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  1. *groan* Roger Taney caused the Civil War.

    The Puritans certainly wanted abolition, but the political process that led up to the Civil War was very long and involved many people who were not Puritans. Taney ended the possibility of compromise or resolving the issue democratically.

  2. 600,000 white men dead because the damn fool scuttled decades of hard fought compromise legislation on both sides that had averted the war.

    The war was definitely dysgenic for the white race and nothing to celebrate about. It was a total disgrace.

  3. Hunter Sweetie – ALL the MSM hacks read Pro-White/WN/Evile Racist Knaaazee Bigot sites. I’m convinced Michael Weiner steals at least half his content from Stormfront. That Cry me a Ribber Nigra – what’s his name – the Darky “columnist” refers to White Sites all the time. Do you recall that Matt Tiabbi Rolling Stone article on the financial meltdown, using the Iconic WN image of the octopus tentacled around the White House – I got confirmation, from a very reliable source, that the image was lifted from SF – Star of Satan insignia removed, of course. Ann Coulter just got into a big of a kerfuffle over “Our Darkies are better than their Darkies” – and that was RIGHT out of our sites. Pat Buchanan translates our ideas and beliefs into the mainstream, on a regular and reliable basis.

    If White Sites would fold up – and the DC Kikes are making moves, again – most of the MSM would scramble ,fro something to write about….

  4. Simple, the clowns at the top are literally out of ideas. Might as well give Denise a shot at it. Little Jew Inc. is a spent force and this makes Big Jew Inc. slightly nervous and unstable so now today I read that the war on the Syrian/Iran axis might go forward. This all sounds so nuts.

  5. Rudel,

    600,000 white men dead because the damn fool scuttled decades of hard fought compromise legislation on both sides that had averted the war.

    The war was probably inevitable.

    It was impossible for Southerners to coexist with Yankees. The Yankees have been pushing ever new waves of radical liberal utopian social crusades down our throats. This has been going on since the 1830s.

    Even after slavery was abolished, the Yankees just moved onto the next social crusades which were temperance, women’s suffrage, world peace, and civil rights. The campaign for temperance and women’s suffrage culminated in Prohibition and the 19th Amendment. The campaign for world peace culminated in the League of Nations and United Nations.

    Where are the Yankees in our own times? Pushing for repeal of the DADT policy and for gay marriage and the DREAM Act. Voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

    The war was definitely dysgenic for the white race and nothing to celebrate about. It was a total disgrace.

    Of course it was dysgenic.

    If the Confederacy had won the war though, we would have permanently separated ourselves from the source of the problem, which is this fanatical obsession with radical ideas that emanates from the Northeast.

  6. Kroll,

    Wallace must be infuriating to a Yankee because he’s constantly trying to avoid attacking Jews and instead attacking Yankees in general.

    I’m not avoiding attacking the Jews.

    Most of these recent discussions are about the 19th century when “African-Americans” were tragically made into American citizens. Most of the Jews haven’t arrived yet in Yankeeland. They started moving there en masse in the 1890s and 1900s.

    We haven’t got to the Jewish Question yet because the vast majority of them were still in Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries at the time. Before the Jews even arrived in America, BRA existed in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

    The Yankees created BRA. They made “African-Americans” into American citizens. That was their idea. They were the ones who passes the 14th Amendment and the 15th Amendment. They were also the ones who created the Civil Rights Movement.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was vetoed by Andrew Johnson. It was passed over his veto. Johnson was impeached for opposing the Africanization of the Southern states. Charles Sumner was the genius behind the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

    What happened in the 1950s and 1960s was a rehearsal of Reconstruction.

  7. Stocks drop 230 points today. This is the 6th day in a row that the market closed in the negative. Is anyone else living this as much as me? In other news, the MSM seems to be trying to manufacture Newt Gingrich of all people into the GOP frontrunner. This after having failed with the likes if Donald Trump and Herman “Ma Nigga” Cain… Is it just me, or does anyone sense that the Democrats really fear the idea of Mitt Romney being the GOP nominee? Whatever the case, it’s really an enjoyable spectacle from here in the American Acropolis, watching this this country finally crumble like an iceberg in a warm ocean current. Smile, it’s the end of the world! (–that was a song by Matthew Good back in ’97, btw)

  8. In the 19th century, yes. In the 20th century, no.

    The story of the 19th century is the Yankees defeating the Confederacy and overthrowing the Constitution and making negroes into American citizens. It is the story of the North triumphing over the South and recreating America in its own image and the South winning “home rule” by violently overthrowing Reconstruction..

