Illinois’s Bad Karma

Illinois dreams of expelling Chicago


“This Government was made by our fathers on the white basis . . . made by white men for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever.”
– Sen. Stephen Douglas of Illinois

In Buddhism, the Law of Karma says that “for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.”

Another way of stating this is to say that, “Our deeds still travel with us from afar, And what we have been makes us what we are” or “Once we have an imprint of an action in our mind, it tends to be habit-forming.” The street philosopher might explain karma by saying “shit comes back to haunt you.”

The State of Illinois is suffering tremendously from bad karma stemming from Abraham Lincoln’s foolish war against the Confederacy: Whites are down to 63.7 percent of the population, while African-Americans have risen to 14.3 percent of the population, Asians have risen to 4.6 percent of the population, and Hispanics are now 15.8 percent of the population.

Chicago, which is 31.7 percent White, dominates the rest of the state. The Chicagoland metropolitan area contains half the population of Illinois. Like a massive anchor, Chicagoland is pulling the rest of Illinois inexorably to the Left, where the gentry liberal strategy put Dick Durbin and Barack Hussein Obama in the Senate.

Now down state Illinoisans have had enough of Chicago and are dreaming of secession:

“Now two downstate Republican lawmakers think that they’ve found a solution for Mr. Wooters and other disgruntled Illinoisans who want to escape but can’t: Cut off the pesky tail that’s wagging the dog—separate Chicago from the rest of the state.

That’s the legislative initiative of State Reps. Adam Brown and Bill Mitchell, who think politicians from the Windy City have blown the state too far left. “At every town-hall meeting I hear, ‘Can’t we separate from Chicago?'” says Mr. Mitchell.

Chicago pols control almost all seats of power in Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn, House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Secretary of State Jesse White are all Democrats from Chicago. So was former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who this month was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption, including trying to sell President Obama’s vacated seat in the U.S. Senate. Consequently, as Mr. Wooters says, a lot “of the money that we have down here goes up there to bail out Chicago.”

In 2008, lawmakers in Springfield cobbled together a $530 million rescue package for Chicago’s transit system, which was on the brink of collapse because of sky-high labor and legacy costs. Just this week they pushed through $300 million of tax credits for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange and Sears to prevent the businesses from fleeing to lower-tax climes. Both Indiana and Ohio have been aggressively poaching Illinois businesses, especially since January, when lawmakers raised the state income tax to a flat 5% from 3% and the corporate tax to 9.5% from 7.3%.. . . .

Mr. Wooters knows several people who are leaving the state. His neighbors are moving to Kentucky, his best friend to Tennessee. Another friend, who owns a chain of agricultural-supply stores, has moved to Florida and is expanding operations in other states. Most of the state’s business class appears bearish about their own future. In a Chicago Tribune survey of 45 chief executives of large, publicly held Illinois businesses, only two said they expected the state’s economic condition to improve in the next year.

Little wonder why. The state’s bond debt has soared to $30 billion from $9.2 billion in 2002, when Democrats seized control of both the governorship and statehouse. Lawmakers have borrowed $10 billion just to fund the state’s pension system, which is running a $210 billion unfunded liability. In fact, all of the $7 billion raised by this year’s income and corporate tax hikes is going toward funding pensions.”

Illinois is going to hell under Democrats who are raising taxes and driving businesses and young people out of state.

The root cause of this can be traced to the presence of so many African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian voters in the Illinois electorate who can combine with the White liberal minority to dominate White conservatives. In cities like Chicago, Whites have been effectively disenfranchised. They have been subjected to what President Andrew Johnson famously called “Negro domination.”

In his Third Annual Message to Congress, Johnson warned that “the transfer of our political inheritance to them would, in my opinion, be an abandonment of a duty which we owe alike to the memory of our fathers and the rights of our children.” He also warned that the enfranchisement of the Southern Negro would also have the effect of placing “the General government partially into the hands of Negroes.”

