Freedom Failed: Africa’s Beaches

Liberia, Senegal, and South Africa

This is what happened when the Black Undertow was allowed to take over Africa’s beaches. Their impact on the environment was far more devastating than the Gulf Oil Spill:

(1) Liberia’s West Point

(2) Senegal’s Hann Bay

(3) South Africa’s Durban Beaches

Note: After watching the above videos, take a look at the Cape Town scene from South Africa that was shot by the Africa Addio film crew in 1964, which includes scenes of attractive young South African women at 2:42 surfing and playing in the ocean back when the beaches were segregated under apartheid.

The Left and its silly ideas about race are the enemy of progress in this world.

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  1. On my phone, I can play video but not see URL.

    Can you paste a link in in addition to the embed. My Kiei antiaparthied chum must be shown the two videos.

  2. The. videos. are. absolutely. Shocking.

    I’m stunned by the comments on the Durban video. It seems this was a high summer/New Year deluge of blackness.

    Some commentators claim it is a one off every year, and that the rest of the time it is nice enough. But still, good god! A department of health should be able to limit the traffic to reasonable levels in SA. It’s obvious they have no limits. The beach should be off limits for this size of crowd. There must be no real oversight or law there. I’d seriously be worried about a cholera epidemic or an outbreak of plague given those conditions.

  3. The same things are happening on the beaches of Brazil, where the peak total lack of common sense happens in the blackest city in the country, Salvador.

  4. Svelte girls on Trampolines!

    You can’t beat that scene. Charleze Theron is no accident.

    What’s interesting is that blacks insist, absolutely insist on gate crashing every nice event that whites stage. They gotta be there too, fucking it up as usual.

    There was a public housing project in St Louis called Pruitt-Igoe. The architecture was modernist brutalism. Curiously it was designed by the same Japanese architect who designed the Twin Towers. It was intially designed to be segregated. It opened the year that Missouri integrated. Within six months of desegreagation it was a HELL HOLE. The blacks were given a perfect modern building or two and because whites decidednot to apply to live there, instead choosing to live in the burbs, the blacks spitefully wrecked it.

    If it isn’t good enough for YT it’s not going to be good enough for them. So they vandalize it. Perfectly good infrastructure that they deliberately shit on. Again and again and again and again.

  5. The contrast between the last two videos in South Africa – one taken in 1964, the other shot in 2012 – is a perfect illustration of why we continue to insist on this website that freedom and equality have failed.

  6. Hunter :

    I am watching the new Planet of the Apes – watch it here in version Espagnol :–4L-Fw&feature=related

    Hunter you really, really need to devote a post to this movie. This Sh*t is freaking me out: watch it for yourself and please PLEASE report back.


    – Arturo


    ps: someone in the race-realism right needs to comment upon the negro-uplift ethos of this movie.

    You will see that the apes are all downtrodden victims of white oppression. Even the ape cages look like the modern prison cells where we warehouse the Black Undertow.

    There’s a great scene where Cesar, the Blind-Side -style “Good Ape,” rolls canister of whitey “smart gas” into the cages of his ape friends.

    The symbolism of this film is so powerful, I am surprised that blogs such as your have not reported on it more.

    It is all so uncanny – there is even a scene (two, actually) where the evil white gatekeepers turn the proverbial hoses on the Blacks (ahem, the Apes), and a scene where the blacks after re-gaining control of the white man’s technology (a baton which is eerily reminiscent of the Taser Gun) in a scene of cosmic payback, turn the hoses back on the evil white oppressor.

    I am surprised Hunter that this film has not gotten more attention in the Alt-right HBD blogosphere.

    Please devote a segment to it.

    Yours truly,

    – Arturo

  7. Imagine what any of these polluted beaches would be like if you simply built a wall, put the Africans on the other fucking side of the wall, and let Europeans take over the beaches and clean up the environment.

  8. because they how could the niggers get their beach clean? the hyhena/lion analogy in that movie is the best, and should be used by us alt-righters/nationalists/racialists

  9. It was built with apartheid and the grubby blacks tore it down anyway.

    If you explicitly started a “Whites Only” beach resort or National Park in the US on property that blacks
    rarely or never visited, you would get the whole troupe ooking and eeking down there
    in a heartbeat. Even if, they never expressed an interest in the place before.

  10. In the second video is a White female aiding in building the infrastucture for the new water/sewer system.

    Why in the hell is she helping those that would brutally kill her if they were given a few minutes alone with her?

    This is the problem, leave them in the filth, let them contract disease and self de-populate. Without White interference, the number of niggers would drop drasticaly in just a generation.

