Lucius Lamar on Black Run Mississippi

Lucius Q.C. Lamar on Reconstruction Mississippi


“Thank God, we have a country at last: to live for, to pray for, and if need be, to die for.”
– Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar

This is an excellent passage from Nicholas Lemann’s Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War. I will be reviewing this awful Jewish diatribe shortly, but in the meantime I feel like sharing this with the gallery.

You see, we have been down this road before, with the very same people leading us to the “post-racial” utopia of BRA, the Yankees. This makes sense in light of the previous discussions about Colin Woodward’s American Nations.

Does this ring a bell? It is a story about Black Run Amerika 1.0.

“On the same day that Adelbert Ames was elected governor, the voters of the First District of Mississippi elected Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, of Oxford, to the U.S. Congress. Lamar was the model of the Southern Bourbon politician. Scion of a prominent Georgia family (in 1838 his uncle Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar had succeeded Sam Houston as president of the short-lived Republic of Texas), lawyer, politician, arch secessionist and defender of slavery before the Civil War, Confederate general, he had a big square marble block of a head set off by long, flowing brown hair and a Vandyke beard. He was, naturally, deeply opposed to Reconstruction. . . .

A couple of weeks before the election, having read an account of Ames’s speech in Jackson accepting the Republican nomination for governor (one of those speeches about which Ames had written so exultantly to his wife in Massachusetts, because it had gotten an enthusiastic audience response that made him feel he had successfully transformed himself from remote military officer to popular leader), Lamar set down his feeling about Ames and Mississippi politics at length in a letter to Clark.

“You will find that his mission in Miss., as proclaimed by himself, is the exclusion (by means of the ballot in the hands of the freedmen) from any share in the government, of the only class in which reside the elements of dignity virtue & the welfare of society,” Lamar wrote. As the letter went on, Lamar’s temper rose: “The real effect of his scheme is that the white people of the state shall be for four years longer practically denied the privilege of self government, their voice silenced, and their interests and their honor confided to strangers who neither comprehend the one nor believe in the existence of the other. I say strangers, for Gen. Ames admitted in his speech here, that his party of Northern men and enfranchised negroes were new to the political interests & institutions of the State … Draw a line on one side of which you see property, intelligence, virtue, religion, self-respect, enlightened public opinion, and exclusion from all political control; and on the other the absolute unchecked political supremacy of brute numbers, and there you will behold not one attribute of free government, but the saddest & the blackest tyranny that ever cursed this earth.”

It does seem to me that if there was ever a time when the white people of this state, the men in whose veins flows the blood of the ruling races of the world, should rise & with one unanimous voice protest against the domination about to be piled upon them the present is that time. Can it be that the soul of our proud people which a few years ago rose with such keen sense of wrong and heroic effort has, by long oppression, been dulled into indifference & sullen despair?

The saddest and blackest tyranny that ever cursed this earth.

Is Lucius Q.C. Lamar discussing Mississippi in 1874 or 2011? Is he discussing BRA in the nineteenth century or President Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department?

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  1. In 1965, simultaneously with Immigration Acts, was the de-industrializing of U.S., which meant a displacement for the Europeans brought for Industrial Revolution, reducing them to the status of Southerners. They are only understanding this now, and that Reconstruction is writ large for the country and their own areas of inhabitation. B/c this reconstruction occurs MOSTLY in the Bible Belt, southern, appalachian, and mid-west regions, among protestants, the “white ethnics” (code for northern people who were brought after the war for the Industrial Era still do not realize they will be affected further.

    The American farmers suffering from flooding farmlands, or the old pioneer stock, (most focussed on for the latest “Immigration Wars”) and consequences of the Immigration Acts of the 60s— are not peoples about whom the white Northerners often care. They are not “their kind” of Americans.

    Exceptions are in people s/a Buchanan who, in 1992, spoke of them as “our people.” But that is not the norm.

    They are arrogant and think they are not to be next on the chopping block.