In 1865, Illinois repealed its Black Codes which had (1) banned free blacks from settling in Illinois, (2) prohibited African-Americans from voting in Illinois state elections, (3) prohibited African-Americans from testifying or bringing suits against Whites in Illinois courts, (4) prohibited African-Americans from gathering in groups of larger than three or more, and (5) prohibited African-Americans from owning firearms or serving in the Illinois state militia.

Before the War Between the States, Illinois was one of a handful of Lower North states (Oregon, Iowa, and Indiana were the other three) that had wisely banned the presence of free negroes altogether. In 1860, there were almost no African-Americans in Illinois, which (to their everlasting credit) had completely banned African-Americans in 1853.

Abraham Lincoln lost the Illinois Senate race to Stephen Douglas in 1858 because Illinoisans wisely feared that the abolition of slavery would unleash the Black Undertow on the Midwest. The Little Giant hammered Lincoln over the weakness of his commitment to white supremacy.

Eight years later, Sen. Lyman Trumball of Illinois (a corporate Republican who received an annual retainer from the Illinois Central Railroad) wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which made African-Americans into American citizens. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was a revolutionary piece of legislation that transformed the nature of American citizenship.

Previously, Americans had been citizens of the Union by virtue of their state citizenship. Each state had the power to decide who was a citizen and who could vote. In this way, five New England states (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island) had made African-Americans into citizens with voting rights, whereas none of the other states had approved of negro citizenship or recognized African-Americans as being American citizens.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment took the power to define citizenship away from the states and placed it in the hands of the consolidated national government in Washington. It would later use this power to declare that Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians were American citizens. Then Washington would fatally vote to throw open our borders to the entire Third World.

Looking back on the tragic course of American history, one is forced to conclude that every White victim of African-American and Hispanic criminals and corrupt politicians in the State of Illinois is suffering from the bad karma of the War Between the States which fatally took Illinois off the White basis of citizenship. That war was the pivotal turning point in history.

Before the war, Illinois was explicitly part of a White Man’s Country. The state was almost 100 percent White. African-Americans were banned from moving there under state law. They were not citizens. Women were not voters. A White man could quite literally live out his entire life while having almost no interaction with the federal government outside of the Post Office.

And now?

I don’t even have to tell you how bad it is now to be a White man in Illinois. The Black Undertow was on prominent display all summer long. 75 percent of homicide, 68 percent of rape, 85.2 percent of robbery, and 68 percent of aggravated assault in Chicago is committed by African-Americans who were disarmed and excluded in Illinois until 1865.

If Illinois is ever redeemed by the White Freedom Movement, it ought to be renamed the “Land of Douglas” in honor of the man who should have won the presidency in 1860.

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  1. Corrupt white politicians using BRA to enrich themselves. Chicago and the Southwest suburbs are the corrupt deadweight on IL and Lake county provides the soccer mom and gentry lib voters to finish us off.

  2. No one ever likes it when I get on this, but wiki describes Chicago as a majorly Irish city, and Catholic. NYC has the same white numbers now (around 30%) and while it’s called a “jewish” city (which it is), it also is actually of its majority whites catholic, with wasps down to 4%.

    This bears looking at, imo— more than the BRA, on a level. What whites create this situation and why? Are the 30% happy there or what?

    Many blogs blame the “Puritans” for all this, which is pretty laughable, as if no other white groups have any agenda, will to power, or whatever. “The Puritans made me do it.”

    The “ethnic” whites— came into these INDUSTRIAL areas during the Industrial Revolution, and seem to have ideas about “America” related to the propaganda surrounding the IR, (america built on competition, time is money, beating out the competition, etc.).

    That really was a post-Puritan era.

    Also, there really seems a catholic-jewish coalition of the time, reflective now in the Supreme Court, Hart-Celler Act, the overseeing eye in the 60s of Vat II, the influx of Mexicans. (Many areas where Mexican immigration has been strong is going hand in hand with Irish populations s/a Chicago, (also now Poles and other 99% catholic groups). South Florida. Central NC. and so on.

    It could be, that after the Civil War, the Central Planning Committee –wanting to expand the nation– simply began with more like populations (the wave of euro immigrants, coupled with the importation of jewish communist and largely catholic fascist, who now square off against each other in the u.s.).

