Black History Month 2012: DNA Test Results Show King Tut Wasn’t Black

Only in BRA ... were people convinced that King Tut was black


I have been saving this one for a special occasion.

You know you are living in Black Run Amerika (BRA) … when the Sons of Confederate Veterans obsess over the existence of “Black Confederates,” or when mainstream institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel fervently deny the existence of race, but comically promote the pernicious Afrocentric myth that the Ancient Egyptians were black.

We live in a world where every institution in American society – sports teams, corporations, comic book heroes, universities, congressional districts, etc. – have been reconstructed since 1965 for the sole purpose of promoting African-Americans over other races.

History itself has been rewritten over the past 47 years. In light of this, I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2012 than to draw attention to the DNA test results of King Tut – the black version of the Great Disappointment – which have proven once and for all that he wasn’t black.

Are you ready for 29 days of the greatest moments in black history?

Note: In BRA, the concept of intelligence is illegitimate until DWLs start claiming that conservatives are less intelligent than progressives. In much the same way, race is said to be a “social construct” until race can be invoked in some way to promote blacks.

OD Forum has also been reopened. I would like encourage more readers to start posting there to generate more content and activity. In particular, the crime stories are overwhelming this site (especially as the weather warms up) and the forum would be a better medium for keeping track of Black Undertow violence than the blog.

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  1. If I were you I would be proud of my own civilization, the ones in SSA, and stop with the ridiculous stories of founding the Middle Eastern ones. Next you’ ll be saying the Persians were black because you saw it in the movie.
    BTW, blacks did’ t found Islam either, but were taken as slaves by Arabs.

  2. I don’t understand why people fake or lie. As of January 1 ,2012. DNA TRIBES.COM HAS THE ANCESTORAL RESULTS OF THE KING TUT AND OTHER DUMMIES , IT SHOW WHO HE IS IN IT SHOW FROM THE SOUTHERN AFRICA OTHER RACES were so low to be ancestry to them.

  3. And George W. Carver didn’t even invent peanut butter–The Incas and J.H. Kellogg did

  4. u people are sick. stop worrying about color, or race, for that matter, black people are beautiful, just like all other races of people. god created us all, stop being so racist. life isnt about color, or race, its a chance, and its all we need…. i dont give a damn if he was green, or purple… who cares…. signed the smart beautiful, white and black girl.. mixed baby….

    • things liberal idiots do……invoke strange colors when talking about race…”i don’t care if you are blue with pink spots”…lol…..its a known trait.

    • Africans lived on the plains, not the jungle. And as per ugly? That’s subjective. You discredit youself.

      • how do you explain those mountain niggas on them nature films.???niggas in the mist or some shit like that?

  5. Life is all about stupid irrational things like color.

    Here’s a test: What does Blue look like?

    Or Red?

    No one fucking knows, because it’s what Socrates might have called a “form” or an “idean” . Guess the Greek root of the word idean or idea? it means “to see”. Once a thing is seen it cannot be unseen.

  6. egyptians are f****** black ok they are also middle eastern witch consist of black deal with it sorry if ya’ll white pple think your superior now well your not sorry 🙂

    • fuck off bitch sit your two dollar ass down before I make change,your shit talk wont convince us over a team of scientists,you negroes have always been the slaves,god cursed you ,”and ye shall be the slave of slaves”for what noah’s adopted son “ham” did to noah,he sodomised noah when he was old and weak.”the curse of ham”we have proved were superior only now the weight of your plunder and baby making is weighing us down,we walked on the moon bitch,did a nigga?and we would have colonized mars by now if we didn’t have to dish out all those foodstamps each month to feed your little rats.we are most definitely superior,and you know it because you brought it up.tut wasn’t even white asshole he was Egyptian so why harp on us wildebeast.

  7. First of all to the person saying that there was Whites in greece is false because that was part of the Mediterranean long before Europe came about there wasn’t a white face around for a long time after just Greeks Asians and Africans. READ PEOPLE!!

    • bullshit,there were whites in china asshole,their mummies were recently you READ do you think greeks are?they sure as hell look white to me.and if you were to ask them they would tell you caucasion which is white,Iranians are caucasion as well.dutch nowadays on the other hand are black…lol.

