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  1. Jim – the Protestant denomimations that “bless Israel”? Pffttt!

    Chris – you sound fabulous. You have it going on, already.

    Land whiner – don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for yourself…ooops! Wait…

    Fr John – BLESS you!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Denise writes:

    “If you truly want to be kind – please go back to that other thread, and comment a bit on the videos I posted. Don’t waste too much time. Just a word or 2. I put a lot of effort into finding stuff I really enjoyed, and thought embodied the best elements of dance. Tell me what you think. ”

    Jack responds:

    I will be happy to make some comments. Which thread is it that you posted the videos?

  3. Denise, I don’t have a problem with dancing as a art form, it’s the booty grabbin’ and grinding garbage that passes for dancing at weddings even that’s ridiculous. I was just pointing out that some religions have tried to emphasize the cerebral and spiritual over the carnal and lustful when choosing a mate. Grandmothers and mother would have literally smacked the you know what out of a young woman, if her justification for courting a man was his “mad skillzz on the dance floor”.

    And Israel can go to hell, I’m not one of “those” Protestants.

  4. There’s dancing then there’s dancing, imo. We had ballroom dance classes as kids, (and boys went, too, lol.) The whole thing where they tried to “sell” hispanics to “america” with Antonio Banderas tango scenes is disgusting, imo. Having that shoved down your throat just turned people off to “white spaniards” as well. I broke up with a guy who tried to take me to one of those spanish speaking islands for a vacation— telling him he might just as well take me to manhattan. Waltz and minuets are nice, even the poor man’s versions of square dance and line dance. Idk— I like what I used to think of as european culture, and just can’t do the public sex simulation that now passes for dancing in the u.s.— whether it’s sold as black or latino, it makes no difference to me. Same with the “white spanish” style newscasters on msm around here— cleavage, clunky jewelry, tight red dresses on fat bods. Maybe it would be better if north europe got its own country.

  5. Maybe I don’t really mean that last comment. But at least indoctrinate the masses to respect northern europeans who just can’t do the latino thing.

  6. Here’s the thing: take the spanish, french, etc, catholic-sphere—- their words for “mixed” is directly related to the name of their mixed people, like spanish: mestizo.

    A mestizo is part Spanish. As the u.s. has become more Latin, the population is supposed to “mix.” It’s just how the Latin people handled “de-colonization.”

    The northern elements, which often correspond to protestants, have a history of various forms of separations.

    So— the “integration” craze really does correspond with influx of Latin whites, (historically). Sorry, but that just seems a fact. Why is that?

  7. Dixiegirl – I highly recommend the dance CEROC – C’est le rock. It’s a very White dance , like Swing dancing, but not so fast or out of control. It’s a nice dance, with real lead and follow moves. You can dance to most popular White music from the 30s to contemporary. There are a few sexy moves, but it’s nothing gyrating, or excessive thrusting – it looks a lot like White couples doing figure skating together.

    Though the name is French, CEROC is very popular in Brit places like England, Australia:

  8. Sorry, but HW would know—- was there “apartheid” is spanish countries? I really don’t know. Did the Latin types ever impose laws, separations, etc., in the way of South Africa, the u.s., etc. If so, why is it deep-sixed.

  9. It varies across a spectrum: British colonies had the strongest racial caste system followed by the French colonies and then the Spanish colonies.

    There really wasn’t much difference between South Carolina and Barbados or Louisiana and Saint-Domingue or Florida and Cuba before the United States. They were plantation societies based on slavery that grew cash crops for export to European markets.

    The Southern plantation system and the racial caste system was created in Barbados and transplanted to South Carolina and from there it spread across the Deep South and into the Upper South.

    The Southern colonies were an extension of the Caribbean slave states into North America. From the beginning, they were fundamentallly unlike the New England colonies.

    The American Revolution separated South Carolina and Georgia from the six Caribbean colonies and it separated New England from the Canadian Maritimes where lots of Yankees had settled.

