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  1. Howard Kurtz. The horror! The unspeakable horror.

    Was the ivory merchant in HoD, Jewish btw? Or is it just a German name in this case?

  2. Tucker. Bit of a git. That’s the GOP though. So in 2012 it welfare and war, or it’s welfare and war.

    It’s sickening.

  3. Useful information for men.
    The Philippines is the only country on earth where divorce is not legal. Your wife can not kick you out. She can not take your children from you. You can get a civil separation, but neither of you can remarry. You do not lose custody of your children.
    [Since] I am married to a Filipina I can get a 13A immigrant visa, which is a permanent residency, and I can own any thing I wish, and can afford, in my own name; businesses, real estate, homes, etc. I can later become a Filipino citizen if I choose, and vote and have all other rights of citizenship.[If I were single and over fifty], I could obtain a retirement visa and own a home and a reasonable amount of land it sits on in my own name. When I die I could not leave it to a non-native born Filipino, but it can be sold, and the money given to whomever I declare.
    If you stay in the US, and your marriage is registered in the Philippines, then your wife can not divorce you. She can get a divorce in the US, with all the divorce theft available in the west, but the records in the Philippines will show her as still married to you. However, you can divorce her and it will be accepted in the Philippines. This is the reason that even in the US men that marry Filipinas have a dovorce rate of less than 20%, compared to the 60%+ rate in American men marrying American women. – MikeDiver February 23, 2012

  4. There is a confusion here. This is not BRA, this is JRA.
    Tucker Carlson has been castrated by self-chosen, streams of blood still flow down his legs.

  5. The point about BRA has been that the country has been run for blacks, not by them. Without white guilt over blacks(and it doesn’t seem to apply to anyone else) the system simply would not exist.

  6. WTF does that filipinos have to do with southern nationalism/white nationalism? i believe it is called miscengenation? is it not?

  7. Extremism in defense of Israel is no vice.

    Moderation in pursuit of BRA is no virtue.

    GOP to its White majority base: heads I win, tails you lose.

  8. Although he is not a white nationalist I’m still going to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary because he is the *only* sane candidate of either party when it comes to war with Iran.

  9. Noted that the SEAL SF’s are lowering swimming standards to get more black operatives.

    This is like 5’2″ female firemen. Hat good is a black if they need to swim? Seriously. It’s the only way a black could ever qualify for that unit. They are Frogmen fer fecks sake!

    Insane stuff. They are not much use in the Green Berets for obvious reasons as well. “Oh look Ibrahim I do declare, it’s Will Smith in Tashkent!” That works. Not.

  10. Tucker Carlson: American Psycho.

    OT@Hunter, Was there a post up at the site Wednesday night that you pulled for some reason? A review of a book, I believe. I only glanced at it and don’t recall the title, but it sounded interesting. If so, will you re-post it at some point in the future?

  11. To be fair here, the British and Americans have shoved Persisns/Iranians around for a couple of centuries. It’s not that novel to have tensions with Iran.

    However Tucker is mental.

  12. The point is that a white American male is more likely to be raped financially by his white wife than by a black gangbanger. The failure to recognize that American white women are an enemy of white males and almost always the allies of blacks and browns and gays make White Nationalism a hopeless endeavor.

  13. FDR’s political equation: Uncle Sam = Uncle Sambo = Uncle Shmuel. War in the way of the genocidal Jews of the Old Testament might be good: Exterminate all Moslems and take their land and oil. Neocon war is killing people at random, making enemies and accomplishing nothing except enriching a few corporations. Neocon means liberalism with emphasis on war over welfare.

  14. go back far enough and it was the iranians/ persians fucking with us. Much of what is now the moslem world was Christian. Until the moslems got the upper hand that is. That includes Turkey, Egypt and the Holy Land.

    I don’t think war is likely. We’re already pushed close to the max and what passes for “our” leadership knows that. So does iran which is why they are pushing so hard. iran was pretty well behaved for a short while because they saw what we could do in a-stan and iraq. iran got bold when they figured out “our” leadership was making us fight like pussies

  15. “The failure to recognize that American white women are an enemy of white males and almost always the allies of blacks and browns and gays make White Nationalism a hopeless endeavor.”