    From a certain vantage point, it just seemed the jews use the black people (like Sandra Bernhardt talking about her black brothers raping Sarah Palin) and the catholics use the brown people (like creating Liberation Theology).

    Growing up, it just seemed none of it had anything to do with the South whatsoever (except they were used as a sort of catch-all country Scapegoat, along with the Puritans, germans, anglos, anglo-saxon, wasps, rednecks, hillbillies, flyover countries, etc, etc. (the hated target seems to have quite a bit in common, lol).

    Anyway— this is why “wn” gets little traction on the jewish thing, imo. Not b/c of “zioninst christianity” but b/c people have t.v.s and they SEE Blagovitch (pelosi, o’reilly, hannity, coulter, mayor daly, etc, etc.) They see jews, too.

    What they don’t see is a world of scandinavians.

    I do not think the narrative where the Puritans are blamed for everything will work. Their couple of witch hunts against all this corruption doesn’t look that bad, lol.

  3. HW,

    Here’s something else I don’t get. (Grandmama died and Mama went PC otherwise I’d ask them).

    How do yankees CONSTRUE that post-civil-war, they live in anything referencing the “constitution.”

    Some of them talk about “restoring the republic” which they seem to think “went south” (just an expression)– in the 1960s, not the Civil war.

    But it was the CW, where an elite faction imported a 40% foreign born army and killed hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens (supposed), then occupied the land, then continued to take the land (to this day) through various quasi-legal means (outlawing cash crops of states, s/a Tobacco, eminent domains, policy-oriented incentivized immigrations that destroyed only certain local cultures (southern), land devaluations, forced military installations (fort this and that).

    After the war, the public was treated like any foreign country overseas, on which war is made.

    So— how do Yankees rationalize that they EVER lived in a ‘constitutional country.” Like Napolitano on t.v.

    He seems to think that Northeasterners ever EXPERIENCED the ‘constitutional country.”

    How do they believe that post-Civil-War, a “constitution” existed??????

    You seem incredibly knowledgeable and maybe could explain that. (what mental process allows them to think that?)

  4. It is because there was a partial recovery in the Nadir of the Negro between 1890 and 1940. Something like 1 out of 3 towns in South and Central Illinois were sundown towns by custom.

  5. The effects of the change were not immediately felt either. In 1865, 2 percent of blacks lived in Yankeeland. Most Northerners had no practical experience with African-Americans until WW1.

  6. Thanks for writing about my Chicago Hunter – which is in the State of Illinois. I do have loyalties to my City, not much to the State of Illinois, which is just boring. Sure Reagan came from down state Illinois and used it his whole life for his “myth of the man from Dixon Illinois”, but the reality is that Reagan was as bored with down state Illinois as everyone else and booked to Hollywood CA.