    The 20th century doesn’t make any sense until you understand the 19th century. It was the North’s capitalist economy that brought millions of revolutionary Jews to America. It was their system of liberal democracy that created the social context for the all the other insane utopian mass movements.

    How did the Jews rise to power in Yankeeland? How did they take over so many important institutions without a shot being fired? They took over because the takeover was perceived as legitimate by the natives.

    It was legitimate because the Jews were doing nothing wrong. They were just being good liberals, good democrats, and good capitalists like the Yankees. They were also extremely talented organizers who could join the insane liberal utopian social crusades and put new energy into them.

    The Jews didn’t create what is known as the “Civil Rights Movement.” They didn’t even create the idea that blacks are our equals. Indeed, the Constitution itself had established negro citizenship and negro equality BEFORE the Jews arrived en masse from the 1890s forward.

    Jews didn’t create feminism. They didn’t create the “free love” movement. They certainly didn’t create the women’s suffrage movement. Now, they certainly backed those movements, but is not the same thing as creating them.

    San Francisco, where you live, is a weird and nutty place (like Vermont, another weird and nutty place) because Yankees moved to the Pacific Coast to create a second New England on the Pacific. Similarly, as you move into the continent from the Left Coast, the culture mysteriously changes because those areas were not settled by Yankees.

    The “Counterculture” triumphed wherever Yankees had settled whether it be the Left Coast, the Upper Midwest, or the Northeast. It created a backlash in the areas where Yankees did not settle like the South, the Interior West, and the Lower Midwest.

  9. Idk, they were a very good fit. Yankeedom morphed into what we’re really dealing with, and what everyone sums up as the “Northeast.” If they aren’t yankees (the yankees you’re talking about do not even exist in the northeast any longers), the whole yankee shtik was very amenable to them— no community, not really, total mercantilism, money trumping everything, with a silly wash of do-gooderism. Don’t forget that all this sufferage, etc., is all meant to turn these unwashed folks into “markets.” That’s why we fight overseas— “opening markets.” It’s just very mercantile, and the people have a totally de-historicized sensibility. Most Americans do not even really “get” that there was a war. A real war. People are still alive whose parents fought.

    The yankee socialization seems to create people who can’t think, and for whom others are not quite “real.” Like how my teachers in the northeast always said, “Americans are oblivious b/c they never had a war fought on their soil, like in europe.” Granted, most of the teachers seemed to have actually been in the u.s. for about a week, so they had no information except what they were told in some immigrant welcome center.

  10. Y’all don’t get it.

    ” The problem of course, is that the Protestants thought of themselves as the “New Jews” and tried to mimic the Old Testament.”

    WRONG. The “Jews” are not Jews, but Khazarians- Clearly noted, described and talked about by fellow Khazars Bernard Freedman in the 1950’s and Arthur Koestler in the 1970’s. Even St. John and Jesus Christ knew this of the charade race, cf. John, Chapter 8, and Rev. 2:8,9.

    I would suggest EVERYONE read Charles Provan’s excellent little book, ‘The Church is Israel Now.’ There are sites with most of it up online, so you don’t even need to buy the book (but you should). The HERESY of Dispensationalism has much of ‘Evangelical Xtianity’ tied up in knots thinking that the [sic] “Jews” are ‘God’s Chosen People,’ but that’s because they deny the Church Catholic to BE what she says she is- the SUPERCESSION of O.T. Israel.

    Now, even if that latter were not true (but it is, so shut up already) the fact that the Finno-Turkic Khazars only ‘converted’ to Christianity some SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS AFTER the Fall of the Temple in Jerusalem, should at least give us a clue, that the ‘Jews’ of Jesus’ day were all but EXTINCT by the time the Khazars adopted their ‘false nose’ religion (double entendre/pun intended) and started going ‘trick or Treat, OY!’ somewhere about AD 800.

