Robert E. Lee on African-Americans

Robert E. Lee thought the Black Undertow should be removed from Virginia


In the aftermath of the War Between the States, General Robert E. Lee was interviewed by the Joint Committee on Reconstruction.

Lee testified before Congress about his beliefs on the future of African-Americans in Virginia:

Question: What is your opinion about it being an advantage to Virginia to keep them (the blacks) there at all. Do you not think that Virginia would be better off if the colored population were to go to Alabama, Louisiana, and the other Southern States?

Answer: I think it would be better for Virginia if she could get rid of them. That is no new opinion with me. I have always thought so, and have always been in favor of emancipation, gradual emancipation.

Question: As a question of labor alone, do you not think that the labor which would flow into Virginia, if the negroes left it for the cotton States, would be far more advantageous to the State and to its future prosperity?

Answer: I think it would be for the benefit of Virginia, and I believe that everybody there would be willing to aid it.

Question: Do you not think that the State of Virginia is absolutely injured and its future impaired by the presence of the black population there?

Answer: I think it is.

Question: And do you not think it is peculiarly adapted to the quality of labor which would flow, into it, from its great natural resources, in case it – was made more attractive by the absence of the colored race?

Answer: I do.

Note: OD believes that Virginia and the other Southern states are injured by the presence of the Black Undertow and supports their removal to Liberia and Sierra Leone. In the spirit of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana also offers dual citizenship and the “right of return” to African-Americans.

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  1. How strange.

    My theory is that the Baby Boomers who have sustained BRA for decades and who have been a total disaster for the preservation of Southern heritage have been hiding a lot of interesting things about the Confederacy.

  2. Hunter : You absolutely HAVE to check this out :

    “The Scandal At The Zoo,” New York Times, 2006) :

    From the article :

    “To the black ministers and their allies, the message of the exhibit was clear: The African was meant to be seen as falling somewhere on the evolutionary scale between the apes with which he was housed and the people in the overwhelmingly white crowds who found him so entertaining.”


    – Arturo

  3. I support a policy in which state governments give convicted criminals an option of surrendering United States citizenship in return for an immediate one-way ticket to Liberia or Ghana. This would in effect replace temporary imprisonment in the US with immediate, permanent exile to Africa. They would technically be escapees, and required to serve their whole sentence if they ever returned, at which point they would be forcibly deported as aliens. This could be done right now, and the only cooperation the states would need from the federal government is recognition of the repudiation of citizenship, and enforcement of immigration laws.


  4. OMG This stuff is just too delicious! I can’t resist posting more quotes from the NYT’s “Scandal At The Zoo” (somebody please tell me how to highlight so I don’t have to copy paste these long links) :

    “The New York Globe printed a letter from a reader that said: “I lived in the south several years, and consequently am not overfond of the negro, but believe him human. I think it a shame that the authorities of this great city should allow such a sight as that witnessed at the Bronx Park — a negro boy on exhibition in a monkey cage.””

    And again :

    “The person responsible for this exhibition,” said the Rev. R. S. MacArthur, a white man who was pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, “degrades himself as much as he does the African. Instead of making a beast of this little fellow, we should be putting him in school for the development of such powers as God gave him.”


    This early 19th-century stuff is like the Antidote to the Cognitive Dissonance we are otherwise awash when it comes present day race relations.

    In the face of such refreshingly honest discussions about race, it’s like the rapacious reality reversers at the New York Times are caught with their pants down.


    – Arturo

  5. OMG This stuff is just too delicious! I can’t resist posting more quotes from the NYT’s “Scandal At The Zoo” (somebody please tell me how to highlight so I don’t have to copy paste these long links) :

    “The New York Globe printed a letter from a reader that said: “I lived in the south several years, and consequently am not overfond of the negro, but believe him human. I think it a shame that the authorities of this great city should allow such a sight as that witnessed at the Bronx Park — a negro boy on exhibition in a monkey cage.””

