Nashville’s Changing Tune


Here’s a toast to the bards of Nashville for telling off “whiggers.” Finally, it is about time someone told the truth about these Eminem wannabees who can be found disgracing every major city in our country.

In the New World Order, Nashville would be perfectly suited to displace the declining Los Angeles and become the cultural capitol of the Republic of Dixie. It has every tool at its disposal to accomplish this objective.

It has the radio, the church, the concert, the television channel, social media, the ethnic and religious touch, the money to assert itself against the disgusting Judaized culture of Los Angeles. Nashville could make a ton of money by declaring war on BRA’s “entertainment industry.”

I know this one is a hit. Everyone in Dixie hates “whiggers.” I hear it on the radio all the time in Alabama. I will drink to that one. Let’s “change the culture.”

Note: If we only had control of the television and radio, just imagine all the good work (and the fortunes to be made) the “cultural engineers” could do to reverse the damage that has been inflicted upon us by New York City, Washington, and Los Angeles.

And besides, we hate the Los Angeles view of the world anyway, the Beltway view of the world, the New York City way of doing finance. Those people don’t care about our cities and towns.

What we hate more than anything is their alien values, their perverse ideals, and the total sum of their degenerate culture which have proliferated on our soil. Just imagine all the great work we could do if we were on the same team and worked to rid ourselves of this cultural disease.

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  1. WOW, Hunter, LOOKIE what got printed at *Investor’s Business Daily”!

    (How MAINSTREAM can you GET?)

    “Concealing Black Hate Crimes”

    Some juicy quotes:

    “Racism: Across the U.S., mobs of black youths are organizing on Facebook to loot stores and beat whites. Yet none dare call the “flash mob” attacks hate crime, least of all the attorney general.

    “The Associated Press is reporting that at least one of those arrested in the Wisconsin State Fair beatings said the mob was targeting whites, making it a hate crime. Where is Eric Holder’s civil rights division? About this epidemic of black-on-white assaults, we hear nothing.

    “Similar attacks are under investigation in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and Washington, D.C., where our first black president remains mum.

    “Imagine if the flash-mob victims were black instead of white. Holder would have launched a special investigation. With the races reversed, he just shrugs. In so many words he has said blacks are incapable of hate crimes because of their victimhood.

    “There is a pervasive hostility toward (prosecuting) these types of cases,” said Christian Adams, a civil rights attorney who quit after Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for intimidating white Philly voters in 2008.

    “To Holder, blacks are the permanent victims. But his department’s own data say otherwise. In most cases of interracial crimes, the victim is white and the perp is black. Black criminals choose white victims 45% of the time, while whites victimize blacks 3% of the time. More than twice as many whites are murdered by a black than cases of a white murdering blacks.

  2. Barb – look at the name of the source of your link. Investors dot com. Investing in something is sort of intelligent ,educated gambling. Real investment has a lot to do with knowing exactly WHAT you are investing in. When an investor invests – he or seh does so for some sort of gain. (I have a real gift for stating the obvious ; } )

    Why would intelligent, thoughtful people, possessed of the Ice People gift of foresight, want to continue top deny reality, and invest in civilization destroying insanity?

    BRA doesn’t WORK. Literally. So – it looks like it’s not only us, we few Racially Awake Whites, who are signing off.

  3. Denise, yes, I agree.

    White people are foresightful. Not perfectly foresightful or America wouldn’t be IN this dreadful state. But our people, of all the races of the Earth, are the ones who finally face facts. (Not the Chinese, who are Ice People, too. They believe too much in luck. It could even be said that the Chinese worship luck. No. It’s White people who, eventually, face facts. That White people developed the Scientific Method and no one else is proof of what I say.)

    When Investors’ Business Daily readers are ready to — finally! — think about race, and in particular as to how it intersects with their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, The Awakening is beginning.

    Smile, folks.
    I *TOLD* you that “stock chart” of BRA topped with the election of BHO. The creation of the Tea Partiers was the first lower low, and this is the new, lower low “Dow theory sell signal” to confirm that BRA is officially in a “Bear Market.” He’s goin’ dowwwwwwn.

    Now if only I could figure out how to “short” it. LOL!

    I am now exceedingly bullish on the European Man of Christian Heritage.

    (p.s. Silver is still cheap.)

  4. In order to convert the business community to our point of view, we have to speak their language: we have to explain to them how much BRA costs and how much money they could make in a 100 percent White society.

    Think about it: the average White household is/was worth 20x the amount of the average black household. It is simple math. It is in the self interest of the business community to revive White racial consciousness and promote the White family.

  5. If the business community has to choose between a White Republic and the Second Great Depression, they will choose the White Republic. At least that is how I would make the case to them.

  6. Paul Kersey has been explaining the environmental damage caused by the Black Undertow to environmentalists and civic minded people who consider themselves “progressives.”

  7. Nashville has been owned by Hollywood for years. Don’t they release their CDs on the same labels as the rappers and degenerates? One song ragging on whiggers doesn’t even the score for decades of ignoring the issues that have been ruining their White working class fans. Where are the hit songs about wetbacks flooding the country and driving down a workingman’s wages? About affirmative action stealing a White man’s job? About offshoring jobs? Unless they’ve been singing about the destruction of the White working class, C&W stars are whores.

  8. Looks like they don’t censor comments at IBD! It has always been a very right wing newspaper. They want to survive, they should pique our interest along with the investors — maybe republish some Jared Taylor pieces or something.

