War Against The South: Texas DMV Rejects SCV License Plate

Texas DMV rejects SCV license plate


White Southerners find ourselves in a rather unique position among all other distinct ethnic groups that live under Black Run Amerika.

We are facing the common threat of race replacement, but there is also a separate culture war going on that is being specifically waged against traditional Southern culture. It is a quiet war that often doesn’t make national headlines.

The most outrageous recent example of this is the latest Quentin Tarantino film “Django Unchanged” about a runaway slave who returns to Dixie to massacre White plantation owners. In BRA, we have already established that it is socially acceptable now to make Hollywood movies that cater to Jewish and Negroid-American revenge fantasies of murdering Germans and White Southerners.

How do we explain this? It only makes sense when you realize that ostensibly universal American ideals like freedom, equality, and tolerance are invoked to justify and camouflage an ulterior political agenda that allows some groups to lash out at other groups over racial and ethnic resentments.

(1) Tolerance – In BRA, there is no such thing as “tolerance.” If you are open about your racial and cultural beliefs as a White man, you will be subjected to institutionalized McCarthyism and Bolshevik ritual shaming.

(2) Freedom – In BRA, there is no such thing as “freedom.” You do not have the freedom to run a private business without conforming to government oversight. The federal government has taken away your right of freedom of association and has imposed duties upon you to cater to a hierarchy of privileged minority groups.

(3) Equality – In BRA, there is no such thing as “equality.” If you are a White male, you are openly discriminated against by the federal government in countless ways for the sake of promoting the same hierarchy of privileged minority groups.

(4) Democracy – In BRA, there is no such thing as “democracy.” If a bunch White citizens got together and passed a law that the ruling class finds distasteful, such as laws against illegal immigration, those laws will be ignored, denounced, or struck down by the liberals who dominate the federal judiciary.

(5) Diversity – In BRA, we are constantly told that we must “celebrate diversity” and “respect all cultures,” but we know that this ideal really doesn’t apply to Whites, Christians, and Southerners, and that being a White Christian Southerner is the worst lot that you can draw under the present system.

The moral of the story is that you can’t really take BRA’s fantasy ideology seriously. In theory, we are supposed to be living in a post-racial society based on colorblindness and mutual respect, but in reality White Southerners find ourselves living under a political system that is dominated by Organized Blackness, which is openly waging a war against White Southerners.

BRA is a system that is run for the benefit of some ethnic groups at the expense of other ethnic groups. It is a political system that is run for the benefit of “African-Americans” above all other groups.

If BRA has a cornerstone, it is the foundational belief that African-Americans have been historically victimized by Whites, which is why “inequality” stubbornly exists in our society, and that “social justice” requires punishing and holding down Whites to elevate African-Americans over Whites.

Every single American ideal whether it be freedom, equality, tolerance, democracy, or diversity is ultimately subordinated to BRA’s cornerstone of promoting “African-Americans” at the expense of other groups.

The freedom of a White Southerner to run a private business has been taken away by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The equality of a White Southerner with other citizens has been taken away by affirmative action. The right to self government of a White Southerner has been taken away by the federal courts which strike down popular laws.

The culture of a White Southerner is under constant assault and disrespect by ethnic aliens in our own universities. The White Southerner who appeals to tolerance will find himself demonized, fired from his job, and shut out of what passes for our “national conservation” for the crime of breaking BRA’s racial etiquette.

This brings us to the latest episode in the War Against The South: the Texas DMV rejecting the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate.

“We know that flag is a true symbol of people that hate,” said Gary Bledsoe, Texas State NAACP Conference president.

“This is the wrong thing to do,” Bledsoe told the board, the Chronicle says. “We don’t want others to look at Texas with scorn and ridicule and think that we are a bunch of country bumpkins.”

“At best, displaying this inflammatory symbol on state-sanctioned license plates is insensitive, and serves only to alienate and divide,” said the Texas NAACP in an Oct. 20 letter. “At worst, it communicates that we, as a state, condone the kind of injustices the flag symbolizes and that we fought so hard to leave behind.”

“License plates are designed to promote tourism and commerce, to create positive identity and awareness, and to showcase those riches that make our state unique,” said Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee in a statement. “The Confederate flag, long recognized in our generation a symbol of slavery, racism and defeat, accomplishes none of those purposes.”

A Texas license plate that would display the Confederate flag is offensive to “African-Americans” like Mr. Bledsoe who describe White Texans as “a bunch of country bumpkins.” In BRA, the promotion of African-Americans at the expense of other groups has become the ruling operational principle of our society. Thus, the Texas DMV rejected the Confederate license plate, while approving the Buffalo Soldiers license plate.

The Buffalo Soldiers have been honored in Texas with a special license plate even though they gained notoriety for exterminating the American buffalo to starve the Plains Indians to death. Sherman’s “Final Solution to the Indian Problem” might be offensive to the Cheyenne, but this is BRA where promoting the accomplishments of “African-Americans” is what matters above all else, not fidelity to abstract principles.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have already filed a lawsuit. They have already sued to get the SCV license plate in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. It is already available in 10 Southern states including Alabama and Georgia. Tellingly, the “Heritage, Not Hate” stuff has disappeared from the SCV website as the group has wised up to the ways of BRA.

