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Once upon a time ... in the last days of America

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As the American economy continues to deteriorate beyond the point of no return, the Millennials are graduating from college to find themselves saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, few job prospects, and burdened with worthless degrees.

The saddest thing about this American tragedy is that in the long run the Millennial student loan debt and unemployment will prove to be the least of their problems.

So now, the predictable War Between the Generations has erupted over the American Dream (or the death thereof), with the Baby Boomers pleading innocence, the Gen X’ers bitterly complaining about the refusal of the Boomers to retire, and the Millennials foaming at the mouth with rage over their hard earned Boomerang status.

Who is to blame? It doesn’t really matter now. From North America to Europe, we’re about to plunge off the Grand Canyon of world history.

“Normal times” will soon become a memory of another world. The long term structural problems (i.e., the cultural crisis, the aging crisis, the energy crisis, the racial crisis, the political crisis, and the financial crisis) which are the insurmountable root cause of our present economic malaise are conspiring to destroy the foundations of the post-WW2 world order.

As some of our greatest poets might say, this is “when shit gets real.” Black Run Amerika (1965-2011) is behind us now in the rearview mirror.

So what comes next? My grandmother was born in the Great Depression and has lived through the Second World War and the Civil Rights Movement and through Black Run Amerika from beginning to end.

Needless to say, the world has changed a great deal since Herbert Hoover was president. Here in the American South, things which were unthinkable when FDR was in the White House have become synonymous with normalcy.

What might I get the chance to see in my lifetime? I should be around until the 2060s or 2070s. As one of the last Gen X’ers, the Millennials will get the opportunity to see the 2080s and 2090s.

Millennials, you have no idea of what is about to happen to your cloistered world. It is going to be far worse than you ever thought.

Update: Walter Russell Mead thinks conservatism can work in a degenerate civilization under the hegemony of a liberal establishment: go to college, get married, stay married, steer clear of drugs.

Unfortunately, this great advice doesn’t work anymore. If you go to college in Black Run Amerika, you will probably graduate with a debt certificate without any job prospects. If you get married in Black Run Amerika, you will probably end up financially ruined in a bitter divorce over “feelings.” If you “steer clear of drugs” and “play by the rules,” you are still highly likely to get screwed over.

Don’t believe me? There are plenty of people who went to college, got married, and played by the rules. Where are those people now? Who do you think has the most to lose when Wall Street and Washington finish destroying America?

All I can say is that it is a foolish decision to “invest” in this clown society. It is run by fools who have no higher purpose than to enrich themselves at our collective expense. They have wrecked the country they inherited.

It will inevitably come crashing down within the next two decades. Quite honestly, I don’t even believe we will make it through this decade. This old horse is about to die on us.

If you really want to do something farsighted with your life Millennials, you ought to be positioning yourself for the future you are about to inherit.

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  1. i was born three months after the fall of the soviet union. after “opening my eyes” at the age of 20 to the giant steaming load of shit i’ve been handed. i’ve started taking your “don’t invest in this clown society” advice to my day to day conversations. like you know when someone asks, “what are you gunna do wit that degree in history?, it won’t get you a job” YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT SCORPIUS, and i always tell them that none of us are going to have “jobs” very soon, we are gonna be SOL just like 1381 or 1917 or 1933 and the list goes on and on. i love the thought of all my milineal peers, in their fashionable hipster dress being hacked to death by proles and niggers

  2. I love history.

    I love economics, political science, philosophy, journalism, etc. Unfortunately, we live in a “post-truth” society where “degrees” are useless from an employment standpoint, and you get ahead in this world by mouthing the correct platitudes and cliches and flattering idiots.

    As a “journalist,” I couldn’t get a job in the “mainstream” because it is nothing but a choir of voices who all parrot the same ridiculous propaganda. The same is true of “political science” these days. It is a field for eunuchs.

    Isn’t there a big demographic group out there called “White people”? Aren’t the elections here in Alabama more or less racial headcounts?

