The Muse of Hate: Roundup Edition


Just some good reads … I am taking the day off tomorrow.

(1) Clyde Wilson vs. the SWPLs in Washington State and Oregon.

“Awhile back the folks out in Seattle got in a dudgeon when they learned that their county, King, was named after William R.D. King, who was elected Vice-President in 1852. They wanted the world to know that the county was ever after to be considered as named for The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. It seems that the earlier, non-Revered Doctor, Mr. King was a bigoted slaveholder. . . .

Let’s suppose it is true what they say about Mr. King. Should we not change the name of Washington State, which is, after all, also named after a racist slaveholder? Should we change it to Lincoln? But, alas, dear readers, Lincoln was a confirmed racial bigot (like everybody else at the time), so that won’t work either.

It is going to be hard to find any prominent person in earlier American history who was not a racist by 21st century standards. The State of Mandela? The State of Obama? The unwelcome fact is that almost all white Americans well into the 20th century were white supremacists. And in the 18th and 19th centuries slaveholding was widespread and commonplace.

(2) Maureen Dowd has lately become one of my favorite columnists on the internet:

President Obama was on the way to Alpha when a plea came for him to be, well, more alpha.

LuAnn Lavine, a real estate agent from Geneseo, a rural town just up the road from Alpha, Ill., the last stop on the president’s Midwestern bus tour, told The Times’s Jeff Zeleny: “Everyone was so hopeful with him, but Washington grabbed him and here we are. I just want him to stay strong and don’t take the guff. We want a president who is a leader, and I want him to be a little bit stronger.” . .

Hers was a gentler message than the sign stuck on a post outside Alpha: “One Term President.”

(3) The ever so reliable Roger Cohen will have Kevin MacDonald doing backflips in Culture of Critique II:

The lesson is clear: Jews, with their history, cannot become the systematic oppressors of another people. They must be vociferous in their insistence that continued colonization of Palestinians in the West Bank will increase Israel’s isolation and ultimately its vulnerability.

Roger is asked about his “JewBerry” in a jovial tone. He is called a “self-hating Jew” by the “real Jews.” Hilarity ensues!

(4) Obama has a 35 percent approval rating in Pennsylvania:

In late 2010, Democrats had a 50.9/36.9 registration advantage over Republicans, which is why I called it a “deep-blue state.” It’s one of the largest affiliation advantages Democrats have in the country — but it’s primarily comprised of the white, working-class voters recoiling this year from Obama’s economic policies and performance. These were the Hillary Clinton voters in 2008 that Obama called “bitter clingers” and lost in the primary.

I guess the “bitter clingers” in Pennsylvania are still bitter! After all, Obama just gave an amnesty to illegal aliens and ordered the federal government to discriminate against White people to hire more African-Americans.

(5) If you thought Obama wasn’t showing his true colors after using his executive powers to order “diversity” on the federal workforce and to amnesty illegal aliens, he has also imposed the “Cap and Trade” bill through the EPA:

Although Congress never managed to pass President Barack Obama’s cap and trade plan, the Environmental Protection Agency’s new regulations imposed on coal plants did the job for the president and Democrats on the hill pushing for C & T.

Now he has declared war on the energy states like Wyoming, West Virginia, and Kentucky and by extension White people who will have to pay more for electricity.

Such was the end of Obamamessiah.

Obama 2008:

Obama 2011:

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  1. I find the marxist critique on Zionism to make a lot of sense. It’s essentially bolstered by US imperialism (and in my opinion) by the reaction to Nazi Germany. I also do not believe the conflict can ever be resolved within the framework of capitalism.

  2. The hilarious thing about William King is that he was gay- very, very gay it appears, as Andrew Jackson refered to James Buchanan as him as “Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy” and others called him “Buchanan’s wife”. King was probably the first homosexual elected to national office, and as flaming as he apparently was, might even be called the first *openly gay* national elected official, as the gays love to claim. The liberals of King County should be proud to have their county named after such a man!

  3. Dr. Wilson is a great scholar and a true Southern patriot who has always been ahead of the curve. He deserves the highest praise for his perspicacity and wit. Even more than that for his courage and commitment to our people.

    One senses an awakening of some sort at times in Maureen Dowd’s recent articles. Only time will tell…

    Likewise, Roger Cohen begins to sense how he and others of his ilk have painted themselves into a corner. Denial can only go so far, I guess. These are all hopeful signs, indeed.

    Meanwhile, Emperor Zero does continue to dig deeper…socialist monomaniac that he is. Like his hero Father Abraham, he intends to sacrifice the nation on the altar of his vanity.


    So imagine my surprise the other day when, challenged by a third-world Internet connection and enticed by an old-school six-column page width, I picked up a $2.65 copy of the International Herald Tribune, which partially reprints The New York Times, only to discover that the paper a) no longer bundles that day’s edition of the Beirut Daily Star (my actual purpose in buying it), b) has jettisoned the last memory of its fabled Big Apple namesake by calling itself “The Global Edition of The New York Times” and c) features the kind of groupthink rarely seen outside a French parochial school.

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