The Jew Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory has made the disingenuous argument that displaying “the Confederate flag” is not “Confederately Correct.” Even if that were true, that is clearly not what motivates the NAACP and other enemies of the Southern people, who are driven by ethnic animosity toward White Southerners.

Jewish historians like Eric Foner have admitted that their ethnic background in radical Jewish socialist politics is what attracted to them to the Reconstruction era and motivated them to write about it. This also holds true for Nicholas Lemann and Stephen Budiansky.

Note: In related news, a federal court has seized control of the Texas redistricting process under the authority of the Voting Rights Act, which it intends to use to draw brown hole Democratic congressional districts that favor Hispanic voters.

In the months of ahead, we are going to be spending a lot of time looking at the “War Against the South” from the perspective of ethnic conflict. There are also going to be a lot more Texas posts including a book review of Texas by James A. Michener.

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  1. Hunter: Remember how North Carolina on their license plates had FIRST IN FREEDOM and they changed it to First In Flight. It was attack on a Southern State, beacuse years ago they labelled North Carolina as being most White Racist. Frank Braswell years ago flew Rebel Flag over his property in Spruce Pine, N.C. and the Sheriff went and attacked his house and he got shot in leg. His wife Pat and kids were in house at time of assualt. How can Hollywood make a false movie about a Black killing Plantation Owners when most farms and plantations were taken by Yanks, Scallawags and Grey Wolves. Some farms and property were given to freed Blacks by Yanks. Most of the land was taken by the Grey Wolves of North. This is explained good by Richard Kelly Hoskins in his Vigilantes of Christendom – Chapter 6 War Between The States – The South Meets the Establishment! Truth From God. com Who Is God and click OTHER ARTICLES — go to bottom and you will see articles about the NEWS FLAG, NEWS PLATFORM and 10 Demandments. THE NEWS FLAG is spreading like wildfire and is symbol of FUTURE! The Good News Messenger is Back!

  2. @JT

    Oh, you still see a few Confederate flags in NC. There is one that flies near where the interstate crosses the Yadkin River. I’ve seen them flying in Southport, NC. The plumbers & steamies have confederate flag caps in NC. 🙂

  3. My theory: the south was always the only target, if by different groups (in coalition) for different reasons. The rural base, (with its clear ties to growing, creating, freedom), the germanic-english-scots roots (hated by many later europeans to settle, and those brought to fight in the Second INdependence War (1865, as 40% of army was foreign born), the protestant religion (which really was the predominant.) In this, there’s also much current to-do– s/a even Buchanan discussing his ‘confederate heritage,’ in tandem with the splashing out of The Conspiritors (catholics are the most southern of the southerns and kill Lincoln), and many other such works, calculated to making the “New South” southerners into the “real” Old South. (Get angry at me for mentioning it, all you will).

    So, that’s going on.

    Everyone wants what the south is, really. It fought the King, but held onto what the King signified (The Blood Tie). It fought the pope, but held onto what the pope signified (God). It did not roll over for institutional ideological religion, thus breaking the Blood Tie (like so much of Europe) that then make Europe easy pickings for communists (as it was just a lateral move, not a categorical one, in the htinking of the average people— already conquered by ideology (the high preisthood), another ideology was just more or less the same (PC religion, whatever). Neither is Blood, in the way the king will always represent blood.

    The south rejected taxes and tithes, blood or ideology— and kept its proceeds from its own labor, AND worshiped God, its main religion claiming the “call,” to have direct contact, to converse directly with God, to look for God in all the small things, etc.

    So, they are the most hated. Of the coalitions that –even unconsciously— hate them, some are white, and sub-groups of whites. A reality that is never discussed is that it was “NEVER SUPPOSED TO GO THIS FAR.” They will even say this on t.v. The white pundits will see something s/a the Excrement Pie scene in the Help, and say, this is too far— as the rolling takerdom blob kept going, and began to consume them.

    The others did not realize they would be percieved as white, lol. After all, they were the “good” whites, the pure whites, the righteous whites. And apparently so narcissistic that they have really believed OTHER PEOPLE will simply know this about them at a glance. They do nice things to prove it, but that may not help, either.

    They were not supposed to get splashed. They were moral and supposed to get rid of the wasps and run things (just as Hannity talks about how much better the Supreme Court is now—- what a triumph to remove the children of the founders from the Court, even as one’s people re-define what the country is with the repeater (a new one) The Rule of Law Nation.

    So, the hatred of Dixe just snowballed. The “white southerner” became simply “white.” The drive to “De-Colonization” (extinction of the children of the founders), became “De-Industrialization” too– (extinction of the children of the Industrial Revolution and soldiers brought in from abroad to fight for the “union.”)

    The White Southerner is most acceptable to vilify. Next, maybe, the Appalachian (West Virginina is the only state entirely in the mountains, and was Virginia capital of confederacy for half the war—a fact long buried— an attack on “appalachia” then is an attack on the capital of the confederacy, really). Then the flyover country, the midwest, the hoosiers.

    All of this is code for —as a friend used to put it— “the wrong kind of wasps.” The rural ideal.

    Soon, there may very well be “Excrement Pies” for the Northeast whites. They are starting to worry that it “went too far.”

  4. Wow, dixiegirl, excellent analysis. It seems that many of them are afraid now of being hoist on their own petard. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. The NIMBY syndrome writ large.