    In this absurd society, you can’t even discuss the most pressing issues of our time. For example, you can’t point out that an Obama speech about “green jobs” isn’t going to solve the energy crisis. You can’t point out that blacks and Hispanics are not going to “replace” the retiring White boomers.

    You can’t point out that “growth” will cease to exist in the Western world for demographic reasons. The fiasco we are seeing in countries like Greece and Spain and Ireland is merely a preview of what we are going to see over the next several decades.

    That’s fine.

    After this world crashes and burns, I will finally have my opportunity to be a journalist and a political scientist and a historian, but not until the fools that are in power today finally succumb to the gravity of their own madness.

  3. Don’t think that all ‘boomers’ were like that article of whinging self-indulgence that you linked to, from Atlantic. As an almost sixty-year old, it has taken me this long to understand the EVIL that the Federal Reserve, the ‘International Bankers’ and the self-loathing White Liberal Class have done to America, over the last 100 years.

    And, because of the ‘Jewsmedia,’ we have not been told the truth since roughly Lindbergh warned America of involvement in WWII, in 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor My parents were raised in the depression, and all I ever heard was about how ‘tough’ things were. They both served their country in WWII, and luckily lived to tell of it. Their fear of uncertain futures has helped me overcome the fallacy that ‘It can’t happen here.’

    Well, history is about to repeat itself. But that does not make it predestined that one must die where one lives, or that one cannot effect a little ‘change’ where one is located. I read in that Atlantic article of narcissistic twenty and even thirty-somethings who ‘refuse to move back home’ with mom and dad, because they can’t find a job. Why not? Their parents may still be paying on a mortgage, and helping pay the rent and learning to live as the microcosm of a ‘tribe’ (i.e., the Family) is the first step in preparing for the future, when your ‘tribe’ is going to be ALL you have to hang on to- that, and (hopefully for your readers) a fellowship with which to worship God aright.

    Next, even this late in my life, I am learning new skills. Like, how to defend one’s self, how to hunt, trap, fish, and cook using wood. Invest some time and even money to become a ‘prepper’ and learn how to live post-American dream. Better that, than waking up in an Obamanation nightmare of civil unrest all around you…..

  4. I was born in February 1977. I suppose I’m fortunate in that I experienced some fading vestige of what a functioning America was like, even though it from behind the “Black Curtain” of Detroit — my parents were career Detroit Police and we were required by law to live in the city. For obvious reasons, I went to private Catholic schools up through grade 10, but then I was lucky enough to go to public school in suburbs for my last years of high school. It was all white! Really. No blacks, no hispanics. Just a couple Korean kids, but otherwise completely white. So I can understand what Scorpius means by normality becoming this dream-like memory.

  5. As usual, it’s “the best of times, and the worst of times”. The Best: because the coming racial, political, economic, and sectional firestorms will give us the opportunity to resolve all sorts of outstanding problems. One in particular. 2020? The Universal Ponzi is coming down, hard, a couple of months before the 2012 election.


  6. It’s certainly not flattering to be part of the so-called “Millennial Generation,” perhaps reassuringly though; most people in my generation don’t know any better because they’ve never lived in a healthy, cultured, traditional, respectful, and normal society. I remember even in the mid-nineties there was still some semblance of race instinct, back then my suburban enclave was still nearly all white and out of the hundreds of students at my elementary school there were only one or two non-whites. Today my quant little suburban town is getting more and more “diverse” and my elementary school and junior high which I revere with much fondness have become far more “vibrant.” By high school I had first felt these trends, but by then I had become accustomed to being around my own kind, and to this day I am thankful for having a traditional and normal childhood in this chaotic post-modern world of ours.

