The White Revolution of 1876

Wade Hampton's equestrian statute graces the South Carolina capital in Columbia

South Carolina

This is like something out of a Harold Covington fantasy novel: the difference here being, it actually happened, the overthrow of BRA, and future generations looked back on the heroic struggle of their ancestors to overthrow carpetbagger government and negro equality.

I remember when I traveled from Virginia to Columbia last year to participate in that CofCC sponsored Confederate flag rally. There is a mighty statue of Wade Hampton on the grounds on the South Carolina state capital. Although I am not from South Carolina, I recognized the equestrian statute because I was familiar with the story.

Who was Wade Hampton?

In October, the governor and the president of the United States issued proclamations ordering the rifle clubs to disband. This provided further occasions for humor. A thousand uniformed and heavily armed men appeared at a Hampton rally a couple of weeks later with a banner bearing the legend THIS IS NOT A RIFLE CLUB. Other signs identified THE TILDEN MOUNTED BASEBALL CLUB, THE MOTHER”S LITTLE HELPERS, THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SEWING CIRCLE, THE CHAMBERLAIN BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION (Chamberlain was the Republican governor).

The Democratic campaign that fall became indistinguishable from a series of military triumphs. Thousands of mounted men, armed with at least two pistols apiece, all wearing the new famous red shirts, some of them elaborately trimmed with blue or yellow, carrying torches, here and there a marshal with plumed hat and sword, led by a battery of artillery, all yelling the rebel yell, preceded Hampton’s appearances across the state. In one town the torchlight procession numbered five thousand. The white ladies of South Carolina turned out with red ribbons on their hair and red sashes about their waists.

On streets where, eleven years before, the freedman hard paraded in humble celebration of freedom, Wade Hampton’s men came now as conquerers. . . .

Wade Hampton won the election of 1876 which began the process of the Redemption of South Carolina. And then, 51 years after the insolent negroes had paraded in triumph through the ruins of Charleston in 1865, a thousand White people came to North Augusta to solemnly remember the White Man’s Revolution of 1876:

One day, fifty-one years after the liberation when the freedmen of Charleston had honored the Martyrs of the Race Course, there was another grand celebration on the streets of a South Carolina town, and school children again assembled and sang, and prayers again read and orations again delivered, and again there was a march to unveil a memorial to the dead.

The state of South Carolina had provided some of the money to erect the monument, but private donations were raised, too, and the Hon. B.R. Tillman had contributed twenty-five dollars, and Mr. Henry Getzen had too.

And on that day a thousand people came and cheered and shouted the rebel yell as the Honorable D.S. Henderson retold the stirring story of how young McKie Meriwether had “perished for the cause of liberty” in “The Battle of Hamburg.”

It was not a massacre in the brutal sense of that word, declaimed the speaker; “it was a rebellion against wrong, an armed rebuke to tyranny and oppression.”

Ignorance and vice had reigned in those dark days. The Supreme Court of the state had been given over to a “superannuated Jew, a shrewd carpetbagger and an ignorant black negro.” A Negro militia terrorized decent white people. Military satraps ruled the state at the point of a bayonet.

But there in Hamburg, “the very citadel of negro Republicanism,” the flame had been lit, and ignited “the white man’s Revolution” of 1876.

And then, at the top of a picture-perfect square at the top of the prosperous main street of North Augusta, some pretty schoolgirls in pretty dresses unveiled the obelisk, revealing carved inscriptions to “the memory of the young hero of the Hamburg riot,” who gave his life that the “civic and social institutions which the men and women of his race had struggled through the centuries to establish in South Carolina” might be passed on unimpaired, and the “supremacy” of “Anglo-Saxon civilization” assured.”

We now find ourselves again living in a time of ignorance and vice and through even darker days than the ones known to our ancestors. We are living through the Second Reconstruction. BRA has been restored in South Carolina.

James Clyburn and Tim Scott represent South Carolina in the House of Representatives. Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States. Eric “My People” Holder is the Attorney General. Alvin Greene ran for the Senate last year.

Eric Holder and the ACLU and SPLC have sued South Carolina to block the new immigration law. The U.S. District Judge in Charleston who will hear the case is a Jew who was appointed by Obama.