    Overall— it is deeply fascist in the sense of corporatists (underwritten by communist social theory). This idea— that you create a plan to clear some land. Then hire “the right people.” Then “implement it.”

    Marks a complete disassociation between governance and the people it affects. There is obviously (due to no outrage for the pioneer stock or farmers and so on) no “society” in the sense of citizens who care what happens to their fellows (they are only to care for some, but no sympathy for others).

    In part, perhaps, this is due to how the Northerners see the Mexicans as “their own” people— the people they bring, with whom they often share some version of a religion, and so on.

    The “new south” seems to be very “pro-immigration” (of catholic south americans only), and to have no feeling for the founding and pioneer peoples. Those types are Catholic Nationalists (not catholics, but catholic nationalists) imo. They are not functioning as part of the constitutional american vision. Utah is just a freaky place full of heretics, and its heroic to be rid of them, in that cosmology.

    the Mormons, the Arizonians, the Alabama Dissenters, those who are not big statists— are neo-Heretics of the age.

  2. Oh—

    Was thinking of the incredible squeeze of farmers—- whether from “green” sources, such as saving smelts and sturgeon and whatever, or the Tobacco Acts outlawing cash crops of states in the south, to clear the land and cheapen it, or the floodings in the midwest, or turning water off in San Joaquin valley, or appropriations for bases (again, mostly the south), in the tens of thousands of acres.

    The people who cash in on it don’t usually have any feeling for the americans that the policies displaced.

    When they say they “are American” what could it mean? It’s like the war. If you were part of the 40% foreign born “union” army, and were immediately conscripted, THEN you came to kill americans… right? And if you kill them, how can you BE them? (lol) If you profit on loss from your fellow “american”—- are you an american still with them? “Wow, you just really ripped me off, but hey, “we’re all americans here.” lol

    The Industrial Era brought people for whom “America is Competition.” Beating out their neighbor. What an ugly thing! How can you have a genuine social structure built on that, anymore than a Service Economy (‘we’re all americans here, but I’m your slave, but that’s ok, coz hey, we’re americans!)

    This is the real relation of the people to each other under these eras.

    Only the south was based in growing. It can grow and create. This is the basis of living. The growing class focusses on making, creating, growing, and produces different relationships.

  3. Any comment on the concealed carry reciprocity act coming out of committee in the house? Is this a possible model of how to get even with the Yankees? Reid and McConnell were “warned” not to pass the bill by the NY AG.

  4. New York Attorney General – “google” “concealed carry reciprocity bill” – the “warning” appeared at huffingtonpost.

  5. Yes, they do…and they can never and will never succeed. Of course if we take the NY Attorney General at his word we may expect some measure of bloodshed and chaos at the end of Federal Empire rather the relatively peaceful devolution of the Soviet Union.

    Yankeeism rests upon its willingness to visit extreme violence against its opponents, using levies of newly-arrived “foreign” troops. Makes you realize real quick why the Federal government wholeheartedly supports and encourages illegal immigration and “diversity” of any and all kinds in the military.

    It’s not because the ruling elite see the military as a “civil rights testbed” as some naive conservatives and neocons disingenously believe. These people are intended to supply the necessary force for further aggrandizement of the Federal power over her “subjects.”

    The duty of every able bodied male to possess and be proficient with firearms follows directly from the second Amendment. Those who disregard the message sent by the NY Attorney General, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Obama adminstration’s “Fast and Furious” operation leave themselves open to further tyrannization.

    The stakes have never been higher than they are now…and our enemies know this.

    Deo Vindice

  6. HW is right that New England unitarians have been been visiting other regions of the country with their manias de jour since the 19th century – anyone who thinks that YKW originated all of this should look up the bio of Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (NOT Jr.) and see what he was advocating for back in the 1800s. The way the reciprocity law would work in its best form is that it would nullify may-issue permit laws. Essentially a first state with a draconian permit procedure would have to honor a more permissive second state’s permit (for example, for a non-resident permit) for that first state’s own citizen. It’s like reconstruction in reverse except that the hard core progressive states are on the receiving end. A similarly modeled law criminalizing sanctuary-city type aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants would be a nice one-two combination aimed at those seeking to dispossess european americans. Those of us not living in the south and suffering silently under the yoke of elite tyranny might actually develop a feeling of kinship and gratitude for southerners who are trying to protect our people.

