End The USA

In the South, it was never over


Ron Paul is right that we need to “End the Fed.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t go nearly far enough for my tastes.

We need to “End the USA.” By that I mean we need to get out from underneath Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles before these three places take the entire country down with them like the Titanic.

Unlike the “Neo-Confederates,” I am not going to argue against the USA on the basis of Lincoln’s actions in the War Between the States. Instead, I will argue that we have little other choice, if those of us in the Heartland want to preserve some remnant of American civilization in the 21st century.

(1) Progressive academics are convinced that the American South needs over 100 million immigrants from Latin America. It “costs the world trillions” because the poorest people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are not allowed to waltz into Tennessee and Georgia.

(2) The Bloomberg headline “Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans” is the most powerful argument for secession that has been heard in the United States since 1861.

Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are colluding to wreck our national finances in the American South. They are enslaving future generations of Whites to Chinese bondholders for they can live like an aristocracy in the Hamptons.

(3) This massive new MLK Memorial has been unveiled on BRA’s National Mall in Washington is the final straw. It is the definitive proof that no one who was ever born south of the Mason-Dixon line should ever bother with that place again.

It is decision time:

(1) Are we willing to be chained to the Federal Reserve forever?

(2) Are we willing to be chained to Wall Street forever?

(3) Are we willing to be chained to Washington’s immigration policies, racial policies, and economic policies forever?

(4) Are we willing to let Hollywood and the “Mainstream Media” interpret the past, present, and future forever?

(5) Are we willing to be chained to a federal government that openly discriminates against Whites in the name of promoting diversity?

(6) Do we really intend to spend our lives paying interest on Washington’s national debt?

My answer is “no.”

Lest I be accused of “refighting the Civil War,” I will point out that the rich and responsible states like North Dakota and Wyoming get nothing out of Wall Street and Washington but debt and taxes, and nothing out of Hollywood but “Brokeback Mountain.”

Suppose we were to secede and create our own federal government with our own currency and banking system. Would we be better off than we are today? Perhaps the West that was lost to the CSA in 1865 could be won by 2050?

Update: Enjoy the Lincoln cult bringing out the knives to assassinate Africanus the First before he does any further damage to Lincoln’s Union.

The real “Man of Sorrows” was Jefferson Davis who is buried in Richmond which has been transformed under Lincoln’s Union from the capitol of the Confederate States of America into a degenerate black hole.

How many soldiers gave their lives to defend the capitol of the South? Do you suppose they are spinning in their graves at what Richmond has become in the year 2011? Every generation from Jamestown through Appomattox to the Baby Boomers are spinning their graves.

Adios, USA.

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  1. Secession would leave traitors in control of most of our coasts, and much else. We can’t share the continent with hostile powers, who will never stop gnawing at our guts. Destroy the cancer, don’t compromise with it.

  2. The Republic of Dixie would have a coast that stretches from Virginia to Texas. We have the longest coastline in the United States.

    And besides, after the Panama Canal is widened, the Southern ports will be able to directly trade with East Asia. There is no reason why we couldn’t trade with Latin America and Europe from our own ports.

    We don’t need the USA.

  3. Who will control the newly widened Panama Canal? Hispanics or Orientals?
    I have no objection to an independent South. I just don’t want an occupied North or West or East. As long as the multi-cult has a foothold on this continent, no White is safe. We’re stuck with the Mexicans to the south, unless we want to drive them all past the Isthmus of Panama, but we don’t want to allow a couple more hostile nations on the continent, especially if they’re a lot smarter than the Browns. Oceans are the best borders.

  4. I reached the conclusion that secession was the only viable way to regain any measure of control over our destiny years ago. The Federal beast is beyond reform. The only way to break the unholy alliance between the bureaucrats and their corporate masters is to employ the “ants versus the elephant” strategy.

    These are big institutions: “too big to fail,” yet failing nevertheless. Like dying dinosaurs, their death throes will be vicious beyond belief. The Federal beast will become more overreaching and more tyrannical as it approaches its inevitable collapse. I am quite convinced of this.

    Centralized problems call for decentralized solutions. Radical decentralization implies secession in some form. It won’t be like that of the past, but I do think that some inspiration can be taken from the past. Which is why I continue to celebrate our ancestors and the example they have set for us. If that makes me a neo-Confederate, fine.

