War Against The South: NAACP Agitation Continues

The NAACP demonstrates BRA's ideal of tolerance, diversity, and mutual respect!


Steven Simpson at The American Thinker has written an article that laments the neverending crusade by the NAACP against symbols of Southern heritage like the Confederate battle flag.

I’ve considered changing the name of this website. How does The Confederate Thinker sound? What about The Spirit of the South? How about The Montgomery Mercury? Your suggestions are appreciated.

Consider this a response from The Confederate Thinker:

(1) Why should the NAACP stop agitating against the South? They have been successfully waging the War Against The South for over a 100 years now. The War Against The South shouldn’t be confused with the military conflict known in Yankeeland as “The Civil War.” No one is refighting the “Civil War” here in the sense that there are arguments being made about Gettysburg or Antietam.

(2) The NAACP has a consistent track record of making outrageous demands which are followed by appeasement which is always followed by further outrageous demands. In South Carolina, the Confederate battle flag was removed from the top of the South Carolina statehouse in the vain hope that would settle the issue.

The NAACP has been unsuccessfully boycotting South Carolina for ten years now to get the Confederate battle flag removed from the grounds of the state capitol in Columbia altogether. Once that is accomplished, the offensive statue of Wade Hampton will have to removed, along with every other statue that is offensive to “the Blacks” like the Confederate statute where the Confederate flag has been relocated.

(3) There was never a “Civil War.” There was a War for Southern Independence or a War Between the States. The Confederacy was fighting for its independence, not for control of the United States. The Yankees were perceived as a distinct ethnic group by White Southerners.

Saying there was a “Civil War” is exactly like saying that Yugoslavia had a “Civil War” between Croats and Serbs. The only “civil war” that existed was the one that raged within the South between Confederates and anti-Confederates in states like Missouri and Kentucky.

(4) Ethnic conflict is ubiquitous across the world. The NAACP is engaged in an ethnic conflict with White Southerners. “The Blacks” are a distinct ethnic group. Southern Whites are another distinct ethnic group. They share the same geographic location. It would be genuinely surprising if there wasn’t ethnic conflict between the two groups in light of their history.

(5) The Confederate flag is a racial, ethnic, and cultural symbol of Southern heritage. “The Blacks” are right on that point. It really does have racial overtones. The Confederate veterans who fought in that war (and who later violently overthrew Radical Reconstruction in Mississippi and South Carolina) would have been the first to agree.

Let us stop being apologetic about this: the Confederate flag symbolizes Dixie as a White Man’s Country. Among other things, it symbolizes Herrenvolk democracy, an explicitly Christian society, the ideal of a republican aristocracy, an explicitly conservative society, and a world controlled by the Southern White man and run for the benefit of the Southern White man and no one else.

Gosh, we should be thankful we lost, right? If the Confederacy had won, BRA wouldn’t exist. The Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday wouldn’t exist. Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t be president.

That is why the Confederate flag is hated by the NAACP. It symbolizes a world that was the exact opposite of BRA. It symbolizes a world in which “the Blacks” worked and labored on plantations for the benefit of White people, not the present world where the White people work and pay taxes to subsidize and support millions of “the Blacks” on the TANF welfare check and the EBT card.

(6) The NAACP doesn’t understand the word “no.” As long as the NAACP doesn’t understand there are boundaries of this “civil rights” nonsense, they will continue to push those boundaries to ever new extremes.

What does the Confederate flag have to do with “civil rights” anyway? The term “civil rights” (which originally referred to things like the right to marry, own firearms, serve on juries, etc.) has lost its meaning and has become a catch all term that somehow justifies the promotion of “the Blacks” at the expense of other ethnic groups, especially Southern Whites.

(7) The American flag has already become an “offensive symbol” to Mexicans that is banned in some schools in California. That is a threshold which has already been crossed.

(8) It is a radical idea that you can create a nation out of “all colors and creeds.” How can you possibly create a nation out of rival ethnic groups with historical grievances and antagonistic political principles? It is a delusional liberal idea (one that has nothing whatsoever to do with conservatism) that is visibly failing.

I would like to point out here that was not a Southern idea. It was Yankee-Jewish idea that was imposed upon Dixie in the 1960s. We have adapted to this system in public, but privately we have never really believed it.

(9) In spite of 150 years, the “Civil War” is still being fought because ethnic conflict is interminable, and despite what Yankees might think, America is no “exception” to the divisive force of ethnonationalism.