    And again :

    “The person responsible for this exhibition,” said the Rev. R. S. MacArthur, a white man who was pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, “degrades himself as much as he does the African. Instead of making a beast of this little fellow, we should be putting him in school for the development of such powers as God gave him.”


    This early 19th-century stuff is like the Antidote to the Cognitive Dissonance we are otherwise awash when it comes present day race relations.

    In the face of such refreshingly honest discussion about race, it’s like the rapacious reality reversers at the New York Times are caught with their pants down.


    – Arturo

  6. Arturo,

    That JYT’s article is very touching. White poeple were sane, back then, and had not yet bene mermerised by Die Juden into beleiving that “Race is a socia construct”.

    Makes me pine for times I will never know.

    Quick – where can I get a ride on a Time Machine?

  7. The Batwa pygmies and the Bushmen of the Kalahari are two examples of the survival of archaic human lineages. The Australian aborigines, the indigenous Tasmanians, Papa New Guineans and Andoman Islanders are other examples.

  8. Riley,

    If the British could use Australia as a penal colony on the other side of the world, why can’t we deport African-American criminals to West Africa in the same way? Ridding ourselves of the criminal element is the natural first step in African colonization.

  9. I’ve always loved this testimony of Lee’s.

    It has the most admired Southerner in history giving support to the reality of the drag created by the black race on society yet at the same time provides caution against the glorification of slavery.

    Note Lee has always been for gradual emancipation which includes the removal of the blacks from Virginia therefore he realized that ultimately what was best for the South was for slavery to be done away with. This does not make him an abolitionist as some falsely claim because by the time just before the War between the States rolled around being an abolitionist had pretty much come to mean supporting the immediate end of the institution of slavery and the freeing of the blacks with a complete disregard for the social consequences that it would produce.

    By the 1850’s I feel there was extremism on each side of the slavery question both North and South, though much of the South’s was a defensive reaction to the shrill moral condemnation coming from the North’s abolitionists who had no sympathy for the demographic situation in which the South found itself. In this siege atmosphere many people in the South started putting forth the idea that Slavery was the greatest God ordained blessing in all of history. The idea that the blacks and whites would dwell together indefinitely with the whites being the blacks masters forever was championed.

    I agree with Lee’s take on the slavery situation in his 1856 letter to his wife where he is discussing a message recently delivered by President Franklin Pierce,

    “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil. It is idle to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. While my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are more deeply engaged for the former.”

    Just because the abolitionists were unrealistic extremists doesn’t make every criticism of the institution of slavery invalid. Lee is very much in step with the Founding Fathers regarding his opinions.

    Thomas Jefferson often referred to the South’s situation in regards to slavery as “holding a wolf by the ears” you didn’t want to be in such a situation but you were afraid to let go due to the consequences.

    There is another great quote from Lee about the problems created by blacks. According to his son Robert E Lee Jr, Lee made the following statement to Colonel Thomas H. Carter after the end of the war in 1865 when urging Carter to secure white labor and get rid of his negros.

    “I have always observed that wherever you find the negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving.”

    Southerners in the past justly did not like how slavery came to an end but I do think we should be happy it is gone and should continue to advocate for the separation of the races.

  10. There could be a commercial contract with Liberia. They get to guard blacks who take a sentence or a lump sum payment to eff off back to Mother Africa.

    Here’s $10,000 and don’t come back. Cheaper than prison at $59,000 a year.

  11. Hunter,

    On the baby boomers. Speaking as a 30 something, I tend to feel this generation deliberately damaged their kid’s future through a mix of noble intent and suicidal fantasy. Obama in a very significant generational shift from the boomers signifies that damage.

    50 year olds and up are still living with conceptions about SA and civil rights that are stuck in the 1980s. Conceptions that 25 years have proven wrong again and again. YET they still keep doubling down with crackpot diversity, crackpot aid and crackpot social engineering.

    They crushed their own kids with lies and fantasy.