    BTW, this love of ideologies over one’s own people is not new and was a frequent theme in Dostoyevsky’s work (e.g., “The Possessed” (or “Demons”) and “Brothers Karamazov”).

  7. This “fight the enemy on his own turf” line got me thinking about changing the parameters of the “comprehensive immigration reform” debate and “repatriation bonus” (a one-time payment to illegals to lighten the burden of repatriation) came to mind. I went on line to see if anyone else had thought about changing the frame of debate along these lines and I found this paper –

    Note that proposals in this paper (e.g. registration, temporary worker’s permits and scheduled repatriation) are very humane and put those who are seeking to dispossess europeans on the defensive because the debate is no longer about “we want to dump them across the border with no warning” to “they want to grant them citizenship for one reason only – DIVERSITY – which is a code-word for anti-white.”

  8. I don’t have much faith in future peace or prosperity in the U.S., but I don’t understand the people who seem to wish for collapse and violence. I think a chaotic future is ahead, and it is by design, but if we could pull back from the abyss, I could live with that.

    I’m not a utopian.

  9. “…if there was ever a time when the White people of this state, the men in whose veins flows the blood of the Ruling Race of the world, should rise & with one unanimous voice protest against the domination about to be piled upon them the present is that time.”

    I long for the day that such is taught in the Public Schools as normative, healthy White Self-interest once more. (Yes, I capitalized and eliminated a plural where there is none in the real world….)

  10. Todd – the reason many of us desperately want collapse, is contained in you heart’s fondest wish.

    The human brian seeks order, and meaning. This is wht those Rorasch [sic] tests are so interesting – we impose meaning on even mere inkblots.

    The present System is killing off our Rac.e Period. The sooner is all crashes – the better chance we have of continuing to exist. The longer the Sytem exists -the worse it gets for us. It’s ALL about demographics. Jews HATE Whites Todd. If there are no more actual White People – Jews get to be the White People. No oe who knows the difference will be left around, ya see…..

    We already have chaos and violence. Against US. Whne is all goes Boom – and it is – then WE have a chance to rebuild. The Darkies will devour each other. TYhey cannot create nor sustain Civilization. Not our kind, anyways….capiche?

  11. Todd: What does it tell you when your government actively discriminates against Whites, and in favor of dumb brutes? When your government fails to protect Whites from feral Black violence? When your government refuses to keep tens of millions of foreigners from displacing Whites in the country their people built?
    Your government hates you, and wants to extract as much as possible from you before destroying you. Cities can be rebuilt. Ever been to Germany or Japan? But once our race is destroyed, it is gone forever.

  12. Denise & Discard,
    I stated that I have little hope for peace or prosperity in the future, and that the likelihood of violence is great, in my opinion. What I don’t understand is people who want chaos and war. If I didn’t agree with you about the state of the world, I wouldn’t be on this site. However, if the situation could be reversed peacefully, I would accept that. Unfortunately, I think that violence will take place in the future. The people pushing the situation along will not stop.

    War isn’t something to take lightly. From the last civil war, I have ancestors buried in Confederate cemeteries from Charlottesville to Franklin, and pictures of another who lost his leg at Gettysburg. WWs I, II and Korea didn’t treat us very well, either.

    Besides, what army is going to fight this war on our behalf? We don’t have state militias, and the military is so mixed at this point that any revolt wouldn’t have direction. Are we talking guerrilla warfare? We are in dire straits, but I don’t understand what people who want chaos expect to do about the situation.