    Later, the Haitian Revolution separated Louisiana from Saint-Domingue which Napoleon sold to Thomas Jefferson after the failure of the Leclerc expedition and the resumption of war in Europe.

  10. The Belgians created a racial caste system with segregation in the Congo. The French created a racial caste system in Algeria. I’m pretty sure the Portuguese had a racial caste system in Angola and Mozambique.

    South Africa isn’t the only state to mirror the Deep South. In Kenya, the White Highlands were reserved for White settlement and Rhodesia had separate laws for blacks and Whites.

  11. Dixiegirl – I don’t think we’ve ever met in person. Perhaps we’ve exchanged (fan) mail with each other on some (Amren) comment board. I did got to college in “Dixie” for 4 1/2 years, then lived there another year after fleeing war torn New York City in the early 1990s.

    Perhaps we could meet some time and I could teach you some of my Ceroc dance moves. It’s a great dance – my favorite social activitity with White men and White women. Women loved to dance and it’s the one area where the White guy gets to take the lead and no one yells at him for being a White guy, taking the lead.

  12. Jim said:

    February 29, 2012 at 3:53 pm
    Denise, I don’t have a problem with dancing as a art form, it’s the booty grabbin’ and grinding garbage that passes for dancing at weddings even that’s ridiculous. I was just pointing out that some religions have tried to emphasize the cerebral and spiritual over the carnal and lustful when choosing a mate. Grandmothers and mother would have literally smacked the you know what out of a young woman, if her justification for courting a man was his “mad skillzz on the dance floor”.

    And Israel can go to hell, I’m not one of “those” Protestants.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t consider those obscene gyrations to be dancing. It’s disgusting. And I’m totally thrilled and gratified that you are not one of those heretical Zio-Xians.

  13. Dixie – I don’t care about the origins of tango. It’s FABULOUS. Tap dancing was a combination of Irish step dancing, and Negro “stomping”. So what? Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly made tapping sublime.

    LOTS of White folsk do al kinds of dancing. And Whites make everything better.

  14. I spoke to the 74 year old gentleman today. He and his 72 year old wife go dancing. They are able to travel all over the country, to dance. (He was an executive) They ballroom dance. They are both in terrific shape. The gent – and I mean an old-fashioned gentleman – told me that when he does get checkups – his doc asks him if he’s still dancing. He tells the doc “You betcha!” He, and the doc, are convinced that this lovely activity is key in keeping this lovely couple in excellent health. They barely take any meds – and when they dance – it’s 4 and 5 hours at a time. He told me that others will show up with a walker – and then put their walker aside, and dance!

    Ya hear that? FOUR AND FIVE HOURS, AT A TIME. He’s 74. What’s that blather about “useless skills”? I told him about this “conversation”. He thinks those of you disputing the joys of dance are, and I quote, “Ahhhh…they’re nuts. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”.

    Jack – that CEROC looks divine!

  15. Hi Denise – thanks for the great links to the dancing videos – I enjoyed them all, I thought that Fred Astare and the Tango couple were very “White” – not acting in Black, non White ways.

    The “Michael Buble Performs in Strictly Come Dancing” was great to watch, and I liked the music, though I don’t see myself or any White guy reading OD trying to dress this way or dance this way. My dancing doesn’t involve elevating the woman high off the ground and the clothes are bit too ruffled and Latin for me.

    On this subject of White men and White women dancing together – I feel that this is one of the most important activities that men and women, boys and girls should do together. The reality is that there are only so many things men and women can do well together, and one of the best is dancing and it leads directly to the other activity that produces White children.

    It is simply a huge cop-out to say that White American men “can’t dance” or they “won’t dance” – it’s like saying that White men can’t fight. We have to learn to dance and to fight and not just resort to fighting with hi tech guns, armies with hundred $ million fighter jets. White men, White boys need to learn how to box and wrestle, MMA are variations – we have to have the confidence to walk unarmed in to all kinds of places and know that if worse comes to worse, non Whites can’t scare, push our White boys, White men around.