    The devil is in the details. Formal or de facto? Timing? When does this reach critical mass? I really don’t know. I think many have adopted a “wait and watch” attitude. I also think that this many is quite a large number of Americans who are completely fed up with the lies and the constant assault on everything we hold dear.

    It’s a potential powderkeg, and our current elites all know it and are doing all they can to prepare for it. Is there anyone who does not sense that something is afoot?

    Deo Vindice

  5. Formal or de facto?

    John Robb at Global Guerillas analyzes radical decentralization. It’s always informal because central governments will probably always treat formal decentralization as if it were an act of war. Nice “liberal democracy” they have there, eh?

  6. Drifter, thanks for mentioning the site. I never knew it existed, but it looks very interesting. Always nice to find others thinking about these things.

    You and Robb are right. I only mentioned formal because that’s what the South did last time out of the box. That’s exactly how the central government responded.

  7. A few observations. As a ‘Yankee’ who agrees with everything you say (except understanding football-lol) I would have you remember that the REST of the Nation’s Whites ARE OUR BRETHREN. I also would have you remember that at no time, did God EVER favorably look upon the Israel/Judah split with approbation. Indeed, he clearly stated that, in founding the ‘New Jerusalem’ (which cometh down from above) that he would UNITE the House of Judah and the House of Israel. So the model is, join TOGETHER to ‘drive Amalek into the sea’ so that the “WHOLE LAND MAY BE AT REST.” Besides, ‘THIS land is OUR land, from California to the New York Island.”

    It is NOT THEIRS!!!

    Lastly, I think this video from Ernst Zundel clearly points out OUR INEVITABLE VICTORY OVER THE LIBERALS, the DEICIDES, and the African SAVAGES.

    (please excuse the words in the url)
    Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany.

    Think on those prophetic words, before you would really, seriously give over our kith, kin, and country to the minions of Satan [John 8:44] For, as Luther wrote, ‘for HE [Christ] SHALL win the Battle!’

    Amen, and amen.

  8. “We don’t need the USA” says HW. Unfortunately, the USA needs the south and flyover states to do the work and pay the taxes that sustain the bi-coastal Zionist warfare-welfare state. An Old South-style secession will be smashed….again. But if we think in terms of an aggressive Civil War aimed first and foremost at seizing and destroying the liberal Beltway mandarins and their festering cities, then we can win; this done, the rustbelt and west coast will fall to us relatively easily.

  9. Apuleius’ blog link (Sober Inebriation) above leads to another, more fanatic Romanist link (Hallowed Ground), where the desire to laud Rome above all else, leads to some twisting of history, all designed to make Rome and her cultus appear to be: a) worthy, b) legitimate, and c) pacifistic… none of which can be held to, if one knows the history of Christendom, especially the Schism of 1054.

    While Jeff Davis may have worn Medals of St. Bendict and Catherine Labouré, as well as scapulars of the Carmelites (all of which I have ported on my person in times past) during his lifetime, it does not, therefore, follow that he either was a ‘covert Romanist’ or desirous of coming under yet ANOTHER yoke of servitude, after having lost the war! Granted, if the Pontiff of Rome showed Christian mercy, that is to be commended. But it is a fact (as even these sites above note) that there is a ‘great gulf fixed’ between Anglo-Catholic Episcopalians, and pre-Vatican II Romanists. It also is important never to forget that ALL the Protestant denominations, including the Anglicans, and the Orthodox, during this era (and some, faithfully, to this very day!) held that Rome was the ‘Whore of Babylon’ and ‘Mother of Harlots.’

    With that proviso in mind, let us therefore realize that, while INDIVIDUAL Roman Catholics (who are European/Anglos) may be of benefit to the Cause, (for they have been betrayed in the USA more than any other jurisdiction via liberal clergy, and for longer!) the ORGANIZATION of Rome (hierarchy USCCB) is the very ‘Church’ most vocally agitating for the mestizo, mulatto, and marxists of every stripe entry into our sovereign shores these days, and all in the name of ‘christian compassion.’ Truly, the Whore of Babylon….

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