    In high school I remember feeling embarrassed for minorities, they could study western ideas and customs all they wanted but they could never experience what it is to know that your ancestors were responsible for them, they could never know what it was like to contribute to one’s own culture, and to compete with one’s own kin, they tried so desperately to fit in, but they were only lying to themselves, they were only trying to be something that they were not, frankly it was a pathetic spectacle. A lot of my peers became liberals, they conformed to the pressures of the constant indoctrination, I feel deep down they denied they’re instincts simply because the will to live made it necessary, they realized that challenging the authority of the liberal paradigm would only result in alienation and turmoil so they gave it lip-service, I did too quite frankly.

    Today I’m a senior in college and over the past couple of years I’ve just had enough of BRA and multicultural dystopian delusions. I don’t want to live in an America where my children are taught to hate themselves because they’re part of the greatest culture that has ever existed, where I have to censor myself every time I discuss politics, where culture and academia have been hijacked by aliens and elites hell-bent on deconstructing Western culture, where anybody can do or be anything they want without any consequences, where nobody respects their heritage and culture, where people are consumed with the material processions, junk food, and the moral syphilis of Reality TV, and Hollywood propaganda films. America has gone from being the very pinnacle of Western Civilization to the lowest form of Western Decadence in a mere half a century. The widening gyre is falling apart, as America becomes more and more apropos of nothing it will inspire less and less patriotic sentiment, after all how can you defend nothing? Sooner or later things will, things must, come to a head, what distinguishes man from beast is the desire deep within all men to achieve great things. Liberalism recognizes only the most basic, animalistic instincts in a man, sooner or later Western men will want to become men again and defend something tangible, to feel that there is more to their lives than mere consumption, and entertainment, and when that day of reckoning approaches the world better watch out because the worlds eyes will gaze covetously upon America once again.

  7. “Millennials, you have no idea of what is about to happen to your cloistered world. It is going to be far worse than you ever thought.”

    Fall of Rome II. If enough people are aware of it in advance then maybe we won’t have the thousand years of stagnation that followed the last time.

  8. Fr. John,

    I was fortunate enough to be raised in a place where my grandparents, parents, and my generation share a lot of agreement about our racial decline.

    Here in Alabama, the “Greatest Generation” and the “Baby Boomers” didn’t want the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It is something that we opposed and which the federal government used force to impose upon us.

    Then everyone had to adjust to living in this awful reality. We became used to living in this awful society. We adjusted to living in the anti-White world. Tried to live under it and do the best we can in this awful situation.

    The only thing that really carries it forward is inertia. That will soon give away to something else.

  9. The Obama speech is tonight. I will have an article up later. I’ve been using my literary character “Lord Scorpius” to paint my vision of the future.

  10. Think about it.

    If were born in the 1930s, then the “normal times” ended in the 1960s and 1970s. You lived through a social revolution. People like my grandmother have seen their civilization turned upside down.

    If you were born in the 1840s, you lived through the destruction of the Union, probably fought in the War Between the States, lived through Reconstruction and the Gilded Age. You would have been 60 years old in 1900. You would have been born in the Old Republic and lived to the First World War and the Model T.

    What is the world going to look like the 2060s and 2070s? Just as different from the world we live now as it was for previous generations.

  11. What people don’t realize is that the prevailing notion that “the world will always be like this” is just a symptom of the prevailing culture. In fact, the assumption that “the world will always been like this,” which is a Baby Boomer assumption, explains why these crises are now roaring into view.

    If “the world will always be like this,” then you can be irresponsible. You can neglect the foundations of civilization. You can live in the moment.

    People who “live in the moment” (like most Americans these days) don’t think like previous generations. We know for certain that one day we will all be dead. One day the world will be a totally different place.

    “Historical man” feels an obligation to future generations while feeling connected to previous generations. Such a person doesn’t live in the moment. He is responsible. He has a sense of duty to his civilization and his ancestors.

    “Americans” are just consumers. They will “consume” themselves until they can’t afford to go to the shopping malls anymore. Swiping the credit card for the gasoline won’t be an option anymore. Dining out and going on expensive vacations won’t be an option anymore.

