Detroit Burning

As the bodies pile up in Detroit, the feds announce intervention


Having stepped off the Soul Plane from a month long field trip to Africa and the Caribbean, it didn’t take long to hear the news of a double homicide that has echoes of the Knoxville Massacre.

Two African-Americans were observed dumping the badly burned bodies of a White male and White female in an alley in southwest Detroit. A cord was found on top of the burned bodies. No one knows their identities or what happened to them.

It is probably significant that the bodies of two black women burned beyond recognition were found in Detroit on Christmas morning. Less than a week earlier, the bodies of two other black women were found in the trunk of a car.

Three of the four previous victims had posted online ads in the adult services section of This suggests that African-American sexual predators might be preying upon escorts or swinger couples in the Detroit area.

In other recent news, a black 86-year-old WW2 veteran was carjacked at a Detroit gas station and no one stopped to help him. About a week ago, a 9-month-old baby was killed by an AK-47 assault rifle in a gang shooting. Also, a 14-year-old boy shot and killed his mother for refusing to allow him to hang out on the streets with gang members.

The homicide rate is soaring with 49 homicides so far this year compared to 39 at this point last year. Last year, there was a 75 percent increase in homicides on the east side of Detroit. The spike in homicides has prompted the feds to intervene and work with local and state police to prosecute criminals under federal gun laws that carry tougher sentences.

In the second video, an African-American gentleman asks the obvious question: what the hell is wrong with Detroit? Having spent a month in Africa and the Caribbean, we know that the problem with Detroit is that black people lack the racial capacity to maintain civilization.

The decomposing ruins of Detroit remind us of Kin-La-Poubelle and Port-au-Prince. The savagery of the gang related violence there is reminiscent of Freetown and Monrovia. We saw that Viva Riva! was the first major feature film produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the Congo Wars.

There is a scene in Viva Riva! where the Angolan gangster Cesar berates the Commandant about Kinshasa that could easily apply to Detroit, “Congolese nigger…your country is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Maybe you should have remained colonised.”

388,000 African slaves arrived in the United States between 1650 and 1860. Of the Africans that were brought to America, 90 percent of them came from Senegambia (Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali), the Upper Guinea Coast (Sierra Leone, Guinea), the Gold Coast (Ghana), the Bight of Biafra (eastern Nigeria, Cameroon), and West Central Africa (Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon).

Half of the ancestors of African-Americans came from two areas — Senegambia and West Central Africa — 24 percent and 25 percent respectively.

Of those, 28.6 percent of African slaves brought to the Carolinas and Georgia in the Lower South were from the Kingdom of Kongo, 21.2 percent were from Senegambia, 16.6 percent were from Sierra Leone, 14.9 percent were from Ghana, 8.7 percent were from eastern Nigeria, 7.7 percent were from Ivory Coast, 1.5 percent were from Benin and western Nigeria, 0.7 percent came from Southeast Africa.

In the Chesapeake Tidewater in the Upper South, 35.5 percent of African slaves came eastern Nigeria, 24.2 percent came from Senegambia, 17.4 percent came from the Kingdom of Kongo, 12 percent came from Ghana, 3.8 percent came from Ivory Coast, 2.9 percent came from Sierra Leone, 2.5 percent came from Benin and western Nigeria, 1.6 percent came from Southeast Africa.

If you live in Detroit, you don’t have to fly to Kinshasa or Dakar to get a taste of the Congo and Senegal. There are Congolese and Senegalese and Gambians living in your midst and reproducing the conditions of their ancestral homelands.

It doesn’t matter whether they speak English, French, Portuguese, or Lingala. It doesn’t matter whether they are Protestants or Catholics or Muslims. It doesn’t matter whether they live in Africa or North America or Europe or Latin America. It doesn’t matter that they have been separated for hundreds of years and born and raised in radically different environments.

Ancestry is what matters above all else. It is a far more powerful influence on behavior than culture or environment. The Whites in the Detroit suburbs are more like their European cousins than the Africans living in Detroit. The African-Americans in Detroit are more like their cousins in Africa in the Congo and Nigeria and Senegal than the Europeans living in the Detroit suburbs.

Detroit is burning because Americans are unable to come to grips with the truth. The liberal assumption that “all men are created equal” is false. No amount of government spending or any crackpot social engineering scheme can transform Africans into Europeans because the racial differences that separate them are rooted in heredity.

What are we seeing in Detroit? We are seeing what Port-au-Prince or Dakar or Kinshasa would look like if Haiti, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of Congo were American states. We are seeing what these African countries would look like if the national government was controlled by Whites and the local government was controlled by blacks.

If you pumped countless billions of dollars of White taxpayer dollars into Port-au-Prince, Dakar, and Kinshasa and imposed some facsimile of European law and order onto these cities, you would have the conditions that now prevail in Detroit. It is the difference between a partial collapse and a full blown collapse.

The truth about Detroit cannot be admitted without fatally undermining the founding principles that have guided the Left ever since the French Revolution: the unity of humanity, the inevitability of progress, the belief in human equality, the existence of “natural rights,” the social contract, the myth of the noble savage, the myth that man is “naturally” born good, liberal democracy as a magic elixir that fixes all ills, etc.

The whole house of cards would come crashing down.

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  2. Kansas City, MO two criminal black teens set white teen on fire, white teen ok and has been released from hospital, authorities paralyzed with fear as nigras ruin liberalism.

  3. What’s saddest to me as someone reared in a “Chocolate City” is that this is all so OBVIOUS to anyone who hasn’t been programmed. To hear/see the programmed DWLs go through all sorts of advanced intellectual contorting to avoid the obvious is, for me, like watching a cancer patient on his deathbed insist that he is really healthy.

    Q. Why is Detroit just like Sierra Leone or Haiti, despite thousands of miles of ocean?

    Wrong A: Capitalism/colonialism/racism/welfare slavery.

    Correct A: Blacks are, as a whole, less intelligent and more impulsive and violent and thus have a hard time collectively holding a society larger than a group of 40 people and a few cattle together.

    P.S. Google shut down The Opening Eye.

  4. Regarding the last couple of sentences.

    A false set of beliefs can only come crashing down, bacause adherants will always double dow, raise the bet, mortgage the house, prostitute the children before an outsider puts them put of their misery.

  5. We need a lot more charred, White bodies. That is the only thing that is going to make cowardly Whites state their true feelings. They’ve been hiding out from niggers for several generations but they just keep on singing “Ebony and Ivory” and pretending that they believe that the descendants of cannibals are just White people with dark skins.

    Hunter Wallace, Paul Kersey, Jerod Taylor and all of the psychometrics researchers can type until their fingers are worn to nubs and it won’t have .oo1% of the impact of a couple of charred White bodies in every city.

    Viva the cannibals.

  6. If they (the white bodies) were swingers, or more likely, drug-customers, then I haven’t any outrage. People should know better by now.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the details unfold.

  7. Swingers are a type of coalburner in many cases. Again both suicide and genocide fantasies in one combustable psycho-sexual dysfunction.

  8. John @ 7:20: Perfect comment! They will double down because once the equality card is played, they have nothing else…nada.

  9. Should read “…will always double down…”
    it will only get worse and more vacuous in American politics.

    must proof read.

  10. P.S. Google shut down The Opening Eye.

    I am sorry to hear that Futura, I really liked your blog 🙁

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