South is conservatism and it is expressed through “white supremacy.”

    (6) So long as Whites feel comfortably superior in the stands cheering for Auburn or Alabama, they don’t have the slightest problem with the black players. They are cheering for Auburn and Alabama, not the black players.

    (7) If the black players played for another school like Michigan or Oregon, the fans wouldn’t cheer for them.

    (8) If you are not a White Nationalist, you don’t perceive any contradiction between your racial identity, your cultural identity, and your team identity.

    (9) It is White Nationalists who believe that White people have a racial identity and that their cultural identity is meaningless. Of course White people have always disagreed which is why White Nationalism has never gone anywhere and remains mired in ideological debates.

    (10) Southerners care about their race, but they also care about their culture, and the most important aspect of Southern culture is identifying with a place.

    (11) Sure, I care about Atlanta, although Atlanta today is not constructed as a place worth caring about. The Atlanta that was burned down by Sherman is another story.

    (12) I still love my school, my city, and my country. From where I am standing, the federal government has done this to my school, my city, and my county.

    (13) Here in the South, we are not a nomadic people. We have to be forced against our instincts to become nomads. The last thing that a Southerner is loyal to is an ideology. Southerners are conservatives. We are loyal to places.

    (14) Who has done this to the South?

    Is integration something we wanted? Is it something we desired when Ole Miss rioted and George Wallace stood in the school house door and Eisenhower had to use the National Guard on Arkansas? Don’t be silly.

    It was Washington, DC and people who live in other parts of the United States who wanted to integrate Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, not the people who lived here, who resisted the integration which was broadcast on national television.

    (15) I don’t support black supremacy.

    I think black people are different than me, that black people are out of control, that we live under a racial double standard, but I know who is responsible for our condition and who is not, and I don’t hate black people for something that Washington has done to my state.

    (16) It was Washington that imposed integration on every public university in the American South through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    (17) The blacks who riot in Milwaukee have rotten character. Someone rotted their character. This is something new. Something that wasn’t common just a few years ago.

    (18) Hmm.

    I wonder if the students at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan will stop cheering for their teams which are full of black players. Somehow I doubt it.

    (19) If memory serves, it was our ancestors who fought the War Between the States to make Dixie an independent nation, and they fought that war out of their explicit fear that the Northern states would enshrine their abolitionist dogma of “racial equality” in the U.S. Constitution, which is precisely what happened after Dixie lost the war.

  16. Hello, all! Please allow me to convey Hunter’s perceptions, and obsrvations, in rather cruder terms than Hunter is using.

    Bernie (who seems to have “gotten” it), and Thrasymachus; Hunter is saying that Southerners cheer for Negro football players, because the Plantation system never really ended in the South – so the Whites Southrons are cheering for Their Niggras. Not THE Niggras – THEIR Niggras.

    I am in PA. And the love of football is a very very very similar phenomena, up here. It’s funny; Pennsylvania have been decribed as “Philadelphia on one side, Pittsburgh, on the other, and Alabama in between” . This is largely true. I am very proud of this fact. Pennsy’s are football crazy. My aunt was known as “Mrs Football” in her little sphere. There are loads of demented DWL’s – but there’s also LOADS of dedicated racists. More, every day. And I think, when Whites realize that RaHoWa is already underway, that we, up here, won’t be nearly as nice to our Niggra populaton, as the Cavaliers of Dixie are.

  17. Bernie,

    If memory serves, no one from Alabama went to Wisconsin to preach the doctrine of racial equality in Madison or Milwaukee. On the contrary, it was James Zwerg who came to Montgomery from Appleton, Wisconsin with the “Freedom Riders” to force integration on Alabama.

    Again, if you check the votes in the U.S. Congress, it was Wisconsin that wanted the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and it was Wisconsin that thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero and JFK was right to integrate the University of Alabama.

    Here in the South, we don’t care what happens in Wisconsin. How do you want to run your state? We don’t care. That’s your business.

  18. My two cents on college football. I am a North Alabama southern boy. All the years I spent living in Montana, I never failed to watch the Alabama vs Auburn football game. By the way, I was an Auburn fan. Every year after the game, I would phone home and speak with my dad and laugh or cry.