    OK – back to dancing. Men – learn to dance in a White way, it takes practice. White Americans are usually good, decent at some ball sport that took thousands of hours of practice. You aren’t going to be decent, good at dancing in the first try. And it’s like art – there are real rules, artists who just throw pain on the canvas and say “abstract art is just as good as realistic art” – they’re just BS.

    Basic lead and follow dancing is a lot like dribbling a basketball, you always need to be doing some move, but thinking ahead 2 or 3 moves, switching from a Left handed lead/dribble, to a right handed lead, dribble.

    My Ceroc – C’est le roc dancing skills have made me confident I can have positive social interaction with White women from all over the world. And this dancing is nice, nothing rude or insulting. Yes, nice White people dance, just as nice White people have sex with other White people. We have to promote healthy, positive social/sexual inter action between White men and White women.

    Thanks again Denise for the links. For the rude, mean men making negative comments about dancing, putting down all White women – I hope you like being all alone. Maybe you can pay some professional whore in TJ Mexico to be with you, but you’re not going to get a good GF or Wife and mother of healthy White children.

  16. Note: My interest in the presidential race has waned over the last month.

    Yours has? I stopped voting in ’68. . .

  17. Since y’all won’t let this rest

    What has that old man done for me to respect his opinion besides survive 74 years? At 74 my father, who never danced, could still work his 300 acre farm, direct the employes of his farm land, manage the business side of owning a farm, take deer at 300 yards and… Your sissy city version of what passes for masculinity is worthless.

    Are you folks living in the Twilight Zone? Dancing in the White way won’t get you White woman still young enough to be fertile. Once again I think some of you need to look at the generational differences

    There are only so many hours in the day for men to learn things. The hours spent learning to dance are hours you can’t apply to learning something more important.

    Here’s the thing Jack, there are almost no good White women to have as g/f or wives. Sex is a common, easy to find commodity these days. I have little good to say about American woman, don’t dance etc and don’t have a problem finding good looking women to kill time with when I want.

    I had to go to the sustainement and support section today. I walk in, only to hear a White woman telling everyone how only White men do things like commit bestiality. She was sucking up to the negro who runs that shop. I laid into her, told her how common bestiality is in africa and moslem nations, about the commonality of black rape and HIV rates. I was a hero to the young White men in that shop.

    Everyday I have contact with White American women provides more of these stories. The typical White woman I see is unworthy of good White men, and from what I can tell they don’t want men as men traditionally were in the West.

    How many “ladies” here want to do away with all their extra legal protections and advantages?

    I promise you “ladies” if we spent 6 hours together walking around town I could show you examples of how terrible you treat us every few minutes. Nothing in the post by the women here have done anything to change that. Hell she-boons treat the worse of their men better that the typical White woman I see treat us.

  18. Stonelifter laments:

    “there are almost no good White women to have as g/f or wives. Sex is a common, easy to find commodity these days. I have little good to say about American woman, don’t dance etc and don’t have a problem finding good looking women to kill time with when I want.”

    Jack sees the problem:

    This is a very dark, bitter, negative comment – you’re basically writing off all White American women as worthless. You don’t even like attractive, good looking women as you say that time spent with such women is “killing time” – no wonder you are all alone.

    Ok, so maybe all White American man won’t take up dancing later in life. Try something else, support light musical theater, or a classical comedy club where folks watch Netflix of the Carol Burnett show and then there is a panel discussion afterwards. Join a White church that does simply social functions and doesn’t go in for bad Leftist politics. There are a thousand White social activities where White people can get out of the negative funk and meet and greet other White people. This bitter, loner, anti women, anti life mindset is a losing, dead end for our people.

  19. Jack,

    “This bitter, loner, anti women, anti life mindset is a losing, dead end for our people”

    AMEN. Preach brother preach!!!!

