“Carry Me Home”: The Collapse of Birmingham

The collapse of Birmingham has begun


“If the North keeps trying to cram this thing (desegregation) down our throats, there’s going to be bloodshed.”
– Eugene “Bull” Connor

The big news of the day is that Jefferson County, Alabama – the home of the Birmingham metropolitan area – has finally earned the distinction of filing for the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

The collapse of Birmingham is without a doubt BRA’s crowning achievement. America’s “most segregated city” where the climatic battle of the civil rights movement took place has been transformed into the biggest black hole in Alabama. It has taken 32 years of uninterrupted rule by the Black Undertow to destroy The Magic City.

Bull Connor is laughing so hard from the grave – see, I told you so – that he can be heard from one side of the state to the other. The city fathers who believed they could negotiate with MLK and the “Civil Rights Movement” must be quite proud of themselves on this glorious and historic day in Alabama.

As hard as it is to believe now, the Birmingham business leadership once believed that they could compete with Atlanta, and that if only segregation were dismantled, peace with the Black Undertow and the Mainstream Media would allow the downtown businesses to thrive. Since the 1960s, Birmingham has lost the Iron Bowl, five Fortune 500 companies, 40 percent of its population and has been transformed into a city that is 73 percent Negroid-American, over 27 percent of which subsists on the EBT card, and which is now the 7th most violent city in America.

The immediate cause of the collapse of Birmingham is the systematic corruption and fraud surrounding Mayor Larry Langford who as head of the Jefferson County Commission accumulated a $3.2 billion dollar sewer debt that was arranged by JP Morgan and financed by derivatives. These bonds were issued to finance “what could be the most expensive sewer system in history.”

Last year, Langford began serving a 15 year prison sentence after being arrested by the FBI on “a 101-count indictment alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering, and filing false tax returns in connection with a long-running bribery scheme.” He was convicted on 60 counts of public corruption and was removed from office.

As the Mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford took more than $200,000 in money, designer clothes, and jewelry from Montgomery investment banker William B. Blount in exchange for steering more than $7 million in debt and credit default swap fees to two former JP Morgan bankers.

The decline of Birmingham began in earnest with the election of Richard Arrington, the first black mayor of a series of black mayors, who ruled the city for twenty years, and who transformed Birmingham into a national trendsetter in black crime, white flight, corruption, and racial nepotism.

There is a story behind the collapse of every great city. Birmingham is no exception:

In 1963, the “Reverend” Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was patronizing several mistresses across the country at the time) and the SCLC came to Birmingham to organize flash mobs to deliberately and flagrantly violate state and local segregation laws. They knew beforehand that the Mainstream Media had their back and would portray the flash mobs as heroes on national television.

In response to this massive outbreak of organized lawlessness, Eugene “Bull” Connor had the audacity to arrest thousands of these criminals, including the “Reverend” Martin Luther King, Jr., who sought out Birmingham and who came there for the specific purpose of getting himself arrested in a publicity stunt. Connor asked for and received an injunction that barred the Birmingham protests. MLK and Fred Shuttlesworth chose to violate the court order – it was an “unjust” court order like the “unjust” laws they had collectively decided to violate.

It was the convicted child molester James Bevel who organized what came to be known as the “Children’s Crusade” in Birmingham. After thousands of negroes had overwhelmed the Birmingham jails, Connor resorted to fire hoses to keep the flash mob (by this time, composed largely of black teenagers who were chosen to generate more sympathetic photo ops) from occupying the Birmingham downtown business district and destroying commercial activity in the city.

The Mainstream Media reported on the actions of the wicked and cruel segregationists of Birmingham (who were merely enforcing the law) and demanded a strong response from the federal government to protect MLK and the flash mobs (the violators of the law) who had created the anarchic situation. JFK dispatched three thousand federal troops to Birmingham to restore order.

The sole purpose of this premeditated stunt for the television cameras, the newspapers, and the national magazines was to change Northern public opinion and mobilize it behind the glorious cause of federal civil rights legislation that would destroy the Jim Crow system. That was also the purpose of selecting the Lincoln Memorial as the backdrop of MLK’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.

A month later, JFK of Massachusetts went on television and addressed his nation – the United States of Yankeeland – on the subject of “civil rights” and the violence in Birmingham and other cities. He called for a federal civil rights law, which ultimately became the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to overthrow segregation and live up to the ideals of the 14th Amendment Constitution which was imposed on Dixie at gunpoint by the Union Army in Reconstruction.

After being filibustered for 74 days in the Senate by White Southerners, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 cleared both chambers of Congress. JFK’s nation overwhelmingly voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was sold by LBJ to the public as a tribute to JFK who had ironically been assassinated by the communist Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas the previous year.

1 Southern senator and 7 Southern representatives in Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 21 Southern senators and 97 Southern representatives voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

72 Northern and Western senators and 283 Northern and Western representatives voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 6 Northern and Western senators and 33 Northern and Western representatives voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If there was ever a vote that decisively proved it is impossible to “take our country back” within the Union, it was the vote on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. After the Selma campaign, which replicated the organized lawlessness of the Birmingham campaign for Northern television audiences, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed along the same sectional lines.