  11. She’s a stupid Cnut. The black tide can’t be cleaned up. She should know this. A cholera outbreak would do Dakar a power of good. No reason exists to delay the inevitable.

  12. To be quite honest, you’re not being very fair here.

    Granted I didn’t watch the first two videos, just the third and fourth. And like any White person, I naturally prefer to see cute White girls on trampolines (unfortunately, so do all the non-whites.)

    But from what I could see of the Durban beach video (only watched about the first five minutes), there’s really nothing distressing about it at all. The crowds are peaceful and well-behaved, and people seem to be enjoying themselves. The shock-cut inserts aren’t really very fair because they’re cherry-picked (hey man, I could film a whole doco about Washington Square Park in NYC, and show only shots of drunk white teenagers pissing in the bushes, too — hell, I used to be one of them!).

    You ever seem film or photos of Coney Island in the 1930s/40s/50s? It’s every bit as crowded as the Durban beach scene, and every bit as “chaotic,” but everybody’s white. This Durban scene isn’t a catastrophe to my eyes, it’s just overcrowded and it’s unfortunately no longer “ours”. That’s not a categorical reason to condemn it though.

    With all the issues plaguing S.A./Zimbabwe etc and Africa at large, and the dysfunctional implications of the African diaspora for White people globally, I really don’t see the terrible “problem” of an overcrowded beach in Durban. Granted, it would be nicer if there were fewer people, whether white, black or mauve, but the truth is, them’s the fruits of mass society. All I saw was swarms of people milling about, having a nice day at the beach; I didn’t see some dreadful apocalyptic indictment. Yes, the place is crowded; it reminded me of Riis Park when I was a lad, except we were all white is the only difference.

    You’re usually vastly more intelligent than this. To make your greater point, which is a valid one, you need to show some more refinement and discretion, or else the people who want to call you an irrational bigot will, occasionally, find a thing like this that fits the bill.

    Sorry to be harsh, you generally do excellent work, but with this one, there you are.

  13. I remember the helicopter ride to somalia. The ocean looked beautiful and inviting. I remember thinking we’d all rather ditch our gear and do helo cast all day. Nothing seemed better than to throw a zodiac out of the bird and jump in the water after it, then drive the boat back into the helo and do it over again. As we got closer, the water turned ugly. Close to shore, the water was brown, full of trash and shark fins. The beach we flew over was full of litter and turds. The skinnies would literally walk out on to the beach, take a squat, drop a load and walk away.

    My point is, africa is a beautiful place when there are no negros around to mess things up

  14. What is wrong with bigotry?
    I do agree with your point about what the video shows though. They are well enough behaved. However, cleanup after that treatment is bankrupting the municipalities in SA.

  15. There was a day that showed how a newspaper was the status of water in Salvador, under the sea, I saw more trash than fish.
    In other cities it is not a very different, but the fact is that Salvador is the blackest city in the country.
    One of the most racist comments I heard, a friend of a friend of mine said,” the city stinks”.

  16. I agree with the above poster about “bigotry”, if for anything I simply have begun to loathe reactionairies, they have done nothing except bitch about the left for decades.

    They simply will not ask any questions, ever and if anyone does they go full contard to the people who ask even the most basic and harmless questions.

    Ask any white lib what kind of beach they would like to go to, its that freaking simple. I asked a stupid stoner chick one time, “cute fuzzy animals or third world people?” “Cute fuzzy animals.” Though to be honest she has turned out to be a coal burner she obviously would not be caught in a black area, she like the rest of the mud sharks wants her coal pole in safety, and that is yet another question or many.

  17. Sean, I spent a few weeks in Haiti and can tell you from first hand experience it’s the same there. There are more American and European white do-gooders there than you can shake a stick at doing everything from feeding them, treating them, helping them give birth, etc. Many if not most of the do-gooders are young white women, most of the white men involved are older. Over a few weeks observing these types, it absolutely intrigues me as what their motivation is. I’ve came to the following conclusion: For the vast majority it is pure, unadulterated air of superiority they feel when surrounded by these poor, downtrodden, noble savages. They love to be looked up to, fawned over, and feel so much more intelligent than those around them. And as a cherry on top, maybe they can adopt a Haitian baby or bring a Haitian boyfriend back to the States to demonstrate their moral superiority over thier evil bigotted families and communities. At least that’s my initial analysis in the short time I’ve had to observe. It’s not really about the natives, it’s about thier own egos.