    I would submit also that in reality the rural folk were always the good, the pure, and the righteous ones. You can’t get away with much tomfoolery on the farm. If you want to survive, anyway.

    Self-destructive tendencies are nourished by the anonymity of crowds and big cities. Sophistication and the glamour of evil are things that most Southerners were warned about as children. Granny never wanted to see us become “too big for our britches,” you know.

    Deo Vindice

  5. Coming soon:

    (1) A response to Andrew Fraser’s thoughtful two-part article “The Lost Soul of WASP America.”


    (2) Next week, a review of Michael Fitzgerald’s Splendid Failure: Postwar Reconstruction in the American South.

    (3) Next month, a plunge into the history of the Northern states to figure out what went wrong there.

  6. If anyone here can locate that photo of the National Guard with the bayonet in the back of the two White girls at Central High School in Little Rock in 1957, it would be much appreciated. I would like to use that as a banner image.

  7. You’re not going to win every battle. Texas is a State with only 50% white population, it’s better to concentrate on the things that really matter. The political Left will forever use the phony ‘Confederate flag issue’ for all it’s worth.

  8. I see lots of Confederate flags here in Connecticut. A kid at my daughter’s high school has one on his pickup truck.

    I think it is a symbolic gesture of White Middle America saying no to the Jew.

  9. I’ve found Fraser’s book to be THE defining tome of the 21st century, and I stand by his thesis. So much so, I posted this over at OO- if they print it.

    “THANK GOD someone (namely Fraser) has outlined in his book (which, clearly none of the specious ‘commenters’ on this thread have read- but I HAVE) the ONLY path available to us, for the Restoration of Christendom, now that ‘representative democracy’ has devolved to nothing more than the ‘two nigras’ in the ring. This Restoration is the only option we have for the routing of the “OTHER” – the Mestizo, the Turk, the Jew, and all those who follow these idolators who blaspheme and say the Church of the God of Israel, is a multiracial miscegenated mess.

    More importantly, Fraser in this post goes further than his book, in outlining the IDOLOLATROUS NATURE of the Modern Experiment of American Constitutionalism, as well as her religious idolatry, mired as she is with the chains of the heresy of Mob/Dem/ocracy. Fraser not only exposes it, he lays bare the utter DEMONIC NATURE OF IT, and the IMPOSSIBILITY of it ever serving Anglo interests…. and, because he does so in this column, it PISSES OFF THE RINOS- Regenerate in Name Only- among the so-called ‘Christians’ living in America todat. In short, all of the bastards whose comments (but one or two) are above mine. Life’s a bitch, and the Truth hurts, don’t it! I’m calling you out, every single one of you.

    Fraser is not advocating (if you had truly read his book) a mere parochial, narrow Episcopalianism that today is nothing more than the Obama wing of the New England Unitarian Democrats of Yankeedom. He is enouncing all forms of filioquist Western apostate Christendom, and is advocating (if you but knew) a return to the Ecclesia Anglicanae- i.e., a fully Orthodox English Catholicism, that would frankly put to the stake all of the poseurs and prostitutes on the Altars of 815, if it could… starting with Schori, the bitch, and Robinson, the fag!!!

    Fraser is speaking of a return to an ORTHODOX ENGLAND and an ORTHODOX AMERICA- and a racially aware, ethnically separate, ideologically ‘ethnobiological church’ that I affectionately call ‘W.A.S.P.’ – White, Anglo-Saxon Pravoslavniye! – something that is/was redolent of the United Christendom once present in all of Europe, BEFORE THE SCHISM of 1054.

    This idea scares the bejeeezus out of the RINOS. Thus their incredulity- YET, it WILL HAPPEN, and you cannot stop it! Notice what’s going on in Russia, lately?

    Moreover, the belief that the Jews are accursed, no part of Christendom, and are the Deicides of Christian history, is/must also an integral, incarnational part of that Weltanschauung. IT therefore DISPOSES of the HERESY of Christian Zionism and the BLASPHEMY OF DISPENSATIONALISM- for the crime of the Deicides can NEVER be removed, and the Bishop of Rome’s actions to counteract a covenantal curse, only show how truly Antichrist he is/has become, sedevacantists notwithstanding.

    But, more than that, Fraser is honestly taking into consideration the realities of the Jews’ own covert/overt confessions- such as Freedman’s “Jesus was not a jew’ and Koestler’s ‘The Thirteenth Tribe,’ as well as the spirit of crucifying the Lord all over again, via the fallacy of Rome as being ‘the One True Church.’ Those of us who are sick and tired of the LIE that a CORPSE can be given life- – she, who via her ‘universal jurisdiction’ and filioqism, has become the ‘mother of harlots’- whether by Talmudic gravediggers or Roman apologists, we who ‘know their schemes,’ are (and have been for some time) ready to ‘let the dead bury the dead.’

    For the ‘True WASPS’ have (as has God [Rev. 3:16]) had it- and, spitting out forever the idiocy of a ‘Judeo-Christian Tradition, as EVER AGAIN being ‘normative’ in the WEST, are ready with sword in one hand, and spade in the other, to build anew the Kingdom of God- we cannot beat our swords into plowshares, until we have beaten our plowshares into SWORDS! [Joel 3:10ff.] TO ARMS!

