Hollywood’s Southern Obsession

The Help glorifies Mammy


Back when I first heard of the upcoming film Django Unchained, I also heard of The Help which has since been released in movie theaters across Black Run America.

At some point in the last decade, I quit watching Hollywood movies after the anti-Southern propaganda became so obvious that actually having to sit through a two hour movie became an unbearable experience.

I’m not sure exactly when this happened. I believe it was around the time that Hollywood was ready to lynch Mel Gibson over The Passion of Christ. I found it startling that a movie about Jesus Christ could be so controversial in a Christian nation.

There is a new Tuskegee airmen movie called Red Tails which will be coming out soon. This will be the second such movie about the Tuskegee airmen in the last twenty years. As we have already seen, the first one stared Lawrence Fishburne.

Like the New York Times and Newsweek and MSNBC, Hollywood is another “mainstream” institution that will undoubtedly keep churning out its own garbage as the cognitive dissonance between the reality of the American South and Hollywood’s fantasy world widens into an unbridgeable chasm.

Barack Hussein Obama can continue to give his speeches about “green jobs” from his teleprompter. He can continue to ride around in BRA’s Freedom Ride through the Midwest. It doesn’t make a bit of difference when you lose your legitimacy in the eyes of your audience.

Next year, “Django” will become “unchained” in cities like Cincinnati and Philadelphia and Milwaukee after Obama loses his reelection bid in a landslide. Maxine Waters has already demanded that Obama “unleash” black people.

This farce will be over soon. The same factors which elevated black people over Whites over the previous fifty years will soon reverse to elevate Whites over blacks in the next fifty years.

It was black people who set the dominoes in motion in the 1930s that led to Black Run America. In the 2010s, black people will again rise to the occasion and end the social experiment in an orgy of violence. Their dysfunctional behavior will become an intolerable national security threat and a threat to our national economic prosperity.

That shit won’t fly upstairs.

The Muse of Hate: Why did White people have “The Help” back in the old days? Because that was before the government job, the welfare check, the EBT card, the WIC, the Section 8 housing, and the subsequent rise of the “welfare queen,” etc.

The irony that is lost on the producers of this film is that “The Help” will be back by 2020. By 2040, slavery itself could be back when we are so broke that we can no longer afford to compete with China for the world’s dwindling supply of petroleum.

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  1. Any white who uses colored labor of any kind is a race traitor, because hiring someone allows them to settle in that area and breed. You don’t want that.

    Just think of it this way — who is working in your fields today, may be related to you in a generation or two. If you want your descendants to be part black or mexican, then hire them. Otherwise, there’s going to be plenty of whites willing to work.

    There was an article about probationers picking cucumbers on a farm in Georgia after GA cracked down on illegals. You could tell the blacks hated it from the article, but there was on guy, race unidentified, who was glad to do the work and stuck with it. I’m betting he was a White man.

    Dude, they’ll be begging to be “the help.” Just say no.

  2. One could always look at the other side (playing the Democrat’s advocate… or is that the Devil’s advocate? …. I get so confused between the two).

    Disenfranchising non-Whites ontologically to the level where they BELONG, as they were designated by the Founding Fathers (3/5ths of a White Person), would be the first step in coming to a FINAL SOLUTION for all non-Whites, before they are shipped back to Africa, or their country of origin. All ‘resisters’ would be shot on sight, as traitors, of course.

    The concomitant step of Restoring a White-based Scientific Eugenics on non-Whites (stopping unwanted pregnancies before those races can procreate- illegitimately or otherwise) which America and the West had in place, before the Jewish Bolsheviks flooded our lands, would be the modern moral equivalent to Racial Sainthood for the White race of Christendom. One can safely hold to this scenario, when it is compared to the current indiscriminate breeding (like animals) or abortion (the great sin of the ‘enlightened liberals/Jews’ in our midst) both they, and White People, have engaged in, in the past; and currently are engaging in today.

    Finally, the public stoning of sodomites and lesbians, and their ideological allies, as God demanded of the last Theocratic White Empire (Israel or Rome, take your pick) would ‘rid the land’ of all this sexual, and racial fornication, as God desires of His People. [Ez. 9:2]

    But then, we’d have to divest ourselves of our rationalism, AND our egalitarianism, wouldn’t we? And become what some ‘fear’ as a Theocracy, with Christ as Crown Prince, and God as our Sovereign.

    Oh, happy day…..

  3. It will not be that long till we get a mix of Footloose and Save the Last Dance. The combination of psyching the heads of young white kids on the evils of white culture and the how wonderful miscegenation is will be too good and opportunity for them to pass up.