  8. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, to anyone interested, check out DNA Tribes at They conducted a study of the Amarna Pharaohs/mummies (King Tut’s family) and found that he/they most likely hailed from Africa (Great Lakes region) – you know, Black Africa. Now, in fairness, the study also found that the DNA results did not exclude the possibility of an “un-African” origin, however, Africa seems to be where the data points us (according to the experts – not me).

    For example, I’m an African-American, my family is Black – BUT, there are many people in my family who look European (like unless you knew them you’d think they were white). They, however, consider themselves Black – as do I. Now, I also have people in my family who look like regular African people. That being said, my family knows that some people in our family were raped during slavery by Europeans

    So, if someone tested my family’s DNA and saw evidence of some European DNA, but primarily African DNA, which way should we lean?

    Lastly, look at the pictures of King Tut’s family when you get a chance. Educate yourself.
    Look at his grand mother queen Tiye (looks like Lauryn Hill) or Akhenaten (looks like Arsenio Hall), and Tut himself looks like many young Black men I’ve known growing up. Open your eyes, and let the light of the truth come inside. Open…your eyes dum asses

    • If you think all black women were raped by white slave owners you are just pushing the stereo types you are trying to fight. Look it up again. Most Americans were slaves in the new world. Whites and blacks worked along side each other. The number 1 place for infidelity and dating is your work place. When you are on a small plantation seperated from the rest of the world through long winters. With a genetic desire to want to SLEEP with someone with different genetic makeup than your own. NATURE TAKES ITS COURSE.

    • DNA tribes are full of horseshit,so youre saying you know more about this than a whole team of scientists,?and you pull this bull up out your ass?talking about,lauryn hill,that buggle eyed boon?those people were egyptan,Africa wasn’t all black back then until wites started feeding your sorry look at the place,they should have let you starve,trying to say Europeans raped your monkey assed women?give it a rest talk about the black calling the kettle,pot.youre want reparations am I right….you aint getting squat.

  9. Do to my research i have found out that King Tut as 98.3% black which knocks any other race out of the picture. people should really research info before saying he was dominatly white. just saying…..

    Go check out DNA Tribes for yourself and you will see that.
    not racist just stating a true fact

  10. Beulah, I read it:

    Originally lighter-skinned Egyptians were bound to become partially Negroid over centuries of colonisation and enslavement down the Nile. Colonisation and slavery always lead to mixing. The mixing and blending process begun with African slavery in the South and the rest of the Golden Circle “culture” still continues, and continues to spread north.

  11. To the Idiot Nigras posting here-in – Tut ,and the Great Pharaohs were Caucasian. The Nigra Studeez that the Kikes created for you is NOT biologically accurate. They are conning you. They know your are stupid; it’s easy to do. They’ve been conning you for centuries. Your idiotic fantasies, and their lies, does not alter one thing about biological fact. So screw off.

  12. Euro journalists visiting a college campus. In the late 80s before the MSM kicked in full gear of equality. The history teacher lecturing the pupils of Pharrow’s dynasty and that the people’s’of Niger River built the great pyramids and such…. euro journalist laughed out loud about it!AA pupils did not take it kindly- class chimped out and she was severely beaten and was taking to the hospital. No charges were filed. aa students temporally suspended from cage.

  13. ” there was Whites in greece is false because that was part of the Mediterranean long before Europe came about”

    White people started settling in Europe 50,00 years ago you ignorant twit.

  14. It’s ignorant scary bitch made people like Denise. That sit behind a computer all day and blog racist shit..It’s ok say what you want to because we all know you would never say the things you say face to face to a black person.. F.Y.I ( your president is Black and will forever be apart of history…lmao how you like those apples)..Black History isn’t one month,its everyday and more generations to come will make household name’s of themselves… Black,white,Asian,Hispanic. People as a whole are uprising ,while people like you are drowning in your own ignorance …

  15. First the guy who wrote this list is racist. Second regardless of what they say. Egypt is Africa. That explains enough. If my ancestors come from Africa and they were black all different complexions but they were people of color. Why would Tut be different. Personally I don’t care what he was but I do know what color he was.