  13. Todd: I don’t want chaos and war. If we could peacefully rid ourselves of most of the non-Whites and their White handlers, that would be ideal. But I don’t think that many of them will simply agree to pack up and leave us Whites in peace. In fact, the bulk of them are predators or parasites, wholly dependent on the availability of a big docile herd of productive Whites to provide them with the environment they need to thrive. We are their slaves, and they won’t free us and go back to the huts and cesspits of their homelands.

  14. Todd: Regarding the armed forces: The actual fighting forces are 85+% White. The more elite, the more White. The non-Whites mostly serve as the modern equivalent of mule drivers and laborers, just as the freed slaves served the Union Army 150 years ago. If sides are being chosen in a big national clusterfuck, the military will choose the side that knows how to build helicopters, the White side.
    Not that I expect some overnight overthrow of D.C. The current level of violence will simply increase, accelerating as the money for various freebies, subsidies, and services dries up. Ordinary police acting under the law will be unable to cope, and people will make their own security arrangements. Keep in mind, every state has National Guard troops that answer to their respective governors, and to the Federal government. The Regular troops will be drawn in eventually, and not on the side of looters and thugs.

  15. Todd: Regarding the armed forces: The actual fighting forces are 85+% White. The more elite, the more White. The non-Whites mostly serve as the modern equivalent of mule drivers and laborers, just as the freed slaves served the Union Army 150 years ago. If sides are being chosen in a big national clusterfuck, the military will choose the side that knows how to build helicopters, the White side.

    That made my day,you are starting to get the picture.

  16. Read Louis Beams article UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE. Read David Lanes articles and book. Read Richard Kelly Hoskins works. At least the Russian Government is not so stupid and dumb. They promote Anastasia and Ringing Cedars! They have KINS SETTLEMENTS and free one hectarte (2.5 Acres) free to all Russians and they pay no tax on it! Pastor Dan Gayman says we are in the Death Phase of Western Christian Civilization. Only small remnant seed will survive to make a new civilization. Pastor Martin Lindstedt says we are in beginining stage of TRIBULATION. The White Traitor Whiggers and muds and Khazarians will get flushed away and only 10 million whites will survive with 10000 Warlords. No TRUE WHITE LEADER AND ORGANIZATION can exist in the open….. has to be small units of no more than 6! Read Nicolai Lavashovs article THE SOURCE OF LIFE and other articles to get a hint……..

  17. Discard,

    I largely agree with you on social issues: the parasites are not going to go willingly, and they will resort to increasing violence as their demands are no longer met, or there is no longer a means to meet their demands. I don’t think we have ever been in disagreement there.

    I just don’t see our elites siding with Whites i the end when they have done everything possible to destroy White culture, White people and White influence. Why destroy the nation in an attempt to weaken Whites, and then turn around and side with the same Whites? The elites will do well no matter what.

    Do you believe that the military will revolt against the political and financial elites to side with Whites? If so, they had better do so quickly, since the rush is on to reduce White influence in the military from the top down.

  18. Todd,

    I think the attitude of our elites (at least here in the South) is probably better explained by the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and the woman vote. Surely, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed everything by turning the segregationist strongholds into black majority counties.

  19. Todd: I agree that our elites can hardly turn around and support the White race after working so hard to destroy us. They have chosen the tar babies and are stuck with them. But new elites can arise. The state politicians that are passing immigration and voter ID laws are building a White constituency, as are those trying to kick druggies off welfare and the like.

    Regarding the loyalties of the military: The elites have kept their hands off the officer corps out of fear. One misplaced nuke could clean up DC, you know. And what might have happened if the Joint Chiefs of Staff had publicly criticized affirmative action? They have been pampered with massive spending, and been allowed to reserve the good, demanding military jobs for Whites. But now the culture has them surrounded, and they’ve even been forced to accept queers. The political elite is preparing to cut them down, and the generals know it. I have no doubt at all that there are illicit contingency plans to decapitate the Federal government if the opportunity presents itself. They had plans for war with Britain up into the 1920s, and still have plans for war with half the countries on Earth. Generals don’t study tactics, they study geo-politics and long term economic trends. They know all about BRA and the Day the EBT Card Stops Working. They know that Blacks are children and that Mexicans aren’t much better. They see the shitstorm coming, and they’d rather command White men in a fight than multi-cults. As I wrote above, they know who can build helicopters. And they know which side does not despise them.