    That’s why if you know what forces are driving our present economic decline you can predict what the other side of it will look like.

  12. ““Historical man” feels an obligation to future generations while feeling connected to previous generations. Such a person doesn’t live in the moment. He is responsible. He has a sense of duty to his civilization and his ancestors.”

    This is what I call ‘Christendom Man.” Even my Roman Catholic upbringing is now a ‘thing of the past’ after Vatican II- but the older, patristic, Christian, Caucasian, Trinitarian WHITE Culture of Europe is there, ready and waiting for her children to restore her to glory. Have y’all read Cambria will not Yield? He inspires me on a weekly basis. http://www.cambriawillnotyield.blogspot.com

  13. Hunter – that O being MIA article is fascinating. The author is halfway there. It’s not blissed out blathering about the Great African Prince. It’s a call for something real. Of course – a response to that cry will never come. The ONLY thing that helps Blacks be better than they are is living under strict White Rule. That’s gone. That’s not going to happen again.

    I know good. decent Blacks, that I like quite a bit, as individuals. But I have no sense of responsibility for their welfare, nor do I have one single shred of desire to “uplift” and protect them. Broad historical trends have taught me that the introduction of Blacks, into White social orders, ALWAYS means disaster. No variation.

    After Hell Breaks Loose – and the cracks are expanding, and the bricks busting out already – it ain’t gonna take til 2020 – I have a feeling the Whites left alive in the wake of Hell Broken Loose, if there are any left – are going to have the very same attitudes that I do, about Non-Whites.

  14. Yep Denise no more happy talk meant to coddle children and timid white women (male and female).

    Hard questions; “So Mr. Shnicklegruberstein tell us about ‘your’ culture and why you produce such tomes of anti-white material?”

    Every proposal today goes thru one filter, “Can it save and fund the welfare state?” So far nothing has passed thru, not even Sean Hannity’s ignorant ramblings on peak oil that he gets from the driller’s business association are going to be able to be implemented so De’Sean can live the African life of shiftlessness.

  15. One thing for our “end timers” to think about, the day the EBT card dies old white granny is toast. For years I have told people that old white women are a luxury. Now of course that is seen as weird by the average lumpen, but they don’t understand the context in our, dig a hole fill a hole economy on how much money goes to keep white women alive way past their natural “died of the flu” ends.

    But then again you look at the consumer’s actions, once their grannies run out of money the same phony compassionate types put them in the Medicaid death camps for blue veiners, and then attend church that Sunday.

    Loved my grandmothers but the one lived 30 years into retirment and I would bet the cost for her last few years was high six figures. So I predict the flu makes a big comeback and compassion will be that secret barbituate milkshake.

  16. RobRoy,

    “Hard questions; “So Mr. Shnicklegruberstein tell us about ‘your’ culture and why you produce such tomes of anti-white material?””

    I want to be High Lady Justice, in Post Hell Hath Broken Loose Landia. I promise you that my decisions will be highly entertaining, and deeply, deeply just.

  17. “One thing for our “end timers” to think about, the day the EBT card dies old white granny is toast. For years I have told people that old white women are a luxury.”

    I think it’ll be the opposite. Every pair of hands will be needed.

  18. The day the EBT card dies old white granny is toast …..

    …… because old white granny will be the first target of the band of roving thugs.

    You can bet your ass on it.

  19. Wnadrin – I agree with oyu on the Oldy Ladies needed. They will still kow how to do things that Young and Dazed Slackers do not.

    I deal with old folks all the time. Study geriatric medicine sometime. If you make it through your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s without any major issues cropping up – you do pretty well until you just run out of steam. The sick will die off – especially diabetics. Diabetes is more costly than mere old age. It’s there’s a disruption in production and delivery of medicines – the diabetics will have about a week, and they will go nastily. Really – spare ’em the agony. A bullet in the back of the head will be kinder. And this will include all ages.