    Gentlemen, I have prayed and waited since 1966, when MY church was ‘destroyed’ in the wake of Vatican II, for SOMEONE to point out what ails the West, the Church catholic. No one has stood up, and even milquetoast efforts by men such as Pat Buchanan, and your site have only whistled in the dark, and pussyfooted around the Elephant in the Room. Now, I am telling you, not giving my opinion, but saying ‘thus saith the Lord’ – THERE IS NO OTHER WAY- for those who would counsel, peace, peace’ are ‘legion;’ and yet, we are now in the third year of an Obamanation, under the CURSE OF YHWH, and NOT drawing his blessing [Jer. 3:15].

    It is no coincidence, that Rev. WRIGHT’s first name is Jeremiah; but his calling down vengeance has come to pass on this land, and Y’ALL KNOW IT- however, it has not been for, but at, the Negro’s hands- and Obama is not our saviour, but is merely Satan’s ‘house nigger’ to bring down God’s righteous WRATH on this nation, and the World!

    I’m telling you now: Fraser’s book is that sort of literary bombshell which, like Marx’s Communist Manifesto, will ignite the restoration of Christendom, on the backs of men like Bahnsen’s Theonomy, and Rushdoony’s Institutes, and Farrel’s “God, History, and Dialectic.” (Unless the Lord God decides we deserve TEOTWAWKI sometime in 2012, or when Obama is crowned Emperor… YMMV). And Fraser’s vision will overturn the world- but only IF you peons in the West have the cojonoes and the humility to stop pretending you are God, and again bow the knee to their Lord and Savior apart from you idolatries.

    And only if we start worshiping the One True God once more in this and our homelands abroad, in the manner He has ordained – in a monarchy, via the restored True Episcopate, in an ‘ethnobiological entity’ -where only Whites are permited to reign and rule, and the Angelcynn are to once again be seen, as the ONLY Elect of GOD [Gal. 6:16]. Yes, I am advocating the utter dismantling as Jefferson said we should) of these ‘United States of America’- for the corpse is not only dead, it reeks, as Christ said, ‘of dead men’s bones.’

    Or else we are in Satania, and Beelzebub is our True Lord, and Obama his minion, his slave. The die is cast. As for me and my house, I serve the LORD. Whom do you serve?

    Misericordie, Domine.

  10. Here’s another. Still not the one with the girls in it.


    I’m simply amazed that any of these have survived and haven’t just “disappeared” with the passage of time. They do give the lie to the conventional gospel of the “nonviolent” civil rights movement.

    Watcha think, Spooky? You know she was actually being conciliatory in a way, giving the benefit of the doubt. Pride in one’s honorable forebears is not the sin that personal pride is you know–the pride that allows you to condemn others. Oops…

    Defiance of tyranny is something to be proud of, anyway. Lest you worry overmuch about our many sins, be assured that Southerners have had a steady diet of humiliation and worse since the war.

    Maybe there’s still hope that you all can redeem us after all…sheesh.

    Deo Vindice

  11. Yeah, it’s nothing we non-southerners wouldn’t understand. We don’t hunt, love the land or “find God in the small things” or anything like that. Christ, you’re like Jews. “They hate us because we’re Southern”. No, for the first time I realized you’re hated because you’re assholes.

    I always took the South’s side. You were in the right. You had a right to secede. We should have let you go. But after reading Anna’s last post (and I’ve always suspected she was a Jew – my nickname for her was “Anna Frank”), I realized that no matter what the issue, we were gonna get it on old school, just like the Whites of times past. There was going to be some sorting out, slavery, Constitution, industry, or whatever we wanted to cloak our bloodlust in. In fact I just realized that it may have been the only necessary, real war in the last 150 years. Not to keep the Union together, but to get it done so our posterity wouldn’t have to. It’s just too bad about the slavery issue. It would have been much better for everyone if we could have left the seeds of BRA out of it. But we all fucked it up good.

    And pride in one’s ancestors is no different than pride in oneself. You weren’t even around when they did what they did, and white people ought to stand and fall on their own merits, not cover their eyes with the mists of the greatness of some dead blood relative who couldn’t have given a rat’s piss about being the object of your personal self worth and probably would have told you to get up and make something of your own damn self.

    South. Get your Jew On in the Land that Redemption Forgot. There’s a license plate for you.

    Yes. My eyes have cleared. We were doomed to fight, one way or the other. And I think we’ll always be doomed to fight. We have a need in us to set things right and move on. All whites. If only we could stop having that need coopted by people who don’t give a crap about us.

  12. “When did the Confederate flag become so controversial? When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s it was the standard symbol for the South, Dixie, country music, rural living, etc. In the 80s we took a cross country trip and we saw it everywhere, even in California”

    I remember getting one at Disney World in the 70s. I doubt they still sell them now.

  13. I saw the photo earlier, but it wasn’t an image that I could use as the banner. It was printed in the Arkansas Democrat on September 28, 1957. It shows the National Guard with unsheathed bayonets in the back of two White girls forcing them to attend the integrated school.

  14. “Texas is run by conservative white Republicans.”

    Well, ‘conservative’ should be in quotes. But your point is what?

  15. The trouble with the picture is that the giggly visages of two of the girls and one of the guardsmen make it all seem something of a big gag. Apart from that I was surprised (nothing astonishes me anymore) to here that white kids were actually forced (and that by armed soldiers with bayonets at their backs) to attend integrated schools. I always thought that it was a matter of blacks being escorted into the building for their safety’s sake. It is also a little surprising to learn that such racial treason and insanity could occur as far back as 54 years ago.