  18. Rob,

    I don’t have a problem with Marxism. It’s a useful POV. I admire the Swedish form of social democracy. The left is something I tend to find myself agreeing with on many
    things. However, I am virulently racist. The evidence for me, is in. I’m not an admirer of any contemporary right wing figure or paleo conservative. I do not like the GOP either.
    I think Obama represents a cultural loss of nerve that further signifies the west is
    committing suicide. At least Bill was just a sexual scoundrel and he would spank blacks and put them in their place when needed. Obama is sybolically speaking the end of the west. White people in general are willingly to go along with it. Suicide.

    My only prescription is to halt African emigration to North America and Europe, cut off benefits and begin to physically colonize Africa again.

    Beyond that white people should stop consuming sport as mass spectators, stop consuming black music so much, be honest about charity and it’s waste, be honest about the unbridgeable differences.

  19. RR Simmons,
    don’t mistake bitching on the internet as the extent of peoples actions. While I do bitch on the internet, I’ve also sired and trained 5 children and spend a lot of time talking with young Southron White men. Teaching them about their proud heritage that is their birth right, explaining to them about the world view that hates them and wants to make their life difficult, and recommending courses of actions based on what I know about the world and the young man/ men.

    I’m not sure what you’d have us do, but we all have our talents and skills to apply in the best way possible. Most men favor working quietly in small groups and behind the scenes.

    I want know part of marxism, it was thought up by a jew who hated Christian White men. I’d just as soon hang a marxist as a feral negro

  20. John says:
    March 2, 2012 at 6:17 am
    She’s a stupid Cnut. The black tide can’t be cleaned up. She should know this. A cholera outbreak would do Dakar a power of good. No reason exists to delay the inevitable.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    How come there haven’t been huge, population reducing diseases in Africa with the exception of AIDS? The sanitary system in the Liberian slum featured on OD looks like cholera central – how come Ameri-Indian populationis were devastated by disease (brought by some Europeans they say), but these Black African populations haven’t suffered the same natural fate?

  21. stonelifter says:
    I’ve also sired and trained 5 children and spend a lot of time talking with young Southron White men.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Good job. Consider having some traditional Southern gal give your sons some social graces schooling to go along with your solid, excellent guidance.

  22. Wayne! YES! I’ve been saying that for ages. It’s NOT about any real concern for their Dark Pets, or that idiotic meme “White Guilt” – it’s all about wallowing in the worst sort of vanity, and egoism, with the Do Gooder DWL’s. May they all meet the Fate of Eve Carson, ASAP.

  23. Hunter,

    Can you block Stonelifter’s comment access to O.D.?

    He’s using vile curse words in front of Southern ladies.

    White civilization – and (agreed) the more refined Southern version are based on certain standards of conduct. When we don’t maintain minimal standards, our civilization breaks down.

  24. @jack ryan

    Lighten up. Stonelifter is as entitled to voice his opinions as anyone else, and all the women who post here have demonstrated that they are capable of going toe-to-toe with him when they have to. This isn’t AmRen. The sphere of white nationalism is a vulgar, dysfunctional place on the best of days. If the occasional four-letter-word offends you, then you’re in the wrong struggle.

  25. 313Chris says:
    March 3, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    @jack ryan

    Lighten up. Stonelifter is as entitled to voice his opinions as anyone else…

    Jack Ryan responds.

    I beg to differ.

    I/we will defend the honor of our White women – no one is allowed to insult them, use vulgar language around them. I’ve been a bouncer in some bars.

    Stonelifter is being bounced out of the bar.

    White society has always had to deal with drunks, louts, foul-mouthed low lifes, white trash etc – this is nothing new.

    No one is allowed to insult White ladies and use vulgar language in front of them – when they do, it’s out the door – face down in the gutter.

    Have a nice day.

    14 words/88

  26. @jack ryan

    Jack the freshly-dubbed internet white knight writes:

    “I/we will defend the honor the honor of our white women – no one us allowed to insult them, use vulgar language in front of them.”

    313Chris relplies:

    Wonderful. Go do it in real life, then. I’ll use whatever goddam language I like around
    here. And, in case you haven’t noticed, some of the women here have used language
    which, at times, could put the most gutter-mouthed niggers to shame.

    Jack then puffs out his chest:

    “I’ve been a bouncer in some bars.”

    313Chris isn’t impressed:

    LOL, I’ve knocked out a couple bouncers before.

    Jack sadly continues this bizarre, empty display:

    “No one us allowed to insult White ladies and use vulgar language in front of them – when they do, it’s out the door – face down in the gutter.”