Jim Crow was overthrown by Congress. The color line was abolished by the Supreme Court. Bull Connor was removed from office as the Commissioner of Public Safety. The Negroid-American became an American voter.

A great experiment in “racial equality” was begun in Birmingham and countless other Southern cities. Almost immediately, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 swelled the black vote in Birmingham to 40 percent of the electorate.

This destroyed the political power of the White working class and created a gentry liberal electorate that allowed White business progressives and White liberals to rule Birmingham. George Siebels, Jr. and David Vann would rule Birmingham from 1967 until 1979.

Negroid-Americans like Richard Arrington and Larry Langford were elected to the Birmingham City Council. By 1980, Negroid-Americans had become a majority in The Magic City, and Richard Arrington was elected Mayor of Birmingham.

Whites fled the “One Great City” to the Jefferson County suburbs as the Black Undertow transformed Birmingham into a cesspool of crime, corruption, and affirmative action. By the 1990s, the Whites who served on the Birmingham City Council were mere puppets of Richard Arrington, who owed their positions to the endorsements of Arrington’s “Citizens’ Coalition” which represented the interests of the Negroid-American bloc vote.

The great utopian experiment in “colorblindness” temporarily empowered White liberals as overlords of Birmingham before they surrendered power to the new system of black supremacy which has been replicated in every major American city where Negroid-Americans have become a majority.

So now, we stand at the fitting terminus of the project of the “Civil Rights Movement” that MLK and Fred Shuttlesworth launched in Birmingham in 1963, as the Black Undertow has finally succeeded in bankrupting Jefferson County, thereby cutting off vital public services (such as adequate police protection) to the prosperous, hardworking White taxpayers of the Birmingham suburbs.

Birmingham has followed in the footsteps of Prichard in Mobile County. My own home in Barbour County is flirting with bankruptcy. There is no telling how many counties and municipalities in Alabama and Georgia are on the verge of bankruptcy right now.

Harrisburg, PA recently filed for bankruptcy. The “collapse of the system” is now underway. The Black Undertow cities and counties are falling like dominoes. Birmingham won’t be the last.

Centuries from now, our descendants will “Remember, Remember, Birmingham Collapsed on the 10th of November.”

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  1. It just occurred to me while reading this article that BRA is just the tip of the iceberg. Back when Blacks were wisely prevented from voting, SOMEBODY voted for the Bozos who thought it would be a good idea to let Blacks vote. Does anybody actually believe that we can fix THAT problem by putting Blacks back in their proper stations in life, such as share-cropping and shining shoes?

    The problem is, and always has been, much larger than descendants of cannibals being deemed our equals by the crooked politicians who traded unrealistic promises for votes. The problem is that dumb White people outnumber smart White people 2 to 1 here in the Land Of The Free (Stuff). The ratio is far more bleak among the Blacks and the Browns.

    The big push to elevate cannibals to human status by relaxing standards in schools and workplaces also opened the doors for stupid Whites to rise to positions their cognitive abilities didn’t merit.

    Stupid people shape public policy when they vote, they dictate what ends up on movie screens when they buy tickets and they influence what we find on store shelves when they purchase stupid stuff.

    It’s true that BRA knocked over the dominoes in Jefferson County, but they couldn’t have done it without the help of plenty of stupid Whites who voted to keep the Gravy Train running.

    A Klansman in Northern Florida once told me that in his neck of the woods they didn’t care what niggers did. They knew that they couldn’t fix them. They chose to spend their time straightening out White folks who lived like niggers.

    He told me about a local guy who had a brand new pickup that had every bolt on chrome accessory that money could buy, but you’d see his kids waiting for the school bus of a morning wearing high-water britches with holes in the knees. First that man got a warning that he didn’t heed, then he got stitches , then he started acting like a White man is expected to act.

    I agree with that Klansman. We can’t fix Blacks, but we can make stupid Whites act like they’ve got some sense and I am pleased to point out that we can fuck with stupid Whites without incurring the wrath of the diversity police.

    That’s how I intend on spending my idle moments from now on.

  2. Several years ago I was talking to an elderly Southern gentlemen who had been at a number of these “civil rights” events. He mentioned that it was not unusual when battle lines were drawn up on the streets that on the black side you could see white women performing oral sex on black men. I have tried to confirm this by using many sources with no success.
    I have no doubt that it is true, nor do I have any doubt that the MSM would go ANY length to hide the reporting of such events.
    Today after an explosion of interracial sex everywhere ( especially the dumb ) such events may seem minor even on the right.
    But, in the early 1960’s knowledge of public sex between blacks and whites and it symbolism for the future could well have turned almost all white opinion against “civil rights” and have changed the course of history.

    I note that either BigMedia or BigGov has an articles comparing MSM treatment of Tea Party and Occupy.

  3. There were a lot of scenesters from the Northern states that came to the South during that period. Viola Liuzzo was one of them. Many of these hippies were on the “Meredith March for Freedom” in Mississippi.