    As for Chicago now, regarding crime, racial conflict, politics – it’s bad, but not getting worse (except for Hispanics starting to cause political trouble). I lived in New York City during the worst years – late 1980s, early 1990s and Chicago is nothing nearly as bad as that hell. Lots’ of good things happened to Chicago. The brutal, all Black high rise public housing projects have all been torn down (where did these people go? South Suburbs, Alabama?) – the poor Black population dropped around 200,000 from 2000 to 2010. The Blacks demagogues are all old – Jessie Jackson must be ~ 65.
    Outside of our mayor, I don’t notice any powerful Jewish political forces, there is nothing like the hard core Jewish marxists led by the likes of Abbie Hoffman during the 1968 civil war here. Lots of Chicago, Illinois’ problems are caused by the bad economy – so things like giving public employees huge pensions, high salaries look real bad now.
    I recommend Whites from other places in the world come to Chicago, try to work and live here – it’s definitely different and you can’t have the possessions, rights that are supposedly enshrined to all White Americans in the Constitution or the myth of the prosperous 1950s Ike’s America – you can’t openly own guns, have a 2 car garage home with low property taxes and an attractive White wife who embraces you and traditional FAMILY VALUES – but there are other urban things in Chicago that you can’t get in say Alabama or down state Illinois.
    Chicago’s architecture is beautiful – arguably the most beautiful modern city in the world. Our lakefront is gorgeous – I live 100 yards from Lake Michigan.
    Yes, we have great problems with NW crime, disorder – but this is mostly in the Summer – on a clear, cold Winter day in Chicago, the Lakefront and down town look like Switzerland.
    Other pluses living in Chicago is that most everyone living here knows the score. Since crime is ~ 98% Black and Hispanic, a regular White guy isn’t going to be hassled by the police or anyone – most White guys could live their whole life here and not get roughed up or arrested by the police for anything other than getting in to a fist fight at a White Sox game.
    Other benefits to living in a place like Chicago is that Whites learn to adapt to different environments where we are a minority, not in political power. Jews have survived and thrived in similar situations in European areas for ~ 2,000 years. We’re doing these same here now. There are all kinds of White subcultures in Chicago where Whites can survive and thrive – in other ways that are definitely not the Conservative, GOP, gun rights, straight, patriot way. One can see for instances how White gays are such successful urban pioneers. There are strong ethnic trades – with folks like White Yugoslavians running the operations of Co-ops and Condos

  7. I hope everyone realizes how powerful the idea of the “White Freedom” movement is. It embraces everything. It is a stroke of sheer genius. Anyone who uses the Mantra should add “White Freedom Now” at the end.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
    White Freedom Now.

  8. O.K. going to take a stab at Dixiegirls musings:

    ‘This bears looking at, imo— more than the BRA, on a level. What whites create this situation and why? Are the 30% happy there or what? ‘

    Don’t forget there are alot of Polish Catholics in Chicago too! The 30% that live there are ‘White Ethnics’ that have good government jobs. Fire-fighters, Cops, etc., The folks that actually keep the place running.

    ‘Also, there really seems a catholic-jewish coalition of the time, reflective now in the Supreme Court, Hart-Celler Act, the overseeing eye in the 60s of Vat II, the influx of Mexicans.’

    Yes these Catholic ‘White Ethnics’ really can be a problem! Ugh, it bugs me that they exist.

    ‘How do yankees CONSTRUE that post-civil-war, they live in anything referencing the “constitution.”’

    Some of them seem to think that America didn’t really start until 1865 (passage of the the Reconstruction Amendments), and that everything before that was… I don’t know.. just ‘practice’.

    This attitude is similar to the one held by northern negro Jesse Jackson who once stated that America didn’t really start until 1965!! (when the ‘snivel’ rights laws were passed)

  9. Any “White Freedom” movement that neither uses the Mantra nor is COMMITTED FIRST AND FOREMOST to putting an END to WHITE GENOCIDE will be just another dead end.

    The anti-Whites are the common enemy. They don’t really give a damn on which side of the Mason Dixon line you live or European country your ancestors were from or what Church you go/don’t go to.

    If you are White they DON’T want you to EXIST, period.

  10. This was not an issue for northern cities like Chicago “until 1948 that the Shelley v. Kraemer judgment overturned the Corrigan v. Buckley decision in stating that exclusionary covenants were unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment and were therefore legally unenforceable…”

    There is an interesting story regarding the brief filed on behalf of the United States government. It was written by four Jewish lawyers: Philip Elman, Oscar Davis, Hilbert Zarky, and Stanley Silverberg. However, the Solicitor General’s office chose to omit their names from the brief. The principal assistant to the Solicitor General, Arnold Raum, who was also Jewish, stated that it was “bad enough that Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out.

    The war may have been a turning point in history but it clearly had nothing to do with whites being pushed out of what once were all white neighborhoods in Chicago.

  11. Demographics was destiny too for Altoona’s founding stock.

    Throughout the 19th century the PRR [Pennsylvania Railroad] kept the city white, Protestant, and ethnically centered on the “traditional” Pennsylvania family of English, Scottish, and German descent. The PRR sought to keep Altoona homogeneous by preventing immigrant trains traveling from eastern ports inland to the nation’s major industrial cities from debarking passengers in Altoona.