  16. All NINE on the Texas DMV governing board disapproved the license plate. Even more pervasive than PC brain fever in whites today is good old-fashioned COWARDICE.

  17. Texas is a unique state where the business community is far more powerful in the state Republican Party than it is elsewhere in the South. Texans overwhelmingly want to pass tough new immigration laws. It is considered by far the most important issue facing the state.

    Earlier this year, two billionaires got together to block immigration reform in Texas, Bob Perry and Charles Butts. The issue isn’t going away though. The pressure to pass reform will build as other Southern states start passing immigration laws.

    Texans got Voter ID this year.

  18. So, Organized Blackness = Organized Jewry, BRA = JRA, etc? I don’t know what to think about that. On one hand, it’s an interesting dog whistle. It’s a lot more acceptable to criticize blacks than Ashkenazis. Hey, more power to ya, I guess.

  19. “The Jews” didn’t create BRA.

    It was created by Yankees. WNs blame “the Jews” for all their problems. They are a convenient scapegoat. Sure, there were Jews who supported the “Civil Rights Movement,” but the Northern states voted 9 to 1 for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Blacks were American citizens with voting rights in New England before 1860. The public schools in New England have been integrated since the 1870s. Every single Northern state with the exception of Indiana had repealed its anti-miscegenation law by 1887.

    Jews had nothing to do with the 14th Amendment or the 15th Amendment. It wasn’t the Jews who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Most of the Jews hadn’t even arrived in America when Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

    Where does this notion of “civil rights” come from anyway? Did the Jews create the “Civil Rights Movement”? What about the Radical Republicans? Weren’t they the ones who invented the whole concept and who imposed it upon the country at gunpoint in 1867?

  20. Civil rights can be roughly viewed as the opposite of natural rights. One comes at the expense of the other. A basic natural right- the most important- is private property.
    One earns, one creates, one keeps. The owner determines how HIS wealth will be allocated. Civil rights are legislated- made up. If any rights could be called fantasy or abstract it would be these. These rights are associated with what is called legal positivism:

    A school of Jurisprudence whose advocates believe that the only legitimate sources of law are those written rules, regulations, and principles that have been expressly enacted, adopted, or recognized by a governmental entity or political institution, including administrative, executive, legislative, and judicial bodies.

    The key to legal positivism is in understanding the way positivists answer the fundamental question of jurisprudence: “What is law?” The word “positivism” itself derives from the Latin root positus, which means to posit, postulate, or firmly affix the existence of something. Legal positivism attempts to define law by firmly affixing its meaning to written decisions made by governmental bodies that are endowed with the legal power to regulate particular areas of society and human conduct. If a principle, rule, regulation, decision, judgment, or other law is recognized by a duly authorized governmental body or official, then it will qualify as law, according to legal positivists. Conversely, if a behavioral norm is enunciated by anyone or anything other than a duly authorized governmental body or official, the norm will not qualify as law in the minds of legal positivists, no matter how many people are in the habit of following the norm or how many people take action to legitimize it.

    Legal positivism is often contrasted with Natural Law. According to the natural law school of jurisprudence, all written laws must be informed by, or made to comport with, universal principles of morality, religion, and justice, such that a law that is not fair and just may not rightly be called “law.” For example, persons engaging in peaceful protest through civil disobedience often appeal to a higher natural law in denouncing societal practices that they find objectionable. Legal positivists generally acknowledge the existence and influence of non-legal norms as sources to consult in evaluating human behavior, but they contend that these norms are only aspirational, for persons who contravene them suffer no immediate adverse consequences for doing so. By contrast, positivists emphasize that legal norms are binding and enforceable by the Police Power of the government, such that individuals who violate the law may be made to face serious consequences including fine, imprisonment, loss of property, or even death.


    Civil rights with legal positivism go against property and contract rights. Some folks think the market is unfair, and violates rights, even without the use of force.
    A landlord refusing to rent to a colored would “violate rights to housing.” The landlord’s property is no longer his- it is now considered to be part of the national housing supply, which belongs to all, and which must be accessible by all. Wealth is no longer considered private- all belongs to the State, which, it is claimed, is “the people”. Regulation INDIRECTLY nationalizes property. The State now determines wealth allocation, not property owners. The market may be allowed to function, by permission of the State, in order to avoid complete ruination.

    Here is an example of a model for legislated/fantasy rights- from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

    Article 25.
    (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
    (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

    Notice it says “everyone”. It doesn’t say the sick or aged. That implies that everyone could refuse to work and would still have rights to basic necessities. Fantasy.

    The revolution should fight for property and contract. The fall correlates with the rise of civil rights and legal positivism. Manufactured rights. Hot-air rights.

    Marx called for the abolition of private property in the Manifesto. The decline of property- not individualism- wrecked the country.

    The South was “nationalized” the way other property was nationalized (via regulation). Federal regulation is the basic scourge of the whole country. And legal positivism is the means whereby.