    Hunter, you are correct as well as the author when you say it is an association with home. I have found that most southern’s roots run deep. But, I have changed my outlook towards football considerably. After seeing report and report of thuggery by many of the players and recognizing the fact that these players in no way represent who I am, where I came from, or what I stand for I can no longer watch. As a matter of fact, I am intrigued by the rhetoric of the white men I work around when they speak so highly of these players. Sometimes I feel as though these players could be recruited straight from death row and most of the fans would not give a rip as long as their team wins. Sometimes you just have to stand on principle.

  19. Once again Hunter, you have managed to capture one of the many ambiguities of Southernness, which is really all about ambiguity. The mixed feelings we have toward black folks, knowing them well enough to realize just how different we are, yet sharing attachment to the same place and those shared moments that we do have.

    It’s hard to describe to someone who has not lived it, and I wouldn’t even know how to try. I don’t really bear them any ill will, but I just want our people to have their own.

    I have similar feelings for our Northern neighbors, too. They are near us, yet they are not us. They are even more completely alien to us than our negroes. I say this having been married to a Northern woman for almost 30 years now. Their culture is extremely disdainful of and radically different from ours.

    What is most frustrating for me is that they seem to think themselves entitled to exercise a “veto power” over our lives and how we choose to live them. It reminds me of a line from an old 70’s song called “Sunshine,”: “He can’t even run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine.”

    When they choose to make their lives in our land, they lack the good grace to assimilate themselves to our ways, but rather seek to denigrate them at every turn. This abuse of the good nature and cordiality of our people rankles me continually.

    A few years back, some of our Yankee transplants here combined with the aggrieved local negroes that they had stirred up to change the name of a middle school named after Jefferson Davis. The temerity and open contempt displayed and the viciousness and hostility that becomes apparant in their rhetoric is destructive of any amity I might feel toward either group.

    They are only our enemies because they choose to be. And they do so choose. Which is why I know in my heart that I can never really trust them. They are treacherous friends, and betrayal is never far away…

    Separation would really be the best for all. To quote the aforementioned Jefferson Davis, “All we want is to be left alone.”

  20. For the record, I am a Southern Nationalist, not a White Nationalist. There is a South (Dixie), but there is no place called “White” that I am aware of.

  21. Hmmm …. I guess I will have to stay unenlightened.

    How even a moderately racially conscious white person (northern or southern) can cheer for an almost all-black team against a mostly white team is still beyond me I’m afraid.

    But I’ll be thinking of you when the whites from Boise State beat the hell out of your 95% black Georgia Dawgs.

  22. “Bernie,

    If memory serves, no one from Alabama went to Wisconsin to preach the doctrine of racial equality in Madison or Milwaukee. ”

    I’ve never been to Wisconsin in my life. I just used that team as an example.

  23. Bernie,

    Please explain to me why Midwesterners cheer for the blacks who play for the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin. I must not have seen the “all White players” that are started in the Big Ten.

    How can anyone in Wisconsin vote for Barack Hussein Obama? That’s what we are wondering here in Alabama. Cam Newton was nothing but a football player. Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States. There is an important difference.

    Wisconsin voted for Barack Hussein Obama. When Obama came to the University of Wisconsin, the Whites students held a massive rally for him there. The University of Wisconsin is one of the most liberal campuses in the United States.

    It is far more liberal than the University of Georgia or University of Alabama. The student body at the University of Georgia is far more racially conscious than the student body at the University of Wisconsin.

    Once again, this is nothing against Wisconsin. I actually happen to like Wisconsin. That’s why I wrote about the flash mobs in Milwaukee which terrorized White people on July the 4th and at the Wisconsin State Fair.

    Most White people in Wisconsin are not ideologues. The only White people in America who are so ideological that they can’t relax and watch a football game are White Nationalists.

  24. Dear Sir:

    When you speak philosophically, about Telemachus, Vulcan, and other members of the Greco-Roman pantheon, I am right with you.