    As long as you allow your women to not be submissive, and subservient to their heads- whether their fathers, or their spouses. The Biblical construct of ‘submission to one’s head as UNTO THE LORD’ has been destroyed by egalitarian Protestants, and the trajectory is clearly visible.

    As I’ve said on my blog, (and elsewhere) until we return to patriarchal, patristic, biblical orthodoxy, we are doomed to be put under the Muslim yoke, or the Jews’ yoke. As was noted by a commenter at my site,

    ““A nation that abandons its Christian tradition, soon finds itself being ruled by Jews.” — Civilità Cattolica, 1890 (I paraphrase).

  16. it’s not an issue of allow; the law is set up to favor women over men. Nothing is more true than that when it comes to divorce. A man has no legal standing in family court.

    but yea, the dipshit should hit the bricks

  17. “The failure to recognize that American white women are an enemy of white males and almost always the allies of blacks and browns and gays make White Nationalism a hopeless endeavor.”


    MRAs are anti-White.

    Look what this clown Robert in Arabia (if you are in Arabia, why are you poking your nose into America’s stuff?) is doing: He advocates boinking non-Whites and so making MORE non-Whites, and all the while telling White men, “Stay far away from White women. They are all irredeemably evil, and, plus, White Nationalism is doomed and it’s all their fault and they’ll never never change so just give up it’s hopeless.”

    But, fellas, without White women there can be no White nation because without White women, there can be no White babies, including baby boys.

    So not only are MRAs anti White women, but, since what they are advocating means no more White boys, so-called MRAs are also anti White men, since only White boys grow up to be White men.

  18. My parent’s generations sold us out. I’m 35-40. I can clearly see giving up Empire was a
    suicidal moment in British history. It was the only thing keeping the nigger in line. London is swamped by Africa now. So is Leicester. Somalis everywhere.

  19. BRA is actually minority ran America and White women are part of that minority. In fact things like affirmative action have helped White women more than negros because White woman have an IQ advantage over negros

    not all MRA’s advocate marring non Whites. I say it’s divide by thirds: 1/3 go overseas to find a wife, some times Asia sometimes Eastern Europe or South America: 1/3 bang chicks in America, get cut, wear a condom, don’t knock them up, don’t live with them and but don’t marry them: 1/3 go your own way and ignore women.

    their complaints against women and the legal system are legitimate. I won’t go into much detail, but with no evidenced my ex-wife accused me of all types of horrible things which I have not yet completely squashed. No charges were filed against her when her claims were proven to be untrue. She got 70% of our assets, even though I paid off her dental school debt and two dental practices she started but did not work. She got custody even though the children requested to stay with me

    I’d like to think better of White women, but unfortunately I know to many of them and I know how many White babies they murder in the womb, how they vote, think and act.

    If a White woman wants to prove she’s a freind of White men, she can start by lobbying her state to change their divorce laws.

    For 30-50k, a White man can buy eggs from a White woman, have it mixed with his baby batter and inserted into a rented womb in India. 9 months latter, the child will be yours, 100% White, without taking the insane risk marriage brings or the very real risk of losing your child in divorce court. This is what I am suggesting to my sons, and I will help them pay for it.

    why do I get the feeling that little shit is gloating at the death of a child

  20. “BRA is actually minority ran America and White women are part of that minority.”

    Sure. It’s divide and rule and it’s understandable people getting angry about it but sometimes that anger leads them into *joining in* the divide and rule and helping the other side.

  21. “Is there any point to having white babies who are going to be raised by her new African boyfriend before he kills her or them?”

    Oh, please. 95% of White women still want a White husband.

    You are falsely portraying White women as if 95% of them are taking African boyfriends, and you are using that as if it’s true, telling all the White men to avoid White women.

    If the guys listen to you, the good fraction of White women won’t be able to find a White guy. They’ll have few or no options BUT to take up with Africans.

    You are TRYING to bring about what you claim to hate, “white babies raised by African boyfriend before he kills her or them,” because if White men listen to you, those few White babies that manage to be conceived will have NO chance to have a White daddy to raise them — because of YOU telling the White men to stay far away from White women.

