Shocking Crime: Black Undertow Sets New York Woman on Fire

Jerome Isaac sets 73 year old grandmother Deloris Gillespie on fire in Brooklyn elevator
New York

It doesn’t get worse than this:

“By the time Deloris Gillespie saw him, waiting on the other side of an elevator door, it was too late to escape.

With her shopping bags in hand, she pushed open the door. There stood a man she knew, Jerome Isaac. He set upon her immediately, the authorities said, armed with a tank of fuel and a barbecue lighter, wearing white gloves and a surgical mask. He was angry, he would tell the police on Sunday, because he believed she owed him about $2,000 for odd jobs.

But there was no way Ms. Gillespie, 73, could have been prepared for what happened.

Mr. Isaac, 47, methodically set the woman aflame, burning her alive in the elevator of her building in Brooklyn on Saturday, only a few feet from her apartment door, the police said. He sprayed the flammable liquid in the woman’s face and over her cowering body, and then lighted a Molotov cocktail to ignite the fire.

Within minutes, Ms. Gillespie was burning to death in the narrow cab, and her assailant had fled down the stairs. The attack lasted only a few minutes, all of it captured by surveillance cameras; the sheer, calculated brutality stunned even the most hardened of homicide detectives.”

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  1. Wonder if this made the national news or remained local. There’s a race war going on and only one side seems to know about it and is actively fighting it. One wonders if the time approaches when the U.S. goes the way of Yugoslavia. When I see something like this I wish there were reprisals outside the justice system, because these black on white atrocities happen with way too much frequency, and the racial aspect of the crimes are always scrubbed out of the news coverage, when they deign to cover these crimes at all.

    What utter depravity.

  2. I gave up reading the black crime blogs because they are just too hideous.

    This was black-on-black, so as bad as it was they are keeping it in the family at least. Blacks just don’t care when one of their own kind does something terrible to them.

  3. @ John Thomas – LOL – I totally forgot about that one. We used to sing that when we were little and I’m not that old yet! However, the verison I was brought up on goes like this:

    Eni Mini minee moe–catch a nigger by his toes, if he hollers hang him by his toes! Enie Mini minee moe – Back To Africa he goes!

  4. Just think blacks treat their own kind in horrible ways, just think what they will do to other people outside their race. It does not take rocket science to figure that one out. We see what they do to the white minority in SA.

  5. the weird subtext is in the interviews. look at those people who are “neighbors,” and white guy tells the tale like he’s in a drama, black man just wants in his place, one goes on in non-english– like we’re supposed to know what she said, no translation.

    this is the “nation,” the social cohesion.

  6. also, stuff s/a that happens in nyc all the time. This idea that it’s “shocking” (yes, the crime is,) but so many stories s/a that there. Remember some horrid inner city invasion where the girl, a white girl, was held for a couple days, handcuffed to a radiator or something, then left for being burned (set on fire), but she lived and that one went to trial. It’s a violent city, and the people there think all of america is that way, or should be that way.

    They really don’t understand that americans did not always live with the extreme violence, normalized and naturalized violence, constraint transience, lack of social cohesion, and so on.

    It’s all they know.

  7. Not so fast, I heard on the teevee she owed him three hundred bucks. In these economic times, $300 is a lot of money.

    Just sayin’

  8. You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the nigger! Not only is anti White insanity crime increasing but The Feds and their sick garbage. Check out: and look at the Jessie Ventura you tube on Concentration Camps and Fusion Centers. Also Sherry Shriner has some good info on this subject. Check on google search: Transcriptions of Sherry Shriner Talk radio. 12/12/11 and 12/08/11. Eni Mini Minee Moe—catch all feebies by their toes and hang them from high lamp posts!

  9. it should be clear to any logical person that we do not need gun control to reduce crime. We need nigger control.

  10. This one went national precisely because it was black-on-black. Had the victim been a white women, the Jew MSM would have smothered it like they’ve smothered Knoxville and countless other black-on-white atrocities.

  11. This was actually reported all the way out here on the Left Coast in one of the daily retard rags. (Free, glitzy, grade 5-6 level newspapers like “The Metro” distributed all around town by their minimum wage pushers.) While I agreee with Compassionate Fascist that the black-on-black aspect had a lot to do with it, race was never mentioned BUT there was actually a security camera photograph of the creature along with the article!

    Heinous crimes like these almost NEVER get mentioned out here. Maybe this one was just to big to cover up, or was broken before the leak could get adequately plugged.

  12. Those books mentioned above are all great books, normal books, European books – i.e., WHITE Books.

    I paid $50. when my children were young, just to have a copy of the ‘awful’ “Little Black Sambo” to read to them, as it had been read to me. Surprise. I realized that Sambo was NOT ‘Negroid’ but merely Indian Aryan! That is why there was a Bengal TIGER in the story, why he had pointy-toed shoes, a little red vest, why his mother wore a sari, why his father had a turban, and all the rest. Duh.

