District of Corruption

Poseidon has shaken the Beltway!

He was offended by the MLK statue that was unveiled on the National Mall yesterday. It was an intolerable insult to the god of the sea.

Update: In related news, Mercury has been offended by Jim Cramer and Wall Street, and has pronounced “a 15 year bear market” upon them. That’s rather mild compared to his revenge upon the merchants of Europe and Japan.

Just wait until Mars wakes up …

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  1. Earthquakes are racist. Tornadoes are anti-jewish. Earthquakes and tornadoes need diversity training from the SPLC.

  2. I was just thinking, it probably won’t be long before some people (hardcore, conspiracy-humping, white-nationalists unfortunately) start screaming about how this quake is a “Zionist attack using HAARP” or some such.

  3. I thought, “God is displeased with our wayward Nation”.

    I didn’t think HAARP immediately. Of course- if it is Hebes Hiking HAARP -it’s a kinda stupid area to attack.

    God/Poisidon makes more logical sense.

    I was just praying DC would be devoured by the waves.

  4. If the Zionists attacked Washington with HAARP, then they would be our best friends…but then they would have wasted all the money they spent buying up the political whores in “our” government.

  5. Compared to the political-economic earthquake coming to this country during the summer and fall of 2012, this was nothin’. And by spring, 2013: Civil War II, as state secessions begin with Texas & Arizona, then, like chain-lightning, spark up thru the midwest and high plains states and eastward thru the South. Gunfighter Nation.

  6. Let’s hope so.

    I predict that black people will launch their own “Fort Sumter” on White America after Barack Hussein Obama loses in 2012. The biggest irony being that the attack will probably be launched somewhere in the “Union” like Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania.

  7. Actually, my hopeful scenario is Perry, White populist secessionist, vs. Obama, Black/Jew centralist. In a situation of complete economic implosion, Perry wins popular vote by several million, and carries L-shaped bloc of states extending from high plains down thru Arizona/Texas and on across the South. But, by carrying West coast and Northeast, plus narrow victories in a couple of big rust belt states, Zero wins by less than 20 in the electoral college. Perry, riding a wave, will have no choice but to seceede and take c. 20 states with him, sparking Civil War II, during which we take it all back…or lose all. If Zero loses and Blacks burn a few cities, big deal, so what, who cares. We’ve got to have those secessions.

  8. It looks like Rick Perry will defeat Obama in 2012.

    I would not be surprised if Perry wins the Republican nomination, Obama is forced to pull an LBJ, and the Democrats run Hillary in 2012. I’m also keeping an open mind about the Perry campaign.

    I was implacably opposed to Rick Perry on the basis of his record on immigration until he uttered the magic words “states’ rights.” He said in South Carolina the other day that the states have the right to make their own immigration laws.

    If that is the case, then Perry is committing himself to dropping the Justice Department lawsuits against Alabama and Arizona. The only thing we need from the federal government is to leave us alone.

    Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina have all passed our own immigration laws. Obama is suing us to block those laws. He is forcing amnesty on the country. He is also forcing “diversity” on the federal workforce.

    Perry has found the perfect way out of his horrible track record on immigration: it is up to the states to make their own immigration laws. Without the threat of Justice Department lawsuits, the other Southern states could start passing copycat laws, including Texas when Perry is no longer the governor.

    It doesn’t really matter at this point: no matter what we do or say on this blog, White America is so desperate and furious with Obama over the economy that anyone who wins the Republican nomination will sweep the entire South in 2012.

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