  16. I can understand why Caucasians desperately lie and still the true history of other civilizations. When our ancient BLACK ancestors where building the pyramids, Caucasians where still non-existent or still crawling around on all floors in the Caucasus mountains like true heathens or what they call “Neanderthals”. People who force racial superiority simply feel inferior and very low in self esteem and worth. Even their own Darwin admits they were here only 6,000 years….obviously the pyramids are much older than the birth of Caucasians. Not even the castles in Europe were built by whites, but rather the Moors ( black people) who ruled Europe for centuries. The pic
    Tires still exist today. Further, how can deny the original painting on the walls from ancient Kemet that the so called Eyptians displayed and described themselves are very dark people even associated red and white with evil. Has anyone gone to Eygptians to see the true for themselves or will we all continue to accept the lies told to us by Western bigots who rewrite history to include themselves in a past they were non-existent in or certainly non-productive in? Lies such as Christopher Columbus discovering a continent where people already lived, how foolish does that sound? If Caucasians would rather believe the lies they have told themselves, LET THEM! Know the truth for yourself-for the truth shall set you free of their oppression to all other races of the earth. Whites can’t fathom or would never accept nor want to acknowledge that the very people they stole for slaves are the first contributors of arts, science, mathematics, language & written language, and the greatest architectural monuments known to man. If I shared the history of Caucasians, I would probably feel ashamed too! No other race is a diabolical or has caused more conflict, turmoil, and bloodshed on earth as the Caucasians have. Believe me they know the truth of who they are, that is why whites lie and rewrite history. It’s even more ridiculous that in every book written by whites, they either invented, discovered, or made any and all major contributions for man kind….REALLY? They will continue lying as long as people as ignorant enough to believe it. The archeological facts remain that Africans were the first race to inhibit a Earth and from which the existence of other races came. Blacks are the original keepers of this planet and slavery was prophesied because of the sins made against our Creator. Although slavery was prophesy, foes not mean the whites or any other race to enslave another will not also pay for their sins, which of course was evil. I don’t believe that anyone is superior but our Creator…..however, the dominance in the Black genetics demonstrates our originality. Enlighten yourself with the truth. Go to ancient Kemet, which also means Black, the name given by our forefathers….Eygptians was the name given to the land after the invaders arrived…such are Europeans and Arabs. They other races did inhabit Eygptians but we’re not the original inhibitors, just check the hieroglyphs. Why else would Europeans, even the Pope, pray before the enter analogy BLACK Madonna and child. Believe me whites know the truth, they just don’t want US knowing the truth because then they could no longer enslave us under their harsh laws and evil politics, which will ultimately be their demise. They profit from the ignorance of others. They are the youngest race to this planet and therefore feel the need to make a “mark” on the history of the planet….and are compelled to explore, create, and even assimilate greatness. Only the Creator is great! That is the same mistake our ancestors made that angered the Creator. Know thyself and know thy true history and no one can steal that from you, like they stole and plagiarized the hieroglyphs to make the Bible…..Oh How Deep. May peace be with you all and the truth set you free from falsehood!

  17. Lmao that idiot said whites built the pyramids in that hot sun when them motherF***ers can’t last 2 seconds outside without sunscreen lol. I love my fellow black people because we are strong and despite these pale motherF***ers trying to take our history and make it their own(and thats just sad) we continue to live on. Hell don’t get me wrong I love white people but come on your names should be history stealers.

  18. “The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.” — Yea, the Sub-Saharan African Male.

    “Around 70 percent of Spanish and 60 percent of French men also belong to the genetic group…” — Not surprising that the darker you move, the higher the percentage. Looks like the article conveniently left out what percentage of Sub-Saharan Africans “Share his DNA.” 90%? 95%? 99.9%? Eurocentric science and history is often a history of omission. It is western science that needs dating and validation in the face of ancient knowledge.

    Nothing new here other than more evidence suggesting that the common ancestry could likely be the Ancient African HUE-MANS genetically hybridized with the Rhesus Macaque to create The Slavs (or intended slave race). Once the Rh+ (Rhesus gene) has been “breeded out,” this old, old, OLD WORLD can get back to properly harnessing the power of Electromagnetics, Sacred Geometria, Kemistry, Pineal Gland, and more generally, ending the bastardization of HUE-MAN Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

  19. “Not surprising that the darker you move, the higher the percentage.”