  12. I seriously think repatriation of prisoners is a viable idea. All we need is for a state government to start doing it, and the federal government to enforce the laws that it already has on the books. As Hunter pointed out there is ample precedent for exiling criminals. Since the prisoners have been convicted of crimes, and participate voluntarily, there is no reason for anyone to start bleating and mewling about civil rights (although they surely will). Even free blacks can support it on the grounds that it reduces crime in their communities. Since about 25% of black males go to prison, if 40% of imprisoned blacks take the red pill, the most criminally inclined 10% of the black male population – 5% of blacks generally – will leave with every generation. That is greater than the growth rate of the black population in the US.

    One state legislature and one governor could get it started. Think about it.


  13. What did the Greeks call it? Ostracizing? It’s a fairly old custom. If you believe the Afrocentrics like Bernal it’s actually therefore, originally a black idea. These people could even have their whips and pimpmobiles, ho’s and chilens shipped free to Africa, I’d they promise never to come back.

    Then they can fulfil their destiny to build Africa into a Superpower just like they built the US into the Number One muddegfugger on the block.

  14. On this issue of ”the baby-boomers”, I have to take exception to the idea that boomers are the ultimate cause of all the bad things that have happened over the last several decades.
    Hunter, surely you’re aware, what with all your researches, that the Civil Rights Revolution was well underway before the oldest boomers were out of school. Lots of events (desegregation of the military, Brown v. Board of Education, ”Freedom Riding”,
    the legalization of miscegenation) took place long before boomers got their hands on the fabled ‘levers of power.’ The pre-boomer generations (‘Greatest Generation’, the ‘Silent Generation’, and the Old Left generation of the 1930s, for example) had already started the process. It was well advanced by the 60s; it just culminated then.

  15. Yes, I know.

    In the South, the “Greatest Generation” and the “Silent Generation” were firmly opposed to integration, and they overwhelmingly voted in Congress to preserve Jim Crow, but were defeated by the Northern supermajority.

    It was the Baby Boomers in the South who adopted the values of the counterculture and who have lost everything playing the stupid “I am not a racist” game.

    Check out Facebook groups like the “Southern Heritage Preservation Group” or “180 Degrees Truth South.” They are full of multiculturalist idiots searching for “Black Confederates” who spend most of their time denouncing “racism” and “white supremacy.”

    Just spend a few minutes browsing through those discussions and you will see what I mean.

  16. Friday, February 17, 2012

    Liberalism = Enforced Denial of Reality

    In response to two discussions recently, at Bonalds and Phi’s, I am inspired to explain how the Liberal thought process works.

    Basically, liberals are smart idiots, lost in their own cloud castles. They never talk about specifics and ALWAYS ignore real experience in favor of abstractions.

    Their whole premise is that dislike of deviancy and difference is IRRATIONAL and based on IGNORANCE. In fact, contra-Liberalism, dislike of so-called “outgroups” is always based on experience and observation.

    For example, according to PC propaganda, racism is based on ignorance and/or stupidity. In reality, we are racist for specific reasons grounded in real experience. We may find, according to our own experiences, a particular racial “outgroup” to be obnoxious, pushy, criminal, lazy, smelly, sleazy, violent, dumb, etc etc etc…

    Only if discussion of those real reasons is absolutely prohibited does the PC propaganda work.

    Or, considering the case of homosexuals. In fact, people widely find them to be dislikable because of their flaming, dramatic, sissy, and selfish/narcissistic behaviors and attitudes, combined with their repeated sexual predation upon boys, not to mention their spread of sexual diseases.

    Liberals refuse to entertain discussion of any of those real life experiences. They simply yell: “homophobia!!!”

    The Definition of Liberalism

    Liberalism is the denial of reality in favor of fantasy, rejecting “what-is”, in favor of “what-should-be”.

    That is why liberals push for thought-control though politically correct taboos and speech-laws. Their program of liberal indoctrination depends upon an active suppression of facts.

