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Hope you enjoyed our month long safari into Africa and the Caribbean where we have studied how the bulk of the black race has fared under freedom and equality. It is time to take a much needed break from our celebration of black history and catch a ride on the Soul Plane back to the United States.

Note: In March, we we will periodically return to Africa and the Caribbean. I want to review several more books and continue to explore the Black Undertow as a worldwide threat to civilization.

In particular, I want to spend some more time on Haiti, South Africa, and the Caribbean. Eventually, I want to get around to learning more about the Black Undertow in Brazil, which has the largest black population outside of Africa.

Europe will also become increasingly integrated into the content of this website. Especially in regards to the social problems the Black Undertow is causing there and how they are comparable to America.

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  1. Black Pig Blood. It’s unreal. I do wonder if they literally worship a different god. That story wasn’t made up by the French was it?

    Anyway, welcome to March. Gather up your sword, shield breastplate and greaves. It’s the god of war’s month.

  2. John – no it;s not made up. Yo uare referring to the slaughter of the black pis, as a sacrifice to Satan, when the black devils arose in Haiti, right? It’s on record. Haitians know about it. Haitians will say things like, “Oh yes. That was terrible, but it was so long ago. There’s nothig we can do now…”

    We Whites actually need to learn from that answer.

  3. @ john, they got rid of that jungle bunny, because he was becoming too much of a visiblbe sign of the anti-white establishment. the niggers are absolutly terrified of any notion of a resurgent “volkstat” (boer nationalism), because it means they have to find another excuse to get in on that game too. cause you know discovering gold is racist, and gol needs ot be eqaul toeveryone, especially the people who have no idea what is even was until 1877!
    also my greatest peeve is that nigger thug culture has destroyed the respectablity of Gothic type. that purely european writing style, now for some reason in america conjures up this trashy sub-human filth that constitutes “black culture”. i hope garvey is rolling in his grave!

  4. Conchcobar,

    blacks are a cargo cult. They even think racism is actually about skin color. No it’s the grubby, half assed, greedy, neglect and spite black people carry around within themselves. They like the outer glitter of success but have not the faintestidea how success is defined, created or dreamt up.

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