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  1. Denise says:
    February 1, 2012 at 3:49 pm
    Jack Ryan – that’s a really funny song. Very tuneful, as well.

    Jack Ryan Replies:

    Glad you liked the song – and the lyrics were very apropro for me as I first heard this song sitting in an alternative rock-a-billy, country punk bar in Chicago waiting to go to see this LDS gal outside of Salt Lake City – and understanding that she and her mom were preparing all kinds of humiliating things to get me to do there like do..


    Here are the lyrics for Salt Lake City – the theme is that a regular White guy likes his gal a lot and would do most anything for her, except the one thing she wants him to do….

    Go to Salt Lake City.

    Maybe this song should be played for White Conservative Evangelicals who are resisting at all costs going to Salt Lake City to endorse a White LDS – Mormon candidate Mitt Romney


    (Dwaves Lyrics for Salt Lake City)

    “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you except the one thing that you want me to
    We went across the mighty Rio Grande and saw Disneyland and the sea you and me
    But there’s one thing I’ll never do not even for you
    I’m not going to Salt Lake City
    There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you except to walk among the Osmond crew
    I know you’re planning for a latter day and you can’t betray what you know in Provo
    But there’s one less town on the globe and if you must go there you’re going alone

    I’m not going to Salt Lake City even if they tell me I can stay
    Even if they resurrect my brain I don’t wanna go there I don’t wanna go insane
    I’m not pure and I’m not pretty and I’m not going to Salt Lake City
    I’m not living in Hello Kitty and I’m not going to Salt Lake City”

  2. The Raven will Return with the Oder of Cedar: Things look bad, but their is hope. Hunter does good job with OD and Dixie Ethnostate. To feel good look at Terrible Tommys website WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE and read his News and Views and Joom Articles. Also Buddy Tucker and his Truth From God.com Other Articles and Now Articles. Heres something to dwell on to feel good: Mantras: Ritual To Become A Super Jew To Get Everything Going Your Way by Tim Rifat. Also: New Illumanati: Intelligence Forces and Microwave Mind Cointrol by Tim Rifat. Interesting about 32 story Skyscrapper in Madrid Spain that burned for 24 hours and did not collapse? Think about Hell Fire of Santanic Rabbis and Pulsa di Nura Curse? Tim Rifat is a trip! Fr. John, Denise, Jack Ryan and all you guys, keep the good posts up beacuse The Raven will return with Oder of Cedar……….And Fr. John and Jack Ryan–Check out School of the Prophets in Salem, Utah. There web is 2bc.com

  3. I don’t particularly want any of these candidates because they’re all a sorry lot to choose from among. I definitely don’t want that liberal Republican Mormon or that kook Ron Paul. I suppose as long as a conservative gets nominated I’ll go to the polls but if Romney gets the nomination, forget it. I don’t understand why latinos are supporting Romney if he’s all that tough on immigration unless they don’t take what he’s been saying as being serious.

  4. Denise said: “I am going to write in Ron Paul no matter WHAT – even if I am the ONLY person in the country to do so. I will not ever vote for the lesser of 2 evils, again. I don’t care”

    You, me and almost every commenter of zerohedge…….. there’s a lot more than you think. Enough? Doubtful, but the ranks that know something stinks is growing. The hypocrisy of disregard of the law since 2008 has woken a lot of people up. Once they start seeing, everything associated with the vermin comes into question: BRA, Israel, central banks, the media etc etc. Then there’s only one logical association to make.

  5. Fr. John+ wrote, “…. LIBERALS … satanically demon-possessed shells of humans who gave up their heritage, their lives, and their souls long ago … “ — Fr. John should write a book with this title (if he hasn’t already). The liberals and the Federal government seem to have gone into a dope-smoking, sex-crazed Sodom and Gomorrah of lobbying and crime during the 1960s. Consider the insanity of open borders and “environmental protection”.
    http://www.fws.gov/laws/lawsdigest/ESACT.html Endangered Species Act of 1973
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk3TwgZ7IQQ screamapillar

  6. That’s a good point about Newt in the 90’s. He was enemy #1 to the left, and maybe folks are voting for him in the primaries because they remember those days. It would also explain why its mostly older folks going for Newt

  7. If it’s going to be bad, why not let it be black-bad, not white-bad?

    1. So America can look back on Obama and say we only gave him one term. Big thumb into the eye of their “legacy.” We only get one shot at that.

    2. Supreme court nominations. Obama’s will be much worse.

  8. So Gingrich referred to Obama as the “entertainer in chief” because of his singing and MSNBC found it wildly racist. LOL

    You have to love the games the MSM runs on the 97 mean IQ populace. On one hand, yes it’s “racist” because racism just means “deviating from the Party line.” Sneezing on a nigger is racist. But the tactic relies on the 97 mean IQ populace’s understanding of “racism” running waaaaay behind the spin-doctors’ definition, and still referring to Dixie Wind Chimes.

    This shit is not designed for thinking White people. It’s designed for non-Whites and sheep.

  9. Our successful business man from Massachusetts will order a cost analysis before taking action. The bean counters will determine that it is less expensive to continue to feed, house and clothe the Negros than it would be to contain, control AND feed, house and clothe them.

    Good math. Big letdown.

    Please. The most cost-effective way to deal with Blacks is to do away with them. Put them all on cargo ships bound for Africa, round them all up and sterilize or exterminate them, fling them to Haiti via trebuchet, whatever.

    Nobody is interested in the most cost-effective way to deal with Blacks, lol.

  10. Jack Ryan – 4 hours in any church is overkill. But the LDS? Yikes! My hubby was a Mennonite. He never went fully in, and got baptised – but he’s still on good terms with the rest of the local congregants. He keeps trying to get me to attend a service. I won’t go.

    I won’t go because men and women sit on opposite sides of the room, and it lasts too long – but the real reason is stockings. I’d have to wear a skirt, and stockings. I’ll wear a skirt but NOT stockings. I HATE stockings. I’ve worn stockings to very special events, in the past – but I HATE them. Nylon hosiery is TORTURE. It’s ICKY. I cannot stand to wear anything other than natural fabrics, anymore. Silk stockings are very fragile, really hard to come by, these days….besides, Mennonites have no business telling any-one what to wear. They are better-dressed than Hassidic Jews – but not by much.

    So I don’t like anything or any-one ENOUGH to endure stockngs. I won’t do it. If Jesus Christ Hisself said, “Thou must wearest stockings”, I would say, “Sorry Son o’ Man. No can do. No way Hayzuz. If this means spending a thousand years in lake of fire – alrighty then”. But I don’t thnk Jesus would care about doing something like that, in the first place. He cared about The Message. Logos, and what-not.

    So I don’t know how you put up with fours hours of LDS. I doubt ANY babe is that spectacular. That would be a deal breaker for me.

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