African-Americans for Obama

District of Corruption

BRA’s first “post-racial” president announces the racialized nature of his 2012 re-election campaign.

Note: The Left easily shifts rhetorical gears between colorblind universalism and color conscious exclusivity, radical tolerance and suffocating conformism, racial equality and racial preference.

In The Forum: California on the verge of bankruptcy, Obama underwater in Western swing states, Sean Penn appointed ambassador to Haiti, Obama to expand housing assistance, Axis Sally of Radio Free Northwest is a porn star.

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  1. Black do not dominate Rugby or Association Football. Hoops are for tall freaks who can jump 4 ft. American Football as the rules currently exist favour men who are grossly overweight and abusing steroids doing hyperspecialized tasks. As soon as a bit of endurance, cooperation and mutiple generalist skills are needed you Get a New Zealand or Spain dominating.

    The Russians and Yugoslavs btw did manage to run the NBA ragged at the Olympics. So even there, teamwork worked.

  2. Black had low self esteme, because they were honestly assessing themselves according to objective criteria.

    Blacks, if they ever reported low self-esteem (which I doubt), did so to conform to YT’s standards. “As a gud kristian, suh,” that sort of thing.

  3. They are showcasing Wilfork. He’s a FAT man. Must be over 300 pounds. He’s not an athlete. This is your sport America.

    The blonde anchor on CNN called his battle with diabetes inspiring. INSPIRING!


    How did America allow a respectable field sport get this way?

  4. “Whites excel at strength athletics, power-lifting, Olympic lifting, strongman and throwing. Those are all fast twitch muscle fiber events. I doubt any athletes are as fast as throwers and Olympic lifters. IIRC, blacks successes in sprinting is now credited with their high center of gravity, which gives them a falling forward effect while running. Our center of gravity is lower, which gives us an advantage in swimming, wrestling and the like.”

    Lifting,swimming, and wrestling all require a mix of fast and slow twitch muscles, which we have, as well as the other biological differences, rather than a single minded focus on one area to the exclusion and detriment of all else.

    “This will sound fucked up, so bare with me. Words aren’t my thing, but negros advantage in sports right now is cultural”

    No disagreement here, I agree largely with PK about what has happened and why in sports.

  5. Well, I certainly did NOT watch The Niggerbowl. Anybody else? I watched Californication instead.

    (And yes, I’m aware that David Duchovny is half-heeb. I don’t care. The show is hilarious, and Hank Moody reminds a lot of myself 🙂

  6. Imagine the outrage if a President announced his creation of an organization called, White Americans for the President?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

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