    You are anti White women. Therefore you are anti White baby boys. Therefore you are anti the very people you CLAIM to be championing — White men.

    You CLAIM to be WN. Obviously you are a liar.

    You are anti-White.

    You CLAIM to have loyalty to people with Y chromosomes. Since you are anti White boys, asking what’s the point of having them, and therefore White men, that’s not even true.

    You are a disgrace.

  22. “not all MRA’s advocate marring non Whites. I say it’s divide by thirds: 1/3 go overseas to find a wife, some times Asia sometimes Eastern Europe or South America: 1/3 bang chicks in America, get cut, wear a condom, don’t knock them up, don’t live with them and but don’t marry them: 1/3 go your own way and ignore women.”

    Marrying foreign White women (I’ve heard Russians suggested frequently) is less objectionable than race mixing, but it’s still not White Nationalism.

    Here’s why:
    The White race is 9% of world pop and falling. The birthrate bottleneck is wombs, not sperm production. Telling White American men to avoid White American women, if they listen, that means fewer (maybe far fewer) White American wombs occupied by White children. With Whites being 9% of world pop and falling, we must do everything possible NOT to discourage the conception of White children.

    Yeah, the divorce laws suck. Some White women are evil. But even though the husband got financially screwed, the fact that White offspring exist as a result of that marriage is a GOOD thing.

    Also, those Russian women being taken by American men are depriving the Russian men of their women. Since Russia is less anti White than Europe or America, those women and the fruit of their wombs ought to be staying IN Russia.
    Sure, for the occasional — very occasional — occurance that a foreign White woman marries a White American man, the consequences are not large. But “occasional” is not what the MRAs are advocating. They are telling ALL the White American men to avoid White American women. They are advocating for a policy that will further collapse the White American birthrate, hurrying the day that White kids are a hated, powerless minority in a sea of non-White squalor, in the very country their forefathers won for them.

    WN claims to be about securing the existence of our people and a future for White Children. NOTHING that MRAs tell White American men furthers that objective. So why do WNs assume MRAs are on our side?

  23. “For 30-50k, a White man can buy eggs from a White woman, have it mixed with his baby batter and inserted into a rented womb in India. 9 months latter, the child will be yours, 100% White, without taking the insane risk marriage brings or the very real risk of losing your child in divorce court. This is what I am suggesting to my sons, and I will help them pay for it. ”

    I wonder what a nation of children raised by single fathers and daycare would like like?
    Now, as you say, we are a nation where a lot of children are raised by single mothers and daycare. But as destructive as single parents, daycare and formula are now, what if EVERYONE grew up in that unnatural, contrived situation, in contravention to every nature of the human infant (to nurse and to emotionally attach to his birth mother, with whom he should be spending the vast majority of his hours and days until at least age 3, and then to widen his circle of love to include his Daddy)?

    At least today, some of these poor little underparented urchins get some breastmilk.

    In a utopian nation of MRAs’ dreams where all the young White women sell their eggs to be incubated by paid Indian women and then turned over to the biofather at birth, no child would ever get to have his own mother. Assuming, that is, the Indian women birth mothers were actually willing to hand over without a fight to men they do not know, their beautiful White newborns that they’ve spent 9 months nurturing — a wholly unproven assertion.

  24. White people are more like 6% of the world population. Actually, I think there’s quite enough white people in earth to sustain our genome indefinitely. There’s just an over-abundance of shit-colored primitives forceably entrenched in our collective midst and competing with us for our own vital resources by way of situational dynamics which are rigged to their advantage. But since I’m stating what is so painfully obvious to all here, I’ll just shut up.

    The solution to the problem isn’t complicated: When invaders come into your land and start fucking with your shit, you kill every last one of the bastards. Then you follow their tracks and their stench back to where they came from, and kill the rest of ’em. It’s that simple.

    But until that day comes, white men stop blaming white women, and white women
    stop blaming white men. Make up, have lots of sex, and be on the same side.

  25. “But until that day comes, white men stop blaming white women, and white women
    stop blaming white men. Make up, have lots of sex, and be on the same side”


  26. Barb – bless you.

    To all other White men – YOU had it al – and YOU gave it away. I’ve said it many times before – White MEN ran away from their duties as men, and adults, in the 20th Century, in order to play with all the dazzling toys they created, and to chase after Bunny Girls. Nature and society abhors a vacuum. The Jew saw his chance. FYI – they don’t reject their strong women – they fully utilize them.

