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  1. My interest in the race has also waned. The “frontrunners” are so pathetic they couldn’t hold the interest of a starving man by offering free steak.

    I mean seriously, could you think of three LESS interesting people? Holy cow. It’s like white noise.

  2. I want Paul to do well but he’s not projected to in these States. Therefore my interest is very low. I hate the GOP, to be honest. Nothing they do interests me much. I guess I would prefer Romney over the warmongers Santorum and Gingrich but only marginally so and definitely not enough to actually vote for the creep. If the GOP candidate is going to beat Obama this November they will have to do it without my help. I am no longer voting for the ‘lesser of two evils.’ I’m ready for this System to fall.

  3. The fix may be in, but Romney has been running for President for nearly SIX YEARS! And still nobody knows who the hell he is nor has the remotest interest in him. He’s a nothing. What’s there to destroy? He hasn’t managed to build anything, far as I can tell.

  4. Shoot, you give any of us 15 minutes in front of a national audience and I bet we could build more interest than Romney has in his entire life.

  5. “Mitt is being methodically destroyed by the press.”

    What I’ve been saying all along.

    I voted for Romney today. Voter turnout was very, very light. And I’ve heard the same from friends in other precincts. I won’t be surprised if Romney loses Michigan tonight. As John remarked, the liberal-Jewish press pulled out every stop to hovel Romney at every turn, and Romney, like a big dumb child, gave them everything they needed by putting his foot in his mouth at every opportunity. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what psychosis these guys spout tonight in their post-contest speeches.

    Someone on here remarked on another thread, that we are witnessing the death throws of the Republican party. I firmly agree. What’s more, there is a dark, morbid attraction in it, sort of like watching a condemned building crumble as it’s supports give way. It’s a shame, you think to yourself. But then you just go on staring.

  6. GW Bush–the last Republican president. Too bad he wasn’t a conservative. Too bad he didn’t do what was necessary to protect us from population replacement. It will be funny, yet sad, to see how ashamed-to-be-white Republicans respond when their boy loses. It will be interesting as well to see the reactions when the easy money runs out, the standard of living begins to dip, they have become politically powerless, and they begin to realize that their children will be 2nd class, hated minorities in the very lands their fathers settled, built and defended. West 2016!! Any takers??

  7. The death of the GOP is a long time coming. Romney ought to have expliciteky said that he’s the whitest guy to run for president– himself. Not wait for a snide Harvard grad to say it for him.

    They delegitimize whites constantly. Dems openly attack but the GOP disarms. Which is worse?

  8. You are basically correct about Romney. However he is everything most men aspire to.
    Good dad, good son, good husband, good neighbour, hard worker…

    And finally, in all that he is, those things are not selling. They are not things that excite women, Latino’s, blacks and white guys are ashamed of how good those things are.

    He’s like the shadow of a lost world. A reflection of a half remembered dream.

  9. What was ever conservative about the GOP? They killed 500,000 whites under the banner of the Union! They Presided over the integration of the Army. They Presided over desegregation. They Presided over European decolonization.

    They were always radicals.

  10. In the simplest terms, we were arguing about what a decent white woman ought to expect out of life.

    Her: Everything
    Me: Nothing

  11. It’s Bush that killed any argument that any of these clowns except Ron Paul deserve a chance.

    Mention Bush to any of your average mainstream “conservative” cheerleaders and their face deflates like a balloon.

    It’s true. The Republican Party is over. And it’s doubtful conservatives will ever gain a big enough coalition to defeat the liberals ever again.

  12. “He’s like the shadow of a lost world. A reflection of a half remembered dream.”

    Very well said. And you’re right on the money about why he has no appeal among Republicans. Republicans are just Marxists who carry bibles.

  13. “However he is everything most men aspire to.
    Good dad, good son, good husband, good neighbour, hard worker…”

    How about a consistent opinion or two though? That might help.

  14. He has no appeal among Republicans because he is not conservative. Any more than George Bush was. Unless I’m missing something.