    Here’s what they did: There would be a HUGE problem with property rights, and its conflicts with regulation. . . If property was viewed as valid, then these “laws” would be violations of property, and therefore criminal. Tilt. The solution was to claim collective ownership for all property. However, the property would not be confiscated- the public would have gone apeshit, and the economy destroyed.
    PROPERTY WAS THEREFORE NATIONALIZED BY REGULATION. Who controls property is the actual owner. I am telling you our basic problems are ALL traceable to federal regulation, especially the Acts of 1913.

  21. jews were more radical left.. still to blame.. a left yank in 1870s would have been extremely angry at what jews have done in 20th century.. the far left in 1800s is actually equal to the “far right” today. I don’t think anyone labelled as “far right ” by MSM supports depriving blacks of voting rights

  22. Hunter: You need to read Vigilantes of Christendom- by Richard Kelly Hoskins. Read CHAPTER 6 War Between the States, The South Meets the Establishment. Go to google and look for GREAT WHITE DESERT.org and then click the library section and go down to Richard Kelly Hoskins and you will see Vigilantes of Chrstendom. Truth From God.com and click OTHER ARTICLES and you will see Solution and hope and Victory.

  23. I started researching my genealogy and wanted to learn more about the civil war. What I have learned is the white southerner can’t state any facts or positive views about Blacks. At 49 and Black, my research shows, the white southerner is a racist, a liar and a murderer who has kept the US divided. The white southerner wants respect? Perhaps, you white racist need to start respecting others. I do not care if white southeners like me because most are unlikeable people. You started a war after Lincoln stated he wouldn’t end slavery in the South, but your ancestors split from the Union. You begged the slave to help you fight, then you surrendered and put down your guns in defeat. That had nothing to do with Blacks. The slave owners had warned the slaves about “poor white trash”. During Reconstruction, the free slave found out just how you people are. Whites judge Blacks, based on the color of their skin. but Blacks judge people based on classifications. The southern white male and/or the south period, has made no great contributions to American society. Like what is the purpose of holding on to a gun, when you are already defeated. As far as the German statement, I’m glad you know WHO the problem is. What is sad about white southerners is their need to believe they are superior to others when they oppressed others because they wanted to be like slave owners, but poor white trash could NEVER be like the rich white republicians of yesteryear. Jim Crow failed and the heart of the southern white was revealed for the world to see. Today, the White southerner is labled as a quasi ETHNIC regional group of the US. I guess since you named me “Nigger” its only fair that I say,”Welcome “white nigger” to the club. I’m a nigger based on color, your a nigger based on character. Maybe you should read a bible that teaches you to walk in love and forgiveness, instead of HATE and complaining about others when you are the problem. If it wasn’t for your own actions, there wouldn’t be a need for the NAACP or Affirmative Action. If the white southerner would take responsibility for his actions in the Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow, he wouldn’t have time to complain about people of color. As far as the SCV, it only shows how stupid whites in the south are. Who finds pride in a war that they started and surrendered. The Southern white has no pride and live in the past because of their own failures. It is 2012 and you people can’t complain about Legal Immigration, because of your history with others. You people need to learn that you are not important, especially when you NEVER change. Your thoughts on issues are subjective and your opinions are not based on facts. You complain about Blacks, but what have we done to you? The last I checked NASCAR had to start a Diversity Program, but trust, Blacks will not be sitting with southern whites, we don’t hate you. You hate us and the history of Blacks and the south tell of the injustices. As far as the Confederate Flag is concerned, many people died in the civil war, yet you people dishonor their memory, by using the Flag as a symbol of hate. Clearly you people do not want to be part of the US. I think the North owes you people one more visit and hopefully next time May the US not accept your surrender. I might not be alive when it happens, but when you people are gone, the US will be a better society. Finally, that god you said told you that you are the superior race…sorry, but its doesn’t seem to be working for you. Your history only showns you have been defeated in every attempt to continue to spread your lies and hatred to mankind. May you repent and find joy in your hearts for others. Perhaps, then your children will have a better chance at a quality of life

  24. Boone-Hurd: Go read Declaration of War on White Aryan Resistance jerk. If you are white you are sick! If your Black, fight to get your own country and be free from jews. If your Jew and hate Whites……-well you know whats coming……. Hunter is right about Secession!

  25. John Thmas – we are obviously getting newcomers from Simpson’s site. No worries. Rejoice in the display of genuine ignorance.

  26. I do not know Simpson. I told you I was researching the civil war and couldn’t find any useful information that told the Confederate’s position. I’ve been researching since November and came upon a link to the above article. I have read parts of Jefferson Davis’ book, “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate and he made postive statements about the slave. Wish you could try. Facts are greater than propaganda.

    Secondly, alot of what I wrote which I admit was name calling, was based on frustration. I do not understand WHY white southerners believe that Blacks are against them. We are taught to stay away from the white southerner because in the end; the North would have to save us for the fourth time. (Remember you kill us b/c of the color of our skin.) Only the Indian is native to America. The white southerner seems to think he/she owns the earth and will not accept just leaving other people ALONE even IF you do not like them.

    John Thomas: I am Black and Blacks agree with Whites on illegal immigration. Blacks are also aware that the southern white is currently trying to form a position within the 10th Amendment to fight, but fear b/c of the civil rights movement, their position will only fall on death ears. The fact is Jim Crow and the south’s response to intergration removed your voice. You are viewed as a problem . I disagree. I believe white southerners have a voice, they have something to say, but when its ALWAYS slanderous remarks with insults your position is weaken.

