White Teenager Set On Fire


If any OD readers in Missouri have information about the two representatives of the Black Undertow who set a White teenager on fire yesterday while saying “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy,” please contact the Kansas City Police Department.

Note: Strangely enough, the SPLC hasn’t commented on the story.

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  1. Tell the tale, my dark little brothers. Don’t stop until every White person in America fully understands exactly what you heathen bastards really are. That is when the mass extermination begins.

  2. These are the same kids they want to move into you schools because the poor things go to “failing schools.” O’bama or Chris Christe it is all the same.

  3. Failin’ skoo’ must be the single most deceptive phrase in in American English.

    Children fail exams. Schools just deal with instruction and assessment. Even teachers are just assessing the effort of the student. Blacks like to blame anything but the raw material of their brains.

  4. Libyans are leading the way in showing the appropriate methods in how to deal with Africanus Throwbackus.

    Well done Libyans!

  5. Thanks for the link to the YT video, The BUGs crew is there being effective while a few are there venting about “niggers” and their in depth knowledge of zionist conspiracy theory.

  6. The Kansas City Star is completely suppressing this story {surprise, surprise} not a single News entity in the Kansas City area is reporting the whole story. The Star has even disabled comments under their version of the crime on their website. I am extremely angry. I’m basically angry at everyone but the luckless White teenager who’s parents, for whatever reason, thought that living in the ghetto was a good idea. God-DAMN the Kansas City media.

  7. Robbie get over yourself. I preach the truth about Nigras AND Kikes, under my own name, all day long.

  8. There’s a particular scene in Braveheart that I like. It’s the one where William Wallace takes the ball and chain to the scull of some of the dirty rotten bastard traitors that sold out their own people. I like to believe this same treatment awaits our own backstabbing media and politicians. They deserve nothing less.
    The problems is not within any minority community, they can all be handled. The problem is our own. They have to suffer, they have to be called out and villified, they have to be AFRAID to show thier rat faces in public for fear of their miserable lives. Oh that such a day would come.

  9. This story smells strongly of a kid playing with gas and matches and then making up a story about blacks attacking him. Tread carefully.

  10. Denise says:
    March 2, 2012 at 4:50 pm
    “Robbie get over yourself. I preach the truth about Nigras AND Kikes, under my own name, all day long.”

    Most WNs give no thought as to how they are perceived by the people, they are trying to convert.

    The vast majority of Whites don’t care about race, until it affects them personally.

    When these unaffected Whites see, what they perceive as very strange people, ranting and obsessing about niggers and jews, all of the media naziswhowantstokillsixmillionjews brainwashing is confirmed and reinforced by these WN.

    Honestly, I see anti-Whites and the vast majority of WN, as tag team wrestlers, working against White interests and if this crap doesn’t stop soon, between the two of them, they will finish Whites off.

    The Mantra is effective, because it is the only tool in WN, that directly confronts and attacks the “naziswhowantstokillsixmillionjews” prejudice.

  11. Fed Up,

    I use the Mantra when appropo. I tailor what I say according to the situation at hand. You and RRS make a lot of assumptions about people, don’t you?

  12. Just give a well educated person two books.

    Black Athena and Black Athena Revisited. Wrap them in a bow.

    Any reasonable white will suddenly realize that they have been hoodwinked by blacks and DWL scholars.

  13. Shocking, very shocking.
    LOL, the SPLC hasn’t commented on this story. What a surprise! 😉

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