Scattered throughout South Carolina though are the ruins and monuments of a conquered civilization that produce cognitive dissonance for our rulers in Washington. There is the Wade Hampton equestrian statue in Columbia. There is the Confederate flag which is still flying on the other side of the building. There are still physical marks on the South Carolina state house where the Yankees shelled the capital when Sherman’s army passed through and burned Columbia.

The idea that America is a “proposition nation” where anyone can be an American regardless of their race, religion, or culture is a bald face lie. It is a Yankee story that was imposed upon a conquered people in Reconstruction. These values are utterly alien to South Carolina. Multiracial democracy was imposed there by the Radical Republicans to hold down the natives who overthrew the tyranny in 1876.

This is what Sherman left behind in Georgia and South Carolina: Hail Columbia, Happy Land, If I Don’t Burn It, I Will Be Damned.

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  1. HUNTER: My answer to you is this: go to google and look up TRUTH FROM and click Other Articles. You will see the answer for our current situation today. The Good NEWS is BACK!!!!!!!!!

  2. Powerful (and inspiriting) essay by HW, videos less convincing. An Army, any Army on the march goes thru a civilian area like a plague of locusts…when the French Army retreated across northern France in July-August 1914, for instance, it looted, raped, and murdered french civilians on a large scale; pursuing Germans did more of same. I am sure – given that history is mostly written by the victors – that Sherman’s March was a good deal more destructive than presented here. During Civil War II, this is what we need to do to the Beltway cities (DC, Phila., NY, Boston) – burn all, loot all, kill all…except, of course, those who side with us. Then the Rustbelt cities. Then the W. Coast cosmic cities. Cities, and most of those who live in them, are our enemy. Chaos is our friend.

  3. @CF,

    I think the inhabitants of the cities will do the looting, burning and massacring themselves before any White army is even recruited.

    If we do have a White guerilla army, what do we do about the reaper and predator drones and other killer drones? We won’t be able to march en masse around. It will have to be a guerilla war of attrition, and that will only be possible if we have the support of the population. And that in turn will only be possible if the population isn’t dying of starvation themselves.

    It seems like you still have a conventional war in mind, like a general fighting the last war. I think this is a new situation altogether, and it will play out in ways that are unprecedented. I don’t know if it will be in our favor or not, but I tend to think it will and here’s why:

    Being productive is not valued in the current system. That’s why it is possible to demonize and denigrate whites. However, in any system where “the wolf is at the door,” people who are productive and resourceful will have the highest stock. YT, which was delisted from all stock exchanges, will be re-listed and come roaring back. It will be a cultural awakening that whites are pretty good after all, and eugenics is as important to hygiene as brushing one’s teeth.

    One wild card is our Asiatic replacements. One thing I know about the Indians/Pakistanis is that they are very corrupt.

    They are also very clannish, however. I see the Asiatics as an opportunity for “horizontal transmission of tribalist alleles,” not through sexual reproduction, but through cultural imitation. The Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria acquired certain genes from E coli that make it more virulent and pathogenic.

    The presence of the Asian replacements is certainly a bad situation; but from lemons we must try to make lemonade. The potential is that Whites could learn White tribalism from Asians — such a virulent White tribalism that it can be used against Jews. After all, Jewish tribalism is the “fire stick” that Jews use against us, though we vastly outnumber them. If we acquire tribalism as a cultural trait, it would be akin to Indians in the 1600’s acquiring musket and cannon and armament factories and Prussian officer training.

    How do we learn tribalism from Asians? Start with convenience stores. One White owned convenience store — every YT goes to that one and drives the Asian ones out of business. That’s the first flex of muscle. Then this spreads, and YT gets the idea of “patronizing one’s own racial kindred, and boycotting our enemies and aliens.” The moment we do this, we will start taking back territory systematically.

    Autoimmune disease happens when the body fails to distinguish self and not-self, and starts attacking itself. It seems we collectively have an autoimmune disease called suicidal altruism. WN’s are like the medical researchers racing to find a cure before we are all extinct.