  4. Hunter: Excellent article about Birmingham and the u tubes great info. Many large cities are Sanctuary Cities now for Aliens like Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and countless others. There is so many Grasshopper Aliens now, that they even cover the tops of mountains. In small cities like Wachula and High Springs, Florida its over half Mexican now. Homestead, Florida another Mex Town. Since 1965 maybe 165 million non white aliens have poured into America and they breed like rabbits. If you went around with a gun eliminating them, the barrel would melt, beacuse there is so many of them, you wouldnt have enough ammo anyway. too many Aliens. Maybe what Pastor Lindstedt says about Prion is one answer. I like the Messenger and his articles on Truth From God.com Who is God –click other articles…. He talks about the Will of our race and thats what we need!

  5. Concerning the Jews and all these issues: Col. William Potter Gale was jewish from Los Angles, Ca. just like the current Woman Governor of Arizona. Col. Gale had Identity Church and had Committee of The States which was based on Articles of Confederation. Alot of people give Charles Bronson a honor Aryan Title for his movies. Frank Collins of NSPA lead a big demonstration years ago in a jewish neigborhood in Chicago. Also there is this one Jewish guy on Shortwave Radio who plays DIXIE at beginging and end of his half hour show. He says Build The Wall on Border like Byzantine Constanopol Wall which lasted almost 800 years! Then he says put Alligators and Crocs and Pirana in Rio Grande River. Then he says we have brains—mechination to replace the mex farm workers. He says we dont need them. He also defends White Anglo Race! He complains about how when he goes to Naples, Florida for vacation in the Wall Marts and K Mart there is only illigals and they dont speak English. But he is super pro jewish for Israel. One friend told me that maybe these people have pure strong Judean blood uncantaminated by Khazar blood. The Messenger on Truth From God, Who Is God -click other articles has good article on The Enemy.

  6. Mr. W. Apart from the somewhat (er, how shall we say) intemperate responses, I consider this column to be your best yet. Showing the total complicity of Blacks instigating, inaugurating, and suffering their own demise is the most cogent explanation for WHY every piece of “Civil Wrongs” legislation since 1964, is totally bankrupt as either a moral, social, or economic force for good.

    Add to that ‘The ‘g’ Factor,” “The Bell Curve,” “The Color of Crime,” Putnam’s 1960 “Race and Reason,” Avdeyev’s “Raciology,” the changing demographics, and now eerily similar statements of Merkel, Sarkozy, and Britain’s leaders, that sound roughly like the statements made by American Southernors in the 1950’s, and the ENTIRE CHARADE that is BRA, falls to the ground. In short, ‘multiculturalism is a failure,’ and ‘blacks are not like whites,’ and finally ‘Wir moechten nicht die Schwartzers hier in Deutschland.’ (and France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, etc.)

    But the best part of this column, is your final sentence. Too many people don’t know what the “Remember, Remember” motto is all about- but to those that do, it chills the very marrow of our bones- for this time, the aggrieved will succeed in toppling the ‘evil regime’ currently in place. Deo Volente.

  7. I grew up in north Fla. when the clan was strong,they did a lot of good things.Hate to hear about Wachula and High Springs.Used to turkey hunt the Georgia mountains in the 80’s,drove over there a few years ago and was shocked to see Clayton looked all mexican.
    I hade two ancesters who rode with Col.Mosby so last year drove up to Va.to see the terrain they operated in,stopped at a bar-b-que joint in a very small town and who owned it,arabs.A man looked at me, laughed and boasted in a northern accent the country has changed.I replied, indeed it has but you ain’t gonna like the next change coming.

  8. 300RUM: I was born in North Florida also. My Great Great Grandfathers Farm in Columbia, S.C. was taken by yanks. For everyone reading this check out this, you to HUNTER: Go to google search and look for—- And this in only one state http://www.city-data.com. Thats right 300RUM wait till the next CHANGE COMES! The Messenger on Truth From God.com Who Is God — click OTHER ARTICLES and look at Battle Ax News artricles! He has it all RIGHT!!!!!!!

  9. The Kingfish falls firmly within the colorful tradition of Louisiana politics. He wasn’t a fascist.


    If you are looking for great Southern anti-Semites, Rep. John Rankin of Mississippi is without peer. He gave a speech in the House on Jews that so distressed Rep. Michael Edelstein of New York that he collapsed and died of a heart attack.


    Edelstein’s last speech was a response to Mississippi Representative John Elliott Rankin, widely described as an anti-Semite who advocated peace with Nazi Germany. Rankin had just delivered a House floor speech accusing “international Jewish brethren” of trying to drag American into World War II.
    In response, Edelstein, who was of Jewish ancestry, said: “Hitler started out by speaking about ‘Jewish brethren.’ It is becoming the play and the work of those people who want to demagogue to speak about their ‘Jewish brethren’ and ‘international bankers.’ … I deplore the idea that … men in this House … attempt to use the Jews as their scapegoat. I say it is unfair and I say it is un-American. … All men are created equal, regardless of race, creed or color, and whether a man be Jew or Gentile, he may think what he deems fit.” Edelstein then walked out of the House. He collapsed and died shortly afterwards in the House cloakroom.