    And we wonder why we don’t draw more people in to the movement…

    I am generally a very jolly person. I like to have fun. Life is short, and any bad thing can happen at any time. So I enjoy having fun. You know that most normal humans DO, as well.

    White people are lot of fun. I have fgreat times with White people. I went to the Stormfrotn conference, that was held in TN last year. The sessions were great, but the very best part, for me, was hanging with my Peeps. I had a BLAST. And absolutely marvelous,wonderful time. Saturday night, on the veranda of the hotel, as we partied – well – it was …amazing. Every-one was ina a wonderful mood, some of the young fellas were singing Confederate songs….one of my favorite moments was watching one of the Northeastern guys just STARE at the handsome Southern men as they beautifully sang beautiful Rebel ballads. He loved it. I loved it. We are all laughing, and drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. The hotel staff was initially trepidatious; by Saturday we were the best of friends, and one of my loveleiest moments was when I saw little Chloe Black engaged in a passionate conversation with the hotel desk clerk about the joys of cats.

    I had one of the best times I’ve EVER had, in my life, with my beloved companions.

    This is the type of memory I will carry with me in my last moments. There’s NOTHING wrong with happiness, and fun. It’s not vain, it’;s not “jewed-up” – happiness and fun and conviviality with beloved family and friends is what makes life worth living. I want all I can get.

    P.S. – I replied to your post on that other thread. The Fred Astaire/Rita Hayworth dance – I could teach any-one that can walk the first minute of that dance – and it would not take hundreds of hours. A fews sessions. The gracefullness comes with experience.

  20. Stonelifter – i really like you. I think you are a very good man. The thing I don’t understand, though – don’t you think the crap you get from women (men to it too, fyi) is the same sort of thing every one of us experiences. every day?

    Every-one I know, in this world, devotes major portions of EVERY day fighting against the lies and slander against Whites. Every-one of us.

    You certainly did the right thing by calling out that idiotic woman in that shop. You think I don’t call out, and REAM any-one that slanders Whites?

    FYI – I tailor my tone and tactics to the person I’m dealing with. Sometimes I’m kind, sometimes I am MEAN. And those who know me know that I can be VICIOUS.

    FYI – I was conferring with Haughty Blond, my comrade in arms. She’s married to a European. He travels all around the world. They both kow all kinds of people, form everywhere. FYI, Lifter – you are slandering American women. Women from everywhere, around the world, no matter the Race, are all about Get and Gimmee. Pure materialsm. I believe it’s a survival mechanism. Tools, assetts, and stuff helps humans survive. I was telling her about the stuff being covered on these pages. She informed me that American (White) women are considered to be the nicest women, by the HIGHLY PAID over the 6 zero’s mark European professionals she and her hubby knows. American women do have freedom, and assets, an tend to be moreinterested in the man, himself, than merely in his money.

    This whole thing began because Jack simply suggested a fun activity, where men and women can enjoy spending time together, in a healthy way. That’s all. No one cares if you dance, or not – but this whining and bitterness is for losers.


    Jack and Barb want to be winners. Hunter has not weighed in on this subject, but I’m thinking he probably would not have a problem with Jack’s suggestion at all. I, and Haughty Blonde, want Whites to be winners. Note I did nto seperate men fomr women. We want Whites to be happy. We are OVER that whining mysognistic crap. OVER it. It’s a LOSER. Did you watch ANY of the videos that Jack and I posted? The dncers are surrounded by enthusiastic crowds. WN events are thrilling if you get more then 10 people.

    Any thoughts on the comparison I am trying to draw? Clue in fast.

  21. thanks Hunter for answering— you are a wealth of information. Sorry Jack— but you said a few things that made me think you might be another Jack I met… offline some time ago! On the tango— really don’t love it. Didn’t last with those lessons or the tap lessons, either, though tried both. There are people who can elevate these things, to be sure, like Fred Astaire.

