Intelligence Report: League of the South Rhetoric “Turns To Arms”

Is Michael Hill scarier than the Black Undertow?


The Carpetbag Poverty Law Center has been giving some more attention to the League of the South in its latest so-called Intelligence Report.

Mark has the hatebots saying that the League of the South is turning to “violent rhetoric.” These bookish Southern professors are now talking about buying AK-47s as a precautionary measure in event of the long anticipated collapse of the United States.

The suggestion has been made that it might be a reasonable precaution for White Southerners to stockpile firearms before the Obama administration figures out a way to subvert the Second Amendment. There is a theory floating around that the Constitution is on its last legs and that America is following in the footsteps of Greece – insane, right?

Guess they haven’t read the latest Mark Steyn book. What is BRA?

BRA is most accurately described as a world that has been turned upside down by delusional leftist social revolutionaries – a nightmare, the twilight of civilization, the modern Dark Ages – where the inferior race lords over the superior race, where naked tyranny has replaced constitutional government, where the perverse is the new normal, where degenerate behavior is relentlessly promoted and healthy behavior is loudly condemned, where the tax consumer is promoted over the taxpayer, where the family and religion have become the enemy of society rather than its foundation, where decline is described as progress, and where telling the truth and breaking liberal taboos is a greater crime than real actual violent crimes.

– In BRA, the National Guard is deployed to march White girls into Black Undertow schools on the basis of the latest edge cutting research in the exciting scientific field of sociology, which has confirmed that in spite of 150 years of recorded observation (and later the countless billions of taxpayer dollars squandered on Head Start) that the African negro is the “equal” of the White race.

What’s keeping the Negroid-American from getting ahead in Silicon Valley? Soledad O’Brien of CNN has recently uncovered evidence of a vast racist conspiracy. Such is BRA, where something that must be a source of countless jokes in foreign capitols is repeated with a tone of seriousness on national television!

– In BRA, the Obama administration blamed the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and called for federal gun control legislation, even though the lunatic Jared Loughner was a leftwing anarchist with a Satanic shrine in his backyard.

– In BRA, Eric “My People” Holder is arming Mexican drug cartels with AK-47s which were used to murder a Border Patrol agent. Oddly enough, that wasn’t mentioned in the latest issue of the Intelligence Report.

– In BRA, the Obama administration tells Mexican illegal aliens in Texas to go to the polls to “punish our enemies.” The enemies of the White House are American citizens, not foreigners who have invaded our country, and who are laughably portrayed as victims by the Mainstream Media.

– In BRA, Arizona, Alabama, and South Carolina are sued by Eric “My People” Holder for enforcing federal immigration law. Vermont is not sued for being a sanctuary state. Washington, DC is not sued for being a sanctuary city. Utah is not sued for entering into a foreign alliance with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

– In BRA, the “domestic extremists” like the League of the South (whose ancestors have lived in America for four centuries) are always threatening to resort to violence. In reality, everyone knows the Black Undertow commits virtually all the real violence in Alabama.

In 2010, the Black Undertow in Alabama was responsible for 62 percent of homicide, 55 percent of rape, 77 percent of robbery, 59 percent of burglary, and 91.5 percent of interracial rape.

After practicing non-violent witness of reality at its national conference in South Carolina, the League of the South is accused of “violent rhetoric” by the Carpetbag Poverty Law Center for taking defensive precautions against the Greek-style financial collapse just over the horizon.

In Reconstruction, the carpetbagger from Yankeeland descends on the South to promote civil rights and enrich himself

The Carpetbag Poverty Law Center is located in a declining city that is being consumed by violence which emanates almost exclusively from the Black Undertow area of West Montgomery which produced Civil Rights Martyr (CRM) Rosa Parks. Less than a quarter of mile from Carpetbag headquarters, there is a sign that pleads “Enough is Enough, Stop The Violence, Montgomery.”

"Violent extremists" are operating in Montgomery. The League of the South or the Black Undertow?

– In BRA, White people in Montgomery pay taxes to support public transportation, but don’t ride the bus whether it be at the front, the back, or the middle because mass transit caters to the violent elements of the Black Undertow.