  15. Of course Santorum is totally off his rocker Gingrich is unstable.

    A “Santorum” sounds like something bad that happens in the bathroom after a hard night of drinking.

  16. People here need to stop stressing and moaning about kinds of nonsense and get behind Mitt Romney as the Whitest candidate, with the best immigration record and the best chance of taking back the White House and putting White people back in the White house.

    Take long looks at Mitt Romney’s beautiful White family – they look great. This is the face of America we want to show the world. We want future Supreme court justices to look like this, future Attorney Generals to look like this, we want most US cities to look like this – look like Salt Lake City Utah.


    I had a dinner party last night with 12 White Latter Day Saints – some of the nicest, Whitest people you would ever want to meet – beautiful, well behaved White children. Please stop this ridiculous anti Mormon nonsense and get behind White candidates – don’t listen to the Religious Right (Religious Wrong) Evangelical Christian Zionists. Romney has clearly the best chance of beating Obama and he will be a solid leader.

  17. Hunter – it’s the traditional “White women are total bitches! Our state is THIER fault!” idiocy.

    And of course – why aren’t White women interested in White Nationalism? Durrrr..

    Jack Ryan made a simple suggestion about men and women doing something fun, like dancing. Barb and I were all over the idea, as we are women, and we know what women like.

    And then Hell broke loose.

    Ya see – what White women those bitches should REALLY do it give White Men Unconditional Love no matter what – like big infantile effing babies. And be grateful and fawn over men when they are WELL paid to do the job that are well-paid to do.

    But dancing???? CRAZY SELFISH delusional Jew agitprop!!!!!

  18. I have pal that’s planning to beat it to South America when he retires. I’m gonna contact him. I was against the idea – but I think I’m going to reconsider.

    I can learn how to tango, with people that know how to tango. Whites in Latin America stick with other Whites. They know who is Mestizo, and who is White. America’s done. Stick a gravestone on it. At least I can dance in Latin America.

  19. Jack – apparently Dems are encouraging Dems ot vore for Sanitorium, in Open Primaries. I know they want the weakest candidate against his Negritude.

    Romney does NOT connect with the masses – but he’s probably be the least harmful of the Jew puppets, at this point in time, were he installed in the Dingy House.

    I want Ron Paul of course. He’s not getting in; I know this. He’s already had the elections stolen in IA, and Maine, so I have no hope for future primaries. I will try to raise funds for him, in the future, to help his young followers, when I’m in Argentina, or Uruguay, with the Tango crowd.

    Meanwhile – I said I would write in Paul. I will still do this, if it looks like Romney is doing reasonably well, closer to the ‘lection. At least his wife looks intelligent. If it looks like it’s dicey – I’ll hold my nose and vote for Mitt. I will not do that for Sanitorium.

    That’s all I can do.

  20. Denise,

    Thanks for you thoughtful comments. I don’t think you have to go all the way to Argentina to find a respectful White man who will dance with you. I would be very happy to dance with you.

    As for politics, presidential politics – I urge people not to put all their hopes and dreams in to this 3 year never ending Pres campaign. And folks should try to be realistic – 76 year old Libertarian Constitutionalists simply are not competitive – the same as they wouldn’t be competitive trying to become heavy weight boxing champions. The current heavy weight boxing champions are all White and very good – of course the anti White Jew American MSM media doesn’t like to cover great White boxing champions so few Americans know about our great successes.

    Romney is clearly the best, Whitest candidate out there – if you are planning to stick around the United States these next few years and not bail out to Argentina please work for Mitt Romney – we’ll get solid White Attorney Generals, solid supreme court justices and better immigration policies.

    Blacks in the USA are ~ 12% of our population, they will vote for Obama in percentages over 95%, we just need to learn from them and do the same voting for White candidates.