    The Jew brought in all the ferals. If White Western Women act like men, it’s because some-one had to.

    Fuck you and your slant cvnt, Robert of Ass-rapia. Fuck you and your little mongrel abominations. I heard that your wife like Dark Meat. She does Niggers when you’re out.

  27. I wouldn’t suggest getting involved with a woman from behind the (former) iron curtain. From what I read, they’ve all got a “gibs me dat” attitude, and will feast upon your carcass as soon as they get citizenship. Everyone I know has taken their lumps from some screwed up woman. But you don’t lay down and die, you keep at it. A wise old graybeard once told me, “No matter how good she looks right now, someone, somewhere is sick of her shit.” No pain, no gain. Cheers

  28. My criticism of the MRA/game blogs are that they’re infested with people who have various psychological and social impairments. Aspergers Syndrome tends to be very very common among those people and it shows. These people have a very difficult time forming normal social relationships with people and simultaneously have a very warped perception of the world. I believe this is at least a partial explanation of why they have such a terrible time with women and why they have such ridiculous attitudes towards them.

    I stumbled across this blog last year – http://www.groin.com/ – it’s an excellent running commentary on that particular subculture.

  29. I’m fair certain robert of arabia is full of shit. #1) I’m fair certain no non native born person can own anything in the Philippians regardless of who they are married to. #2) I’m fair certain I’ve seen him post before that he was married to a woman from Lebanon, living in Lebanon, and had or was in the process of converting to islam

    The MRM is mostly men who have been shit on by women for longer than they can endure. Like the WN movement. Both are attacked by the same thing; a cultural marxist world view.

    “You are anti White women. Therefore you are anti White baby boys. Therefore you are anti the very people you CLAIM to be championing — White men.”
    Partly true, I do have daughters, who I love and invested much in. However, one has recently joined team woman and is taking her mother’s side even though my daughter knows the truth. Betrayed by my own flesh and blood, by the child who initially was the most hurt by her mother’s actions. My oldest daughter was a mess for years, and rejected many good White men because they were to nerdy or nice while she pissed most of her good fertile years away chasing a career and bad boys. She woke up, but has to pay the price for her actions

    It is also untrue because I offered an alternate solutions, produce White children with science. 30k isn’t that much money to save up if you don’t have to support a woman, spend your cash trying to impress them, etc.

    Mostly what I see is good White men who go to Eastern Europe or Oriental women after years of being rejected by American White women. Usually rejected for being too nerdy –betaish. I can understand their motivation because I strive to reject all modern thought and morality. I think the we should condemn our society that drives those men elsewhere more than the men themselves. Especially since most of the time those mix-breed kids are raised White and the men do not reject Western Civilization on the whole. Unlike women who seem to reject White society when they marry outside our race and their children are not raised White and from what little I’ve seen don’t marry White people and don’t raise the next generation as White. That’s a small sample size so I may be way off

    What you fail to address is the behavior of White women and their hostility to White men. What good does a White child do the White man when he can’t see, love or raise the child? And it’s not some White women. It’s almost all. Look up the divorce stat’s. It’s White women trading in perfectly good White men, and robbing the man of his children and wealth, because she is unhappy and knows she will get the kids and the money. Russian women may do that to, but white women do it about 50% of the time. I don’t know how often Eastern European ladies do so. I do know the woman in Poland seemed to actually like and respect men, who act in traditional masculine ways. I can’t say the same for most American women.

    Every woman in my life has shit on me. My mother and sisters shit on me and my father. My wife and my daughters in their turn. While they shit on me, I strove to be a man after God’s own heart and the modern version of Sir Galahad. I’ve watched White women shit on my sons, one of my brothers, my friends and co workers. Good men of courage strength and virtue shit on time and time again because White woman think and act like oprha. How much shit are we supposed to take? How many times are we supposed to hold the door for women while they glare at us for doing so?

    50% of marriages end in divorce; almost all of those marriages are filed by women because they are unhappy. She gets your assets, long term ties to your money, and the children. Who can anyone recommend that investment to their sons?