In the Second Reconstruction, carpetbagger Mark Potok of Plainfield, Vermont makes $143,206 a year as a civil rights activist

– In BRA, the Carpetbag Poverty Law Center can write an Intelligence Report about the League of the South and the Tea Party being violent extremists, while turning a blind eye to the flash mobs that literally launched an insurrection in Britain, not to mention the murders, the rapes, the thefts, the riots, lawlessness, and anarchy emanating from the Left at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

– In BRA, Occupy Wall Street can explicitly endorse the use of violence, but the Tea Party and the League of the South are condemned as violent for repudiating violence and practicing non-violent witness of the reality of the situation.

– In BRA, the bad guys are the White victims of violence and the White taxpayers who shoulder the costs of supporting the Black Undertow in America’s prison system and the police officers who are on the front lines risking their lives in the War of Black Undertow Aggression.

The good guys are the lawbreakers like Martin Luther King, Jr., Luis Gutierrez, Occupy Wall Street and the African-American Mahogany Mobs who help themselves to the property of others, who live off the confiscated wealth of virtuous productive citizens, and who form mobs to violate the laws that they disagree with.

The Carpetbag Poverty Law Center has no credibility to talk about violent extremism anymore when the Black Undertow is terrorizing America’s major cities, when the Obama administration is arming Mexican drug cartels to murder Border Patrol agents, and when Occupy Wall Street is breaking the law and engaging in violence on a daily basis.

It is worth noting here that the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson has claimed that Occupy Wall Street is just like the Civil Rights Movement. We agree with this comparison. Jesse Jackson brought MLK to Chicago and marched with him in Selma and Memphis.

Occupy Wall Street is just like the Civil Rights Movement except for the fact that White Southerners have our own media now and we can watch this dispiriting mobocracy on YouTube, discuss their violent actions among ourselves on Facebook and WordPress, arrive at our own conclusions, and share our point of view via social media with anyone in the world.

If the South had been fortunate enough to have this technology at its disposal in the Civil Rights Movement, the “Reverend” Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been exposed to the world as the fraud, the charlatan, and the attention seeking publicity hound that he always was.

The last thing that White Southerners should do now though is lash out with violence in the present political atmosphere. It is much better idea to let Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder linger on for a few more years. They are discrediting their own cause in the eyes of White America.

Let the Black Undertow and Occupy Wall Street continue to lash out with violence. Smart phones can now be used by White Southerners to practice non-violent witness of the reality of the Black Undertow. The Blacks can then be watched on YouTube by millions of White people.

White Southerners will need survival gear like a smart phone, a laptop, testicular fortitude, a sense of humor, and a Facebook and YouTube account to practice discursive terrorism against the Carpetbag Poverty Law Center and the Mainstream Media. The goal must be to destroy their legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of our target audience.

That’s really all it will really take, y’all.

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  1. Too,bad there isn’t an intelligent report for white people forewarning them of dangerous places and organizations. Perhaps one can be made that would even spoof the splc report. This report would be a conglomerate of various news sources and issue alerts for certain areas based on upcoming events. Example, warning, high threat leve of violence in the Orlando area the week of such and such due to black biker week. Whites should avoid or send liberal friends notice that now would be a good time for them to put into practice their proclivities for cultural suicide.

  2. I’ve always preferred the Bonnie Blue Flag toDixie. Not that Dixie is in any way a bad song!

    For those interested here are some more verses:

    We are a band of brothers and native to the soil
    Fighting for our Liberty, With treasure, blood and toil
    And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    For Southern rights, hurrah!
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

    As long as the Union was faithful to her trust
    Like friends and like brethren, kind were we, and just
    But now, when Northern treachery attempts our rights to mar
    We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.


    First gallant South Carolina nobly made the stand
    Then came Alabama and took her by the hand
    Next, quickly Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida
    All raised on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.


    Ye men of valor gather round the banner of the right
    Texas and fair Louisiana join us in the fight
    Davis, our loved President, and Stephens statesmen rare
    Now rally round the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.


