BRA Illustrated: James Harrigan on The Lost Cause

James Harrigan advocates the removal of Confederate monuments in Richmond


James Harrigan, an economics professor at the University of Virginia, had the following to say on Kevin Levin’s website Civil War Memory this morning.

I’m posting this here for the benefit of people who think that I might be a little over the top in my criticism of the Yankee and defense of the Confederacy.

Here is what our opposition sounds like in their own words:

“One of the problems with Kevin’s approach is that in Richmond, the white supremacists have taken up most if not all of the good memorial spots. The Arthur Ashe memorial is a perfect example of this: it is literally at the end of the line, behind a string of white supremacist icons. The civil rights memorial at the capital is another: it is in a corner of the grounds, and though it is a beautiful and successful piece of public art, it is overwhelmed by the rest of the grounds and the interior of the building. There is even a statue of Lee right on the floor of the old House of Delegates meeting room. The overall impression is of a city and state completely dominated by white people, with a couple of small concessions to African Americans on the fringes.

Here in Charlottesville it is the same story: Lee and Jackson Park with their heroic, militaristic equestrian statues dominate downtown, along with a statue of a Confederate soldier. At UVa there is now a really good installation documenting and commenting on the history of African Americans at UVa, but the central grounds are still dominated by a lily-white version of the University’s history, complete with plaques honoring UVa Confederates attached to Jefferson’s iconic rotunda. There is one very small, easily missed marker in the pavement that alludes to the workers “both free and enslaved” who actually did the labor to build “Mr. Jefferson’s University”.

My point is that a truly balanced, honest public accounting of the Civil War, slavery, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights movement in Virginia and elsewhere in the South is going to require removing some of the old monuments built to celebrate and cement white supremacy. I don’t expect this to happen in my lifetime if ever (I’m less optimistic than Larry Cebula), but I can dream, can’t I?

To be specific, here’s my dream: the statue of Lee at the head of Monument Avenue is removed to The Museum of Racism, and is replaced by a statue depicting USCT troops marching into Richmond in April 1865. In Charlottesville, Jackson Square becomes Emancipation Square, with Jackson’s statue replaced by a piece of public art that celebrates the end of slavery in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The confederate soldier stays, but is shifted over a few yards to make way for his new neighbor, a statue of a freedman in his USCT uniform.”

I want to use James Harrigan’s comments to make several observations.

(1) First, Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens were clearly right when they said that slavery was the “occasion” of secession and the war, not the cause. The fundamental cause of the war were the irreconcilable differences between two antagonistic ethnic groups which were forced under the terms of the Union to live under the same government.

(2) Second, James Harrigan provides a flawless illustration above of the whole BRA mindset: a society that is explicitly run for the benefit of African-Americans at the expense of Whites, where the promotion of black people as an object of pity and sympathy has become the measuring stick which is used to evaluate every conceivable social practice and institution.

(3) Third, I have similar dreams of removing all the “civil rights memorials” and renaming all the streets that have been named after Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Ralph Abernathy, etc. In fact, I would go far beyond that and advocate the removal of the Black Undertow and all other unassimilable ethnic groups from Dixie, starting with Yankees in the mold of James Harrigan who have no business teaching in our universities.

150 years later, you can see in these comments why Preston Brooks felt compelled to cane Charles Sumner, and why the South seceded from the United States. The same people are still to this day clearly distinguishable from other Americans by their trademark characteristics of arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, moralizing fanaticism, negro worship, and a pathological inability to mind their own business.

It is because of people like James Harrison that Black Undertow predators like Jerome Isaac have been unleashed in our communities.

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  1. Sure, Catholics are confused, and they are much to blame. But you can’t blame them for Protestant failure. That’s your own fault.

  2. Well this descendant of Irish Roman Catholic clowns will put his Southern Bona Fides up against any of you Holy Roller crackers any day! My great grandfather who who was the first born in America of my family name was born in 1843 in Alabama (yes, his Irish immigrant parents had the good sense to come through the Port of New York and settle in Alabama). At the age of 18 in 1861 he joined the 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment and fought in the 7 days battles before Richmond, defended the Bloody Lane at Antietam and was wounded when his regiment, which was one of the leading regiments of Jackson’s flank march, overran the Federal right wing at Chancellorsville. He died young at the age of 44. I’ve visited his grave in Mobile. The prominent inscription has “E company, 3rd Alabama”. Sure the Catholic bishops are screwed up leftist, but at at least they don’t accept queers as Bishops! And one poster accused Catholics in Indiana of sabotaging the Northern Klan and “Anglo-Saxons”. Yeah right. It was Indiana klan leader D.C. Stephenson’s abduction and rape (which impelled her to commit suicide) of an innocent schoolteacher named Madge Oberholtzer that sunk the Klan (which by that point was a moneymaking scheme).

  3. Slavery my butt! The emancipation proclamation was declared to cause racial turmoil in the breakaway states. It wasn’t part of any GOP political program; nothing but war tactics. That proclamation allowed residual slavery, including in the battlefield lands of Gettysburg, Penn. By way of establishing Lincoln’s intent, he gathered black leaders at the White House to coerce voluntary repatriation to Africa. The GOP was mindful of white flight from “slave” states where they couldn’t compete with free labor. Guess what: Lincoln’s family was one of those flight families. Put Lincoln on the $3 bill.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed with these “white”, anti-white, liberal types – at least the ones that I know personally – is they usually have a jew in the woodpile. Tim Wise and Bill Maher are also examples of these cretins.

  5. If there should ever come the day when America or some remnant thereof should once again be firmly (completely) in the hands of Whites, and that in a way that is more absolute by far than at any time in the past–as a result of things observed and utterly learned from as to all things “civil rights”–there must be a terrible resolve to punish the likes of this worthless disgrace for his vileness, perfidy, sedition and pathological hatred of White people. I am mindful of the Reign of Terror. Christian conscience should not be abrogated in such an event but just wrath should be satisfied and for such gross harm and treason the Harrigans among us must be duly rewarded.

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