  4. The obvious question is, who is the Khazarian who falsely dares to ‘judge’ the People of God (Whites)? Anonymous, speedy dispatch worked once, has been used by the CIA, and FBI abroad (against our own as well- remember Ruby Ridge?) and would send a tremor of both fear and terror through the Obamanation- judges are the most cowardly of all lawyers- that’s why most of them are so corrupt.

    Hell, even burning a JewJudge in effigy has precedent! The Law, when it becomes lawless, is no law at all, and the law must be taken into the hands of the righteous, to uproot unrighteousness in the land.

    This is both biblical, and legal. I believe the Founding Fathers even noted the inevitabilty of overthrow as the only option left when tyranny is all you’ve got remaining…. As others have noted, go for the individuals, and not the Corporate structure.

  5. How many people on this blog have read Richard Kelly Hoskins book, VIGILANTERS OF CHRISTENDOM? Go to Chapter 6! HUNTER YOU NEED TO READ THIS! Also TRUTH FROM is the VISION and Hope for the furure of our race. What Pastor Martin Lindstedt says about the Tribulation and WHIGGERS is true. Louis Beam wrote an article entitled: UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE a tremendous article. Tom Metzger is right about LONE WOLF. Read Nicolai Lavoshov and he explains what the WHITE RUSSIAN people have been thrus in history! Also his views about about Khazaria are direct and good info. What Truth From Other Articles is that it gives a VISION and way to Victory! The Good NEWS is Back, Dont you see this? Like I have said many times – The Powers That Be hate the NEWS FLAG because of what it stands for, a tremendous symbol of our race! DRY BONES AWAKEN! Hunter—why dont you check it out and respond to me aboutHOSKINS and NEWS?

  6. Kievsky: Killer drones are costly. Nobody here is worth that expense. And don’t forget, they are designed by Whites, built by Whites, and operated by Whites.
    As you point out, any fighting will begin with the Darks looting, burning, and massacring. So the military, which knows just which race makes up its fighting forces, creates its weapons, and is by far the most numerous group in the country, is going to side with the Blacks and Mexicans? Simply out of naked self interest, I’d think they’d rather take the opportunity to get rid of the parasites that consume all those resources that could go to the Pentagon instead. Ask yourself, if you were a general, would you rather command the Army of the North American White Man’s Republic, or the Dyke Brigade of the 3rd Beaner Division?

  7. Kievsky: I think you’re right about learning from the Orientals. Educated and prosperous Whites can usually insulate themselves from the Darks, but the sort of economic barriers they put up have no effect on the tide from Asia. Chinese and Hindus tribalism is right in their faces. The White college snots will learn to change their tune when they’re getting screwed and being told to like it.

  8. Killer drones, despite their comparitive sophistication, are still just over-sized remote-control model airplanes. They aren’t invisible, they aren’t cheap, and they break as easy as anything else when hit with bullets. Bring it on.

  9. Chris: How come the Moslems have not shot a drone down? Anyway the launch bases are high security and you cannot get in range with a rifle to shot one when it takes off. The drones fly at 30,000 feet to 40,000 feet. How could a 50 Caliber hit one? Anyway, I am waiting for you to give a solution. It is not a Yank Reb thing anymore—it only The White Race. Whats wrong with a White Southern Leadership? The person who you say DONT GIVE A SHIT about did do something for his Race – they put in in jail. Have you read David Lane and his articles and works. I am not an Odinist, but he had alot of things correct and was brillant. No offense Chris, you have good blogs so please dont take me in the wrong way. I am just questioning…..

  10. Wade Hampton was possibly the richest man in South Carolina before the Civil War, and a force in South Carolina politics. During the war he was a Confederate General.

    Ben Tillman was poor hard working young man, who enlisted in the Confederate army as soon as he was old enough in 1864. Tillman like the majority of Civil War vets got sick, and then lost an eye in the process. It is said because of his sickness he was never in battle—but—he made up for that after the war.