    Jews as a psychopathic, lying, inbread Neanderthalic race have been documented excessively in the last half-century. Jews as the “People of YHWH God”?

    Fuggedaboudit. It’s all a pile of horse manure.

  11. Speaking of science, the old theories of Ashkenazi Jews being some sort of 13th Khazar tribe (a la Arthur Koestler) have been debunked by modern genetic analysis. The German Jews originated in the Rhine River valley during the dark ages having traveled north from Italy after the collapse of the Roman Empire, and then they slowly migrated eastwards. It appears that they are only about 40% Semitic and as much as 60% German! I guess Paul Newman and Morris Dees had to get their blond hair and blue eyes from somewhere. 🙂


    Interestingly, most Ashkenazi Jews have almost no trace of Semitic maternal DNA which means there were a lot of Jewish guys screwing German girls rather than vice versa. (That doesn’t quite square with Hasidic law about who is a Jew though does it?)


    I’d strongly recommend that all WN’s get their genomes mapped at some place like 23andMe.com. Although some of you Southrons best be prepared for some “nigger (or at least Cherokee) in the woodpile” surprises though! LOL

  12. Rudel: Check out Nicolai Levashov on google and click books: Russian History Viewed Through Distorted Mirrors—-and see what he says about KHAZARS. Brit Am says Khazars are the real Jews. If you are taking about Germans, the Khazars took Nordic girls as wives for blood reasons to keep their Cainite blood strong because they are mixed bastard hybrids…… In Israel you can see these half Nordic Jew girls! Check out The Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide by Dr. John Coleman and what he says about how Royalty married into the Khazar Bankers…… The Khazars took revenge on Russia for destroying Khazaria……

  13. These old obsolete and incorrect histories of Europe are rapidly being overturned by modern genetic analysis.

    As another example, the people of Northwest Europe are much more closely related than had been previously thought. The genetic evidence strongly suggests that there were many migrations/invasions and back-migrations of Celtic and Germanic peoples across Northwest Europe from Ireland to Jutland prior to historical (Roman) times. The overlap of genes in the left hand map below indicates this.


  14. @ Hunter

    If you read magazines & newspapers from before the Civil War, you realize that the biggest worry North & South, was what will happen to the Negroes if they are freed? It was a real worry then—and even is today when you consider the social issues you have raised.

    If I were you I would look around, and see if I could still find old newspapers, magazines & books printed before the Civil War. You never know what might show up.

  15. “The Pilgrims Caused the Civil War”

    I LOVE IT! I just spit soup everywhere.

    From Dick Morris, no less.

    HW, I have to admit that I know some of your internet history and am therefore concerned that this recent material might be just another temporary indulgence. I hope not. As one other intelligent poster noted, it’s clearly in your blood.


    Rudel is right about the disproved Khazar theory. He ain’t often right, so…

  16. Bill Yancey—Khazars are real! They need Nordic blood to keep going, why do you think they take Nordic women as their wives? They are the Evil Seedline! Check out Dr. John Colemans—The Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide by Dr. John Coleman! I do want to be Serf or Slave to these Mutant Bastards! I wonder if Khazars are immune to GMO Foods and how it causes Sterility? Do you think they eat GMO Foods?

  17. Oh fuck me. Not another “JEWS ARE RLY KHAZARS!” thread.

    And for the similarly self-interested rebuttal …

    Interestingly, most Ashkenazi Jews have almost no trace of Semitic maternal DNA

    You’ve exaggerated the data. Whereas the Khazarians, I mean these excitable christers who think Jews being “Khazars” pulls the rug from under them and Israel, your side takes the other angle, that Jews are “more European” … and so not entitled to their Middle Eastern holding.

    Let’s look again at what your link says.