    By the early 20th century, though, the need for labor outweighed any desire for homogeneity. The PRR began to accept and even recruit workers from eastern and southern Europe and African Americans from eastern cities and the South. These new workers often had to accept the least desirable or most dangerous jobs.

    According to one popular expression, “You could tell the destiny of a man by the ring on his finger.” If the worker had a Knights of Columbus ring he was destined to be a laborer all his life. However, if the ring was a Mason’s, his future would be in management. Promotions often were based on connections, ethnicity, and race, not on experience and skill. With dangerous working conditions and poor advancement opportunities, immigrant and migrant railroad workers joined the fight against the company-controlled unions and worked to replace them with more effective unions. Company unions continued, though, until 1934, when the Railway Act of 1926 was amended and company unions outlawed. Altoona workers’ sense of independence, however, led many railroaders to choose independent unions even in the early years of the labor movement.

    Tensions existed among laborers as well as between labor and management. Xenophobia and racism were pervasive, as it was throughout the nation. The Ku Klux Klan marched through the city in protest over the perceived threat presented by the newly arrived Catholic “Papists.” Each neighborhood had its street gangs, and violence was common. When the PRR furloughed 2,100 workers in 1909, ethnic and economic tensions culminated in a riot. The Altoona Mirror headlines were big and bold. The Mirror reported that a large group of Italian workers converged on a city street-paving company looking for jobs. On the following day the headlines reported a riot that ensued when several hundred furloughed PRR workers who had been long-time residents of the city clashed with the Italians, believing they were more entitled to the available jobs.

    While working and living conditions were often difficult, as was the case in many cities, successive groups of immigrants found refuge among others of their own ethnic, religious, and racial origin. The influx of new immigrant and migrant workers began to change the landscape of Altoona. New ethnic neighborhoods formed: Little Italy, Jew Hill, Boogie Bend, Bloody Eighth, and Dutch Hill. Each ethnic group established churches of its own, conducted in its own tongue: Gaelic, Italian, Hungarian, and so forth. By 1936 there were 80 different churches in the city of 80,000. The church was the single most important organization, outside of the PRR, in the lives of most laborers. That same year there were 136 taverns and pubs within the city limits, which provided meeting places for friends, family, and organizations for the discussion of labor and management issues, social causes, neighborhood disputes, and politics.

    The cultural practices of Altoona’s residents also began to change. “Hopin’ John” (African American rice and black-eyed peas) found its way onto the dinner table, as did gnocchi (Italian pasta) and haluski (Polish cabbage and noodles). Within a generation “healers” began working across cultural lines and storytellers found favor no matter what their ethnic/racial background. Various cultural practices gradually became a part of the larger culture, in some instances changing altogether and in others maintaining their distinctive character.

  12. Can’t speak to Jack Ryan’s version of Chicago, never been there, but I lived in Jew York for 20+ years. Parasite economy, faggot culture, endlessly corrupt politics. The place needs to be purged with fire and sword. Cities are evil.

  13. There is 50 large Metro Cities in USA. All are sick degenerate places. In a book Dispossesed Majority by Wilmot Robertson he says it would be better to NUKE the large Metro Cities than face the slow death of our race. Even with the Radiation the White Race would stand a better chance of survival than the slow death our Race is going thru now. Babylon Whore Cities stink and are Sanctuarys for non whites. NEW YORK CITY is the Capital Scum City, then D.C. and then LA with Jew Hollywood. Babylon Whore Cities are even spilling over into smaller towns now. The USA is ripe for a big burning from Yahweh God. Be assured it will come as sure as the sun rises and sets. Make sure you have a safe place when the burning comes……

  14. ‘How do yankees CONSTRUE that post-civil-war, they live in anything referencing the “constitution.”’

    @ Jeremy: “….Some of them seem to think that America didn’t really start until 1865 (passage of the the Reconstruction Amendments), and that everything before that was… I don’t know.. just ‘practice’.