    John Thomas if I came to your house at night and killed your family in front of you, and hung you from a tree, other white people would not want to be reminded of the Flag I used while performing hate crimes for years against them. As I stated, the Confederate Flag, as it once did stand can and always will stand on its own. That Flag has its own story. Its own truth. The confederate flag deserves to be RESPECTED. Not shamed by the people who should protect it. People died under the banner of it.

    I do understand your position as it relates to the BRA article, however WHY do you think some blacks would feel that way? Answer: Hangings, murders, lies, Jim Crow. Every white person who has commented on the “white position” regarding racism has stated white southerners like the FEELING of feeling superior to other races. Clearly you only have to look to our country’s problems to see who is at fault with that thinking. I was born in California, but needless to say, my family comes from the South. I spent endless summers in the South and there are alot of beautiful white people there. They are intelligent, funny and have a heart of gold. When white southerners complain about other races, its takes away from their beauty, because it is his/her one-sided view; fueled by the genuine ignorance Denise wrote of.

    As far as the Jew is concern: I only have to say that Blacks are aware of him/it. We faught and died in a segregated war to free the Jew only to have him, join the NAACP, then start simulating with Whites and calling us “nigger”. So we know him and we have a funny: We say, “Let him simulate until he reaches the Klu Klux Klan. They will handle him if he is found out.”

    Although, we don’t agree with ALL your reasoning regarding the Jew. We clearly see there was a reason for the Nazi to take him to the “showers.” Blacks would tell the Jew about himself, but because the Jew is viewed as God’s chosen people, we can’t touch them. We reserve the right to call upon the same God when the southern whites attack blacks. Afterall, when we call upon God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ victory has ALWAYS been ours. We can’t chance a defeat, so we submit. Not to the Jew, but God.

    Finally, John Thomas you said if I am Black I should get my own country. Will you explain to me what right do you have to state that to me? It was the white man who bought & brought the African here unwillingly. In my case, I am mulatto. (Most people breed with likekind). You John, would have to go to your ancestral home, but my people were created in America during slavery. Since 1868, We have been citizens. So John you would have to leave and I’ll just have to move to any of the Confederate States my people were created in. Either way, the South is MY home and where my people were created. I will be here with Indians and some Mexicans in the west. I think we could learn to get along, especially after the white man has moved to his ancestral home.

    Sorry John, America is MY country and your just a descendent still here from the unpaid trip over. Feel free to stay. I’ll leave you in peace, but NO SUCESSION this time or you will be asked to go home, jailed, imprisoned or legally executed due to your violent position regarding humanity. Wish you would stay. White people are likeable and have great ideas to offer if only they could get along with others.

    Your comment is an example of what I have been saying. If you spoke based on facts and common sense instead of declaring war on others, I think you would be more received. Only “haters” talk as you do.

    If I believed, which I DO NOT, that God made you the superior race and God is love and forgiveness, I have to ask the question, WHY do you lie in His name? For he said that He will not be mocked, which maybe WHY you only have a voice that teaches and preaches HATE. THE OPPOSITE OF WHO AND WHAT GOD IS ABOUT.

    Finally, Blacks didn’t ask for intergration. They asked for Equality. We got intergration, perhaps, it was seen as the only way. Separate was good, but the south refused Equality and treated the Negro in a inhumane matter. Why would God chose to make other races suffer under YOUR care? Was there not a better way to claim and show your actions of superiority through good deeds in God’s name? Do you people even read the bible. Its funny how the white southerner allowed christianity to be taught to the slave, yet refuses to practice biblical principles themselves. (We have NEVER been able to understand WHY you people built churches. I guess the churches are there for public appearances, b/c christianity is NOT working for your people. By now, I would be asking myself if I was the problem.)

    In your own hurt and frustration, you attack others when you should be praying for a sincere heart. I once asked a white friend WHY do white people want me dead? He said, “White people don’t want you dead. They just FEAR that if they ever give you equality, you will turn and do to them what was done to you. My friend told me that when I was in my mid-thirties. I’m 49 and last month I told that story to one friend for the first time. WHY wait to tell it? I knew that it would only hurt other Blacks and they would understand YOU do not know us. IF BLACK PEOPLE DID TO WHITES WHAT WHITES HAVE DONE TO BLACKS WE WOULD BECOME LIKE YOU. (If your way worked this website wouldn’t exist.) Asking for equality has nothing to do with being equal to whites as humans. We know who were are and do not need the white man to validate us as people. Sorry, thats your sh*t. Blacks are not responsible for your feelings or actions. We are just saying we want equal pay. Last month the white establishment stated economically blacks are in 1984. Our youth can’t get jobs, they turn to selling drugs and killings themselves. I do not believe this is the America you want, but its the results of racism. Blacks have no power to bring in the guns or the drugs, but people have to eat and thats the path they have choosen for themselves. They kill themselves instead of standing up to you and your injustices. So continue to hate me. For without the southern white male, I wouldn’t exist.