    “By pairwise Fst analysis, the Jewish groups are closest to Southern Europeans (i.e. Tuscan Italians) and to Druze, Bedouins, Palestinians. Interestingly, the distance to the closest Southern European population follows the order from proximal to distal: Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian, which reflects historical admixture with local communities. STRUCTURE results show that the Jewish Diaspora groups all demonstrated Middle Eastern ancestry, but varied significantly in the extent of European admixture. There is almost no European ancestry in Iranian and Iraqi Jews, whereas Syrian, Sephardic, and Ashkenazi Jews have European admixture ranging from 30%~60%.

    All of this, strangely, you elide to: ” … most Ashkenazi Jews have almost no trace of Semitic [material].


    Jews as a psychopathic, lying, inbread Neanderthalic race

    Ooh, I’m sorry, have you not heard the news? That accursed race of Cain’s entire genome has been sequenced … and is found in our own:


    Go ahead now, little christ hamster. Run in the other direction.

  18. Bill Yancey and Rudel: About Khazars–get 1911 Edition of Britanica Enyclopedia and look up Chazars or Khazars, the powers that be do not consider this politically correct… Also read The Thireenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler, then find out what happened to him…. Yiddish is the Language of Khazars! FOR A VERY LONG TIME, THE ELDERS OF THIS GROUP OF SO CALLED JEWS HAVE BEEN TELLING THE CHILDREN TO MARRY INTO GENTILE PEOPLE TO SOFTEN OR DELETE THE FACIAL FEATURES. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR A VERY LONG TIME IN ORDER TO INFILTRATE THE GENTILE WITHOUT MUCH NOTICE OF WHAT THEY REALLY ARE—-CONTROLLING KHAZARS AT HEART! (The Evil Seedline-The Dark Force) Check google—-KUTIA E. PANDORAS BOX-Forum Shqiptar and HUNTER WALLACE—Have you read PANDORAS BOX — The Ultimate Unseen Hand behind the New World Order by Alex Christopher (She is an Alabama Gal) . If you check Brit Am you will see how they are saying Khazars are the true Jews! The Evil ones are trying to discredit KHAZARS and even within the White Nationalist movement they try to discredit Louis Beam be saying he has Indian Blood! Bull Crap, BEAM is a good man and his UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE PROVES IT! What happens to the Khazars when there is no more NORDIC blood to get infused so they wont die out? So they want to kill off all the Whites, guess what—They die out to…..Lets get the Spark and stop all their crappy plans of control and destruction!

  19. Fuck the jews, they are toast, all you conspirators are basically desperately trying to prove a nullity, or history at best.

    Denise tell us how it is to be jewish today on a campus, would a jewish kid strut about telling everyone he is jewish? About the third time this damned idiot did this his/her texts would be ignored like they had a STD. Finklestein has said that when he speaks on campus these days, the little jews who once blocked him from speaking are standing outside the building trying to hand out fliers no one except the goofballs of the campus GOP would dare take. The little jew parents should be begging decent white men to take their daughters, que next rant.

    Big Jew Inc. fuck them too, digital dollars are basically worth much less than white racial genetics. Play any game theory you want but a Jew with whites is basically a sheeny in the pot.

    We at BUGs have destroyed the last remnants of the six million guilt hammer, the day is near.

  20. Hunter – I do agree to a point , bout “It’s Yankess Not Kikes” – becauae I am SURROUNDED by the clueless, oblivious White “Christian” Yankees – who have not EVER had to suffer the effects of their deranged beliefs.

    Jews have played their vanities like a Stradivarius violin. The African slave trade, however, was run out of Rhode Island, by the Wolfe family, and their fellow Tribe. Ala – George Washington was flattered into alloweing Jews to stay in the USA – since their WAS awareness of their historic perfidity. There have been Jews in the South, since the beginning. They just kept a low profile. Doing so served their interests. The laizzes faire Anglo Celts didn’t really notice -as our ADD Race rarely does. We are interested in *being* more than anything else. Not really *ruling*. Live and let live – exept for intermittent, usually pointless warfare. Anyway – Atlanta served as the Southern HQ, for the Tribe. . I shouldn’t have to tell you about any of this.