  21. All’s I know is, I didn’t break loose any hell on that other thread. Actually, I even suggested that there are better things that men and women can do with each other than fight 😉

    When I was in my 20’s, I danced with girls a lot. Just silly, stupid, laughter-filled, our-problems-can-wait-till-tomorrow kind of dancing. Not taking ourselves so frigging seriously. Alcohol helped. So did really bad (but at the same time really awesome) 80’s tribute bands.

    Chicks like to dance. I don’t bother trying to understand it. I just enjoy their company. Call me simple.

    So yeah, I voted for Romney, and if he loses, he loses. I did what I could. I still have no intention of leaving the country if King Nigger gets a second term. I’ll stay, fight, and swallow back any tears my country crumbles. I would stay and hold a lived one’s hand if they were dying in a hospital bed.

    BTW, Denise, I would re-think South America. Argentina might be very white (Italian too) but kidnapping and ransoming gringo’s is big business down there.

  22. Jack – bless your heart. My poor dear hubby does dance with me. You go dance with other gals. You will do more good for WN than ANY of some other big babies whining here, will ever do – if you encourage good will and happiness and fun.

    I understand your support of Romney. I do not like him at all – but I d othink his family will restore a sense of normalcy, at to what Americans should look lie, and hoew they should behave. I like his wife; she’s as sharp as a knife, and she has style, and poise. i won’t want to rip my eyeballs out, in sheer horror, every time I run across her picture online, or on TV. Mocchele is a BEAST, and those daughters have longer arms and bigger back ends than orangutans. They look like escapees from the labs of Dr. Moreau. EwwwwwwwwwWWWWwww.

    Chris said, many threads ago, that at least if the Romneys get in, we’d go down with a shred of dignity. Wouldn’t it be nice to witness a handsome white couple dance at the Inaugural Ball, one last time?

    If you truly want to be kind – please go back to that other thread, and comment a bit on the videos I posted. Don’t waste too much time. Just a word or 2. I put a lot of effort into finding stuff I really enjoyed, and thought embodied the best elements of dance. Tell me what you think. Just watch a few moments, especially, of the Fred and Rita dance, and the Ultimate Tango ones. Since you don’t rear in horror at the thought of a centuries old global activity, of humans.


  23. Chris – I can tell you why girls like to dance. It’s diplay behavoir. Bonding, and fun -but they are showing off to attract men. Healthy young nubiles, dancing around. “Look at me! I’m pretty! I’m healthy! I’d make a good agile partner..babies! Babies babies babies! I can dance. I can make babies”

    Men traditionally watch, and choose. It’s a mating game. The thing is men, all over the world, dance too. ALWAYS have. Especially in culture where actual touching, between unmarried men and women, is verboten.

    Aaahhhh – no one would kidnap me. I’m a good dancer. I truly am. I cannot tap dance. I tried – I possess no limb independence. But ANY kind of ballroom – I’m a whiz. I’m not bragging. I just am. I can follow, and I can lead, in order to teach a guy how to dance, and look like he’s leading. No one would kidnap me, in Latin America. Not enough dough to make it worthwhile – and I’d talk my kidnappers into dancing with me, while they waited for the pittance, and they’d let me go.

    I’ll bet you were ALWAYS a sought-after companion, among your crowd, cause the chicks knew you would dance.

    That’s the thing – you don’t have to be great. Other people notice either if you are very good – or very bad. I was in a NJ shore club, several years ago, with a pal, Some local band was playing. There was a middle aged guy, in the back, bopping around with some friends. He and another guy seemed to be the “dads” playing chaperones, to some very young, very silly boys and girls. This fellow was tall, and not bad looking. He was bobbing around, and I was watching him, cause he seemed to be having fun. He noticed, and stopped. He was embarrassed. I went up to him and asked him why he stopped bopping around. He was just kind of sort of bobbing his head, and semi-jumping and bobbing back and forth, in place. He told me that he felt he looked stupid. I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! That he was enchanting because he was just enjoying himself, and that it’s fun, and if he looks silly – which he didn’t – so does every-one else, and that’s OK ,and please keep dancing! That he looked great – that he was very good-looking (he was ordinarily decent looking. Not male model at all – but normal) and I was delighted to see some-one enjoying himself, in such a pure fun spirit. So ya know what -he did! He smiled and kept dancing. We didn’t dance with each other. I wasn’t trying to pick him up. I was with my friend (who was out to Get Over a Break Up. I was there to support her. We were there to get her out of the house, and enjoy some music. We were NOT there to meet guys) and he was with his crowd. I just wanted to encourage him. Give a little GENUINE unconditional love of men who dance.