    When you start to talk about football as if it were a) a thing of value, b) interesting to watch or get riled up about, or c) something to be proud of, you lose me.

    This ENTIRE post is an exercise in roundabout rhetoric, which I don’t grasp – at all. Only when you got to the ‘Note’ was there a cogent order to your post today, IMHO.

    As a person who has lived, taught, and vacationed in WI., and who lives in the ‘sister state’ of MN., I can tell you, that the Germano/Scandic Lutheran mentality is COMPLETELY OTHER to the Calvinist/Baptist ‘cracker culture’ of the South. Having lived and worked in both VA and NC, I can attest to the ‘otherness’ any Yankee feels upon crossing the Mason/Dixon line. But I think I can address your point (or someone’s point) about why Wisconsonians care about changing the South, while you could give a rip about ‘cheeseheads’ up nort’.

    The Germano/Scandic RACIAL type is an ‘organizer’- the quintessential rationalist, who wants clean streets, neat yards, and social ‘equality’- even at the expense of the whites they don’t care for, because they have had decades of propaganda by the Jewsmedia, about ‘racist southern whites.’ They feel more inherently righteous because of ‘changing prejudice, ‘but don’t seem to see the hypocricy of living in all-white enclaves far from the ‘integrated society’ they want YOU southernors to put up with.

    They may be schizophrenic, and cold to warm up to (but your effusiveness, even with strangers, is just too ‘in our face’ coming from the north- just so you know) but these Germano-Scandics also exhibit, with a homey gentility that is actually very warm and fuzzy at times during the year- think of Garrison Keillor’s descriptions of Christmastide in his “Lake Wobegone” stories- which makes you want to cry for the sheer childlike joy of it all… and then the New Year comes, and we have to deal with -30 below temps, and our ‘warm fuzzies’ go away until June…if we’re lucky.

    Now, as far as football is concerned, believe it or not, when I was a kid, I LOVED the Twins and the Vikings. I loved the Twins because there was a racial model I could look up to- Harmon Killebrew (I know, a millennium ago) and I liked the Vikings, because they represented Me, and all the other Scandic types in our state- so there was an implied RACIAL element to the team. Today, however, I LOATHE football, because of Blacks PRETENDING to be Vikings (even if it is a football team) and prima donnas like Brett Favre (sp?) who have REALLY turned me off. To add insult to injury, NO MAN should make a million dollars throwing an effing ball, ESPECIALLY a N*gger.

    And that disease affects the ENTIRE industry. So, for this Yank, if it were an honest cultural, racial, geographical exercise in mock battles, instead of a bunch of metrosexual, illiterate, bling-wearing rapists, perverts, and tattooed savages, I MIGHT be interested. But, since it’s not, organized sports is just one more excuse to avoid working toward their disenfranchisement, and our ascendancy once more as the race to rule. …”Nuff said.

  25. “Please explain to me why Midwesterners cheer for the blacks who play for the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin. I must not have seen the “all White players” that are started in the Big Ten.”

    As noted, Wisconsin has 15 white starters. The whites in Wisconsin are cheering on a mostly white team that at least looks like them.

    The Georgia and Florida fans are cheering on teams where there are only 1-2 white starters. So, when they play, the field will have 41 blacks out of 44 players. And a sea of whites cheering on their black heroes.

    I am not a Southerner. But I doubt Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson or Richard Weaver would smile at seeing whites worship blacks.

    Besides, these teams were all-white into the 1970s. Why can’t whites play for these schools anymore?

    Blacks Southerners – to their credit – would not support all-white teams.

    “The only White people in America who are so ideological that they can’t relax and watch a football game are White Nationalists.”

    Not true. But why not watch a sport or a team where whites are allowed to play? Get passionate about and support your local white high school team. Go to their games. Join their booster club. Cheer them on instead of hollering for Jontavius, N’Shaun or Cleventonio.

    If you have an athletic son who is 6’3, 250 and runs a 4.5, the SEC will not be interested in him due to his skin condition. Why support that garbage? Why give money to it? Why cheer it on?