    My people were raped and contaminated by the southern white male, who gave in to his private desire for the woman of African ancestry while married to his white so-called superior counterpart and you only have to look to slavery and your current President, to see who whites really desire in their hearts. (I can’t hate cause Black is beautiful, but White is too, you just need to act like it.) For if they say Don’t touch, the white man will always be the first in line handing out unsolicited advice, which explain the Sept 11th attack on America. Oh! Did I fail to tell you the white man is in Thiland paying underage girls for sex and claiming to be GOD. He is in the churches and universities of America performing as married hetrosexual sodomites and white males that are able to vote do not have the voice within them to say STOP or tell other adults. Clearly the white man needs his minority groups, if we left you people to your own devices, it appears you would destroy each other after committing rape and murder on your own children. You know the white children who can no longer play outside because of your “cultural” need to ensure they are violated and murdered before they come of age. You need us to live, to feel better about yourselves, plus your history speaks to you being lazy, nasty, won’t work and have to run in numbers to achieve any violence against other minorities.

    For NO white man has ever stood alone because he can’t. He has to come in numbers because the white race is the inferior race. Whites lack the chromosomes to be 100% human. Science states the African has 100% chromosomes as humans. Whites have 75%, while the chineses has 60%. Africans have more physical strenght and can out run the other races. Even Hilter was upset with Jesse Owens in 1932. (Sorry).

    Out of the 4 million freed slaves, 2 million were mulattos. Forget Lincoln freeing slaves. The North should have came South for NO OTHER REASON then the southern white male was breeding with his property while having a so-called lovely wife at home. It only demostrates that white people have a problem dealing with their own history and seek to destroy others because of it. Heres a secret the “haters” won’t tell you: Repent before GOD and change your ways, so your souls will not burn in hell in the afterlife since its by faith that we believe. For what prospers a man IF he loses his soul?

    You only have to read the Bible to know for yourself that what you are doing in wrong. Has the Black or Jew said, “Kill the White man? Not the Black. You will find if whites built the same homes in another part of town, Black people would not be demanding to live in the white “hooded” communities b/c we know you do not want us near you. We live only with the knowledge that if we have to pick up guns and fight the white man it will not be based on race, but self defense b/c he has REFUSED to leave us alone.

    Also, instead of standing own your “worn out” 10th Amendment. (You are killing that poor living document ). Why not try the 14th. I think the Due Process Clause will help you. For it is “Due Process” when the Federal govt tells its citizens they have to pay for illegals. The fact that illegals are coming to America and we are paying for their healthcare, while their babies receive citizenship is ridiculous. How can the Federal govt say this is our responsibility? (Remember the African was brought here). I think the actions of the Federal Govt is treasonous and the people should DEMAND justice and it has NOTHING to do with race. If Blacks speak out, it is viewed as “you should know better.” Years ago in CA. the Hispanics found out how the blacks felt when we had a vote on English being the dominant language. The fact is other minority groups are waiting on the southern white man (including Hispanic citizens) to rise and confront this issue. You think you are alone, but other minority groups do not feel they have the right to speak out. If each state places the issue on the ballots, we will be able to show the Feds that we do not want illegal immigrants.

    What is funny about the Hispanic is that years ago they stated WHY they were coming here. Did you not read the book that stated by 2024, they will not need the white or black vote to win the presidency? They will do it by their OWN numbers. They said they wanted CA, AZ, NM and TX., perhaps, their President will sign an Executive Order in 2024 and we will find out where we will be living or fighting. The book has been around for atleast 15 or 20 years and they keep coming. The white man could stop this, but the mex is his new slave. Their unemployment rates are lower than blacks and you do not hear us complaining. We have to save our voice for our own injustices, but we can speak loud and clear at the polls. White people like you guys are forcing us to remain hidden when alot of the problems facing America can be solved, but WHY be up in arms about things you CAN change things, instead of just screaming insults. (No one wants to hear your insults. Have the courage to stand. Blacks did it and your type was the oppresser. You do have a voice.)

    The fact that people on this site would even talk about Secession is an example as to WHY your powerful voice has become lost. You lost in 1865, 1954 and 1964 and the North’s guns are bigger than yours today. When you people get serious about change in America and stop with the insults and get down to business you will find you are not alone in some of your thinking. There is just a better way to go about getting the same results. In hate may the South remain unchanged. In love and truth may the South Rise Again.

    For Dixie Mason once was a beautiful being, but like many of your meth addicts today, she has bcome a Jezebel harlot filled with hate. She scream like the sodomite, she has become and the love of God has been replaced by HATE and inhumane thoughts of violence against others.

  27. “The Jews” didn’t create BRA. ”

    Hunter, wasn’t Jim Crow PROOF that Whites, of their own accord, were capable of giving rights and having the trend stop at a reasonable place — or reverse, even, if things went to far?

    YES, the Jews DID create the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

    They funded it, they sent Jewish lawyers to sue for it, they used their media influence to trumpet it and demonize any Whites who said, wait a minute.

    Yeah, the Yankees had an idea — treat Blacks humanely– but the Jews grabbed hold of it and drove it, as they are so wont to do, far beyond any reasonable measure, all the way to the point of absurdity and collapse. And here we are.

  28. “That was quite a lot of typing.”

    Yeah. Baboon turd owes me reparations for the tendinitis he caused in my finger from having to scroll so long to get past his logorrhea.

  29. Negroes like Coon Turd want us to love him. He wants us “inferior Whites” to continue to do for him.

    His “fail” is all over that very long, confused, and contradictory post. post.

    Go over to Simpson’s site, Coon, dear. He will love you.

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