  10. Does anyone else see the humor in that the last nail in the coffin of a city run by shitskins was a sewer system?

    I wonder if I applied for a job at a big bank and told them I want to sell oversize construction projects to african warlord mayors in black cities just to help them fail, if they would shake my hand or show me the door?

  11. Interesting how these patterns are repeated endlessly. The outcome of the Detroit Riots of 1967 was Whites leaving the city in droves for the suburbs. “White Flight” as it was called back then. That allowed, in 1974, the city’s first black mayor to be elected: Coleman Young. Young ruled Detroit for 20 years, a period that saw it go from a bustling by troubled metropolis the the infamous post-apocolyptic industrial ruins now featured as a back drop for Emminem videos and Chrysler commercials.

    Young was personally corrupt, and his black police chief was in the employ of some ot the largest most profitable drug gangs in the known world. His adult daughter, who had never worked a day in her life owned luxury houses all over the world in places like the Bahamas and Dominica. Places where illegal money is easily laundered into luxury housing – with no questions asked. The same stuff that Charlie Rangel was doing.

    So it’s a well established pattern. Blacks gain majority. Black elect charismatic strong man. Strong man allows city to decline while banking millions in bribes and kickbacks. Eventually city fails and the larger surrounding White entity – be it the county or the state – is forced to resume control.

    Over in the “Forum” (which no one visits, hint hint) I posted an article about the upcoming bankruptcy of Detroit. There is a new law in Michigan that allows the State Legislature to appoint an adminstrator for bankrupt cities, and permits that administrator to void public employee union contracts.

    That’s a good start and a good tactic for starting to undo some of the damage that BRA has done at the level of the city.

  12. “All men are created equal, regardless of race, creed or color, and whether a man be Jew or Gentile, he may think what he deems fit.” Edelstein then walked out of the House. He collapsed and died shortly afterwards in the House cloakroom.”

    Talk about your own lies choking you to death!
    All men are NOT created equal- neither in fact, nor in the Talmud. Some [umm, can we call them ‘Jews’?] don’t even consider Gentiles/Goyim to BE men… so how could Edelstein even SAY SUCH LIES, and NOT be struck down by YHWH God Almighty for his blasphemy!?

    Moreover, how could a Jew complain against the Biblical record of One People, One race alone being set apart as a ‘chosen people, royal priesthood, and holy nation’ and their/our historical denial of even ‘spirit’ [pnevma] to the Blacks, when they did, and do- to this very day- the same in a LYING manner, in their blasphemous tome, the Talmud?!?

    Clearly, Edelstein wasn’t spared for his blasphemy, and died unregenerate in his sins. Thank God. “The Lord HATES the Jews forever.” – St. John Chrysostom

  13. To KrolAssociatesdid911: The Messenger of Truth From God.com Who is God click Other Articles……..has the overcoat that Huey Long had , passed to him from Gerald L.K. Smith! Hunter: Jefferson County Alabama just declared bank –rupsy….First time is USA History that this has happened……but this compares nothing to California and its problems–look google: And this is only one state…….

  14. Isn’t that why JPM loaned them the money in the first place? A few years ago on ZH I read one of those big banks bought CDSs on its client then called the loans…

  15. The near future of the South is a cascading series of municipal and county bankruptcies. I’ve been expecting this to happen for months now. I have written Birmingham’s finances twice before. A month or so ago, I posted an awesome article in the forum (which more people should read, it is updated daily) about what happened to Vallejo, California.


    The NY Times is making it out like this is an isolated incident. That’s a lie. Prichard, a Black Undertow suburb of Mobile, just went bankrupt. Harrisburg, PA is a Black Undertow city. Hammtrack, Michigan, a Black Undertow city, filed for bankruptcy last year, but it was blocked by the state.

    The Black Undertow counties and cities have been propped up by the Obama stimulus which is now running out. The federal government is now the only string keeping many of them afloat.

    The long term future of the South is economic collapse and unprecedented racial conflict. We are not going quietly into the night. We are actually about three years now into “the collapse.”

    Things are getting interesting now.

  16. As usual Hunter, you are right on the mark. The collapse is well underway. This is only the beginning of the beginning. We can expect negro tantrums to increase as their current “way of life” dies, along with increasingly confiscatorial policies on the part of the governments at all levels to attempt to sustain the unsustainable.

    For Southerners who are aware of our past, it is completely identical to what occurred under the joint rule of Yankee carpetbaggers and negroes during Reconstruction.

    What this means is more taxation (income, sales, property, “sin” taxes), more fines (speeding and traffic tickets, abatement notices, etc.), higher fees for services, and any other ways the governments can come up with to milk the populace for revenue.

    Additonally, government attempts at mind control (“education”/reeducation/media) of the populace will continue and increase accompanied by more criminalization of protest or opposition. Disarming the population will become a greater priority for government as well. OWC and the government response to it can be seen as a contrived rehearsal or “dry run” for the elites in power. (Their organized and paid protestors + their calculated police response = their social laboratory experiment).