    This attitude is similar to the one held by northern negro Jesse Jackson who once stated that America didn’t really start until 1965!! (when the ‘snivel’ rights laws were passed)….”

    Yes, Jeremy, I know I sound evil about the “northeast ethnics,” but don’t really mean to. Yes, they are the 30% in these previous capitol or industrial cities who “keep them running.” This is the demographic in NY, Chicago. Also, the main demo fanning out in to the “New South.” (That’s a code word for this).

    Their IDEA of the “country” is what is difficult for other americans to understand.

    People with centuries of longevity have more of a gut sense of the regionalisms of the country (they lived through them, heard family tales when people traveled, etc.), also of the largeness of the landspace. (Thousands of miles across, more like Russia and Australia, and this has an effect on how people think).

    There is no sense of the Virginia Ethos, the sensibility, how it formulated the pre-civil war mind (s/a Jeffersonianism). Now, the “dc” land that was from virginia was given back—and Maryland wants to claim DC.

    Anyway—- WHY OR HOW do they construe “the country as beginning at the CW?”

    If so— do they see it as a dictatorship (Central Planning imposed on states— like how/why Fed can sue Arizona— which in itself would indicate an unstable code organizing the country, with the Northeast government wanting dictatorial control.)

    It’s like— they see problems now (like Napolitano seemingly wanting states rights), BUT this situation has nothing to do with the war.

    Don’t they see this as a little strange (in their thinking) or what?

    They don’t make sense.

  15. Denise made comment about 30,000 web monitors . Fusion Centers already monitor all websites and blogs. My message to the traitor spy network: Eni Mini minee Moe—Catch a Whigger Traitor by their toes and hang-em high from lamp posts! Alex Jones and Jesse the Body Vintura says that their is 67 operational FUSION CENTERS. Just think about all the Trained Justicve Department Agents, FBI, ADL, Mossad, CIA, Local Hate Crime Cops—damn ! the Powers That Be got big army of spys —- they are scared as hell of a White Racial Awakening! About Chicago—the main drag that goes thru Chicago goes for many miles, on both sides of the main drag, all the properties are owned by some sort of Gok Asians—so much for Chiocago….

  16. @ “…Catholics are still celebrating their victory over the founding Americans and the Northern Klan’s last ditch attempt to salvage Anglo-Saxon America. The race-replacement that shall not be named….”

    Sadly, have seen it firsthand, and not just on things s/a t.v. Fox folk going on and on about ‘taking’ the supreme court. Surely, it motivates ppl s/a Pelosi, etc.

    BUT WHAT I DON’T get, is why they were unable to jog themselves out of the politics of where they came from (thus, just re-instituting and re-playing their ethnic deal).

    In retrospect, the americans had a nice country to protect, so can you blame them? Many were not communists— and as the article Desmond posted shows, many “ethnics” (had no choice, of course), but were brought in a Union labor/ scabs.

    That was true in one town where i lived. The non wasps –literally– all dated to Labor conflicts, where unions were brought in. That’s why I say they are tied to the ‘memes’ of the Industrial Revolution (Americans are not really in “community,” but in COMPETITION with each other— How on earth would one make friends with people who see their neighbors that way?)

    That’s what’s hard to grasp. What IS friendship to people who think s/a that (usury? what else could it be? ‘i scratch your back, you scratch mine’? honor among thieves, gaining favor?) That’s obviously not a community, nor a ‘country’ in the constitutional sense—

    In a way, that’s how Europe is, I guess. Just read a book about the Amanda Knox trial and the descriptions of Perugia seems s/a that. (no offense to anyone.)

    It could be like that— family oriented, nepotism, connections, etc.

    But in multi-cult— that can’t work (LOL). What are people to “network” on the basis of??? Like in u.s. today?

    So— they can’t have it both ways.

    Either you want the Perugia model— the way Jews and catholics say the old wasps were, (even though they were the majority people here), like you read about in the Four Folkways Albion book where ethnic community is the main thing. And you can advance people via merit through that.

    Some think, people can network on the basis of “Merit” (but obviously in a this system, the nanny state, merit is inconsequential and people rise according to ideological loyalty).

