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  1. “Is Dick Morris reading Occidental Dissent?”

    I’m pretty sure you have a better grasp of history than that. At least when you want to.

  2. One guy says this:

    “No. My point was that Ashkenazi Jews are in fact largely German, and that the inbreeding was Jew male mating with German female rather than vice versa”

    And another poster says:

    “Judaism is a religion. Understanding its errors is fundamental to understanding whether you, your friends or your leaders have been infected with it. The genetic question is totally irrelevant. If you think that it is, you’ve been infected.”

    The Jews themselves, who call themselves Jews and tell us non-Jews about themselves, say that Jewishness comes from the MOTHER (and the corollary is, NOT the father).

    THAT means that if the Ashkenazis have as ancestors male Jews and German females, then, since according to Jews only a Jewish, not German, mother can “pass down” Jewishness, they are NOT Jews, unless they’ve personally undergone conversion by a qualified rabbi, which most Ashkenazis have NOT.

    So the Ashkenazis, not being actually Jewish by their own definition since the maternal link is broken, have no birthright to Israel, and therefore they took it by deception.

    But deception is no stranger to people with middle Eastern (from the father) genetic ancestry.

    JEWISHNESS is either genetic (passable by Dad) or the Ashkenazis stole Israel.

    Which is it, Spooky? Or am I just “infected”?

  3. The War was cause by a linclown for economics. (a) Linclown enforced the Morrill Tariff (which placed an 87% tax on southern goods; 13% on northern. This was intolerable; thus, secession. (b) Spiritual roots: liberalism had seeped into the yankee churches from Germany spawning abolitionism, transcendentalism, unitarianism (all of whom denied the deity of Jesus). The South remained bedrock Christian and Calvinistic; affirming Jesus’ deity). Linclown then suspended writ of habeas corpus and the result is what we have 150+ years later. We have one option: secession. Good luck.

  4. I have seen that idiot woman on Quadriga and her ridiculous views.she is completely out of touch with reality.

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