  24. 11% of precincts reporting so far. It’s a dead-heat with Mitt at 39% and Splice at 40%.

    *note- ‘Splice’ is my new name for Santorum. In honor of that really disturbing horror movie from 2009.

  25. Michigan exit poll suggests Romney got more votes than Santorum, but delegates may be split.

    Vote By Age
    18-29 [10% of voters]: Ron Paul wins with 40%
    30-44 [17%]: Santorum wins with 39%
    45-64 [49%]: Santorum wins with 42%
    65+ [25%]: Romney wins with 48%.

  26. Landshark wrote:
    Tons of Mormons in Arizona I believe

    14% of Republican voters were Mormon, according to the exit poll.

    AZ Mormon Vote
    91% Romney
    5% Paul
    3% Gingrich
    2% Santorum

  27. I’ll stay, fight, and swallow back any tears my country crumbles. I would stay and hold a lived one’s hand if they were dying in a hospital bed.

    That was kinda beautiful……made me almost cry!

  28. King Herod liked dancing. For this reason many Protestant denominations forbid dancing. The thought being it causes men to think with the wrong head in selecting a mate.

    Just a thought.

  29. i have a feeling that sanitarium is going to win as well, the primaries were empty in michigan, and had plenty of liberals sneaking in to vote for thae doofus. after having written a long term paper on the death of the National party in South Africa, i can agree with Chris’ notion of the death of the GOP, in fact i think that will be a good thing, as it will force “the white party”to materialize. im certain of this! they can’t expect to never address immgration, especially once our european comrades start cutting off the nogs and ragheads.
    also feminism only succeeded because men let it, and the fact that it has become what it is today (a castration ideology and a culturally deconstructive force) can only be countered by successfully (note that word) reobtaining female support for Traditional society.

  30. If ONLY whoever takes the nomination, would do the SANE thing, and ask Rep. Dr. Ron Paul, to be his VEEP.

    I’d vote for him, then, for sure. (and pray for an act of God to Make Ron the Chief).

  31. What I have seen is, women sneer at men who dance poorly. I noticed that when I was in college, and my guess is it’s only more pronounced today. I was a fair dancer at one point. Now I’m slightly crippled up due to an IED. The issue isn’t dancing; the issue is some fairy that spent his life doing something of little real value like dancing is considered so highly. While men with valuable, everyday skills are not. Also, way back in the day it was considered to be a good thing if a man could dance and what have you, but it was more important that he was a man of integrity and knew how to fight. Dancing etc was way down on the list. No one has asked for unconditional love. I don’t believe in fairy tales.

    South America is in a bad way. The guy who literally wrote the book about surviving in Argentina fled for Northern Ireland. He wanted to move to the US. He’s not a race realist per say, but he is a decent man, devoted to his family and a realist.

    White’s in South America seem to identify with being hispanic and not White, even when they are very White and look down on their less White countrymen. Or did. I haven’t been there in a long while.

    Personally I’m not going to fault any White person for voting for Romney or the rest. We are all trying to do the best we can with what’s available. The choices suck and who am I to say that one is better choice than the other? Nor will I disrespect a man who elects not to vote.

    IMO, the thing to do is be ready and have a plan to make any outcome work for our people. Let’s have a plan for our people if Romney wins, and let’s have a plan for our people if BHO wins. For example, we need to ensure that BRA get’s the blame for problems as things get worse. Which they will regardless of who wins, and regardless if things improve short term.

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