    But, I think the next major anti white pyscho-drama will be the remake of To Kill a Mockingbird. It has stood for 50 years as an introduction to young white women to the idea of sex with blacks. It’s time to make over this “classic” in order to make it quite clear to everyone that black Tom and white Mayelle were screwing every chance they could get. In accord with black writing of American history Mayelle will have thrown Tom under the bus to save her white ass—HELP RAPE. So the movie can show both the sexual desire of white women for black men and also the white use of “white privilege.”

    Thank you Truman Capote

  4. >>Any white who uses colored labor of any kind is a race traitor<>Jews use blacks to attack the Celtic people of the American south. American blacks are the Jew’s golem.<<

    Exactly. Any action that superficially appears to benefit blacks, is really engineered to put blacks in a place where they can harass or help control whites.

    "The Help" won't be back. Blacks burned a lot of bridges in the 60's and 70's. Fear of and discomfort with black people led to their replacement as the low-skill labor force by Hispanics. Blacks can't go back to being gardeners and household help, they are stuck with being wards of the state, whether as welfare recipients, government employees, or affirmative action hires at large corporations. As this milk cow dries up, they are screwed.

  5. If I had a magic wand, I would be the first to wave it and send “The Help” back to Africa. I am just a private citizen with a blog. Unlike Washington, I don’t have divine powers to transform the nature of black people.

    I can already see how this is going to play out … Washington and Wall Street will wreck the U.S. economy. Obama will be thrown out of the White House. Black people will riot and burn down our cities.

    It’s a nice thought that we could round them up and send them back to Africa. It is much more likely that by the time this is over with we will be too poor to do that. Something like apartheid will emerge here in the interim.

    Even if we wanted to deport blacks to Africa, it would take years to accomplish the objective.

  6. After the U.S. economy collapses, Hispanics will ditch states like Alabama and Mississippi. They have no real desire to stay here. In fact, they might be driven out long before that happens.

    It will be back to square one in Dixie: Whites vs. blacks. The North will be crippled by its own terrible economic leadership. It won’t be in the mood to march in here to save BRA.

  7. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
    And we’ll all stay free

    Praise the Lord and swing into position
    Can’t afford to be a politician
    Praise the Lord, we’re all between perdition
    And the deep blue sea

    Yes the sky pilot said it
    Ya gotta give him credit
    For a sonofagun of a gunner was he

    Shouting Praise the Lord, we’re on a mighty mission
    All aboard, we ain’t a-goin’ fishin’
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
    And we’ll all stay free

  8. If the Ponziconomy crashes before November 2012, there’ll be no election. ZOGBRA, personified by Obama and his Czars, will attempt to rule by Maritial Law; the Kenyan grows more tyrannical by the day. That’ll lead quickly to state secessions and Civil War: Perry is a snake oil salesman, but he is serious about guns/secession. Let the blacks and mextizos burn the cities; they’ll destroy each other, as well as liquidate millions of their (former) masters, the cosmic libs and Jews. Making our task all the easier. Gunfighter Nation.<strong.

  9. “Deporting” US citizen blacks to Africa is idiocy. You deport a non citizen to his country of origin.

    You just try– African countries will call them “Americans”; not “Blacks”. They will stick them in jail and then deport them for overstaying visas. Back to their homeland…the USA.

  10. African countries will call them “Americans”; not “Blacks”.

    Khaffirs have no use for the aa’s. put them in the boiling pot for supper and have a chuckles.

  11. “Something like apartheid will emerge here in the interim.”

    Simply cut off aa from the public tit-reduce their numbers drasticaly within a generation.

  12. off topic”


    On May 10, 1941, unbeknownst to Hitler (beknownst according to the forger of The Hitler Diaries), Hess, the Fuhrer’s chief deputy, made a risky night flight to Scotland, parachuting down to within 10 miles of the Duke of Hamilton’s estate. The Duke, supposedly friendly to Germany, was to be the gobetween in Hess’s peace mission to persuade the British to give up the war and let the Third Reich have a free hand in Eastern Europe. The quid pro quo may have been a Nazi guarantee to help Britain preserve its crumbling empire.
    As any knowledgable Briton could have told Hess, his peace fe I rs didn’t have a chance. Anti-Nazi hysteria had settled like a poi. anous cloud over Britain. There was absolutely no possibility of any pea e with Germany that did not spell the end of th Nazi regime and the draconian punishment of Hitler and all his l ading Hitlerites.
    Jai led almost the moment he arrived, Hess, while nursing a broken ankle, learned the hard way that Britain was no longer run by its aristocracy and its Nordic upper classes.

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