    Upon mature reflection, of course, I realized that both the ‘literature police,’ as well as the self-appointed ‘racial censors’ had (in their misplaced zeal) made a fundamental error- they were so busy looking for ‘racism they were ready to pounce on ANYTHING that appeared to be ‘racist’ (whatever that meant) in their false faith.

    What I realized as an Adult, was that No NEGRO would EVER have had the ‘smarts’ to outwit the tiger, the way that little, clever Indian child had done! Besides, it’s not pancakes that negroes like, it’s watermelon….

    Other things you must get your children to see, if you can find them: Disney’s Song of the South, Laurel and Hardy’s classic film, ‘March of the Wooden Soldiers,’ the old film ‘Virginia’ with Fred McMurray, the ‘House of Rothschild’ with Loretta Young, and Robert (“Father Knows Best”) Young (this is a history lesson in the perfidy of the Jews, made by the Jews themselves!); Gunga Din with Cary Grant and a very ‘Jewish’ Sam Jaffee nevertheless portraying (in black face) Gunga Din- but the savagery of Indian blackness/idolatry is clearly portrayed; Charlie Chan movies of the 1930’s; Old Tom and Jerry cartoons (with the fat, “Mammy” visible only from the knees down, but with a voice that bespeaks southern Negro); Bing Crosby in blackface, and his blond co-star also in blackface with pickaninny hair, in ‘Holiday Inn’ ( as well- that Mammy that was Bing’s SERVANT, was the best n*gger you ever ‘exed’ on film; GWTW (Hattie McDaniel is priceless) the ‘Our Gang’ shows (they’re available on dvd) and…..

    Well, I could go on, but you get the picture. Trouble is, asshole liberals, don’t. And yes, that is exactly what they are being- horses patoots when it comes to racial realities, in view of this butchery, this savagery, this MENTAL RETARD of a race.

    He needs no trial. In this instance, vigilante justice (administered by Whites) should pre-empt a trial where: a) he might either be acquitted (this is Jew York state, after all!) or b)merely live in the lap of luxury in prison for the rest of his days. As a historical and racial example, he should be strung up by a lamppost in Brooklyn as a warning to other sub-humans that this is how we deal with this bestiality, by garotting the beast, and blood-letting in public, just like a side of beef.

    My God, they are a vile breed, and not even human. Our ancestors were correct, and we are wrong- utterly wrong, in their views of the Negro, and ours.

  13. Fr. John: Excellent write up about Books! I guess the censors will change Grimm Fairy Tales to.. to make it more politically correct in their views! They even will make a Negro Thor to! Not only do the Powers That Be, The Elite have FUSION CENTERS to put us on Red Lists, they even rewrite history! The 1911 Britanica Encyclopedia had alot of good info. A few years back you could look up alot of subjects…… When you do a search now it is politcally correct with all racial things, male chavinism garbage, etc. removed by the censors! I looked up in the 1911 Ottoman Empire, and no Blacks were allowed into Turkey, of course that has been deleted! The original 1911 is full of good facts! Your right Fr. John—-look at The Merchant of Venice!

  14. Hunter,

    The picture you linked above is the “Picture of 2011″… it perfectly (in a macabre manner) illustrates the year that Black violence pushed through into the mainstream.

    Courtesy of both Matt Drudge and the tireless effort you put in here.

  15. One slight quibble with you sort of semi-repsectable conservative writers, you don’t use the term “anti-white” when you could use it. That makes it seem like you are another DWL quibbling the details on how to get to the great Brown Utopia of the mixed race planet, but in a slightly heretical way.

    You get millions of whites just brushing off the anti-White’s cult junk by saying “that is just anti-white nonsense” the cult will topple within minutes.

  16. As soon as I heard the grisly details of this crime on Fox News (hey I can not be in front of the computer 24/7!) I figured the perpetrator would be Black!

    Whenever one hears about some majorly grisly crime, it is safe to assume a Black did it, until proven other-wise.

    Whenever one hears about some majorly corrupt financial scheme/ crime, it is safe to assume a Jew did it, until proven other-wise.

  17. Do you think that a life dedicated to thinking of the wrongs done by WHITE PEOPLE contributed to this vicious crime? For personal safety sake we need to presume that non-whites ARE ANTI-WHITE. The anti-white theories of history and distortions of the historical record to support hatred of whites and white institutions is consistent with the obvious policy of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE. Its a white genocide program – obviously.

  18. Me being a white woman its funny.u say these things when we as white ppl are most known for being serial killers rapist murders and suicide.victims! We are the Most insecure race and that’s why we act out we get tans to be darker like our so called. Enemies we take penis enhancements to be like our so called enemies we are our own ENEMY! DIGEST THAT….I’LL WAIT

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