Fort Sumter’s Tea Party

BRA's moral evangel cries at the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Now his world is about to come crashing down


The Congressional Black Caucus has declared war on the Tea Party. We are declaring war on the Congressional Black Caucus.

Lately, the Tea Party has been denounced as “terrorists” by Vice President Joe Biden. Maxine Waters recently told the Tea Party to “go to hell.” “Progressives” have smeared the Tea Party as a bunch of dimwitted racists ever since the first objections were raised against BRA’s stimulus.

Here’s the latest from BRA’s moral evangel the Rev. Jesse Jackson who is now in Miami to discuss the collapse of the MLK grand strategy of uplifting black people through political power and a strong federal government:

“The tea party opposing Obama, Jackson said, should be called the “Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery.”

“The tea party is a new name on an old game,” he said. “Dr. King fought a ‘tea party’ in Alabama … He had no weapons, but he confronted the tea party.”

Very true.

In the 1860s, we made a prescient stand for states’ rights and constitutional liberty. In the 1960s, we stood up to these so-called “civil rights activists” like Jesse Jackson and John Lewis who were never anything but self promoting con-artists.

This includes the “Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.” who was glorified by the Mainstream Media back in the days when it had a monopoly on television and could get away with systematically lying to the American people.

According to Taylor Branch, there wasn’t a single one of these “reverends” who could even uphold the Ten Commandments in their own churches. MLK made the transition from being freshly minted Baptist preacher to full time “civil rights” celebrity in less than five years. Somewhere along the way, he found the time to patronize various mistresses scattered across the country.

Update: Over at the Kremlin, Comrade Potok is distressed that Glenn Beck has gone rogue and is now using the Alt Media to draw attention to the national security threat to civilization posed by black people.

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  1. China is losing billions to US bad debt; maybe trillions. It’s the least they can ask for. This is definitely a case of debt-fueled affirmative action artist selection — a great irony since it is a statue-idol to the multicult state religion, like statutes of the gods at the Capitoline.

  2. “That statue is a monstrosity. It makes me feel like our enemies are winning.”

    Nah, buddy.

    If BRA were a stock, its chart would have peaked with the election of BHO.

    (You can tell when a trend is about to change: when the current “winners” are crowing, “Ha ha! we won! You lost! You’re a loser!” etc. There was PLENTY of that in 2008.)

    The first new low was the rise of the Tea Party. The new, lower low that confirmed the “Dow theory sell signal” was the (very mainstream) Investors Business Daily article about current wave of black flash mobs being unprosecuted hate crimes against Whites.

    This Chinese-looking, Mao-King hybrid statue of MLK is just a lower high that further confirms the direction of BRA is DOWN.

    I am now exceedingly bullish on European Man of Christian Heritage.

  3. When I first read that the statue was to be made in China, there was some squawking among Blacks, but there was nothing to be done. It must be embarrassing to belong to a race that can’t even create their own memorials. Oh well, MLK couldn’t even create his own writings. Anyway, when the time comes for removing the statue, I’d like to see a comparison made between various types of anti-tank rounds. Which is more effective against stone, depleted uranium or shaped charges? It might be as entertaining as those videos of imploding buildings.

  4. Over the years I have heard many plans on the best way to divide America along racial lines. The plans are always complicated, unworkable and, as I suddenly realized while reading this article, completely unnecessary.

    We don’t need a well-guarded border between us and the Coonkind, all we need is to get D.C. off our backs so that we can once again train niggers to behave and keep their asses away from our neighborhoods.

    If we could go back to the old rules, I am sure that niggers throughout the land would be more than happy to pack their bags and head to the bluer pastures of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the other Negrophile states. The poor White bastards with Crow in their hearts who reside in the Red and Purple parts of those states would be well advised to abandon those future jungles and come live among their brothers in the real world.

    The riots that will follow Obamacoon’s defeat next year will create a climate that will ease the return to sensible rules to control the descendants of cannibals that we have been forced for five decades to treat as our social and political equals.

    Our new capital lawn will need to be dominated by a Made-In-America statue of good Governor George blocking the doors at the U.

  5. With the MLK statue it looks like to me that the artist created a Mt. Rushmore II with King the only one on it.
    What a fraud King is. Like Obama, King is a media creation.
    Some are waiting on the FBI files on King to be released somewhere in the dim future. It’s never going to happen, not the files sealed by the courts. Time and history will be the force that opens those files.

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