    Actually not. Those living around the North Sea and Atlantic coasts have the highest proportion of R1b1b2a1* and are also some of the Whitest people on earth.

    There was considerable back migration into Northeast Africa from the R1b homeland in Anatolia or Thrace. There have been several waves of this back migration. Just look at the fine facial and definitely non-Negroid features of Somalis. There have also been several full-on Negro migrations out of Africa to the Middle East in the distant past.

    Human migration patterns are a lot more complicated than a simple one time Out of Africa event.

  20. A large number of the clay kickers who built the Lincoln Tunnel and the other train line tunnels into Manhattan were niggers.

    But the engineers and designers were white. Alexander Cassatt for example.
    His sister was a famous painter Mary Cassatt.

    No doubt a bunch of niggers did the donkey work hauling the Pyramid blocks up the embankments to the pinnacle.

    The suspicion I have about the Pyramids is that they recreate natural features you find in Europe and Asia Minor. Big Acropolis like formations. The Pyramids were like hill envy.
    Why would a Bronze Age Brit build a Pyramid if he’s got the Vale of The White Horse already? Why would a Greek? They already have craggy mountains and peaks.

    What motivated Pharoah to build a pseudo-geological formation?

  21. Evidence suggests that there were timber versions of Stonehenge on the Stonehenge site dating back to 8000BC. If you could build massive timber structures you could easily build a boat or a timber frame hall. Who’s to say that these Carpenters didn’t bring expertise in wood working into Stonemasonry and then colonize the largely treeless North African coast and Lower Nile?

    We recently (historically speaking) saw Kitchener march a relief army to Khartoum and NATO bomb Gaddafi to oblivion.

  22. “Who’s to say that these Carpenters didn’t bring expertise in wood working into Stonemasonry and then colonize the largely treeless North African coast and Lower Nile?”

    Indeed. Prehistoric human migrations are only dimly understood and many reasonable but conflicting speculations abound.

  23. Denise Kill yourself. YOUR just a fucking racist slut that needs some BBC.

    YOU hate negroids so much that you willing to throw all whites under the bus by calling us liars and saying we conned blacks?
    your full of yourself stop being fucking ignorant. I am a white male and i am ashamed of dumb white women like yourself.

  24. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.


  26. Figure out that most whites in America are decendants of white slaves. Race period is a tool used to divide and keep white people in poverty from fighting for change that will uplift themselves. Instead the black mother is the face of welfare. Its the same caste system passed on generation after generation. Keep you thinking blacks are at the bottom but who’s second from the bottom. Are those people better off. Wake up. Their’s black confederates because white black and indians were all mixing in the new world. If you think all the slaves were raped and that’s where all the mix babies came from you are kidding yourselves. True fact. African American men and women of white and native american origin were mixing and freely marrying as slaves all the time. The same went for white men who prefered black women. Native american men who prefered white women. Its not their fault its your body’s natural desire to want to procreate with someone who has different genes than you. You can’t fight it.

  27. The prediction based on a prop said he was related to Europeans then the actual DNA test results and he black.

  28. White people just can’t admit blacks where able to erect the worlds first dynasty. And what makes their blood boil even more is that with all their technological advancements of this era, they still can’t understand how these black egyptians (which they were) built the great pyramids. I find it hilarious. If that fact that. Egypt is in Africa isn’t enough hard evidence for you. As well as paintings, historic documentions, statues and even DNA isn’t enough. Its obvious you are just in da Nile. Lol which is also and AFRICAN river. Lol

  29. Whites and Blacks don’t need to agree on anything when they live in completely separate societies… total separate statehood. At that point the Blacks can form a technologically advanced society if they are what they say their are. I have strong doubts about that, but I would fight for their right to try. Nothing is going to stop certain people from believing that Blacks created civilization, or that they’re the most beautiful people in the world. Arguing or debating issues like that are a waste of time. Personally, I’m not even the remotest bit interested in any aspect of the Black race… at all… AT ALL. Lets voluntarily separate.. forever.