  22. The thing on dancing is just nostalgia— what/how would our own dances have progressed in our own culture, among us, without so many other influences. Instead, the dancers are elevating bump-and-grind, tango, tap, etc. But that’s the real movement— taking those back ally dances and making them art forms.

  23. yep I am dark and bitter on the topic. That’s what experience teaches a man about women. The more experience, the more bitter. The current state of womanhood among our people is the dead end. My response is rational based on experience, 1st hand observation and studying things like divorce and pop culture

    Note, I’m not that way about our people in general, just our women. I enjoy my life because I limit women’s involvement.

    no denise, I don’t think you defend White men. My guess is you think you do, but I doubt it. If you did, you’d literally be one out of a million. Heck just being respect toward men would make you one out of a million, defending White men would make you one out of a couple million.

    I have two girl friends. I’m hardly alone when I don’t want to be, as in when I can tolerate their antics vs when I cannot or have important things to do.

    I spend half my time outside the USA. I’ve always been treated better by foreign born woman that American born women. The men I know have observed the same thing. Part of the problem is, I can remember when American women were better compared to what they are today, when they were better looking, more moral and had better attitudes. It’s like European women and American women have traded places.

    I was in the upper 1% of wealth until the divorce. It’s a crowd of people I’m familiar with even though I usually don’t care for them. White men should not support theater at all. It is now the domain of the very people who dislike us so much. Steve Sailer has a great post on the topic ( I think it was him). This is not the day and age of Sound of Music, this is the day of Rent.

    I can’t recall the last time a random American White man has been disrespectful toward me, Probably the last time I was in yankee land. I can recall the last time a random woman was decent to me, and she’s my country girl friend. Before that… can’t recall unless I corrected her 1st. Outside of sex and children, women don’t add value to life, they add difficulties.

    White men don’t give me crap. I know most of that has to do with my size and appearance but men learn respect growing up because they get punched in the face if things go to far. Women know they are a protected class. They absorb their disrespect with damn near everything they watch and read, and know they have a free pass from the law to treat men as poorly as they want.

    The non-self imposed difficulties in my life are caused by women. Large number of White men I know are beat down by the White women in their life who use sex, affection and words as weapons. I can’t began to guess the number of men I know who’d rather be in A-stan than home with their wives. I know maybe three married men who are happy and still get to behave as men. The others have been nurtured or deal with the bullshit form their wives. No man I knows thinks remarrying is a good idea, not just for me personally, but for men across the board. Even the three happily married men I know ( two of whom married foreign born woman). The numbers on divorce don’t speak well of them, my interactions with them speaks less well. Adultery is common with them. Usually they leave good men for shit birds. It’s even money the American born and raised White woman will leave one of us when we get busted up.

    Than there are the legal issues that put men at a disadvantage when dealing with them.

    Yes the crap I get from women is most men’s day to day experience. It’s part of why I think so poorly of them. The difference is, I haven’t lost my balls or my self respect enough to put up with them. No questioning my man hood or calling me bitter will get me to change my mind. 1st of all the grow a pair/ man up thing just doesn’t work with me given what I do for a living vs what other men do. 2nd, the loser tag won’t stick. I make over 6 figures working 6 weeks on 6 weeks off; every bit of rental property and farm land I own is debt free; SpecOps background; two college degrees and a minor; was an All American athlete in college; nationally ranked in power-lifting and strongman; declared “fullsterkur” in Iceland. Whiner? Whiners don’t accomplish what I’ve done. The name calling won’t work.

    If American woman want me to think better of them they need to do better, shun popular culture and media based on bashing men, call out other women on their behavior and agree that the laws that set women over men need to go.

    No one yet has actually addressed my issue with divorce or infidelity or the type of pop culture women soak up or attitudes. I’m willing to drop the topic if you are, but I do suggest y’all look around and study more, or at least come up with a better argument

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