    Thus, they enforce a taboo on discussion about the negative qualities of blacks, or homosexuals, or Jews, or whoever. If no one is allowed to express their real grievances based negative experiences and facts, then the Libs can push the lie that “hatred is based on ignorance” or that “racism is irrational”.

    Posted by Justin at Friday, February 17, 2012 4 comments Links to this post Labels: Liberalism, propaganda

  17. Very interesting — I never saw that interview with Lee before, I will have to confirm it. But it sounds like things Lee would have said.

    However, you could not be more wrong about Lee. Lee’s self serving nonsense about “gradual emancipation” for slaves was Orwellian double talk. Lee actually wrote to his wife implying 2,000 years would be needed – for GOD to free slaves. Lee insisted only God could free slaves, it was immoral for men, for humans, to even try.

    Futhermore, though Lee did torture slaves (yes, he did, according to his own papers) and separate female slaves from their children routinely (yes, he did, according to his own papers) Lee was born into that mind set. As George Mason predicted (Mason was one of the largest slave owners in USA, behind George Washington, in 1780), those who would lead the slave states in the future would be “of poisoned minds” with the appearance and mannerisms of “gentleman” but actually be as cruel as any despots who ever lived.

    Mason also predicted these leaders (and he pretty much nailed Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee) would lead the slave states into a calamity.

    We can’t blame Lee, as a person. As Defoe said — all men would be tryants if they could. Lee was a tyrant, never mind the efforts to paint him as a kind moderate, he was a actually a surprisngly cruel slave owner. Want proof?

    Slavery was too much power. We all know that power corrupts. What power is more total that the ability to sell a child? The ability to send a baby away from it’s mother? Men like Lee could utter the words “Tie her up and whip her” and it was done. And he did this.

    I don’t care about Lee as a person — or any of the other despots of the time. All slave owners were tyrants, it doesn’t matter if sometimes, some of them were not brutal, they were plenty brutal much of the time, and the basic premise of slavery is — if you don’t do what I command, I will torture you, possibly torture and sell your children.

    That’s too much power. And that is the lesson we should take from Lee, and the whole sorry episode.

  18. I don’t know if it’s about liberals. As long as they do not extend their natural born alruism to blacks liberals are a useful entity.

    The problem is that they think of the black first. Imagine all that dogooderism used to teach maths and English used in a poorer white community instead. It’s still doing good, and it uplifts the less fortunate among US. Their energy is wasted on blacks but it is excellent if used on an in group.

  19. Altruism.

    There is a fascinating documentary by Adam Curtis which explores Altruism: Macines of Loving Grace.

    The inventor of cybernetics realized that altruism is really a precocious/ precocial mechanism. It’s really a just a reasonabl. Way to help people similar genetically to yourself survive.

    He promptly had a psychotic breakdown and gave away all his money and time to the destitute of London. All the drunk, disease ridden filth. Just to prove himself wrong
    with his realization. A fanatical egalitarian has the same illness– giving to blacks. Just like America does now. A DWL is just playing for time with racial pandering.

  20. Slavery is nothing more than a labor system.

    In “slave societies,” slaves are owned by their masters and labor for them. In “free societies,” laborers work for the capital of their employers who pay them wages, and find themselves coerced by market pressures. The difference is the status of the laborer under capital, not the power relationship between the two.

  21. I think that Lee was cruel. Thank God for it. It kept blacks down. What’s wrong with
    that? The cruelty of the free black man is ten fold that of white tyrant.

    See Haiti, Rwanda, Congo, South Africa and Detroit.

    In 17 years the blacks in SA have killed as many white farmers as Jim Crow era America lynched blacks in 100 years. (most of the lynch victims being rapists and murderers anyway.)

    Lee gave America breathing space.

  22. explain how liberals are useful entities. All I see them do is destroy, enslave and consume resources their betters produce

    can you be cruel to negros? it’s not like they are people, have souls or non human redeeming values like dogs & horses

  23. The man who invented cybernetics. Very much a liberal. Alan Turing. A gold bug but a liberal. Galileo basically represented liberalization in face of church conservatism.