    Now here’s to brave Virginia, the old Dominion State,
    With the young Confederacy at last has sealed her fate,
    And spurred by her example, now other states prepare
    To hoist high the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star.


    Then cheer, boys, cheer, raise a joyous shout
    For Arkansas and North Carolina now have both gone out,
    And let another rousing cheer for Tennessee be given,
    The single star of the Bonnie Blue Flag has grown to be eleven.


    Then here’s to our Confederacy, strong we are and brave,
    Like patriots of old we’ll fight, our heritage to save;
    And rather than submit to shame, to die we would prefer,
    So cheer for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.


  3. 7MM WSM,.260 Remington now they reach across that big bean field.Long distance is the next best thing to being there.
    ditto the flag.

  4. The day the EBT stops you’ll want some whitey made lead flinger…… I’m going with the G3. Same operating principles as the Nazi MG42. Much more poetic justice in that.

  5. BRA is most accurately described as a world that has been turned upside down by delusional leftist social revolutionaries – a nightmare, the twilight of civilization, the modern Dark Ages – where the inferior race lords over the superior race, where naked tyranny has replaced constitutional government, where the perverse is the new normal, where degenerate behavior is relentlessly promoted and healthy behavior is loudly condemned, where the tax consumer is promoted over the taxpayer, where the family and religion have become the enemy of society rather than its foundation, where decline is described as progress, and where telling the truth and breaking liberal taboos is a greater crime than real actual violent crimes.

    Which is another way of saying that the gov’t is bleeding legitimacy. When you turn against your own taxpayers, and have no real way of turning aside from this path (I don’t think they can help themselves, at this point), don’t be surprised when they replace you.

  6. I have never lived in that rainbow colored happy place where the future is bright and safe and the solution to every problem is simply thinking pleasant thoughts. I grew up close enough to the Black Bottom in Detroit to understand at a young age that what we have today was well on its way by the mid-60’s.

    I am very pleased that the internet has made it possible for so many young White people to get a close up view of The Cannibal Nation from a safe distance. Now you pampered little shits have to give some serious thought to how you’re going to deal with those black cocksuckers when they show up in your neighborhood in full riot mode. You won’t be able to pause the video. The ESCAPE key won’t help, either. As nigger trouble-maker and poet, Gil Scott Heron, wrote many decades ago, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.

    Your many hours of Gears Of War experience won’t do much to save your soft ass. Your WOW pet won’t bite niggers. You will need some real world training.

    Buy some guns and ammo and learn how to hit what you’re shooting at. Go to a boxing or martial arts gym and learn to give and take punches. Move to an easily defensible location if you can afford it. Stockpile canned and dried staple foods.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    Good luck.

  7. Damn good post,Roots.
    I think I was 13 when dad removed the screens and I manned one window with a 16 ga.,older brother had the other end of the house with a 12 and dad was on the roof with his Garand.All the women were sent to buy up the ammo from Jacksonville to Lake City.They was coming to burn down the neighborhood.Didn’t happen.

  8. Re: weapons for future civil unrest.

    Lugers/1911 Colts (insert ones fave weapon here) are cool and all but it makes a lot more practical and strategic sense to develop armories built around readily available weapons and ammunition especially those of the established security forces whose arsenals will be available during raids on same.

    This should be:

    Glock 19’s, 17’s and Berretta 92’s along with stocks of 9mm Parabellum cartridges which are the standard for many police departments and all NATO countries including the U.S.A.

    Glock 21’s and the .40 S&W ammo which is widely used by U.S. State police forces (and the FBI.)

    .223 hunting rifles and AR-15,M-16, M-4 rifles which use the 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington) ammo and which are the standard U.S. military long arm.

    .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) chambered rifles. In addition to being a fine medium to large North American game cartridge this is the standard American and NATO medium machine gun round.

    7.62 x 39mm Russian cartridge and the AK-47’s and SKS carbines that fire it. Although not native to North America this is the most common small arm cartride in the world and there will be plenty of them available in North America during any sort of civil breakdown.

    ANY 12-gauge shotgun.