(10) If the “Civil War” was really about slavery, then what are we fighting about 150 years later? How do we explain the history of Reconstruction? The South remained distinct from the North and became even more distinct after the demise of slavery.

Maybe the “Civil War” was really about ethnic conflict in the context of multinational democracy: the type of ethnic conflict we saw in abundance in Europe in the twentieth century. We saw plenty of ethnic conflict in Reconstruction.

(11) Clearly, the North was fighting to “preserve the Union,” not to abolish slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t issued until 1863. The typical Union soldier was motivated by a misguided sense of patriotism, not by abolitionist sentiment.

(12) It is long overdue for White Southerners to realize that the NAACP is motivated by ethnic animosity, not by goodwill. There is no point in negotiating with them because every concession inevitably leads to further demands.

(13) The Confederacy itself would certainly fit the definition of a “hate group” (a spurious term coined by the hedge fund/direct mail marketing scheme called the Southern Poverty Law Center) by modern standards. The United States was a “hate group” for most of its history.

(14) Conservatives never raise the issue of black-on-white violent crime because we are living in Black Run Amerika: a society that is run for the benefit of “the Blacks” at the expense of White people.

(15) In Black Run Amerika, the worst thing you can be is a “racist,” a term which did not exist until the 1930s. Why is this term called “racism” considered the worst moral failing? It was unknown to the greatest moral philosophers in Western history. It was unknown to Jesus Christ and the Church fathers.

Racism is the worst moral failing because we live in a society that is run for the benefit of “the Blacks.” The foundational assumption of BRA is that “the Blacks” are our equals and that racial disparities are the result of environmental inequities, the legacy of slavery, and racial discrimination.

Previous generations of White Southerners believed that “the Blacks” were an inferior race. God had created this inferior race. If “the Blacks” were an inferior race, then the Creator of the Universe had made them that way, and it wasn’t the fault of anyone else.

Perhaps the Lord had some kind of divine purpose in mind? Maybe “the Blacks” were created to serve White people:

“And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 26 And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. 27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”

(16) The dissolution of the United States should be welcomed as the liberation of the Republic of Dixie and the end of this long nightmare known as Black Run Amerika and the beginning of a glorious new dawn for the Southern race.

(17) We don’t think having a true and honest discussion with the NAACP about race will accomplish anything. We don’t give any credit either to the delusional liberal fantasy (which is contradicted by multiple lines of evidence) that there is going to be “racial healing” in America when Whites are a minority in this country.

(18) Here in the South, we have been down this road before. We can look at Reconstruction and see what happened when “the Blacks” ruled South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It meant outrageous corruption and confiscatory levels of taxation and the decline of civilization and the Africanization of our culture and the use of democracy as a method to lord over us and exploit us.

(19) Racial conflict is inevitable. As we move further into the 21st century, racial demands upon Whites will increase as Whites continue to lose their political power, thanks largely to the likes of worthless Republicans who refuse to frankly address the most important issues of our times.

(20) Finally, if we ever create a new country out of the wreckage of the United States, it must be based on the repudiation of BRA and everything for which it stands, especially on the silly idea of “equality” which has finally succeeded in bringing this nation to its knees.

Note: It is time to go on offense at the state and local level and start protesting all the crime and drug infested streets that have been named after Rosa Parks, MLK, and Ralph Abernathy.

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  1. (6) The NAACP doesn’t understand the word “no.” As long as the NAACP doesn’t understand there are boundaries of this “civil rights” nonsense, they will continue to push those boundaries to ever new extremes.

    This. This is why all sane, healthy people should oppose leftoidism; because leftoids can’t stop themselves. They have unattainable “goals” that serve only as a fig leaf for their authoritarianism and lust for power.

  2. The National Association of Childish/Crippled People is one of the many faces of the matriarchy that is presently in control in all western nations. As such, like all females who are rebellious to their God given roles, it’s demands are never ending, for it is fully controlled by envy, as it knows deep within itself, that the white man is it’s superior and was created in the beginning to be white man’s servant in taking dominion over the earth and ruling it.

    It will never stop it’s demands, for they who demand are never satisfied. The only way it can be stopped is by it’s opposite which is strong domineering malehood, which eventually will arise in this country and throw off this abomination and those who are involved in pushing it and propagating it.