    Genes really do tell, in the end. I know old White folks, into the 90’s and even over 100, who do their own gardening, cooking, housekeeping, etc. Slowly, to be sure – but they still know things. And I do mean old Whites. The other Races winnow down pretty fast, after 60. Diabetes will take out LOADS of Blacks.

  20. The Jews are the most responsible for all this, it is now clear to me, they do not want to take our societies, they want to destroy them. It makes no sense to destroy the European strain in favor of mestizos and blacks, the Jews know that they do not work in an advanced society. Miscegenation push to destroy us, not to weaken us.
    At least you have the opportunity to rebuild the country after the hurricane. In our case here, this is not possible. America, without resistance and counterattack will become the nineteenth-century Brazil. The time passed long ago to Brasil.. The refuge for whites here in the Tropic of Capricorn is the Southern Cone, Argentina, Uruguay.

  21. But I can not help to blame blacks for that. The Western world would be a place far more advanced than it is today without them. How much time spent in trying to civilize them? And the worst is the ingratitude of these people. Because of them we are delaying the progress in all respects.

  22. “It will inevitably come crashing down within the next two decades…”
    – but why is this surprising to everyone? None of this is “accidental” or can even be laid at the feet of any particular generation of Whites. There were always those who warned us about what was to come (Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford come to mind among many others). The problem is that no one listened.
    The destruction of the US and all of Western Civlization and eventually the entire world has been a goal of the Jewish elite for well over 1000 years: First Greece, then Rome, then onward to Madrid , then to Paris (1790, Louis XVI), then to London about 1814 after the fall of Napoleon, then Berlin after the Franco-Prussian war, onward to St. Peterberg with the downfall of the Russian aristocracy, and ending finally here in the US over the past 100 or so years. A few of you say you are history majors? All those wars were fomented by the same instigators. Odd you didn’t notice.
    As to you who are complaining about your useless college degrees and finding no employment after spending all that money (that you didn’t have to begin with and had to borrow) only to find no “cube-farm” jobs available afterward, don’t feel too badly, others of us from previous generations had the same experience. The “education scam” has been a thriving industry since at least the end of WW2. Odd isn’t it, that so much emphasis has been placed on getting that coveted piece of paper which is supposed to be the ticket to a “good job” when simultaneously every effort is made by our government to either export those same jobs or import (via HB-1 visas) coloreds to do the same jobs from India? Odd too, when you consider that the bulk of the “common people” cannot ALL become doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, etc.that our government should have done nothing when our precious manufacturing sector was being outsourced. Wasn’t that our nation’s wealth that was exported? There is no such thing as a sound economy based on “the service sector”. Those are slave jobs. There must be added-value goods produced or the nation will take its place among the 3rd world nations (which it has). The country has been brought to its knees by one ethnic group working together toward that goal. And they are not colored, yet at the same time they are not White (at least they do not count themselves as such).
    ….”the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

  23. George: Where will the virus go, once it has killed its host? Equador? New Guinea? Afghanistan? They are maniacal. It was not enough to have twice or three times their rightful share, they had to have it all.

  24. Well, George – I Name Die Juden all the time – and get excoriated, slandered, denounced, etc, by all sorts of folks – including alleged WN. So – I do my part.

  25. “If there is justice in this universe all those responsible will pay dearly.”

    ” There is no such thing as a sound economy based on “the service sector”. Those are slave jobs. There must be added-value goods produced or the nation will take its place among the 3rd world nations (which it has)”

    Q: What do you call a service-based economy without the ability to print world reserve currency?
    A: Third-World Hellhole

    WRT to generations and the inevitable decline:
    checkout Strauss and Howe’s work if you haven’t seen it yet. The 4th turning was amazingly prophetic given when it was written. The 4th turning is indeed upon us. The wildcard that these guys don’t seem to address is the race one. Its a good hypothesis for the past but without a homogenous anglo-influenced culture who’s to say?