    Alongside this government abuse will be more and more negro outrages directed at whites and an escalation of violence that will ultimately silence or discredit their Yankee apologists and allies. Expect more raids from the federal equipped Mexican drug cartels into the “secure” homeland as well.

    This destructive cycle will continue and expand until…white people summon the courage and the gumption to end the cycle of abuse and regain control of society. It will not be a peaceful transition. Not nice and definitely not PC.

    Quo vadis, Yankee apologists and culture destroyers?

    Deo Vindice

  17. First time writer here; long-time blogger (often on “Occidental Observer).

    Outstanding piece, Mr. Wallace, and I appreciate the historical background on city/region and the unfurling and unsustainable collapses of BRA that are truly just the beginning on both the local and state levels, and ultimately and more acutely, federal too. The central banksters will of course keep the gig going for as long as it takes to permanently destroy the West. Unfortunately, it also ultimately promises in the near short-term, as other posters noted, much higher taxes for those lucky enough to still possess jobs and forthcoming European-style, severe “austerity” measures. All of course designed to prop up the unfathomable stolen wealth of the kleptocracy until a fed-up world finally turns on them. This hardship will serve as a catalyst for (as one writer calls them) “the free shit army” to further escalate their Africanesque behavior and ancillary harm to unsuspecting Whites brainwashed and psychologically disarmed by the Cultural Marxism in their “schooling,” the propagandistic Jews’ News and their brethren in Hollywood relentlessly pushing multiculturalism and race-mixing.

    For the best piece on the much bigger predators/parasites in all this, Matt Taibbi’s exemplary expose, “Looting Main Street: How the nation’s biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece” is MUST reading for understanding the sickening role of the Big Banks/Big Jewry in orchestrating and profiting obscenely from this predictable saga. And our Federal Leviathan’s Big Judiciary are the ones who started the whole ball rolling with the demand that this gargantuan project of a sewer system be installed to comply with preposterous EPA regulations. In other words, unconstitutional judicial-activism once more at its absolute worst. With Taibbi being a proper liberal and unwilling or unable to remove his blinders, he doesn’t identify the racial demographics of the area or delve into the racial history, nor did he label the mayor as “Black” – your article is the first that clued me in. I figure if he can fearlessly take the gloves off on Wall Street and the Central Banksters, he might as well go ALL THE WAY. He was accused (naturally) of “anti-semitism” after identifying Goldman Sachs as a “giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity” which ratcheted his popularity skywards.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/looting-main-street-20100331#ixzz1dZ3JQCJq://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/looting-main-street-20100331

    Thanks for a great read and for further enlightening me with additional details on the meltdown of BRA’s latest casualty, Birmingham, in the grand experiment of “equality” that was destined to fail, but let us never forget who the central players were behind the “civil rights” movement and legislation that JFK and later LBJ advocated for. Were it not for the usual Jewish culprits and subversives long agitating and providing funding for it, it never would have come to pass.

    Cheers! I look forward to delving into your archives when time permits and reading any forthcoming pieces.

  18. Google “Jewish Domination Of The Black Civil Rights Movement”

    Learn what their true motives were. In spite of their mistreatment by a minority of white assholes, the blacks were better off living as a minority amongst generally smarter, better educated white gentile majority who could maintain a better standard of living for everyone including blacks, but Jewish Leaders had their own agenda and now Birmingham and many other big cities are not far behind (e.g. Detroit, LA, Denver, Chicago and more) I feel sorry for many descent black people who have been used to advance to advance the political agenda of Jewish leaders

  19. Jack Greenberg of Charlotte, N.C. gave alot of money for Civil Rights Movement. Richard Kelly Hoskins in his articles and works talks about how Blacks in Richmond, Va. had there own companys, stores etc., their own Doctors and Business Areas – but with integration they lost it. Dr. Richard Brock was a good Black Man. Louis Farankan of Black Muslims is getting hip to who really controls. Tom Metzger even spoke at a Black Muslim Meeting! The Messenger on Truth From God.com Who Is God —click OTHER ARTICLES, really super info from Battle Ax NEWS. The Christian Seperatist Church Society of V.S. Herrell is banned on google. He has alot of good information also. I like the NEWS FLAG, its a tremendous flag for our race in future….

  20. John Thomas veers off the mark by including “Jews” as ones truly concerned with true white folks and our perfected social order: coming not too long from now! When? With RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST, OUR WARRIOR (Revelation 19:11-21) to impose his regime KINGDOM (not a democracy, republic, manmade laws we slave under!) and destroy all other regimes (I Corininthians 15:24-25) over ALL EARTH (Zech 14:9). Once that is done, we shall dramatically be restored. (We have a role too. Luke 19:27)

    The same event in Joel 2 shows that we’ll leave our “wilderness,” charging forth into Eden – in which Adam (“man” in KJV trans) was given dominion over listed animals (earlier made, pre-Adamic) including even EVERY “living” (chay) moving over the (erets) land/ground – logically including pre-Adamic humans! Read Gen 1:26-28[Adam was made about 4000 BC using usual Bible chronology, or 5500BC via Septuagint/Samaritan texts. In either case, most present day “humans” belong to pre-adamic groups! Oldest ones known are from S-E Africa. Adam means to show blood in the face: blush. he is a Pale-skin. Pure descendants are “fair” meaning light/bright.]