    The ideal world would see White women put away feminism and return to loving and support White men, staying home and tending to the internal needs of her White family, while her White husband tends to the external needs. But I know women will not do that until life gets hard and they need men again.

    Children raised by single fathers do much better than children raised by single mothers and are on par with children raised in intact homes. Some research points to them doing better. Do the research. Barb and Denise, the more you type, the more you prove you don’t know what you are talking about on this subject. Spend a few weeks objectively analyzing and looking past the angry words of then MRM.

    Research child abuse and you will find that women abuse more children than men, and women more frequently abuse their own biological children, men tend to harm children that are not theirs genetically

    Most White men did not run away, they were driven away by White women becoming feminist. True some White men did run away, but that was mostly the elite/ DWL types, and not the WN middle class- blue collar crowd. White women had it all and threw it away so they could strive to be like men. Welcome to the man’s world where you have to bust your ass and fend for yourself. If I ever help another woman out again it will because she has small children that cannot yet fend for themselves. and I will be aiding the child not the woman.

    There are 12 married men on my security detail; 5 of their wives have proven unfaithful on this contract, 1 had an unfaithful wife in his army days. All White men, married to White women and the 50% unfaithful rate is the women who got caught. 1 woman went a whoring after 22 years of marriage. Or more accurately got caught whoring after 22 years.

    True WN women would look at other White women and say let’s fix ourselves, be the women our grandmothers were so White men will have more to fight for, let’s get married young, want less stuff so we can afford more beautiful White babies and give White men even more to fight for. I guarantee if you do that White men of quality will come running. After they’re reasonable sure it’s not an act. White women don’t do that. They are 1st and foremost on team woman, on the feminist band wagon and bash White men/ try to shift blame. They have bought into cultural Marxism to a larger degree than men. There’s no way to argue against it. Most consumer debt is driven by women, it is women putting off marriage to chase degrees, women vote liberal more often than men, and all the other stuff DWL’s say is good. A man can put off marriage and what not because he remains fertile, and his ability to protect, produce and provide increases. A woman’s does not

    Even here we don’t have a single woman say White women should do better for White men. Not one. Their 1st action is to attempt to shame men and shift blame
    You cannot make up and be happy with people that hate you. Look at how men are portrayed in things popular with White women. That’s how they feel about us, that’s how they think about us. They would not read those magazines, watch those shows etc etc. if it were offensive to them. Look at how many White women like the Eat Pray Love book/ movie and the woman who wrote it. The woman who threw away her White husband and child to whore around, and marry a non White who only wanted a green card. And White woman eat that shit up and asked for more.

    I can’t recall the last time I’ve heard a White woman say she would not watch_ _ _ because it was disrespectful to her husband, sons/ White men. I do know a Korean lady who said it and then checked out of popular culture.

    Who’s the better companion, helpmate etc, you or that Korean lady?

  30. You sound like a whiny woman. That’s the problem with the MRM. Real men don’t whine. Grow up and grow a pair.

    Life is tough. Life isn’t fair. Family law is screwed up, cultural Marxism (feminism, etc.) have ruined marital attitudes, and etc. But none of that is an excuse for this effeminate whinyness.

    IMO a lot of these problems are self induced and avoided in some circumstances, but regardless of that, these problems are not an excuse to not reproduce and certainly not an excuse for WN’s to “go rouge” with a gook female.

  31. Philippines

    This section is written like a personal reflection or essay rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. (April 2010)