  30. Why would white people paint themselves Black while they hate black people so much.If king Tuts was white why would he allow his sculptors to paint him Black?.Ashraf Sleem you pale mother fucker stop fucking up with Africans History, the next thing you’ll be telling the world that Africans are not from Africa.We all know that Greeks gods sculptures are white and their paintings are also white,why didn’t they paint themselves black?same reason King Tuts didn’t paint himself white.You think a DNA stunt lie would change an ancient history which is been there for more than 6 thousand years before you pale mother fuckers existed.Black people now know their history and you now scared thinking there might be a revolution, now you coming up with lies.Even Arabs living in Egypt know that is not their ancestoral land.That’s why they are called Arabs because they are from Arabia and they don’t claim to be african,cause they are not. Ashraf Sleem with your Jewish mother fuckers who commissioned you to create a stunt lie,you mother fuckers are liars.There are also Pyramids in Sudan,Ethiopia,and Zimbabwe my fellow black brothers and sisters you need to travel and read more historical ancient books and learn the Truth about your history.This is the same thing that Romans and Jews did with Jesus, after they nailed him on cross,they painted his face white and started a paganist religion just to be superior over other races.So that they can take over the world for sake greed.

  31. History is known to repeat itself, as do those that create it. Not unless there was a meteor that made the brilliant black egyptians stupid, I am assuming that we are looking at the remnants the north African Caucasians that have lived on the North African continent for 5 thousand years.

  32. I have seen the most ridiculous afrocentric claims here that it just shows what stupid can say and stupid can believe.

  33. IS it not culture, customs, rituals, signs and symbolism that truly define a people’s nation. Ancient Egypt is 100 percent Black African.
    No where in western asia aka middle east or Europe can you any similar culture. Only in Black Africa only.yet this racist Arab/White fantastic lie is still being told in all forms of control media.this is the greatest tragedy against all kemet black people in Africa to try to erase our history is crime against all humanity. So much of ancient Egypt has been destroyed , distortion, And our true historical achievement may never be known all because of racism against black african ture ancestors of the ancient Egypt, Nubia, Punt, and Ethiopia

  34. I can’t believe stupid, 60 point IQ Negro Untermnschen are still showing up here babbling nonsense.

    Tut and the GREAT Dynastic lines were Caucasians.

    Negroes are more idiotic by the moment. Soon, you will all kill each other. The sooner the better.

  35. Antikemitism and delusional mind can only calming ancient black king tut as white.His tomb was fully intact and open up for the whole world to see.on the walls of his tomb king tut is shown as a black african.There is a life size wooden image of him once again as a dark skin black african. His golden death mask has full black african features. THE BBC in 2002 did a reconstruction of king tut face and he was shown as a black african. True to what was revealed in his actual tomb. What was the need to bring out a new updated image of him? Pure 100 percent anti-kemetic racism . please do not think the ancient Egyptians were lost to color. In king tut tomb is a two-side walking stick. One side is a white pale skin Asiactic prisoners and the other side a ethnic black african who has the same dark black hue color as King tut. Both are black african from different black ethnic groups.When it comes to DNA and all the finding are controlled buy a select few white labs and Black scientists are not given the same acess the do testing on ancient Egyptians mummies as well.Anti-kemetic white / Arab can never be trusted to tell the true when it concerns a black african civilization. If history is our guide there is a track record of lies, distortion whenever it comes to Tamerry land of kemet ( beatiful land of the black people)

  36. Anyone with any sense needs only to look at their artwork to know that they were black. I am a white male of Jewish origin, and I am %100 convinced they were black. With all the DNA tests that have been done. How can anyone genuinely believe they were white or middle eastern? So much stupidity it’s unreal. The question really is how e1b1a haplogroup was in the pharaohs but not a haplogroup in even modern dAy Sudan? What happened to the west Africans that ancient Egypt was known to be populated with. A mystery indeed. Hopefully with future DNA tests we can figure out what happened.

  37. When Egypt’s leading professor of Egyptian antiquities was touring the U.S. with King Tut, he got so disgusted with niggers pestering him, he cut the tour short.

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