Black History Month 2012: Emperor Bokassa’s Coronation

His Imperial Majesty … Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire

Central African Republic

African-Americans were thoroughly disappointed by the results of King Tut’s DNA test which showed that Pharoah Tutankhamun and his father Akhenaten were at least of partial European ancestry.

In spite of the Great Black Disappointment of 2010, there are modern examples of legitimate African royalty whose existence is verifiable and indisputable.

In 1977, Jean-Bédel Bokassa was coronated His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bokassa the First of the Central African Empire in one the most ostentatious ceremonies in world history. The coronation of Bokassa was more lavish than anything to be found in the annals of Egyptian history and this more than makes up for the loss of King Tut to black people.

In a country with only 260 miles of paved roads and where 66 percent of the population lives on less than $1 a day, His Imperial Majesty’s coronation cost $22 million dollars and one third of the Central African Republic’s annual budget. 2,500 foreign dignitaries were invited to watch the two day event and feast on 220 tons of the world’s finest cuisine.

Bokassa’s golden eagle throne weighed two tons and was made of solid gold. His $750,000 crown was encrusted with 2,000 diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. 450 pounds of rose petals were strewn before the emperor and his empress. His entourage was escorted by dozens of earls, counts, dukes and lords in sixty Mercedes-Benz limousines named from among his personal friends.

As the “absolute monarch” of the Central African Republic, Bokassa forbade the use of the words “democracy” and “elections.” He promoted himself to the rank of general and then marshal and later “apostle.” In public appearances, Bokassa wore specially designed uniforms to accomodate all the medals and awards that he bestowed up himself.

He acquired four chateauxs in France, a fifty-room mansion in Paris, houses in Nice and Toulouse and a villa in Berne. He built a presidential palace in his “ancestral home” at Berengo and built a motorway there to access it with state funds. Political enemies were fed to lions and crocodiles at the Villa Kolongo.

Over the course of his 14 year reign, Bokossa announced a “Move to the East” and proclaimed “scientific socialism” to be the goal of his government, but when that didn’t work out he converted to Islam and renamed himself “Salah Addin Ahmed Bokassa.” When he didn’t receive enough money from the Arab world, he reverted to the Catholic Church and crowned himself emperor of the Central African Empire in emulation of Napoleon.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Bokassa I sired 62 children by 17 official wives of all races. He maintained a harem of mistresses in separate villas paid for by taxpayers. Before his regime was toppled amid accusations of cannibalism by French troops in Operation Barracuda in 1979, Bokassa milked state coffers and extorted $10 million dollars into overseas bank accounts.

After 52 years of freedom and independence, life has gotten so bad in the Central African Republic that Bokassa’s tyrannical reign is nostalgically remembered as a time of relative stability and prosperity.

Note: The first part of a 16 part documentary on the life of Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire is found below. The other 15 parts are available on YouTube for those who are curious and want to learn more about one of the greatest black leaders of modern times.

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  1. “It’s hard to see racism when your eyes are swollen shut from a game of Knockout King.”

    those are the only things blacks are king of. Violence, stupidity and aggression.

  2. Don’t forget Idi Amin. The rightful king of Scotland: By conquest.

    Oh what fun you can have picking apart the black Africa dictators.
    Mugabe, Baby Doc… Have fun.

  3. I’m doing a movie review of The Last King of Scotland. This post will be edited when I get home. Couldn’t resist starting this discussion while I was at the gym. More details about Emperor Bokassa later.

  4. I like how the kid is disabused of his liberal notions.

    The creepy SIS officer begins as a creepy Brit but turns out to have understood Amin Perfectly. Ah the real James Bond. Often pasty, unkempt but sharp as a tack.

    Wonderful film. I have to admit I like Whittaker. I cannot imagine he was too popular with BRA after that role.

  5. Bokassa was fascinating. I loved monarchy-feudal, absolute, limited but not figurehead “constitutional”-when I was a boy. I used to make geneology tables of all the monarchical families of Europe from the Middle Ages to the present. I then made geneology tables for the Roman Emperors of Ancient Europe. I studied Bokassa. Though I had a romantic sympathy for his desire to be a monarch, even at the time I found him to be frighteningly brutal and corrupt. I read a book called African Madness when I was in 5th Grade. The chapter about the Emperor Bokassa was called “The Emperor Who Ate His People”.

  6. As an aside, I always found it interesting that Wilhelm II, Kaiser of All Germany, was a direct descendant of Charlemagne, Widukind, Alfred the Great, and Otto the Great. Wilhelm was the grandson of Queen Victoria and thus the great-great grandson of King George III. I am surprised Americans didn’t make a big deal about this during World War I.

