Haiti and Liberia: A Century Ago

Haiti and Liberia

Here is what the State Department knew about Haiti and Liberia a century ago:

“The experience of Liberia and Haiti show that the African race are devoid of any capacity for political organization and lack genius for government. Unquestionably there is an inherent tendency to revert to savagery and to cast aside the shackles of civilization which are irksome to their physical nature. Of course, there are many exceptions to this racial weakness, but it is true of the mass, as we know from experience in this country. It is that which makes the negro problem practically unsolvable.”
– Secretary of State Robert Lansing, 1918

Here is what Haiti and Liberia are like a century later:

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  1. What Lansing said about the black majority reminds me of something Eric Hoffer, the author of “The True Believer” the classic tome on mass movements said. He made the very common sense statement that the behaviour of the largest number of a group will determine the destiny of the same. Whenever I read OD, SBPDL, and other blogs like them, I see this verified over and over again.

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