    313Chris implores Jack to stop embarrassing himself:

    Dude, you must not know too many White ladies then, because most of the girls I know (with the help of a few drinks) will say things raunchy enough to make Howard Stern cross himself like a nun.

    Nobody needs you to play chivalry on these blog items. And it’s Hunter’s place, anyway. Let him decide who’s welcome or not. So in closing – remove stick from rectum, and chill.

    Sheesh. Can we get a ‘Washington Primary: Live Thread’ going?

    “I’ve been a

  27. HW doesn’t have to block my IP, he only has to request I no longer post here, and I will comply.

  28. ps, Southron White women are the ones I’m most familiar with. Woman of today aren’t our grandmothers vs of Southron lady.

  29. 313Chris and Stonelifter

    Hunter has already stated specific comment guidelines, these are nothing new and the guidelines strictly state that comments are to be “civil” – that means not using vulgar language especially the “F word” and insulting, hating all White American women. We love White Americans, we are kind go our own kind – it’s called “kindness”. For some of our White men and women who have fallen down in to poor behavior – drinking, swearing, dancing immorally – we will work to improve them. We don’t give up on White people and we are never going to give up period.

    Here on the comment guidelines:

    Comment Guidelines
    Posted on October 2, 2010 by Hunter Wallace
    I now have sole authority to edit and delete comments on this website. Here are the new guidelines. Stick to these guidelines and your comment will be approved. Violate these guidelines and your comment will be sent to the trash pile.

    1.) No Flaming – I’m sick of the comment threads degenerating into flame wars. Flames are now banned. If you want to criticize someone, that’s fine, but do so in a respectful and civil tone, and make sure your comment adds to the discussion, otherwise it could be deleted.

    2.) Off-Topic Comments – Please stick to the subject under discussion. Far too many threads are getting derailed by extraneous issues.

    3.) No Trolling – Do not troll others and bait them into reacting to you.

    4.) No Soap Operas – Do not come here to carry on a soap opera. I’m tired of dealing with these comments.

    5.) No Hobby Horse Riding – I’ve seen countless threads deteriorate into hobby horse riding. The most obvious examples are religious and subracial infighting. Most of the time the OP is irrelevant to these issues.

    6.) Use Common Sense – By that I mean keep your comments reasonable, civil, productive, and respectful. Stick to the high road. Make your point in an honorable way.

    7.) LOLs – I’m tired of seeing LOLs and the like in the comments. This detracts from the comments. Don’t use them.

    8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.

  30. Nice mouth 313Chris

    Does your mother talk this way?

    Others, please read the OD comment guidelines and try to follow these simple, commons sense, rules.

    Civilization – it’s a White thing, they wouldn’t understand…. sadly too many people who call themselves White can’t get the “civilization” thing right either.

    c’est la vie

  31. @jack ryan

    My mother was a Detroit cop for 25 years, 12 of which were spent as a homicide detective. My mother could say things that would make a statue of the Virgin Mary shed tears. I learned my language skills from the best.

    Don’t you dare lecture me about “civilization” or my grasp of it. I come from a place you wouldn’t have lasted one day.

    And the suggestion that I’m “calling myself White”? Heh, last I checked, the Romans conquered the known world, while the rest of Europe was still painting their faces and chasing animals with sticks and stones. I could go on, too — Scipio Africanus defeating Hannibal… the Romans defeating Atilla the Hun… Italian Lombards which comprised the bulk of Charles Martel’s forces at the Battle of Tours, which saved Western Civilization… the Renaissance which began in Italy… Trust me, my heritage is far “Whiter” than yours by a huge measure, Mr. Southron Manners. Go to hell.

  32. 313Chris – your family history and Italian history sound fine – very good.

    Just work a bit not violate the OD comment guidelines – be civil and do the simple, basic step of not using vulgar curse words – especially the “F word”. This rude language drives off OD’s women readers. It’s also just unnecessary.

    Use the expletive deleted keys like $*(#*$#.

    And if you agree to these basic, terms of civility and decency I will be happy to apologize to you and your family, who I’m sure are on balance, good White people.

  33. Chris – I alas, spent 4 horrific years in NJ.

    NJ – Satan’s Suburb.

    “Life” in NJ turns the lovliest, most dignified, well-raised angels into absolute THUGS.

    I’m not shocked by bad language. I wish I was – but I’m not. I’ve loosed a stream of curses, more than once, I’m sorry to say.

    I want to thank Jack, though. He reminds us to be as good as we should be. I intend to take him up on his suggestion to use characters – *%*(^$#$ – instead of the actual words.

    You mother sounds like a gal I’d like to pal around with!

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