  7. Wikipedia: Bokassa had been sentenced to death in absentia in December 1980 for the murder of numerous political rivals. However, he returned from exile in France on 24 October 1986. Bokassa was immediately arrested by the Central African authorities as soon as he stepped off the plane and was tried for 14 different charges, including treason, murder, cannibalism, illegal use of property, assault and battery, and embezzlement. […] One of the most lurid allegations against Bokassa was the charge of cannibalism, which was technically superfluous. In the Central African Republic, statutes forbidding cannibalism classified any crime of eating human remains as a misdemeanour. Upon seizing power from David Dacko in 1981, the current President André Kolingba had declared amnesty for all misdemeanours committed during the tenure of his predecessors. Bokassa could not be punished for the crime, even if he was found guilty. The cannibalism charges against him were brought from old indictments in 1980 that resulted in his conviction in absentia, a year before Kolingba’s amnesty, so the anthropophagy charge remained listed among Bokassa’s crimes. […] On 12 June 1987, Bokassa was found guilty of all but the cannibalism charges.

  8. America stepped in, thankyou, to protect loans to the French.

    It’s as good a reason to fight as any other. The US Army was acting as bailiff to a bunch of German squatters in Picardy, who were endangering a big mortgage to Pierre Francois.

  9. “Bokassa’s golden eagle throne weighed two tons and was made of solid gold”
    I can’t resist. Was it a golden eagle or a gold statute in the likeness of a deep-fried eagle?

    ” His $750,000 crown was encrusted with 2,000 diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. 450 pounds of rose petals were strewn before the emperor and his empress. His entourage was escorted by dozens of earls, counts, dukes and lords in Mercedes-Benz limousines named from among his friends”
    Sounds like the world’s first rap video.

    They’re all the same aren’t they? Wannabe Warlord pimps. This would be like a British royal wedding of about $400 Billion or a US ceremony of $1Trillion. Even if it was desired, there’s no way to find enough “bling” to even satisfy it.

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    It goes without saying that the irony was lost on emperor buttnakassas. That his negro concept of bling bling only implies power because of what all that gold represents: the effort of productive minds that can be traded for it. That is, his fried chicken throne is only valuable in so much as there are many many people without such niggery concepts of “value”.

    p.s. Fun fact from wikipedia: at the recent gold peak of $1900/oz , the value of all the gold estimated to have been mined by humans, in all of history, is still not equal to just one year’s output of just the U.S. even in a severe recession.

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  11. Common Americanism. You said coronated. It’s actually crowned. Please edit.

    Small quibble.

    Also edit to point out he claimed to be the 13th Apostle to Christ.

  12. Every time you give a black power, he’ll abuse it exactly to the extent that he thinks he can get away with. When a black has absolute power, he behaves with absolute obscenity. Blacks are violent and vulgar by hereditary predilection, and no amount of ostensibly remedial socialism can ever change their basic nature.

  13. “Some wives were unwilling partners but succumbed to Bokassa’s will, fearing for their lives and the safety of their families.” p. 54 of “Dark Age” Dark Age: The Political Odyssey of Emperor Bokassa
    “That’s part of American greatness, is discrimination. Yes, sir. Inequality, I think, breeds freedom and gives a man opportunity.” – Lester Maddox
    Emperor Bokassa might have done some bad things, but he never had racially segregated restaurants selling fried chicken. Joe Bob used to whittle and sit on the bench at the county courthouse – he used to say, “Put the queers back into the closet, ship the niggers back to Africa, and send the Yankees back to their deep freeze.” He’s dead now, but his truth goes marching on.

  14. Haiti and the Caribbean are going to be major topics discussed here. There will be 2 book reviews on Haiti, 1 on Guadeloupe, and 2 on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    I also want to do movie reviews of The Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamonds, and Hotel Rwanda. The goal is to create a page full of rich content that can be accessed easily through the header.

  15. LKoS is an interesting movie 3/4 of the way thru, but for some reason the last 1/4 just about had me ready to pull the plug.

  16. “He was variously accused of being a cannibal who ate body parts from those opponents who he did not feed to the lions and crocodiles in his personal zoo. ”

    James Bondesque villanry, why didn’t they teach us these awesome things in school?

  17. Though Haiti is part of the western hemesphere, it’s an example of African excellence. A warning to America. Let these people gain sovereign status and you get this charnel house.

  18. Savages will be savages. The muds and blacks have a long history of cannibalism, which goes a long way toward explaining their depraved nature, if you ask me.

    Your friend Joe Bob was a very wise man. Too bad we don’t have more of his kind around.

    Deo Vindice

  19. Last King of Scotland was OK, but highly fictionalized. In reality, I have some time for Amin. He was actually pretty well educated on the Jewish Question, and most of his problems really began after he expelled their small community from Uganda.

    Blood Diamond was your archetypical, Hollywood, white-guilt preach-fest, peppered with enough action sequences to keep Joe Whitey from tuning out. DiCaprio does a pretty good Rhodesian/Afrikaner accent, though.

  20. Africans are the real divine comedy. Thank the gods for such opportunities to laugh. Mugabe is a real gem. Curing HIV with a shower? Even Marxist-feminists laugh at that one.

  21. Given all the toppling of foreign regimes by CIA after WWII, from Ecuador to Angola, I think this gumbilla was installed in a like manner. How can anybody do what he did for so long, in such a backward part of the world, without outside help?

  22. Don’t forget to celebrate Idi Amin’s use of a dump truck to roll over two rows of the heads of his perceived enemies in Uganda. A day memorialized during Black History Month.

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