    The posts just further my sense that the Interactions of “ethnic” whites against the founding population—- are the real key to how the u.s. wound up—

    It is sort of ‘worst of all possible worlds”—- no family, no community, NOR meritocracy, and in fact, de-meritocracy, etc. Rudderless.

    Imo, Catholics —not average decent people who just go to church and believe in Jesus— but ORGANIZATIONAL, real Catholic Nationalists (whose “nation” is that Ideology, not race, ethnic, or anything) —like the ones who think “our controlling the U.S. Supreme Court is a good thing since we can open the south border and romanize the country, etc.), create an un-understandable country for many citizens, imo.

    Communism is understandable. One might not like it, but its got its books, authors, rationales, attempts at success, etc. It has noticeable successions of thought, movements within its canon of books, etc. One can sort of get what they are trying to DO, (however nuts).

    Ethnic people who LOOK LIKE US, but have no loyalty to us, and who gain power to overturn what were pretty good white-folk ideas, and without any real Ideas behind it, even— idk, it’s just harder to understand.

    yes, these are musings. but it just seems strange. (And yes, I realize the english really dicked the irish, but then they are known as catholic which is universalists, so how is that irish, really?) In other words, they hated the english so much they rolled over for someone else, and is that really u.s. people’s fault?)

    Anyway, the Jeffersonian Idea seems pretty good. Just don’t get why they didn’t like it.

    Other than RCC, ingraining in kids from birth, the idea that Huge Centralized systems are God’s way, (due to ties to earlier empire building in rome)— maybe making them believe that is true.

    Obviously, in huge centralization— groups will be erased, subsumed, essentially genocided.

    — just don’t get it.

  17. Also, Desmond—

    Is it really a “victory?” The 60s sucked— but given what happened after Vat II, and the left-right coalition, the wasp wipeout— doesn’t it stand to reason that they will eventually hit back?

    why come to where a good country was set up— as an enemy of the founders of what was good?

    They just couldn’t stomach that heretics and non-chosens— had made something so nice, seems like.

  18. Great article that brings out well the state of things in Illinois. Dixiegirl has good comments, but the working and middle class ethnic Whites in Chicago were well aware they were in a battle for their lives against the blacks and elites.

    It is in the last 10 to 20 years that things went down rapidly. Chicago in the 1980s was segregated enough and White enough in places to basically work as a city. The influx of Latinos and Asians undermined the Whites and now it is basically Rahm Emmanuel’s type of city.

  19. Jack Ryan, I had not seen your post. Interesting contrast in our perspective. Chicago is a hard city to kill but it seems to me that this is what is being done to it, but I am looking at it from a perspective from the 1980s.

  20. Reagan was not from “downstate” he was from Yankee settled country an hour and a half west of me. Downstate is roughly south of I-80 once you are past the Will county buildup. Minor quibble with Jack on that point. IMO Hunter’s work or synthesis rivals David Hackett Fischer’s. Yankee describes my maternal grandfather to a T, a descendant of Tories who fled to Ontario and then just migrated to Wisconsin to find farm ground, talking to him was like talking to someone with a direct link to the universes’ central authority. They don’t even need god anymore, but they are dwindling even my relatives in Wisconsin are basically down to living their own “goodness” in their own minds, and not really bothering anyone except to vote for a fraud like Obama.

  21. CompassionateFascist says:
    December 20, 2011 at 5:20 am
    “lived in Jew York for 20+ years. Parasite economy, faggot culture, endlessly corrupt politics. The place needs to be purged with fire and sword. Cities are evil.”

    Jack Ryan replies:
    Yes, we both felt that way. And make no mistake – New York City ~ 1993 was everything horrible you described – Time Square, the porn district, the Black criminal rapist mobs, ground zero for the filth, plague, nothing in the Bible could be as bad. Check out the movie Taxi Driver which is of New York City during bad times in the 1970s – very realistic, RACIST movie.

