What Would It Take To Get You To Fight?

South Carolina

It is an interesting question: what would it take to get you to fight?

My answer is that we have a long campaign of moral persuasion ahead of us and that violence done in the name of our communities without legitimacy in the eyes of the people of our communities is counterproductive and plays into the hands of the enemy.

The Black Undertow is responsible for most of the violence in the American South. These criminals are engaged in violence against White people on an everyday basis. This Visible Hand has made our great cities uninhabitable for taxpaying, civilized, law abiding White people. The Left is also presently engaged in a campaign of violence in the name of anarchy and social revolution in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

I think that we need to claim the moral authority of non-violence. We need to turn MLK’s narrative world upside down and practice non-violent witness of the reality of the situation on our opposition. The tools of social media (such as WordPress, Facebook, YouTube) can be used to create a discourse and an adversary culture that challenges the legitimacy of the racial, cultural, and political status quo.

What would it take to get you to fight? The answer is nothing more than a moral consensus and legitimacy in the eyes of our own communities. Before we can fight and win though, we have to start changing minds.

Note: I will watch the video below when I get back from the gym.

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  1. “relying upon transplants and changing demographics in the Sunbelt to win reelection”

    LOL! The commie Washington Post certainly hopes so. What the Dems gain in having white collar liberals moving to the D.C. suburbs of Virginia and the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “Research Triangle” of North Carolina they stand to lose by having white blue collar Reagan Democrats defecting to the Republicans in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

    And I wouldn’t bet on suburbanites remaining particularly liberal as the steadily deteriorating economy has their college loan indebted children moving back in with them.

  2. Fr. John: Good statements on KHAZARS. The Khazars and THE BLACK NOBILITY issue will not go away. Even Farrakhan and Malachi York and BlackHebrews are hip to them! Hill does not say who the Serpent is!

  3. As to those who actually like it? I know a few and I’ll bet you do too.

    yea Rudel, I know a few. I’ve been doing this for 28 years now and folks accuse me of being one of those. But none that I know want to see it go down in our backyard. A man should be ready for it, but he should work just as hard to find another way.

    Violence is often not the end of problems. Our people pulled it off successfully once, when we crushed the so called native Americans. It can be done, but half the crap holes I work in, still suffer the fallout form various forms of ethnic clashes even when it occurred generations ago.

  4. To Fight: Check this out: On Google: Robert E. Miles – Great White Desert and Richard Butler – Great White Desert. Robert E. Miles 33/5 and Butlers ARYAN WARRIOR are good info. NEWS is Future, next Richard Kelly Hoskins works, then Louis Beams works. then Terrible Tommy on Lone Wolf. THE FUTURE WILL ONLY BE FIGHTING TO SURVIVE: Create The Spark znd Foundation!

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