  20. Jimmy Carter made changes in military with the Special Forces. The Powers that Be feared that there could be a coup from military. Anyway all the officers in military with rank of Colonel and above have to be approved by Congress. Adamiral Zumwalt brought liberal changes in military and did away with Blood and Guts tactics and replaced it with Smart Weapons. Instead of sending in ground troops they use tech and send drones to kill. You cant compare troops of WW 2 to today. Today is a different story. The Beirut Bombing happaned to Marines beacuse the guards in guard shack were listening to crud music and were high……About Dixie —- There was Huey Long and he got shot. There was Dewey Tucker of NEWS in 70s and they – the Powers That Be Neutralized him. Most if it not all White Movements are compremised or infiltrated or controlled. No true White Man can come to power legally. With Underground, Lone Wolf and Secret Priesthood —- thats best way to go. I recommend that all who read this web site read all of Richard Kelly Hoskins works. The Occupy Wall Street crowd will get bigger – but is has no central leadership. Also read at what happened to Joseph Smith, tared and feathered and then killed. The Mormons have been target of Feds since its inception. Nothing Last Forever including the cruds in Washington D.C. May God Yahveh have mercy on our Race. The Odor of Cedar and the Raven Returns………WHITE MORMON POWER!

  21. Discard,
    I’m not big on military rule, but I hope you are right. If the situation can’t change peacefully, I hope that you are right. As much as I dislike the idea of military rule, I have to say that I would prefer an explicitly pro-White military rule over rulers who are non-White. I’ve seen the latter in small doses, and it’s not pretty.

  22. “Surely, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed everything by turning the segregationist strongholds into black majority counties.”

    I agree with that statement, Hunter. There is a night and day difference in local counties with black or White majorities. Of course, the situation depends somewhat on what the major industries are. Some counties with majority White legal populations that have poultry processing or onion farming as major industries have local elites who are as unresponsive and unconcerned with the locals’ desires as are elites in Washington or New York.

    I know of one local town that actually required federal action to clean up the immigration mess because the local and state authorities were too corrupt to do anything. The official Hispanic population was negligible, but a drive through town gave the feeling of being south of the border. Everyone was Hispanic, and most of the signs were in Spanish. It took federal action to change the situation. But that was five years ago, and I suspect that the reason for the raids was because many of the complaints came from blacks in surrounding counties who depended on the jobs in the processing plants.

  23. John Thomas: Government is a racket. But would you rather be ruled by your own kind, or by enemies who wish to eradicate you?

  24. I’ve read War Is a Racket, and I agree that war is often a racket. However, there are some things worth fighting over. I just don’t think that war should ever be taken lightly.

  25. Discard: Pastor Martin Lindstedt could answer your question better than me. Of couse I would prefer my own kind. The problem is Whiggers. They will not change no matter what, as Lindstedt says – The Third and Final Tribulation is in progress now. Whiggers will be eliminated in the Tribulation in large numbers. Whiggers are The Clergy, The Lawyers, The Politicians, The Judges, who will fight to their death to keep this rotten system in place. They will also be the first ones to get the rope to hang you. Smedley Butler was a Marine and finally came to light just what war is for this system. Wilmot Robinson, the guy who wrote The Dispossed Majority of Insaturation stated it would be better to have the big metro cities hit with Nukes than to continue the slow sure death of our Race. As bad as Nukes are , in the long run our Race would stand a better chance of survival than the current direction…..GMO foods might cut back the population anyway, plus the zombification by, processed salt, white flour and flouride mix. Dont you think it is amazing how the Russian President supports The Ringing Cedars of Anastasia! Each Russian gets one hectare of land free! I think more of our kind are waking up now because of the world situation. Maybe their is hope!

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