    Make no mistake about it: Jesus is a white man (not of “Jew” of “Jew” lineage today).

    He returns with a new name (almost nobody today knows), fortells Rev 3:9-12, just after warning we must know who are phoney Jews, before getting to the new name!
    (I have been given the name! No commercial, state-licensed “church” has it.)

    John Hyrcanus defeated Edomites (a clan under condemnation, Ps 137, Obadiah: all) around 126 BC, forcing them to become circumcised and live like Judeans = “Jews.” [See 1st C AD, historian Josephus, Antiquities of Jews, Bk 9, Ch 13, line 257+; in B 14, Ch 15, line 403 footnote see Herod was half Edomite; his wife was Cyprus, an Arab.] By the way, it seem the first disciples of Mohammed (of Quraish tribe who married Jew ladies!) was Abu Bakr, or Shalum, originally Rabbi Solomon ben Hushiel! Son of the Jew leader in exile (Exilarch) and the man who destroyed most of Mohammeds writings but “compiled” documents to form Quran…. sort of a “front group” infiltrated to guide masses (mostly non-white, “non-racial”) to attack white Christians at times. See http://www.thechristiansoluton.com – Exilarch research paper, from Jewish insider info!

    Now one thing is certain about Jesus and his kingdom: it’s for ones who believe he is the Son of God. Not deniers! (I John 2:23 John 14:11-14, etc.) “Jews” rejected this and ranted, John 10:31-38, just after he rejected these “jews” not accepting him, because of their lineage: they are not his folk! 10:22-31. Well, clearly they were Edomitic ones. (Some “Vipers” of axed lineages had earlier plagued John to get baptized Luke 3:7-9 etc. Surely these were Edomitic “jews.” The Holy Ghost is Truth. John 14:16 & 26. When that TRUTH is clear, they’ll get baptized with Holy Ghost, and fire! Luke 3:16)

    So “jews” (after real Israelites became Christians, in the 1st century, and the others in Judea remained as “jews” – ones Jesus rejected) they have NO PLACE IN OUR PLACE

    [Some Edomites far from battle front or away on other business, escaped far into Central Asia to meld with Turk-Mongol tribes, forming “Khazars” who moved west to build a trading kingdom NE of Black Sea. Khazaria’s capital at Itil/Atil, Sarkel another city, were finally dispersed by Svyatoslav, Kieven Rus, in 1065-68 AD, so they became traders from Poland-Germany to Ukraine/Russia etc. In 740 AD king Kagan Bulan changed from polytheism to Judaism, importing rabbis to instruct all. So these Khazar “jews” are a part of the problem, but the older Edomitic ones run the show!]

    That “show” is to stop Christ’s return to build his kingdom ON EARTH! Only Adamic white folks are actually “called.” Not all in the world! (John 17:9) [Or it would make no sense to call some his chosen group (I Pet 2:9) predestined (Rom 8:28-30, Eph 1:1-5). The last says we’re called to “adoption.” In ancient times that was to give adult powers to your child (usually 20) IF HE IS COMPETENT! In Scripture it’s actually defined as redemption of your body, Rom 8:23 – not the alien idea of taking in other races as kids!

    [Like the word “gay” it has been twisted by changeling pusher. Who? Cain was son of Satan (predicted in Gen 3:14-15) and his line Kajin, the word “Kenites,” snuck into the role of Bible Scribes! I Chron 2:55. Posing as our God intelligentsia, they twist words! This same group got into Canaanites too! I have archeological documentation now!They intermixed with Edomites: Esau himself took Canaanite wives. Genesis 36.]

    So, we must be extremely leery of “Jews” acting for white Chrsitian causes! Mostly they’ll lead to unbiblical mythical or humanist falsehoods: Hitler’s fascination with pagan myths. Or “patriots” for US Constitution – which does NOT procalim God’s Bible Law as THE LAW. Instead it licenses elected gangs to lead us anywhere… to our death!They redefined “citizen” and allow in piles of antagonistic aliens to plague us and drive down wages for corporate profits; they dominate banks, Wall Street and the profits! Inside “Christian” groups they’ll invoke US patriotism. It’s DEADLY! Look where it has put us! Repudiate the whole pile of crap back to 1776. Get back to Bible Law! At times they’ll incite attacks on blacks/Mexicans. Then use US/UN forces to crush you!

    (They played this in S Africa, while they invested under apartheid for great profits, also making their A-bombs there! I was there and saw it! Then they dumped whites in S Africa, but still hold diamond and gold mines there for profits! Boers get killed now!)

    Indeed, the role of “jews” in conspiring against white Christians is overwhelming. Those who are not overtly active (many, mostly busy making money) at least tend to support their clan and stick together when things get tough! But it is clearly a “jewish” game plan to destroy white Christian “monolithic societices” – so proclaimed Barbara Spectre, a NYC-born “jew” directing a group in Sweden to import more N Africans! Web search her blatant proclamation about Jews versus us.