  9. Here’s the thing, folks, and I’m not turning into a pessimist, or anythng…but when I awoke this AM, I spent a bit of time emerging from sleep (I am NOT a Morning Person. I am almost in a coma, for a good 2 hours, in the AM. If ZOG really wants to destroy me – cut off the coffee supply. ), a thought popped into my mind – we White Nationalisrs, White Advocates, Muses of Hatred, etc spend a whole lot of our time tryng to convince regular White folks just to try to take care of themselves, care about their families, and care about their own people (Race is simply extended family). Care about the civilization that their people, our people, created. We are tryng to get them to preserve their own life and limb, before it’s too late. We are absolutely ENGULFED. I think most of Western Europe is gone. Here, in the USA – the Te Parties have ben having Worship Israel rallies.

    I watched a TV show, the other day, called “The Lady with 700 Cats”. This middle-aged Italina lady, in CA, has built this amazing ranch, where she has saved thousands of cats. She’s struggling – she relies solely on private funding. It’s all gonna fall apart, of course, as the economy collapses. She can’t save or place all the unwanted pets now. She has to choose which cats she will keep alive, and which cats will be put down. The thing that struck me is how organized she is, how methodical and no-nonsense. The place is exceptionally well run. I adore felines. I come from an aentire family of aurephiles. I still wouldn’t go to these lengths, though. The woman, and he staff, are lovely people. They are takng care of delightful and beautiful animals. Yet they are completely oblivious to the fate of thier own kind.

    I wonder what would happen if I called that ranch, and told that lady that White people are literally disappearing fomr the face of the Earth. She probably wouldn’t believe me, even if she did give me the time of day. And then she may well be outraged, by my “racism”. Do any of you remember Eve Carson, the beautiful young blonde co-ed, from UNC, that was murdered by Negroes? 2 ferals kidnapped her, raped her, beat her, robbed her, and shot her in the head, in her own car, and left her there. I remember there were paens to her, all over the controllled media, until the 2 ferals were arrested. Eve’s story went doen the Memory Hole, at that point. I lso recall seeing loads of pics of her, hosting “Diversity Days”, and palling around with Negroes. She couldn’t do enough for Negroes. Hunter – you cite how flashes of insight, as you draw the threads together, have left you thunderstruck. I had thunder strike, with Eve’s story. I realized that if any of us, no matter how nicely-dressed, or polite, had aproached Eve, in her car, moments before she was kidnapped, had approached her, and tried to warn her about the absolute mortal danger that Negroes pose, she would have reviled us, and scorned us, and told us off, and told us to go away.

    This is really sad. Really really sad.

    Just a thought….

  10. Discard – Country stars have been singing aobut White dispossession for decades. Dixie was crushed during the War of Northern Aggression. Southrons have been the scapegoats and puncjig bags of Yankee Zog for decades. Ever since the 1860’s , WHENEVER Southerners tried to defend themseleves, and stand up – they were kicked to the ground.

    So they went to ground.

    Now – as BRA collapses, as I noted in another post, thousands are fleeing to THAT Southern ground. And new opportunities arise. Cpountry stars are not whores (Big and Rich excluded) – they have been bards, archivists, and Social Historians.

    To all you Southrons – the Yankees are coming AGAIN . This time – make them heel to YOU. I’m serious. the very second one of ’em starts opining about “backwardness” and “racism” – PUNCH THIER FACE OFF. I am not kidding.

  11. Kievsky,

    The business community is (hopefully) finally figuring out how much BRA and Barack Hussein Obama is costing them. How much money could they make if they dismantled BRA?

  12. It’s no surprise that Holder is missing on Concealing Black Hate Crimes.’ The people that are really missing are the GOP candidates for President of the United States.

    You will not hear from them on this one. The economy may help one of them to win the election. But if none of them can address this issue they will have side stepped an issue deeper and more profound then the National debt.

  13. @whatmeworried
    I agree. You won’t ever hear from the GOP neocons on this issue. Cowards that they are, they live in mortal fear of being called a nasty ol’ racist. They’ll turn on anyone real quick to avoid that charge.

    Remember Trent Lott? He made the mistake of having kind words for Strom Thurmond when he was retiring from the Senate. Thurmond had run for President as a “Dixiecrat” in 1948. Republicans threw him under the bus so fast he never knew what hit him.

    I don’t know about Nashville, but the Republicans are most certainly lying whores. They will only attenuate the collapse of BRA, prolonging its existence through benign neglect. They would never directly oppose it. That would take both courage and conviction. Not their thing at all.

  14. Exactly which current stars have released songs addressing our concerns? What are these songs? If the C&W stars are choosing to speak out for us, finally, let them. But don’t forget that they’ve been serving their Hollywood paymasters for many years. They might feel that now is the time to rejoin their own people, but just like the GOP, they can be nothing but collaborators running from their past. They would gladly sing the praises of miscegenation if it would further their careers.
    Doesn’t Shania Twain live in Switzerland? Country-Western my ass.

  15. Regarding country music, as well as the messages that the lyrics send, you have the overall aesthetic. Though perhaps not so extreme as the decline from Motown to rap, the country music that’s been promoted to become popular over the last thirty or so years has steadily decayed in quality and depth. Someone has turned ugly both country music and black music. I listen to bootliquor radio on the internet. They play at least some decent American roots music from lesser-known artists (though some of it is lefty lyrically).

  16. One more thing: I can guess that whoever was behind the changes I noted above and wants country people less anchored, sure of themselves and self-reliant. But more important, they want to change black people from content with their lives to angry and bitter. I think they intend the race war that seems to be kicking into gear.

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