    I think the 2 chief reason for the heavy Judaic clusters, in the North vs the South, are that the financial centers, and the UNIVERSITY centers were located in Yankeeland. Although there are many fine Universities in the South – the vast geographic expanses between various universities made it difficult to interact, Simply put – the distances, in the North, were shorter. I’m referring to the times prior to modern transportation, of course. Anyway – the Jews could interact, and HATCH PLOTS, with each other, a lot easier thna in the South – were their activities would be much more obvious. As you well know, Southerners know who they are – and who every-one else is, as well. Judaic subversion would not have worked as well, in the South. So they centered in the North.

  21. AMC is running “Gone with the Wind “non-stop. I’ve watched this movie many times before. It’s an amazing film. The reason it’s so popular, in addition to the thrilling story, it that “it’s all in there”. It’s the story of the Anglo Celts, in America. It’s what we are. (Excepting the fly in the ointment casting of English Hebe Leslie Howard, a Ashley. I just envision a beautiful White man, instead of him, when he’s onscreen).

    I also think it’s interestnig that AMC chose this film as representative of the most American of Holy Days.

  22. RobRoy- get the bug outta your anal tract, will ya? I don’t know where YOU are -but in my neck of the NorthEast – YES- Jews do strut around EVERYWHERE, proclaiming their Hebe-ishness – and demanding tribute and worship from the clueless White Schmoos, who grant [it].

    The White Schmoos round here obey the Electric Jew (Talmudvision) , with almost infallible loyalty. The Preists of the Shabbos Goy Ministry – Beck is the Pope – proclaim the Divinity of Die Jude 24/7.

    As the financial scam corrodes, and the Darkies that Yankees swear Eternal Agape to the Darkies moving in – actually moving in – right next door, along with Pedro, and Maria de La Luz, and their 15 hijos – and those people in those turbans and burkahs! move in as well – and are not very friendly! – and as they lose their sweet gigs to those very motivated Asians – who are very polite, but not really that friendly either, once the are in Management – well some of the Menfolk are beginning to sneak off the kosher Plantation. The Devoted and Faithful Yankee Women folk could not get Beck restored to Fox TV – but he still lhas his radio show, and he has his very own internet channel – named after him….so it’s still good. And They ARE NOT Racist! Diversity is the Highest Moral Good. Once all those Other People, who are now….here….realize that We Are All One, Underneath – and America is the Proposition Nation – and We WILL All Be One, Very Soon, Any Day Now….everything will be GREAT.

    They are questioning WHY the Republicans they worked so very hard to install are not fixing things, the way they are supposed to….it’s just weird. and those OWS people are filthy evil pigs, who Don’t Want to Work (and they don’t!) and they are ANTI-SEMITIC!!!! Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin have just said that the Anti Semitism must stop NOW. It’s just too much. It must stop – it’s just plain wrong. Why are they saying that? What has Anti Semitism got to do with any of this? But those OWS types are just awful, and Anti Semitism is JUST awful – just like Hitler – and you can learn all about the Holy Land is you go to Beck’s channel. These are phone number you can get – and you can talk to a very nice Jewish Israeli person who is One of God’s Chosen – and learn all about the Holy Land. It’s not even that expensive.

    So Robby – please send your brilliant JooBeGone Team of Bugsters HERE, will ya?

    Hunter – to all Men and Belles of the Southland – rejoice! The Buzzards of Yankee Fascist Utopianism are circling, and beginning to snatch meat off the not quite fully dead Yankee Corpse. Those buzzard’s beaks HURT! Yankess are just beginning to understand the meaning of pain.

  23. More of the Same – LYAO in a good way – or a bad way?

    And Robbie – so the Jews are gone? Does that mean Pastor Robb is now the head of Goddam Sachs – and the Lloyd Blankfiend has gone up the chimbley?

  24. Denise, when I say “love” that’s exactly what I mean. I’m not being sarcastic.

    I know how easy it is for WN’s to obsess about Jews. I do myself from time to time.

    Reading Hunter’s more recent articles, however, has brought to my attention that it was/is the damn Yankees responsible for so many of our woes.

    The unholy pit was already dug. The Jews gleefully jumped in.

  25. “All of this, strangely, you elide to: ” … most Ashkenazi Jews have almost no trace of Semitic [material].”