    I can go on.

    My point is not about Conformist multiculturalists.

  24. I think it’s possible to be cruel to a dog. Right? So it’s possible to be cruel to a black. It’s only possible to keep blacks away and at a safe distance through brutal means.

  25. Mark you are deliberately reading things into Lee’s letter that aren’t there and the site you linked to has a huge amount of (self-admitted) “paraphrasing” of what Lee wrote. There are hardly any direct quotes used on the site you listed and I don’t think that is an accident.

    If you wish to call flogging “torture” fine, then the United States government tortured it’s soldiers when they got out of line up until the beginning of the Civil War.

    I would like you to provide direct quotes please from Lee’s own papers though were he says that he tortured people.

    As far as the 2000 years business goes I believe you are absolutely reading into the text rather than drawing out of it.

    The direct quote from Lee is,

    “While we see the Course of the final abolition of human Slavery is onward, & we give it the aid of our prayers & all justifiable means in our power, we must leave the progress as well as the result in his hands who sees the end; who Chooses to work by slow influences; & with whom two thousand years are but as a Single day.”

    Lee is merely saying what seems long to humans is a short time to God. I believe he is referring back to 2 Peter “one day is like a thousand years.” Why he says two instead of one I’m not sure.

    Not once when reading this have I ever thought that Lee was implying it would take a literal 2,000 years to end slavery and even if he did think that looking at what had already happened in the rest of the world by the time he wrote that letter it clearly wouldn’t have.

    Outright slavery (not serfdom) had even already been abolished in Russia in the 1700s. It had also been abolished in most of the rest Europe by 1860. That slavery was on the way out folks was not just a New England idea.

    If Lee was engaged in Orwellian double talk though Mark, I think you would probably get along very well with him.

    I wish you and your buddy Brooks Simpson were half as concerned with the torture that goes on right here in the current day at the hands of feral blacks who absolutely have been documented torturing whites as you are with floggings from 150 years ago.

    I know though Mark, it’s all random crime even when they yell racial slurs while doing it.

    In my opinion slavery wasn’t that great of a thing. Jim Crow was better. The blacks being separated from us altogether so we can no longer be accused of harming them by people like you. The absolute best.

  26. John says:
    March 3, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    The man who invented cybernetics. Very much a liberal. Alan Turing.

    I presume that is in support of your earlier contention that liberals are useful people. So you offer as proof the fact that one liberal was useful?

    Alan Turing was also a homosexual. Ergo, all homosexuals are useful people, right?

  27. By the way for anyone interested Mark’s reference to torture involves the alleged 1859 Wesley Norris whipping incident.

    If you would like to read a more level headed rational discussion of the situation which doesn’t involve someone inserting the word torture ever other sentence amongst their voluminous paraphrasing there is an extremely long in-depth thread at Civil War talk on this very issue.

  28. To Mark,

    Have you seen instructive and legendary MacDonald’s beat down vidoe, in which 2 ….ahhhh….female Lesbian sheboons jumpt the counter, in order to physically attack the black worker, who was questioning the legitimacy of the money they gave him? He grabbed a metal bar, and beat them both until they stopped moving. And he didn’t really hurt either one of them very badly.

    I say never interefere with the best methods of Negro instruction, and training. Mayhem and disaster ensues, when they lose their fear of the whip and the rope. You must speak to people in a language they understand, in order to communicate successfully.

  29. Lee’s own words – let me repeat that — HIS OWN WORDS — and his own actions, show he tortured slaves. His words say the “painful discipline” blacks receive is “necessary for their instruction”.

    Plus, we know for a fact that he had slave girls whipped — and much more. I will spare you the details, but the whipping was just the start of the discipline Lee used on this girl.

    Reading into his words? Are you joking? For 150 years Lee apologist have said Lee’s comment that “slavery is a political and moral evil ” proved he was against slavery. Can anyone read the next SENTENCE? Too much to ask?