    This section may contain previously unpublished synthesis of published material that conveys ideas not attributable to the original sources. See the talk page for details. (April 2011)
    Philippine law, in general, does not provide for divorce inside the Philippines. The only exception is with respect to Muslims, who are allowed to divorce in certain circumstances. For those not of the Muslim faith, the law only allows annulment of marriages. Article 26 of the Family Code of the Philippines does provide that
    Where a marriage between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner is validly celebrated and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall have capacity to remarry under Philippine law.[12]
    This would seem to apply only if the spouse obtaining the foreign divorce is an alien.[according to whom?] However, the Supreme Court of the Philippines declared in the case of RP vs. Orbecidio
    [..] we are unanimous in our holding that Paragraph 2 of Article 26 of the Family Code (E.O. No. 209, as amended by E.O. No. 227), should be interpreted to allow a Filipino citizen, who has been divorced by a spouse who had acquired foreign citizenship and remarried, also to remarry.[13]
    Complications can arise, however. For example, if a legally married Filipino citizen obtains a divorce outside of the Philippines, that divorce would not be recognized inside the Philippines. If that person (now unmarried outside of the Philippines) then remarries outside of the Philippines, he or she could arguably be considered in the Philippines as having committed the crime of bigamy under Philippine Laws.[according to whom?] The above complications will not arise if the legally married Filipino citizen obtains foreign citizenship first, then secures a foreign divorce decree.
    Also, Article 15 of the Civil Code of the Philippines provides that
    Laws relating to family rights and duties, or to the status, condition and legal capacity of persons are binding upon citizens of the Philippines, even though living abroad.[14]
    This can lead to complications regarding distribution of conjugal property, inheritance rights, etc.[15][16][17] , etc.
    In Article 26, paragraph 2 a number of questions can be raised with respect to the operation of this provision, to wit:
    Is there a need for a judicial decree in Philippine courts to declare the Filipino spouse qualified to remarry? The Family Code has no explicit provision to that effect, unlike in cases of void marriages and of a remarriage in case of absence of one of the spouses amounting to presumptive death (Art. 40 and 41, Family Code) where a court decree is required.
    Is Art. 26, par. 2 applicable to foreign divorces obtained before the effectivity of the Family Code in view of Art. 256?
    What if the Filipino spouse does not intend to remarry, what is the status of any children they may have after the divorce decree? Does the Filipino spouse have a right to demand support from his/her former alien spouse? What is his/her status with respect to his/her former foreign spouse? Can he/she claim share of property or income acquired by the former foreign spouse.
    The process of the divorce annulment is an expensive one;[according to whom?] it cost about 100,000–200,000 pesos or 2000–4,000 US dollars, which is about a year’s wages for a typical Filipino[according to whom?]. The process usually takes 1–2 years.
    One of the steps in the process is a psychological assessment for use or reason of annulment. This costs an additional 10,000–15,000 pesos or 200–300 US dollars.
    Another step in the process is an interview with a court appointed social worker to eliminate possible “collusion” among the parties involved especially if there are children. Children under the age of 7 are awarded to the mother. There are no standards in child support or support to spouse to maintain her previous standard in society.
    The general assumption for this reason for annulment is that the government is influenced by the Catholic religion[according to whom?] and continues to be advised by their leadership rather than a democratic process. However, this conclusion is not necessarily true, and even under the administration of non-Catholic leaders, divorce continues to be a non-issue among majority of Filipinos.
    It can be said, instead, that Filipinos (Catholic or not) have an aversion to divorce as they view the family to be sacrosanct and that divorce, in their perception, is absolutely destructive of this. General Filipino perception of divorce is based on the “no-fault” divorce prevalent in some US states which, in their view, is absurd since a divorce (or a separation of partners, at the least) should only be considered if there is a breach in the marriage and not the “whimsical” drive of no-fault divorces.
    There is also a lack of general clamor for divorce to be made legal and all attempts to ratify it into law have failed. Intellectuals and some social and civic groups have tried to appeal to the masses to change its perception of divorce but this has failed from time to time.
    Filipino law, as stated above, does make some concession to Muslims, though.

  32. Foreigners Leasing Of Philippine Real Estate Property

    Leasing land in the Philippines on a long term basis is an option for foreigners or foreign corporations with more than 40 percent foreign equity. Under the Investor’s Lease Act of the Philippines a foreign national and or corporation may enter into a lease agreement with Filipino landowners for an initial period of up to 50 years renewable once for an additional 25 years.

    Foreigners owning Houses in the Philippines

    Foreigners owning a house or building in the Philippines is legal as long as the foreigner does not own the land on which the house is build.

    Foreigners owning Condominiums & Townhouses in the Philippines

    The Condominium Act of the Philippines, R.A. 4726, expressly allows foreigners to acquire condominium units and shares in condominium corporations up to not more than 40% of the total and outstanding capital stock of a Filipino owned or controlled condominium corporation. However, there are a very few single-detached homes or Townhouses in the Philippines with condominium titles. Most condominiums are high rise buildings.