    That’s not what was stated. What was stated was that Ashkenazi Jews have less mt (mitochondrial) DNA (mtDNA is passed directly from mothers to children) than might be expected. They all have at least 40% of Semitic Y-chromosome (the male sex chomosome) DNA (inherited directly from father to son in the male line.)

  26. this is all so weird. the way we carry on.

    one moment i’m drinking coffee, next i’m reading about non-semitic semitic khazarian north european jews, and buzzard yankee fascist utopianism.

    my head hurts. 🙁

  27. “i give up! jews are whatever you need them to be.”

    No. My point was that Ashkenazi Jews are in fact largely German, and that the inbreeding was Jew male mating with German female rather than vice versa. And also that the Khazar theory is disproven by this genetic analysis.

  28. Denise,

    It is not a choice between “Yanks” or “Kikes.”

    Remember, we are discussing the 19th century here, so the “Kikes” are still in Germany, Russia, Poland, etc. They haven’t arrived in America yet. We haven’t gotten to that part of the story.

    In the early twentieth century, we see the fusion of “Yanks” and “Kikes” in writers like Randolph Bourne and John Dewey. That is subject that we will get to somewhere down the road.

  29. uh says:
    “my head hurts.”

    Yes, actually having to exercise long dormant brain cells probably brings that on for folks like you.

  30. Rudel: Whose evidence disproves Khazars? Look at this article from Brit Am on Google: KHAZARS – An Overview Israelite Tribes in Exile–Brit Am. Of course this is a jewish site. Arthur Koestler did not commit suicide, he was killed for writting the book on Khazars. Khazaria was a real state and the Rus did them in — for that Russia has went thru hell, millions killed for revenge. Check Nicolai Levashov on this.

  31. JT, how do you account for the identical behavior of the Jews in Ancient Egypt and ancient Rome to their behavior in recent times? If they popped up out of nowhere on the edge of Russia only a few hundred years ago, who were those beloved chosenoids so well-documented in ancient times? Did Jew Koestler address that?

  32. I know.

    When people complain about the Jews, it is understood they are complaining about the radical Jews of the Northern states, whose ancestors came to America from Germany and Eastern Europe after the war, and who took over parts of Yankeeland in the twentieth century.

  33. Judaism is a religion. Understanding its errors is fundamental to understanding whether you, your friends or your leaders have been infected with it. The genetic question is totally irrelevant. If you think that it is, you’ve been infected.

  34. Well Denise if jews are so upfront as to their identity why do you have to “name die jude.” Sorry young lady you are stuck on fail, stop.

  35. “Rudel: Whose evidence disproves Khazars?”

    Modern genetic research. During the Diaspora of the Jews following the Roman destruction of the the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. many Jews migrated westward.


    After the fall of the Roman Empire some migrated northward into the Rhine valley. These formed the basis of the Ashkenazi (German) Jews.


    All this foolish Khazar conversion nonsense is nothing but a bunch of ahistorical 19th Century nonsense trying to undermine Zionism by trying to prove that “Khazar” Jews were not Semitic and thus had no “right of return” to Palestine. LOL

    In fact, Ashkenazi Jews are absolutely Semitic genetically and with a goodly measure (40% to 60%) of German blood to boot.

    2000 years of European migrations are a tough route to follow but thankfully modern genetics is helping to clear up some of the confusion.


  36. Bill Yancey: Yockey talks about how civilizations go thru steps. White Christian Civilization is in the last phase of death. If you try to raise a Crusade, the Whites will be the first ones to get the rope to hang you. There is many many books on Khazars. Marine General Pedro del Valle was into the book IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA. You need to check out Nicolai Levashovs book. Russian History Through Distorted Mirrors and read about what he says about KHAZARIA and KHAZARS. The Russian people have been killed by millions because of the KHAZARS REVENGE for destroying their Their JEW KINGDOM of Khazaria. Khazars by the way speak YIDDISH! Check out Texe Mars book Codex Magica about Jews, Freemasonry and the Occult….You need to go to Jewish neigborhoods and look around, and you can plainly see they are KHAZARS!

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