    Still worth the $14 or so: http://www.amazon.com/Fourth-Turning-American-Prophecy-Rendezvous/dp/0767900464/ref=pd_sim_b_2

  26. “George: Where will the virus go, once it has killed its host? Equador? New Guinea? Afghanistan? They are maniacal. It was not enough to have twice or three times their rightful share, they had to have it all.”
    Exactly so, Discard. They plan on having it all. They are already where they want to go next; China and India. In a sense that is actually funny because they have raped both these nations previously in the past (the British East India Company was largely a Jewish enterprise ) . The Chinese so I am told, look upon the Jews who have brought them all their newfound wealth with almost godlike reverence. As to the Central American countries, they have already exploited those labor markets to their (intellectual) capacity. Why China and India? Cheap and prolific labor as well as intelligent and obedient servants .Not so sure the Central and South Americans meet their standards in that regard, and the oligarchy there is the same one that controls the US govt. as well as Europe-they need more than bananas and tropical hardwoods or dumb labor. When the West is finally tramped into the ground we will become the next Kulaks. When they have brought the world to such degradation, demoralization, violence, mass starvation, confusion and interethnic warfare that the population has been brought to new (and managable) lows, they will step forward to “offer all the nations a peaceful solution” to their problems. This of course will entail rulership by that same all powerful Oligarchy of elite Jews. They have always used money, depressions and inter-ethnic (Whites against Whites) strife against us. Unfortunately, our racial kin have always obliged them and aided in them in their efforts. That, for what it is worth is my take on the matter. The one bright spot in all this is that there seems to be a growing nationalist movement in Russia. How significant that is, I do not know but the Jews hate it.
    ” So – I do my part.” : Yes Denise, but I was largely addressing those young people who are so bitter about the way their country has been ruined and their future destroyed. I was not addressing those such as yourself who took the time to analyze what was going on in the real world and who know where the fault lies.
    What the Jews have done here in the past 100 years they have done many times before in the past.
    Our former (old manufacturing) economy was shipped to China, and China’s old (subsistence) economy was exported to us. Now an even more interesting development looms on the horizon- China has been having “talks” with the Idaho state government about buying 50 SQUARE MILES of land North of Boise to build a “city”. For what purpose? That has not been disclosed…

  27. China has is already building such a city in Cambodia. And in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, they are creating de facto Chinese cities, house by house, block by block.

  28. “China has is already building such a city in Cambodia. ….”
    Very well then, the process is further along than I thought. Say hello to your new landlord, Mr Wong.

  29. When the SHTF, we’ll see how many Chinese will stick around and risk losing their cherished only-sons in a shooting war with over 190 million, heavily-armed, bloodthirsty Whites who have nothing left to lose. If memory serves, the Japanese made the mistake of underestimating American White people, once upon a time. Asians are arrogant, opportunistic, little rodents and their passive/aggressive saber-rattling doesn’t worry me in the slightest.

    Although it is kinda funny that the Chinks are doing this in the future Covingtonian Republic. I wonder what Fourmyle of Ceres has to say about it? Anyone know how to say “Focus Northwest” in Mandarin?

  30. I’m with Chris here. Whether it’s upscale Chinese enclaves in SoCal like Arcadia and San Marino or outright colonies in Idaho or Pennsylvania, the Chinese will not sacrifice their children. This is not their country, it’s just a business opportunity, not anything to die for. Count on them to fight their way to the airport like the Marines escaping the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, and I’m not mocking them. Many of the young men are fond of AR-15s, and they practice.