  3. Jesus Christ! So now we have to harsh on women’s organizations to help cripples? Some of you white trash fucks are truly a disgrace.

  4. Rudel: Apparently you have a problem with reading comprehension. I should have wrote, National Association for the Advancement of Childish/Crippled People. Ever heard of sarcasm? Watch my lips…Childish/Crippled People = blacks. They are controlled by the matriarchy = jewry inspired. The matriarchy is the system that is presently in control of this country and other western nations. Push your guilty button did I?

  5. “The Confederate Thinker” is good. “The Southern Mercury is also good. But only if you intend to launch a full-scale coup on the LOS. You are doing what they should be doing.

    Until then “Occidental Dissent” is good.

  6. Hunter –

    Eufaula Regency?

    I think that all rights should own a domain which they can continue on once the government oversteps its limitations.

  7. I think that OD is exactly where you should be, because the war against the South, IS the war against the Occident, or what the WEST used to be, stand for, exist- until roughly, 1960.

    Your comments earlier about the NAACP or the SPLC and using terms like Scalawag, Abolitionist, and such in ‘renaming’ them/calling them for what they were/are, was brilliant. (I forget now what the exact term was.)

    Also note that the NAACP was STARTED by Jews. Just to remind you that Blacks WILL have handlers. And we need to KNOW that, in order to disenfranchise them, totally. They WILL be slaves- either of the Fed, the JEW, or the White Man. Over 400 years of benificence has done nothing to change them intrinsically. And watching S.A., Rhodesia, Uganda, etc. can only give us one type of leader- Idi Amin, Mugabe, or Mandela- butchering savages, all.

    Judel, I clearly note that you are not ‘one with us’ in this fight, but are merely thinking in pagan, isolationist terms. [I John 2:19] Your desire for mass murder, and then your calling cogent observations (such as Svigor and Brandon) vulgar names, clearly corroborates my earlier observations on your comments. You are ideologically a “Jew” or an ‘other’ rather than one of us….even if you’re white.

  8. Fr.John, you are a profoundly ignorant fool with little to no understanding of science and like most religious fanatics are mentally unstable as your posts clearly attest.

  9. I like both the Confederate thinker and the Southern Mercury

    Funny how folks pick up on BRA, but don’t see how things have been changed to give women the same kind of out of balance, and unearned power. Hell, White women are the biggest winners in the affirmative action game, and both the woman’s movement and the civil rights movement are driven by the same leftist/ marxist ideals

  10. Brandon writes:

    ” I should have wrote”

    No, you should have written. Otherwise you sound like some dumb uneducated hillbilly or nigger.

  11. “I think that OD is exactly where you should be, because the war against the South, IS the war against the Occident, or what the WEST used to be, stand for, exist- until roughly, 1960.”

    Precisely. And it’s analogous to the South being called the White Man’s country. It shouldn’t be changed. Yet, anyway.

  12. What should be done, what should’ve been done a long time ago, is a more politically-oriented Onion-like satire site. If anybody ever had a wealth of material for such a thing it’s us who’ve been smothered for decades with media and governmental ridiculousness. Don’t convert this one. Use one of your other domains.

    Yeah, I’d do it myself if I had either the writing or drawing talent.

  13. They want to outlaw Confederate Battle Flag. I remember years ago in late 80s I went to a Homestead, Florida Rodeo and there was thousands of people there. They showed all the Flags that flew over America on horse back they would ride around showing the Flags. They started with the Raven Flag and finally got to the Rebel Flag. I was young and crazy—-stood up and yelled as loud as I could—thats the only good Flag! White Power!ª The entire crowd went into a total silence, security came out all over the place and I moved and hid in crowd. Then the next day in the paper the head Council Jewboy said– The Rebel Flag will not be shown anymorte in Rodeo. Ok, they want to get rid of Rebel Flag, I will raise the Flag of Buddy Tucker, The NEWS FLAG of the National Emancipation of White Seed (NEWS)–they can foam at mouth alot then! Buddy Tucker is right, Every one has faults, but the issue is The WHITE RACE! You talk about hatred of Southerners, you should have seen the hate of NEWS and Buddy Tucker in 70s! ARYAN NATION came after NEWS! Even Richard Butler was a member. NEWS is more needed now than ever! I salute Buddy Tucker for posting the articles of BATTLE AX NEWS on Truth From God.com Other Articles. Well I guess I got alot of people mad, I dont care. Wow Wow Wow!

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