    Foreigners Married to a Filipino Citizen

    If holding a title as an individual, a typical situation would be that a foreigner married to a Filipino citizen would hold title in the Filipino spouse’s name. The foreign spouse’s name cannot be on the Title but can be on the contract to buy the property. In the event of death of the Filipino spouse, the foreign spouse is allowed a reasonable amount of time to dispose of the property and collect the proceeds or the property will pass to any Filipino heirs and or relatives.

  33. Nice attempt at shaming language. No counter argument, just feminist shaming tactics. Are you a nigger that cannot come up with a rational response to rational, statistically verifiable questions? It’s basically the same thing as when DWL’s call us racist. You lost the argument, don’t want to deal with reality so you they call us the worse thing they can think of to shut down debate

    Grow a pair? Yesterday at work, we were attacked with indirect fire, ( 127 mm rockets I think) on our camp; Molotov cocktails thrown at one of our trucks and direct fire. What was work like for you?

    I’m well compensated for the risk I take in my professional life, and way less than 50% of us get hurt. Were is the compensation for marriage? Is the compensation worth the risk. I say there is very little reward for a lot of risk.

    Why isn’t the pressure on White women to change? Why must White men take more shit, more risk? After all they are so wonderful and strong. (the term strong woman is really a bullshit excuse for women to act like bitches.

    I’ve already produced 5 White children. I wanted more but my ex-wife wouldn’t. I came up with a plan that will allow my sons to produce more White children while minimizing the risk that comes with marriage. A very real and one side risk, and divorce hurts kids as well. Seems to me I’ve already fulfilled my obligations to reproduce. What’s the normal White couple, 1.8 children? I’ve more that doubled that.

    And the divorce statistics don’t lay claim to how many men are absolutely miserably, staying in a crappy and sexless marriage for the sake of kids etc. Which was me for the last 10 years of my 28 year marriage.

    I made the “right” choices. I married a virgin, with college and a strong religious back ground. You know the kind of stuff that’s supposed to ensure you don’t get divorced.

    I’m 48 years old. 70% of my wealth, and my last two kids still in the house were stolen by a woman that created debt, and strife with the full support of other White women and the legal system. I took a polygraph to prove to my children I have always been faithful, and did 6 months of court mandate evaluation to see if I was a threat to my ex and our children, based on her lies. Lies everyone knew were lies, put still put me and the kids through the grinder. I don’t have very many years of this life left in me to recover from another divorce. Which is statistically more likely to occur on the second marriage.

    How much risk and I supposed to assume to be a good member of my race? Isn’t minimizing risk the smart thing to do? Haven’t my sons done their duty to our race if each have 3 White children of there own with no exposures to the risk of marriage?

    Put another way, why assume the risk of marriage when there is a fully viable alternative that still produces children we need without the liabilities of marriage? Where and what would be the benefit of marriage to me or my sons?

    I have made my case for not marrying and using economics and technology to produce the children we need.

    We’re is your case for marriage?

  34. “stonelifter says:
    February 26, 2012 at 5:35 am
    I’m fair certain robert of arabia is full of shit. #1) I’m fair certain no non native born person can own anything in the Philippians regardless of who they are married to. #2) I’m fair certain I’ve seen him post before that he was married to a woman from Lebanon, living in Lebanon, and had or was in the process of converting to islam ”

    Never married to a non-Aryan.
    Not a Muslim.
    One blond blue-eyed grandson

  35. I’ll decline to respond to the first half of your post because I think its pointless dick waving at this point. I’ve made my point in regards to the ethics and moral values of MRA.

    Look, if you’ve had 5 children, then I think you’ve done your job and commend you on that fact.

    I can’t confirm or deny what happened to you as being a totally accurate portrayal of what happened, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

    The other questions would be to wonder how many warning signs there were that you married a psychopath. But again, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t see anything coming and it all just happened without warning.

    What happened to you doesn’t happen to everyone. Even you would have to admit that losing 70% of your assets is NOT a typical situation according to known statistics.