    Lee said blacks are “immeasurable better off” as slaves! I didn’t say that HE did. Too much to ask for you to read it? God ordained slavery — it’s all God’s will. The pain, the suffering, blacks being slaves, whites being the master — according to Lee ( and just about every other slave owner and writer) were all part of God’s plan.

    On and on, and on, Lee defends slavery. SO what part do most people pick? Lee’s statement that slavery is a political and moral evil ! NEver mind that he explains what he means, at length, that it’s evil to WHITES, that it’s a hardship to whites! It’s GOOD for blacks!

    Who is reading what into it?

    WHen you find out about Lee’s torture of his slave girls, his obession with certain girls, and his whipping posts, when you find his own account books have numerous paymentent to bounty hunters for the capture of slave girls, and their “discipline” that Lee is something other than the myth.

    You can pretend all you want. But if you want the truth, you can’t get it by denial and deception.

    How about read the rest of the letter? Slavery is “known and ordered” by God. Only God can end slavery, man can not. It is immoral for men to even try! Lee wrote that, not me.

    Lee claimed abolitionists were “trying to destroy the American Church”. Again, Lee’s own words. And these are self serving words. Lee is trying to put his best spin on his treatment of slaves.

  30. The only argument for blacks is still slavery.

    Haiti collapsed into barbarism and poverty after slavery was abolished there. The Haitian Revolution was the most extreme rejection of slavery in the Western hemisphere.

    Slavery was restored in Martinique and Guadeloupe. The blacks there never gained their independence. As a consequence, they are the highest rated black nations in the UN human development index.

    Robert E. Lee was right. The blacks had to be coerced to work. Just look what happened to rice production in post emancipation Georgia and South Carolina. The Mississippi Valley used to be the richest part of the United States under slavery. Now it is the poorest under freedom.

    We can see another example of this in the Congo. Forced labor and white supremacy introduced civilization to the blacks. Civilization collapsed after freedom and equality were introduced in 1960.

  31. Mark Douglas – you seem to be obsessed with the image of a proud, great, brilliant White man whipping Nigra females.

    Is there some other impulse that you are trying to hide, with your feigned outraged?

    You know where I’m going with this……..

    How much unmediated time have you ever spent around free-ranging Nigras? Not any time at all, I’d warrant.

  32. Mark, yes you are reading into his words and having a hysterical overreaction.

    You really answered nothing I said.

    Even if Lee’s words “painful discipline” were referring to corporal punishment which they really aren’t in this context, specifically what they refer to is the entire experience of slavery and being subject to the rule of whites, it is in no way an admission that he administered whippings to anyone which you describe as “torture.”

    Robert E Lee denied, twice I think, that this incident ever occurred. He didn’t deny the three slaves ran away and were captured, but he did deny he whipped them. Whether he had them whipped or not it really changes nothing though. The Slave system is what it was. Order in a slave society would have been impossible to maintain without some kind of corporal punishment.

    I don’t know if you are aware of what kind of site you are posting on but I think almost everyone who reads this site would agree with Lee that the blacks were better off here than they would be in Africa. How can you think otherwise? They were so, at least materially. They are most definitely better off than the blacks in Africa today. I can assure you no one here will think to themselves “oh no, what a monster” because someone said blacks are better off in America than Africa.

    As far as only God being able to free the slaves goes, it clearly says in the letter that moral persuasion was part of the process of God freeing the slaves.

    The Lees especially his wife were very active in their work with the America colonization society.

    They were directly responsible for freeing people and sending them to Africa. Mrs. Lee carried on letter correspondences with free slaves that had been sent to Liberia.

    The Lees did not hate blacks. That is not modern pc Neo-confederate truth, it’s the actual truth.

    At the same time they did not think blacks equal with whites.

    Robert E Lee was a gradual emancipationist he said so himself in his testimony in front of congress it cannot be denied.

    He wasn’t a radical Northern abolitionist who wanted immediate emancipation and thought blacks were equal to whites though Mark.