    Some “white power” ones (like Col. Wm Potter Gale) promote the curse – a USA Constitution that IS NOT Bible Law, but leads to our current destruction! They also promote a mindset to attack non-whites, who are not the directors of war against us, but merely manipulated rabble let in to cause conflict. So then they can have UN or other humanist global gangs come in and lock us up – like “evil Nazis” – making way for their global system of (Jew-run) “HUMANIST” law. See?

    (To what extent folks like Gale know they are playing a role, is not clear. Just as it is not clear how much Hitler knew, but he seems to have had some “jewish” root, hired some “jews” to work as top folks, and took money from their bankers to prop up his national industry when the rest of the world staggered under a designed depression. It made him look good! But he was surrounded by “jew” controlled Britain, Russia, & US to enter war at the end. They designed he’d get smashed! So “evil Nazi” would become a propaganda super-word to crush any white-awarenss or anti-Jew movements. See?

    INSTEAD WE MUST GET BACK TO GOD’S LAWS. His calendar, holy days; his kind of economy… not the paper, usury, fractional reserve banking fraud, and income tax, with a govt making any laws that can be approved, or voiced by Executive Orders.
    That system is “babylon” (Rev 18) WHICH WE MUST LEAVE as it orders! Repudiate it and set up communites of CALLED (white, non-Jew) folks to obey God’s Laws, that are far simpler, less burdensome to us, empower us! (The yoke/burden of Jesus is light says Mat 11:30. That only applies to exact God’s Law and identities used rightly.)

    To do that we must crush opposition… but the feds/bankers/UN will not be tolerant!

    To do that we must call God to grant us our space, OUR AREAS OUT OF BABYLON!
    (Following orders, getting out of Babylon, Rev 18, even before he returns, Rev 19:11+, to take control of the whole world! A war we fight in and do not get wounded! Joel 2:8)

    To do that, we must know his NEW NAME (rev 3:12), to call up our empowerment (Mat 18:18-20; John 14:12-14.) This topic is taboo in commercial churching!
    Use your head. Think with LOGIC. for example…

    John 14:16 & 26 says the “comforter” is the Holy Ghost, and is the spirit of Truth. Thus the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth. Spirit is a mentality. Truth is LOGICAL. Use your logical mind!!! Get to interpreting Scripture LOGICALLY, conforming with facts of science too! Seek out all sorts of identities in Scripture. Begin to solve all of the Bible “mysteries.” Get empowered. Get power these enemies cannot overcome. They are set to die. We, to have dominion. (If you die in the effort, before you get it all solved, you will be resurrected, IF your are called and try to obey God.)

    There is one name [singular] for the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Mat 28:19.

    [In this the “nations” are Adamic clans, defined in first use of “nations” goyim at Gen 10:5, for offspring of Adamic genealogy-pure Noah’s sons, Gen 6:9; about 70 such clans fill the chapter. If you doubt it, see “nations” are ADAMITES: land got divided among Adam’s lines, in the Song of Moses, Deut 32:8. Yes, white lineage is crucial! Via misunderstanding the “Great Commission,” fools went to tons of aliens, based on NOT knowing “nations” in Mat 28:19! Such missions were not what God meant in this line! Jesus came to “lost”Israelites only, Mat 10:6 & 15:24, who were put among Ayran MEDES, 2 Kings 18:11+. (Media is now Iran.) Note that all other human types will be far better off under the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ, than under “jew” ones today!
    He has been learning to do it right for the past 2000 years! He’s the smartest!

    The future is bright. Second Advent is soon; most alive now will live to see it! (You can know the time rather closely! I do. Children of light are not to be dumb! I Thes 5:4-6)

    We need to push for our own territories, under full Bible Law (and identities).

    Seek to use foods, other goods, services, systems, conforming to Bible Law.
    Keep to the calendar God set up for our work, and rest; know all 4 kinds of Sabbaths.

    Seeka design mark for such foods, products, services, systems, conforming with Bible Law. Following its calendar and its economics. (Not “kosher!”) Leading us to leave current Babylon and form our own communities…. outside occupied Babylon cities.

    http://www.christmarkview.webs.com has much crucial & insightful information on this and many identities!

    (Far better than the site John Thomas recommends, in his plead that we think some modern “jews” are pure Judahites, and really will help us. People in S Africa did that; now they get routinely raped, murdered, unemployed, dispossessed. See Deut 28)

    As for directly attacking non-whites, or “jews,” don’t jump in that trap to call Babylon’s so-called “lawmen” on you! Get KEYS. Find the NAME. OBEY ORDERS TO GET OUT OF BABYLON. Then let our invincible WARRIOR crush all his enemies! Rev 19:11+

  21. Sad view of an urban blight spot in good old USA. And I see Cleveland, OH, has been demolishing many homes to maintain value of the rest (so banks get their mortgage $)

    So what can be done? Let’s see a plan whereby “troubled” (prisoners, unemployable)
    blacks and mestizos can – instead of drifting aimlessly or getting into crime – can be repatriated: back to Africa (for blacks) and places like Guatemala (for Mestizos). That would empty prisons (a wasteful economic activity!), cut public expenses, withdraw cheap labor… three things we need hard and fast. [I’m not assuming whites aren’t also “troubled” in some cases, but with the others gone, there will be far fewer, and less labor competition. Thus much better chances for our own down and outs!]