  26. Bernie,

    I have my own theory …

    (1) Like college football fans everywhere, Wisconsin students cheer on their team because it is … drumroll … their team that represents their university.

    (2) This includes the black players who played for Wisconsin, Michigan, and especially Ohio State which (if memory serves) was hit by massive sanctions recently.

    (3) Wisconsin students aren’t cheering on the team for racial reasons. If that were the case, they wouldn’t turn out in massive crowds in Madison to listen to Barack Hussein Obama give speeches there.

    (4) Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and every other Northern state swooned for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.

    (5) Until recently, Wisconsin was represented by Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl in the U.S. Senate.

    (6) Less than 1 percent of the White population is involved with “White Nationalism.” Ordinary people have a much more complex sense of identity. They don’t see any contradiction between their cultural views and cheering their their university because they are not ideological.

    (7) Whites in Alabama and Georgia can cheer for black players because, unlike White Nationalists, they are comfortable with their racial identity. They are not insecure like White Nationalists.

    This is why 92 percent of Whites in Alabama can vote against Barack Hussein Obama while cheering for black athletes.

    (8) The philosophy of the American South is white supremacy, not White Nationalism. People in the American South don’t hate blacks on the basis of ideology. We simply recognize they are different from us.

    (9) Whose idea was it to integrate our football teams? Go ask Paul Kersey. He will tell you how college football was integrated and who wanted it integrated.

    (10) The North had integrated college football teams like before the South: Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, etc. They were all starting black players years before Alabama or Georgia or Ole Miss.

    (11) White people do watch high school football games. Unfortunately, because of our presence in the United States, our high schools have been integrated by the Brown decision.

    (12) Whose fault is it that college football is integrated? Whose fault is it that every high school is integrated? Whose fault is it that blacks control entire counties in the South? Whose fault is it that shrines are built to the “Civil Rights Movement” in the South? Whose fault is it that blacks are U.S. citizens?

    Oh wait … it was the North that wanted all those things. Just like it was the North that wanted Barack Hussein Obama in the White House and supported MLK in the 1960s.

    (12) As someone who watches Big Ten football, I missed the part where there were all-White teams in the Midwest. As a historian, I was under the impression that the Big Ten was integrated long before the SEC, and it was the North’s idea to integrate our college campuses.

    (13) Wasn’t there a riot at Ole Miss in ’62 over integration? Didn’t George Wallace “stand in the schoolhouse door” in ’63 to stop integration in Tuscaloosa?

    (14) The only reason the SEC schools are integrated is because the Northern section of the United States believed so passionately in the Civil Rights Movement that it voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Act of 1965 too.

    (15) Did you know the South voted against the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Did you know that it was James Zwerg of Appleton, Wisconsin who came to Alabama on the stupid “Freedom Rides”?

    (16) Again, why do we have integration in America? Why is Barack Hussein Obama the president? Why do we have affirmative action and multiculturalism and “civil rights”? The North really ought to look in the mirror … because it was the North alone that wanted each and every single one of those things.

  27. Hunter,

    I agree with you 100% on all the other stuff. I wish the South would have won the war. I wish they would have repelled the anti-white “civil rights” scum a hundred years later.

    That is why it is so disheartening that the most racially conscious whites (Southerners) would cheer on teams that are almost all-black. Especially when these are the same specimens who are robbing, raping and murdering us.

    For me, it adds insult to injury to see white people cheer on blacks over fellow whites who have never done them any harm. I once got into a fight with a wigger who was loudly cheering on a Negro against a white in a boxing match that was playing in a bar. I cheered just as loudly for the white and he didn’t like it. I didn’t care.

    And I’m not saying that people from Wisconsin or Ohio are racially conscious (though some certainly are). What I am saying is that these people still are supporting teams that look like them and represent them to some extent.

  28. Bernie,

    Here’s what you don’t understand: the students at SEC schools like their counterparts in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest and the Midwest … are doing nothing more than cheering for their team and their university.

    Football is a GAME.

    That is all it really is. It is a game that gives you the chance to cheer for your university and your time and drink a few beers and have a good time.