    But, the key point to remember is that New York City did not go down in to Bible type End of the World . The New York City state bottomed out and came way back in the late 19909d to be the richest, safest city in the United States and there was a very strong White racial revival after Guliani was elected mayor. I urge everyone to study what happened to New York, who did what. And this happened in Jew York City. We can take back all kinds of cities, town, states, nations. The take back of New York City had very little or nothing to do with White Christian church affiliations, hard money policies or Libertarian policy initiatives – there was a nominal “Republican” mayor, but that was about it.

    Hunter should study New York history from the mid 1980s to today and use his great analysis, writing talents to explain the New York miracle.

    Thanks to everyone who commented here.

  22. The Blog @ Homeland Security

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Working Together as a Nation to Counter Violent Extremism

    Posted by John Cohen, Deputy Counterterrorism Coordinator and Senior Advisor to the Secretary

    The Obama Administration has now released its Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States. This represents a milestone in our Nation’s effort to work together collaboratively to keep our jewish communities safe and secure.

    At DHS, our approach to countering violent extremism (CVE) emphasizes the strength of local communities. As part of our CVE efforts, DHS works closely with our international, federal, community, state, local, and tribal partners. You can learn more about our work here.

    One important focus of this work is to better understand behaviors, tactics, and indicators that of terrorist activity. Specifically, DHS takes a three pronged approach to CVE:

    Support and coordinate efforts to better understand the phenomenon of violent extremism, including assessing the threat it poses to the Nation as a whole and within specific communities;
    Bolster efforts to catalyze and support non-governmental, community-based programs, and strengthen relationships with communities that may be targeted for recruitment by violent extremists; and
    Disrupt and deter recruitment or individual mobilization through support for local law enforcement programs, including information-driven, community-oriented policing efforts that for decades have proven effective in preventing violent crime.

    This effort is based on the simple but powerful premise that our homeland security begins with hometown security. Indeed, we believe that well-informed and -equipped families, communities, and local institutions represent the best defense against terrorist ideologies.

    We must all be part of the effort to keep our families and communities, our businesses, our social networks, and our places of meeting and worship, secure and resilient.
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    Department of Hebrew Security

  23. Jack makes another good point about the Jacksons and like. “Ranting nigger” does not play well anymore, the last election cycle in Chicago just about had them swept to the margins.

  24. I can vouch for what DixieGirl says: Chicago in general — and its corruption in particular — is almost entirely Catholic. Naturally, this is rarely if ever mentioned. Even some of the prominent black political families are Catholic. The Jacksons are the prominent exception.

  25. Colin Woodward says in American Nations that Yankees never succeeded in dominating Chicago. It was a Melting Pot city. The Yankee influence was more predominant in Northern Illinois.

    Woodward and Garreau both claim that South and Central Illinois are culturally distinct from Northern Illinois and Chicago. They claim that the far southern counties are culturally a part of the South.

  26. Ok, everyone dumping on Catholics, don’t forget that General P.G.T. Beauregard and Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the raider C.S.S. Alabama, were Catholic as was my Irish-American great grandfather who was wounded when his Alabama regiment at the head of Jackson’s flank march overran the Union left at Chancellorsville. Pope Pius IX corresponded with Jefferson Davis and addressed him as “President of the Confederate States of America”. While I detest the liberal positions of the current crop of Catholic Bishops, I don’t see the Protestant higher ups as all that much better. As for the Supreme Court, the Catholic conservative majority (minus the Puerto Rican) has been a lot better than such WASP stalwarts as John Paul Stevens and David Souter, not to mention Earl Warren and William O. Douglas.


    “The entire Chicago Public School System is only 9 percent white. Not a single public high school has a population that is majority white. Not one.”

    “Officials contend 147 of 417 neighborhood elementary schools are from half to more than two-thirds empty because enrollment has declined by 41,000 students in the last seven years. ”

    “69 percent of the children in the Chicago Public School system are poor.”

    “Not a single bank in the top 25 largest banks in America is headquartered in Chicago. “

  28. ‘I am profoundly alienated by black culture, but I think this blog goes too far.’

    Perhaps a personal tour of the ruins of Detroit may change your mind…

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