  11. @Kievsky: yes, CW II will be a chaotic mix of tactics, strategies; for ex., Nat’l Guard air and ground units from seceding “White” Constitutionalist States (Alaska, High Plains states, most midwest, Ariz, Texas, most South) might fight something like conventional warfare against NG units from BRA Jewstates; while NRA/GOA & militia units will be fighting more unconventionally. As for Main Force Army, Marines, AF, Navy, I’m not convinced higher or middle-ranking officers would obey orders to attack US suburbs, rurals…a Petraeus might, a McCrystal, Not. Predators and the like? May be a problem for awhile – no question this is going to be extremely bloody – but can be shot down by NG aircraft, and the production lines neutralized. Urban blacks? They’ll have at it vs. the Latino gangs, and what’s left of both will thoroughly cull the white SWPLs and Jews. Once we get control of the countryside (then cut off urbans’ food supplies; like a reverse Ukraine) cleaning out the cities won’t be that difficult. The key to it all will be a quick surge up the beltway to destroy the ZOGBRA regime, i.e., the 4 cities (DC, Phila, NY, Boston), after which purging and pacifying the rustbelt and the west coast cosmics will be relatively EZ. Overall, USA looks more and more like mid-1930s Spain everyday. Franco did it, and so can we.

  12. @Discard, re “Dyke Brigade of the 3rd Beaner Division”. Point well made. Actually, any individual Jews, blacks, sex deviates, Latinos (1/3 of whom code themselves “white” on the census) who stand beside us, armed, against the ZOGBRA regime will be more than welcome. We are not going to be in a position to make fine distinctions….until we win. Then we’ll see what happens.

  13. @CompassionateFascist

    Then you better plan on accommodating every nigger in the country, because once they see white people turn serious, and realize whites are finished playing nice, niggers will immediately fein obedience and cooperation to save their shit-colored hides. Then what will you do? Let bygones be bygones? It makes zero sense to ally yourself, even temporarily, with very enemy with whim you are engaged in an existential fight to the death.

  14. CompFasc: I agree. Any one who stands with us is due some consideration. Ingratitude is a disgusting trait. What’s the point in White Liberation if we’re going to act like the Chosen Tribe? I might be in favor of giving our allies a big chunk of Mexico for themselves. It rewards those who help us, gives the Reconquistas a well-deserved spanking, gets some not-really-wanted people out of our hair, and puts a buffer state between us and the Sludge Republic down south.

  15. Chris: Back in the 1950s, Chairman Mao established a program called, “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom”. The idea was to encourage constructive criticism of the regime. Instead, the Reds got a good long list of opponents, and rounded them up.
    Today, we need no blooming flowers. Everybody has been encouraged for decades to spit on and exploit Whitey. They’ve all made themselves known. No EBT card carrying parasite, no Chinese for Affirmative Action member, no contributor to AIPAC, nobody who has ever been against us, will be able to conceal that fact.

  16. Discard- “What’s the point in White Liberation if we’re going to act like the Chosen Tribe? I might be in favor of giving our allies a big chunk of Mexico for themselves.”

    We ARE the Chosen Tribe! That is part, if not the whole, of the problem! The Deicides have for over 2000 years FEIGNED ELECTION as God’s ‘Chosen People’ when ‘the Church is Israel Now’ as Charles Provan’s small, but useful book shows us.

    Secondly, our model of statecraft, and our model of conquest, should NEVER be the World’s but the Bible’s. And their modus operandi? Leave no survivors- utterly extirminate the Amorite, the Perizzite, the Amalekite, etc.

    We should have OWNED Mexico, 175 years ago! NEVER let ANY meximidget, Latino, [sic] Catholic ever be within a 1000 miles of our border. The Negroes we can deal with, once Eugenics has sterilized the overtly intelligent, and mostly bestial of them, to restore the subservient, passive sort… if one really is serious about the ‘Other’ staying in our lands. But the other Others? Not on my turf, TYVM.

    Deo Volente.

  17. Fr John: Why should we own Mexico? There was debate in the U.S. Congress about taking all Mexico for ourselves, after we beat them in 1848. Fortunately, wiser heads recognized that we did not need a bunch of non-White, Spanish-speaking peons added to our population.

  18. Fr. John:

    If you want to make war on the Catholics, please start with me.

    Better bring your “A” game, though.


    R.O. III

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