    And you know what else Mark? People here are glad he wasn’t.

    I’d like to close out with a gem from old Ben Tillman from 1900

    “I would to God the last one of them was in Africa and that none of them had ever been brought to our shores.”

  33. I didn’t make my case well John. Dogs are of much higher value, and much more “human” than negros. Dogs have intelligence of their own kind, easy to train within the limits of their breed and species, ready to learn and perform tasks, show affection, gratitude, display loyalty and courage.

    At work, dogs sniff out hajjis, bombs and drugs. Other dogs help secure our compound from hajjis, they go out on the other side of the wire with us, and work as a team with their handler. When things go bad, the dogs never hesitate to react as trained and are absolute hell on earth if the handler commands or gets attacked.

    At home, dogs are loyal companions, they help to keep my family and property secure. I have dogs that keep the farm clear of stray dogs, coyotes and other predators and I have a dog that helps us harvest birds, water fowl and other small game.

    At every level of my life, dogs prove their worth and earn the right to decent treatment

    negros on the other hand take kind treatment as a sign of weakness and marks you as prey. negros never repay you with gratitude or loyalty. No negro has refrained from harming a White person because that White person funded the negros welfare payments.

    People can be cruel to a dog, but there is no such thing as cruelty to negros. What others would call cruel to negros I would call mercy to White people that would otherwise be victim’s of negro criminals.

  34. Mark:

    Where is evidence, that is not bias, that Lee ever had anyone whipped? Please supply it. It is easy to repeat the accusation that Lee has someone whipped. Proving it, from a neutral source, is another matter. So please supply the proof or retract the accusation. Repeating and accusation, does not make it true.

    Tom Forehand, Jr.

  35. Denise said, “…I say never interefere with the best methods of Negro instruction, and training. Mayhem and disaster ensues, when they lose their fear of the whip and the rope. You must speak to people in a language they understand, in order to communicate successfully.”

    I got a big chuckle out of that. 🙂 I was a good video. The women seemed to genuinely surprised when he started wailing on them. By the way they let him go for defending himself.

  36. How dare you all speak of African American in such a tone. If is had not been for us they would not be here. Clearly they are our problem now. We robbed them of their dignity and heritage and placed materialistic thoughts and ideas in their heads. Besides if the started to deport them where would they send Caucasians? Somehow we would get caught up in that chaos.

  37. Anyone that apologizes for something that you did not do is truly a simpleton.

    Our ancestors and theirs were the guilty parties. Not us.

    Lincoln, had he lived would have sent them to Liberia. There are documents showing that just 3 days before his death, he was working to attain that goal.

  38. Update: Several slaves from Arlington (estate) ran away before the War Between the States. The slaves were quickly recaptured and returned to the estate. Soon, “anonymous claims” were published alleging that Robert E. Lee had had these slaves whipped.
    After the war, one of these runaway slaves publicly accused Lee of this alleged slave whipping.
    The accuser’s name was Wesley Norris. Yet, did Norris have a motive to exaggerate his runaway-slave story and thus publicly blame Lee for a slave whipping?
    Wesley’s father did have a motive for his son (Wesley) to exaggerate this story!
    At the time Wesley Norris’ public allegation, about Lee, was being published, Wesley’s father was doing something in Washington, DC. His father was asking Congress to give him 10 acres of land. That 10 acres of land was to come from the Arlington estate where Robert E. Lee had lived before the war. (After the war, the estate was in control of the federal government. It should also be noted, that several other former Arlington slaves, at this same time, were asking Congress for land from Arlington.)
    I’ve never seen any proof that Robert E. Lee ever had anyone “whipped” at Arlington or elsewhere. And, now that it has come to light that Wesley’s father (and other former Arlington slaves) had a motive for Wesley’s exaggerating this runaway slave story and blaming Lee, the Wesley Norris allegation must be greatly questioned for its accuracy.
    Tom Forehand, Jr.

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