    And definitely we need our folks to pull out of mostly alien-occupied urban areas,
    and get back to LAND – the 90% of our national area more liveable, and not
    only farm/ranch or work woodlots, etc, but build small industries…

    HOW? Firstly demand an end to free trade! (I’m not meaning to target Canada, still mostly white, nor Europe, with which US now does little trade, nor Australia/NZ, and Russia/Ukraine, but all the rest – the countries mostly not our kind of folks.) Demand a high tariff on manufactures – from China especially! It is “marxist,” protecting some of the most exploitive agressive Chinese capitalists! Driving down our industrial wages to a point we cannot earn reasonable wages. So our industries of all sorts have closed.

    OK, neither the “repatriation” of aliens, nor tariffs on China are popular politically yet, so that is where we need a new forceful protest movement. Not “Tea Party” who just whine about taxes on corporate mogul types (rather than ending taxes on all of us and just abolishing massive parts of our unpayable paper “debt”), nor leftwing “occupiers” (who have not actually attacked/shut bankers and their fractional reserve racket, nor hit large/alien minded corporations giving extreme perks to CEOS that gouge us; they just push “teach ins” by politically correct Jew-led talking heads, ones not for whites! In some places they clumsily try to occupy foreclosed black property. That isn’t the core problem, but a symptom of malfunction. Target the system & politico heads.)

    Demand an end to CHINIZATION of our cvililization. We refuse to compete with the Chinamen, to live the miserable industrial lives hoardes in China are not forced into! After all they we just living in horrible Communist-dictatorship industrial-servitude. While the preset growth of capitalism may seem more diverse and less opressive for many of them, their lifestyle is way below our standards!

    By opening to free trade with them, and importing many third-worlders accustomed to crappy living, with tiny wages, OUR REAL INCOME & LIFESTYLE IS DESTROYED*, OUR CULTURE CRIPPLED. END THIS NOW!

    Now some investors will scream that China is the economic bright spot right now. Yes, for their investments: to destroy us a lot, and build them up a little. They shudder at the thought the “China miracle” might end. Well, too bad. Invest in your own folks!! We can go it alone. America actually prospered under tariffs, and the de facto tariff of costly shipping in early centuries of N American settlement. [OK, the South actually paid the lion’s share under old tariffs, since it mostly exported cotton etc. and imported taxed industrial goods, but now the South need not follow that pattern.]

    And until we really take over control of cities not in alien control, LEAVE THEM. Go to more rural areas, to smaller towns (NOT just suburbs of occupied cities!) Rebuild small industries there, and crush the incoming competition items from China etc. Preferably do so with tariffs. If that cannot be done (political!), then physically terminate trade in whatever manner works. It seems most of China’s industrial output goes via Shanghai and it new container spuerport (Yangshan) precariously sitting on an offshore island linked via a bridge, plus Hong Kong, with Singapore the next giant Asia port. Couldn’t the works of these places be SNAFUed in some manner? OR their arrival ports here? And not just temporatily, but enough to give impetus to making everything in USA and Canada and Europe… except perhaps tropical products and a few minerals. For that, let us take tropical colonies back! I’m willing to be a settler, like Boer pioneers. (I had examineded settling in Rhodesia, but the tide of propaganda-anger crushed down.)

    *Chinization: years ago my relative worked as a die maker in the US vehicle industry and his income was enough to buy 8 new cars! I worked in southern Africa at another specialty of a rather rare sort, with similar statistics (vehicles had gotten more costly, but food/homes were cheap!) In the new Chinization you’ll never see such liberty! (Unless you’re a CEO screwing us.) WHY SHOULD OUR YOUTHS EARN LESS?

    US Feds expects folks to fight far overseas for obscure goals (usually serving Israel), but what I propose is far more worth fighting for, right here! Our #1 enemy isn’t alien regimes, but right here, with its fraud paper “money” system backers. True?

  22. NameAFlame: Your article was excellent. I will check out the site you listed. Your views on William Potter Gale are good! Thanks for great response! I still think NEWS is great and is a solution…… The Evil Ones, The Dark Forces are best Infiltrators – When I mentioned Gale and the Jew on Short Wave who plays Dixie and says he is pro Anglo Saxon and how some Identity People says there is a small percentage of JEWS who are pure Judean—-that someone would respond…and you did NameAFlame—-excellent article!

  23. Hunter: You are doing great job withj your site. You let everyone post with no censorship. I agree with you that a movement will arise in Dixie. I believe it will be NEWS, because its direct to point and simple. I like OD, White Arytan Resistance, Pastor Martin Lindstedt and his Tribulation and at top – the Articles from Battle Ax News! I hope you write about Masons and Scot Riters in South and the role that they in the way things are today….

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