    Are they cheering for the black players? They didn’t cheer for Cam Newton in Florida when he transferred to Auburn. Again, the fans are cheering for their university and their team, not for the black players, and when the black players transfer to a different team no one cares about them.

    It is completely natural to identify with your team and your university. How is that a bad thing? It is only a bad thing if you are … an ideologue.

    If you are completely comfortable with your racial identity, then why is it a problem to watch football games? Does watching a football game make anyone in Alabama (including the 92 percent of Whites that voted against Obama) less White?

    No, it doesn’t.

    It doesn’t because the Southern version of racialism is “white supremacy,” not “White Nationalism. This is why Jared Taylor and James Edwards can go on television or on radio shows and talk to black people.

    Do you interact with black people in your daily life? Probably. If so, then why is watching a football game any different than the countless other encounters we have with black people on a daily basis?

    We have to deal with black people in the White House, black people in Congress, black people in traffic, black people on television … you can’t watch the Weather Channel without seeing black people.

    It is impossible to tune them out. We all cope with it in some way.

    Here in the South, the football season (more than anything else) is an outlet for indulging in our own Cracker and Cavalier culture. This was explained in detail above.

    Unlike Yankees, Southerners are not people who are accustomed to punching a time clock or getting lectures by arrogant people on television. The football season is wildly popular in the South because … because it is a chance to enjoy our leisure time and convene in mass settings in a world that has been completely atomized and commercialized around the U.S. dollar and the Yankee ideal of materialism.

    Why do 90,000 or so people pack into the University of Alabama stadium? Because that is literally the only time that 90,000 or so White people in Dixie can get together to have fun and enjoy their leisure time in the USA in a mass setting.

    It is the only time of the year that White Southerners can act out the indigenous Cavalier and Cracker culture of Dixie … the rest of the work week is spent punching the time clock and listening to the school marms on television.

  29. “Here’s what you don’t understand: the students at SEC schools like their counterparts in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest and the Midwest … are doing nothing more than cheering for their team and their university.”

    I do understand this. But if you are cheering on all black teams you are supporting a message of black supremacy in sports. “Hey, we whites can cheer them on in the stands but let’s not bother to play the game against superior blacks.”

    Again, your grandfathers would not support this.

    “It is completely natural to identify with your team and your university. How is that a bad thing? It is only a bad thing if you are … an ideologue.”

    But if you are white and your team is almost all black how does it represent you? In the case of Ole Miss it pisses on you and your heritage. Your response is to smile and cheer for that?

    “Do you interact with black people in your daily life? Probably. If so, then why is watching a football game any different than the countless other encounters we have with black people on a daily basis?”

    Because I don’t go up to black people and cheer for them, pat them on the back, offer a supplicating smile and treat them as my hero and my superior.

    “Why do 90,000 or so people pack into the University of Alabama stadium? Because that is literally the only time that 90,000 or so White people in Dixie can get together to have fun and enjoy their leisure time in the USA in a mass setting.”

    NASCAR, country music concerts/festivals, state/county fairs, Christian revivals, agricultural events?

    “because it is a chance to enjoy our leisure time and convene in mass settings in a world that has been completely atomized and commercialized around the U.S. dollar and the Yankee ideal of materialism.”

    C’mon man. People at the games spend tons of money on tickets and overpriced shirts with black player’s names on them, guzzle Budweiser or Coke, eat the same fast food, dance to the same black music played on every station throughout the U.S. and share in enmity to those wearing the wrong colors. Or they stay in and order Dominoes and guzzle Bud or Coke while watching commercials on ESPN.

    College football is fun but don’t make it out to be some noble folk culture.

  30. The Destroyers like to lead us along by keeping the name but changing the content. Think of the United States government. Think of public schools. These institutions lack credibility and have lost legitimacy, but many people still imagine them to be as they once were. A college team full of Blacks is not really a college team, but a college uniform on a group of mercenary brutes. Whites who root for them are drinking piss from a bottle labeled “lemonade”. Southerners have largely dropped the Democratic Party because it changed into something else. They should drop their football mania as well.

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