BRA’s Dream


I’m sharing this here for Paul Kersey who has wrote an amusing post about the People’s Liberation Army in China chortling over BRA’s demise.

I am not sure if he has seen the latest reports that Chinatowns across America are disappearing as the Chinese are moving back to China to pursue the Chinese Dream.

The Chinese are probably headed back to China with cautionary tales like “two African-Americans are running for president” and “the economy is about to collapse” and “let’s get out of here before the EBT Card stops working” and “the blacks start rioting.”

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  1. Had no idea HW. No idea.

    That is the most damning statistic I’ve ever seen though on differences in racial intelligence and it illustrates the great harm of affirmative action (when the children of low-wage white earners should be getting training).

    Three points separate the lowest white earners and the highest Black earners…

  2. The Blue Pills would rather the entire country burn to the ground than admit their precious “diversity under alles” ideology is nothing more than pure, unadulterated bullshit.

  3. @DW

    I’m no blue-pill, but sincerely hope this entire country burns to the ground. It’s beyond fixing anymore.

  4. Yeah, and we have a huge influx in Edina (once the ‘lily-white’ suburb of Minneapolis) of Indians…. from Injuh!

    As someone has said, Hispanics are the new Blacks, to do all the menial and service jobs, while Indians and Pakis are the new Whites, to do the drone-like intelligence-driven industries. And what about Blacks and Whites?

    The Georgia Guidestones pretty much sum it up- a desire for a WORLD population of only 500 Million. And guess who will be at the Top? Jew guessed it!

  5. Half the reason the China towns are gone is that the Chinese mostly learned English and blended in fine.

    Even the Indians mostly speak English and do useful work.

    I’d rather have near zero immigration but I’d trade the Asians for the other non Europeans any day.

  6. When Obama was campaigning in GA in 2008, in at least one stop he said to the audience that their children should be learning Spanish. I wish I had been there, I would have loved to heckle him and say they should be learning Chinese. 😛

    One of these days I have to get over to the Georgia Guidestones.

  7. John Thomas everyone else posts on topic comments but you just spam the board with your link. Ok. Enough. We get it, please quit with the spamming already.

  8. Yes DWLs are our biggest problem, and many are led by the nose-ring by the YKWs. Oregon, as Hunter is so fond of pointing out, is a poster child for ‘blue pill’ insanity. This is a great topic for discussion at the brew pub. Many SWPLs are smart and curious and if presented with uncomfortable hate facts will go home and research them on the internet. I had this exact conversation several times with various friends, at first I was the outlier. Then one two three people flipped over. Now new people to the conversation are presented with broad agreement on this topic. Not only am I saying this, but half ther people at the table can amplify and chime in. its a great starter topic for introduction to topics like BRA.

  9. Jackson: On BRA, BRA does not run america, but Cainite Khazars and Traitor Whites do. Almost all black front men are in THE PRINCE HALL. Even Obama! and who gives them the orders? Dr. John Coleman in his books explains the Black Nobility which is not blacks, but royalty or should I say Hine asses and the Khazar Bankers. Eustice Mullins was hip to the Black Nobility also–he wrote history of Federal Reserve. So if I cant spam, tell me a Solution to this BRA front men problem! and I will listen….

  10. I guess you haven’t visited an American college campus lately. Every American college & university is loaded with Red Chinese, and other Orientals.

    What are they doing here?

  11. I’ve always seen the Chinese as the yankee horde of the Orient, sort of a warehouse of obedient coolies. The Japanese strike me as the far superior aristocrats of Asia. Growing up during the Cold War I remember thinking of the US – USSR power equation as seeming somehow off kilter, that a more appropriate balance would be Europe – Japan.

    I’m beginning to see how this might emerge. Once the US collapses it might revert to its proper and more healthy station as, at least somewhat, a colonial backyard of Europe. Like wise, w/o the Judeo-American business machine behind it, China should revert to dependence on Japan.

  12. On Topic of BRA: Amazing—Black Rapper Dee Jay writes: Who Are The Black Nobility? Then there is on google: I will scatter them, and then I will gather them: Deut. 4:27,28–This is about Dr. Robert Brock: Reparations Now In Our Lifetime! Then there is Louis Farrakhan and the Jews. How does PRINCE HALL fit into all of this–Obama is a Prince Hall. So who are the controllers? The Black Nobility…

  13. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III : Drive down the main drag in Chicago, for miles and miles on both sides—everything on both sides of main drag is either, Korean, Chinese or some kind of oriental. In Los Angeles, CA., There is Korean Real Estate Companies, Black Real Estate Companies, if Whites do that its racist, must have equal housing opportunities as the Powers That Be Demand and make Law! You aint seen nothing yet, alot of mexicans, wait till chinese—the yellow peril comes…..

  14. DWL, OWS, YKW’s? Would someone please translate these into English so I have some idea about what you are all talking about?

  15. I also wanted to know. Disingenuous White Liberals/Dying With Laughter, Occupy Wall Street (their occupation), You Know Who.

  16. Thanx and lulzors on my naivete As a codger in his 60’s who has given up on frequenting neo-Confederate sites I’m not always up to date on the latest jargon.

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