Intelligence Report: Fall 2011

In Montgomery, the civil rights salesman Morris Dees makes $300K a year while his own hometown writhes in poverty and unemployment


I’m really excited about the Kremlin’s latest issue of the Intelligence Report.

Over the past few months, I have been compiling my own “Intelligence Report” on the multimillion dollar “hate industry” which is based in nearby Montgomery.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to finish that project because the pace of American history began to accelerate in late July and has been moving at full throttle through August.

I had to put aside everything that I was working on because the MLK bubble itself unexpectedly burst in “the debt ceiling” debate. In the meantime, I will attempt to “live blog” my reactions as I dissect this SPLC document:

(1) First, I can say with absolute certainty that there are “violent extremists” operating in the Montgomery area.

In fact, there is a sign which warns about the “violent extremists” in Montgomery (virtually 100 percent of whom are black) less than a quarter of a mile down Washington Street from the SPLC headquarters.

"Violent extremists" are operating in Montgomery

After traveling to Montgomery several times to practice “non-violent witness of reality” on the SPLC, I snapped a photo of this image with a digital camera which I will upload this evening.

I can also confirm through careful analysis of Montgomery Police Department statistics and first hand observations of MPD patrol patterns that these “violent extremists” are “African-Americans” who are operating out of West Montgomery on a daily basis within a 10 mile radius of the Kremlin itself.

These “violent extremists” and the Black Undertow which has followed them east along South Boulevard has changed the physical geography of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile. Yet for some strange reason the SPLC is institutionally silent on the most compelling “civil rights story” unfolding on its own doorstep here in Alabama.

Why is Mark Potok unable to discuss the “violent extremists” (i.e., the armed African-American burglars from the nearby West Montgomery projects) operating within his own neighborhood?

(2) Second, William Gheen has converted to the hateful truth that the SPLC, the NAACP, the NCLR, the ADL, the ACLU, and Barack Hussein Obama are waging war against White America.

We are living in strange times when William Gheen and Glenn Beck start coming around to our enlightened point of view on race and immigration. It is symptomatic of the collapse of the MSM taboos between the so-called “extremist” and “mainstream” right which were erected in an age when the MSM still had a shred of credibility in White America.

As I suspected, we are entering a new era in American history, the successor to Black Run America (1965-2011) which is slowly emerging into view. It is an exciting time to be a Gen Y historian and recognize the beginning of The Long Emergency.

(3) Third, the actions of Barack Hussein Obama and Wall Street have eliminated any remaining doubt that we must change our priorities.

The real priority must now be secession from Washington, New York City, and Los Angeles. Immigration is merely a symptom of the power (one among many others) of the power that these three places exercise over the rest of the country.

Instead of wasting our time on Washington, we should focus on our energies on taking power in our state capitals, where we can work toward the long term goal of rebuilding our country within a new federal framework (as the CSA did in 1861) independent of the Beltway.

(4) In “The Company They Keep,” Comrade Potok criticizes a group called the “Youth for Western Civilization.”

In the eyes of the SPLC, it is a bad thing to be for Christianity and Western civilization. For decades, the Soviet Politburo in the Kremlin tried to undermine traditional American culture before renaming itself “anti-racism” and relocating its headquarters to Montgomery.

In Black Run America, the prevailing racial etiquette of political correctness (which is forced on White America by the Kremlin in Montgomery) demands that White people be against Western civilization, against the traditional family, against the Bible, against the racial philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, etc.

This article is a bit untimely in light of the Sack of Britain by black people who have been transformed into savages under the welfare state. There have been many calls to “defend Western civilization” in the “mainstream conservative movement” in recent weeks.

The SPLC has “jumped the shark” on that one.

(5) In “Christian or Muslim – Still a Terrorist,” Comrade Potok draws a moral equivalence between violent jihadists who openly proclaim their desire to conquer Europe in the name of Islam and a Christian patriot in the mold of Batman who lashed out in self defense out of pure desperation.

When Anders Breivik launched that attack on the eunuchs of Norway, I correctly interpreted the event as the type of historical omen that always comes before the storm, as someone in the mold of John Brown who launched his famous raid on Harper’s Ferry.

Lo and behold, less than two weeks after Breivik’s shooting spree in Norway, the barbarian hordes in Britain that Breivik had warned about and which the Kremlin tries to pretend never existed attempted to launch a revolution in the United Kingdom on live television!

The biggest threat to the United States is “domestic extremists” like the SPLC  (i.e., the “witches of communism”) who have given air cover to the massive fifth column that has gathered within our borders.

When the U.S. economy goes down and black people are “unleashed” by Obama on private business owners in The Long Emergency, it will bring down the roof on the SPLC and its little project of Black Run America.

I hope Potok knows that when black people launch the inevitable wave of race riots in the United States we will be armed with smart phones, email, talk radio, cable television, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress to get our message out which we didn’t have as recently as 2005.

It is Comrade Potok’s very own fantasy ideology of “anti-racism” that breeds 92 percent of the violence in Atlanta and 96 percent of violence in Chicago and virtually all the crime in Montgomery and Birmingham. It is “anti-racism” which made Tuscon, Arizona the kidnapping capitol of America.

Update: Barack Hussein Obama is getting rid of the Stat Abstract to hide our national decline.

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  1. There are some items of interest about the MLK statue opening:

    1) Statue was sculpted by a Chinese artist in China for some bizarre reason
    2) The statue strikes a defensiveness rather than assertive or even aggressive posture
    3) One of the Gannett newspaper headlines for 8/23 reads approximately “MLK statue unveiling met with little fanfare”

    Perhaps reenacting the 1960s over and over and over is falling out of favor in America.

    The stale multicultural left has been out of ideas for almost 50 years and none of the results of their political tantrums show any promise whatsoever. Must be racism or intolerance or reality or something. Dunno.

  2. The MLK memorial opened yesterday but the dedication is Sunday. Obongo is speaking, probably on the very sacred spot where King spoke his “I Have a Dream” speech on the Lincoln Memorial steps. It’s a BRA Holy Day.

  3. If BRA was an apple, it ripened to its brightest point on November 4, 2008, and has spent the last three years rotting. The rot is so bad now that even William Gheen is giving up on “anti-racism.”

  4. What do you mean, “black people who have been transformed into savages”? Please check dictionary meaning of “transform”.

  5. The King family received almost $ 800,000 for use of the likeness and words of MLK. I wonder if they receive money when he’s mentioned in textbooks in our public schools. I wonder how much of an industry this “legacy” really is. I think that outsourcing the project to communists was the most appropriate aspect of the entire exercise.

  6. Most correct, AnalogMan, I suggest “revert” as a more appropriate substitute.
    “Black people who have reverted to their natural savagery…” does sound much better.

    The BRA piggies are still noisily at the trough, blissfully unaware of the growing resentment, blissfully unaware that market day approaches…

  7. In the old days, black people had been somewhat civilized. “Mammy” was a harmless figure. Now the thin veneer of civilization has been abolished and the raw African stands before us.

  8. The blacks are as the Jews have made them: rapist-killers aimed at whites. Early on during Civil War II, when we take DC and if I am still among the living, I will personally blow the MLK statue to smithereens. Ditto FDR’s and a few others. As to the Jews, we should speak to them in the same language they and their ethnoid agents have spoken to us.

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