    And last but certainly not least:

    .22 Long Rifle. No need to be blasting away with expensive centerfire bullets 95% of the time. Buy lots of it and shoot lots of it. It will put plenty of meat on the table (including deer) in time of need. Back in the old days when I was a Yankee young’un 🙂 we all had them and we all shot the hell out of ’em.

  9. Addendum:

    As an unreconstructed geezer I must say I do not necessarily practice what I preach as my personal arsenal still runs towards .30-30 Winchesters, .45 ACP, the 20 gauge, and recently the 6.5 Swede in a Mauser action (what a fine cartridge!)

    Plenty of .22LR though!

  10. I wouldnt hang your .45 up yet.Quite a few LE departments have gone to it,leaving the .40 and a heck of alot of military folks carry it,especially the ones who have a choice.The military also procures the 6.8 SPC,300WM and .338 Lapua and of course .50BMG.
    I like the .17HMR for rimfire.

  11. I’m not talking about ideal cartridges. I’m talkin’ about available ordnance during the civil breakdown during the coming civil wars. As in what you are going to find in the gun lockers at your local National Guard armory.

    But if you want to get all decadent late American empire consumerist geeky gun nerdish then the .17HMR is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

  12. Well I was saying the .45 is still in use.I also mentioned the military uses more calibers than .223,.308 and 9MM.Not likely to be found in a NG armory though,which I have no intentions or plans to be raiding.
    Never said the .223 or anything you mentioned was a worthless POS so there is no call for you to get shitty about it.
    Hunter,my apology for this getting off topic.

  13. In any “Turn to Arms” there is no telling which National Guard units will be fighting on which side. My point remains that as a practical matter any effective fighting force against the feds will need to use the prevailing small arms and ammunition available in quantity in this country.

  14. Rudel and 300Rum have pretty much covered what’s good to repel the dark hordes, so I’ll stay out of that.

    Ammo storage is as important as gun selection, so pay attention.

    I seal my ammo for long term storage in those giant polyethylene plastic pepper barrels with the screw-on lids that are available used at a lot of places that sell horse feed.

    First, I fill the well scrubbed and thoroughly dried barrel with CO2 from my local welding supply store. (Tractor Supply and Home Depot also sell the CO2 tanks and regulators.) Next, I remove the rounds from their packaging and and place them in the barrel. The CO2 gas is heavier than air, so it will displace all of the moisture-laden air from the barrel. No air means no oxygen. No oxygen means no oxidation.

    After I put the desired amount of ammo into the barrel I top of the CO2 by letting the gas trickle inside for a minute or two. I then seal the lid immediately.

    Keep in mind that any seal-able polyethylene container will do, even gallon milk jugs. I just like the pepper barrels because they have a rubber seal ring in the lid and because they hold a lot.

    Note: This long term storage method will work on just about anything that you don’t want to corrode, oxidize or spoil. (Yeah, food, too. Store your dried grains and beans this way. They use CO2 to keep bananas and tomatoes from ripening and spoiling in the holds of ships. CO2 is the White Man’s friend.)

    One Last Note: CO2, AKA carbon dioxide, isn’t flammable or toxic, but it displaces air, so it should be used with utmost respect in poorly ventilated areas. For instance, CO2 from exhaled breath has killed many spelunkers who attempted to explore tight, down hill, dead end caves. The CO2 expelled from the spelunkers’ lungs fills the bottom of the cave and displaces the air. Unconsciousness and death can be the result. Make sure the heavy gas has a way to escape the room you are working in. An open door that leads outside is what I would recommend.

  15. Can’t you just buy your ammo in those sealed rubber bricks from the local surplus store?

    I don’t know if those are gas purged or not but I’ve fired rounds 40 years old and never had any issues.

    If the hoards arrive, it will be within the next 10 years for sure and likely the next 3. The preppers from the cold-war and 1990s had good ideas but their unknown time horizon is moot now, IMO. Everything that’s happening is right on time with historical cycles and in this one we’re in maybe 1931 of the GD but this time there’s african cannibals and sovereigns with nuclear weapons.

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