  31. ” the Japanese made the mistake of underestimating American White people…”
    No, actually it was the very last thing that they wanted to do and did so only out of desperation. Japan had been our ally in WW1. The condensed version of the whole story is that Japan had been offered German concessions of Shantung (China) by the British after WW1 (the period Colonial possessions by Western nations) and president Wilson was against it and convinced the British to end their alliance with Japan. In a nutshell, Japan wanted to become a world power and the US stopped them from gaining control of China (to our detriment today, as we can see) and further tried to interfere with her moving into Northern and later on Southern French IndoChina (today known as “Vietnam”). FDR later imposed sanctions against the Japanese with regard to selling them steel and US oil. (Prime Minister of Japan )”Konoye was willing to give up Indochina and China, except a buffer region in the north to protect her from Stalin, in return for the U.S. brokering a peace with China and opening up the oil pipeline. Konoye told Grew that Emperor Hirohito knew of his initiative and was ready to give the order for Japan’s retreat.”….”
    Facing a choice between death of the empire or fighting for its life, Japan decided to seize the oil fields of the Indies. And the only force capable of interfering was the U.S. fleet that FDR had conveniently moved from San Diego out to Honolulu.”
    “And so Japan attacked. And so she was crushed and forced out of Vietnam, out of China, out of Manchuria. And so they fell to Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh. And so it was that American boys, not Japanese boys, would die fighting Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese to try to block the aggressions of a barbaric Asian communism.”
    In other words, the US crafted its own problems including Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor (no doubt with the usual suspects at the hidden reins). You can read the rest of the article by Patrick Buchannon here: http://www.theamericancause.org/patwhydidjapan.htm
    If anything, the Japanese did not want to invade a country where private gun ownership was the rule of the day.
    As to the “190 million bloodthirsty Whites…” well, I dunno. Think about all the murders (daily) by blacks, the jobs that have been stolen from us, the rape of our women the destruction of the economy (remember Bernie Madoff?) and on and on and still, not one shot has been fired in anger. China has far more people than it needs or even wants to have. Chinese life is very expendable. And they have a 2 million man standing army. Sorry, but I for one just do not see the scenario you have described unfolding-ever.

  32. And how many times have we heard that expression “when the SHTF”? It has been hitting the fan now since at least the 1960’s: one turd at a time so that we could all get used to living with it, habituated to it and scared to death to do anything about it. What’s that you say? You fear nothing? Why then, is everyone here using a pseudonym? And on all the other pro-Western websites on the net as well?

  33. White people seem to want to die. Not every-one – but too few of us, to matter ,want to live. The rest seem to want to die off.

  34. D.:

    There is enormous confusion on one issue- what pertains to the individual, and what to society. I hear so often “folks today, they just suck, they don’ care”. Like their degeneracy is nothing but their own fault. They choose to be shitheads. Compare to the “greatest generation”- who, using free will, chose to be great. But wait- if today’s young had been born around 1920, would they, using free will, choose to be shitheads? One must conclude that what people are has a whole lot to do with something other than individual free will.

    Rand’s book (Atlas) is claimed to be second in influence to the Bible. What sayeth she? “Man is a being of self-created soul” (after Aristotle) and “The primary cause is individual, the secondary cause is social.” Now get a load of this: “The philosophers are the free will of the country”- implying that good and bad generations are NOT the result of the masses’ free will efforts. It’s the individual, oh no it’s something else.

    Here we are dealing with the something else- SOCIAL INFLUENCE (environment). The veggies (vegetables) we all see are cooked-to-order, by thy usual susspects, and by other power-seekers.

    The damage does not start with the media- it starts with the government controlled and subsidized universities. BF Skinner’s book Beyond Freedom and Dignity was paid for by the taxpayers- around $2M in today’s FRNs. That was 42 years ago. ALL the institutions are designed for slavery/destruction.

    The “choices” faced by the young are degeneracy A versus Degeneracy B. What kind of total genius would be required for one individual to break free? How would they even know that there is anything wrong with the culture?

    We have here communist demoralization:


    So we need to change the memes, and REMORALIZE. This is social effort.

    The standards have been so lowered. A “concerto” used to have actual meaning, like
    Rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2. Back in the sixties there was a song by a negro group (The Toys) called A Lover’s Concerto. We had the spectacle of “Rock Concerts”.
    With nothing good to compare this garbage with, how many even know the extent of the cultural damage?