    While the idea of having a surrogate mother sounds interesting, it’s obviously not accessible to the average white guy due to costs and logistics.

    Most white men find relationships appealing, even with the risks involved. I don’t think we can expect to market your proposal with any degree of success. There are also benefits of having healthy marriages for the children that would not be realized in your surrogacy scenario.

    We should be spending our time discussing how to date the right women, how to pick up on the warning signs, and provide support for our guys – something MRA has failed to do largely. MRA’s solution is to whine about bad women and encourage men to throw in the towel.

    So many of the MRA guys refuse to take the high road in their life – they spend their time whining and sulking about their fortune in life. That’s why I singled you out. Look, you probably have a legitimate grievance but we don’t need to be teaching our young men to act like beaten up dogs.

  36. still failed to address most of my points. I do not think most men will rent womb and buy eggs, but it’s the best way for men

    even when trying to reach an accord you can’t bring yourself to deal with reality of women in our time and have to couch your words

    The biggest warning sign I missed is she’s a woman. My story is more common than it is rare. I use to think well of them, fell for all the leftist spin. I can also tell you, my opinion of women more closely matches our forefathers.

    70% is typical when you figure men assume the debt, she gets the assets, child support, alimony the tax breaks for having the children etc. Mine is somewhat different because there was no debt

    There is a lot I don’t like about the MRM. However, their points are usually legitimate

    Re-reading things, I also note barb insults men who marry outside our race, but down plays women who do so

  37. ps,
    We need to teach our young men to evaluate risk. Telling them to get married does nothing for them. Do you really think women file for divorce so often because men failed to pick up on their psycho singles? Or because men treat them badly? They file because they are unhappy, and list adultery or abuse way, way less often.

    I have yet to see you or the others but one once of responsibility on White women.

    Trying to shame young men into the “right thing” like telling me to grow a pair does nothing constructive. I only made my comment to give you a taste of your own. I do not think less of men with 9-5 jobs. I give respect were it is due and when it is given to me. I think it’s telling you only saw a problem with it when I called you out.

    Letting young men know about family court and stats on marriage and divorce helps them to evaluate risk. Letting them know there are safer options for children helps them make the right call. Keeping the info hidden does them no favors. Not marrying women as they are today puts pressure on them to change back into women worth marrying

  38. “Do you really think women file for divorce so often because men failed to pick up on their psycho singles? Or because men treat them badly? They file because they are unhappy, and list adultery or abuse way, way less often.”

    Your story is yours.

    In my family and among the women *I* know, we’re, almost all of us, all on our first marriages, some of us in excess of 20 years. Of the two divorcees I know, my sister DID get cheated on (while out of town helping my mom) and walked in and caught him in bed. She was not lying to us — that is in fact what happened. Proof: He moved in with the scag. The other one, my brother-in-law, we TOLD him, his sister and me both, that she was batshit crazy, early on when he got involved with her. But HE REFUSED to listen to us and instead listened to his little head.

    He then remarried a good gal. She wasn’t half so good-looking, though.

    Moral of the story for young guys, at least from my examples? The SAME moral as young men have been warned of, in order not to ruin their lives, for about, oh, the last 2000 years:

    If you marry ONLY for looks, you are going to regret it.

    Think with your big head as WELL as your little head. There *are* good, cute women out there, but the jaw-dropping traffic-stoppers, the “trophy wives” often turn out to be not trophies in the long run, ‘tall. Same as it ever was.

    From reading between the lines, I have reason to suspect a whole lot of bitter divorced men did, in fact, ignore the warnings of their sisters that THAT ONE is no good, because it appealed to his pride that such a looker would give him the time of day.

    But the bitter MRAs are extrapolating that ALL White women are no good and telling the young guys that this is so. What young guys need to hear is this:
    If you marry ONLY for looks, you are going to regret it.

  39. “Re-reading things, I also note barb insults men who marry outside our race, but down plays women who do so”

    Ah, baloney. I’m just trying to counter the anti-White hooey of the MRMs. White men and White women NEED each other, and the Race needs them to get together.
    Young men lurkers reading the MRMs telling White men to avoid White women need to see all the aspects — including that what if MRMs actually got what they advocate it could PUSH women to non-Whites.

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