    So, Denise, these are social issues first and foremost. People are gonna take whatever the society dishes out- with only the tiniest minority to resist. Change the memes.

  35. TR – I’m tryng. But I am one person. You can ask those who know me. I am tryng. I can only talk to the people under my own aegis. So many swear, “I can never be a racist!”I don’t tel them to hate other people. I tell them that their own Race is dying. Literally disappearing – and ot PROTECT themselves.

    This seems to freak ’em out. I don’t hear denial. I get idiocy back – I don’t care. Not everyone (non-White) is bad. I know lots of Good Ones”. “I can never be a racist. I take people as they are”. “What can you do/What does it matter?” “I believe in people”, etc.

    The way my Volk are influenced by media is shocking.

  36. @George

    Who is using a pseudonym? My name is Christopher Brian Monti. I was born February 26, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan, and I don’t care who sees what I post on here. And who might you be, asshole?

    Tell you what– If you’re so sure which one is the winning side, then why don’t you move to Beijing and join the army.


    There’s no such thing as a “good one”. There are some (niggers and other muds) that happen to be more docile then the rest of their kind, but given the time and place, they ALWAYS revert to type. The “good one” is a myth to fool White people into constructing their personal truths around an isolated exception.

  37. “My name is Christopher Brian Monti. I was born February 26, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan,”
    You can type in any name you please Chris and I wouldn’t know if it is real or not. But then that is the beauty of the net isn’t it? Why don’t you be really brave and impress us all by giving out your address and telephone number as well so we can confirm it?. As to your heroic guns-blazing scenario, I’ll believe it when I see it happen. Internet bravado, like talk, is cheap.

  38. Tabula Raza;
    What you are proposing could only be accomplished if we could regain control of the Universities and control the media as well. Those two entities are the main control mechanisms that were used to engineer this mess and without those, how do we “remoralize”?

  39. And by the way Chris, I am on “our” side not that of the Chinese or any other colored peoples, but I am a realist and not given to flights of fantasy about what the almighty Whites are going to rise up and do to the Chinese, etc. I’ve had too many years experience seeing my fellow Whites suck up to Jews to gain their favor, bow to blacks and generally do nothing to help other Whites advance. Were any shots fired by any of the Whites who were being beaten up by flash mobs in recent months? I have not heard of one. Here in my state, it is easy to get a carry license so they do not have an excuse and many do carry. Strange that they do nothing isn’t it ? Yes, I can’t wait to see this armed resistence you are talking about.

  40. @George (or HAC, or Meadhl O’Connel, or Steve The Elder, or whoever you actually are)

    Yeah, you got me. I stole the name from a gravestone in the cemetery at the end if my street. Look me up if you have nothing else to do.

    And I would ask, if you have such a defeatist attitude about White peoples chances in the immediate future, then why are hanging around a blog like this? Tell me, if you don’t think that White people will ever fight back, then what do you propose we do? I’m all ears.

  41. George
    “What you are proposing could only be accomplished if we could regain control of the Universities and control the media as well.”


    They were trying to sell rat-poison disguised as ice-cream. They needed and need total control of the media and academia to succeed at that *and* they needed growing material prosperity.

    We’re selling actual ice-cream. It should be much easier for us.

    The key thing to understand is people are locked into a belief system. Facts and logic on their own are no use against that. You have to weaken or destroy their faith in the current priesthood – media, academics, politicians – first.

  42. George,
    you can not compare attitudes evolved people like us (I speak individually speaking, Brazilians are all less evolved) with black. What happens is that the mass wants to believe in these fantasies Judeo-Marxists to the last hope.
    For them, the cultural Marxism is a wonderful vision of the world (unreal). While the belief system imposed by the Jews is working (that is, until the moment when reality knocks at your door), there is no reason (they say) to think differently. But the situation is deteriorating, has been a long time and the cultural Marxism is losing its validity. We are going through a process. Today we are awake, tomorrow will be another. Ten years ago most of us were like the zombie masses.

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