The Lynching of George Zimmerman

A Hispanic man shoots and kills an African-American teenager in self defense - Blame Whitey!!


Kyle Rogers of deserves a big round of applause from the pro-White community for pushing back so hard against the Trayvon Martin story and the ridiculous narrative of black victimhood that is being pushed by CNN and the MSM.

The article he wrote has gotten almost 40,000 Facebook shares. Rogers was contacted by the AP and was given the opportunity to further attack the credibility of the MSM over their biased coverage of the Trayvon Martin story.

Trayvon Martin is the latest in a series of fake “civil rights martyrs” created by the MSM. Before Martin, there was the Jena 6, the Duke Lacrosse Stripper, OJ Simpson, Rodney King and Tawana Brawley. The tradition of fake “civil rights martyrs” and fake righteous black indignation goes all the way back to Rosa Parks.

Here’s what we know:

(1) We know that the MSM continues to use outdated photographs of Trayvon Martin to deliberately portray a 17-year-old, 6’2″ football player as an innocent and sympathetic young adolescent.

(2) We know that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. He comes from a multiracial family. There is no evidence that Zimmerman is a White racist. This story has nothing to do with the White community.

(3) We know that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from high school for some reason. Just like the Jena 6, he is not the poor little darling he is being made out to be by the media.

(4) We know from an eyewitness that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, that Zimmerman was on the ground and that Martin was on top beating him, that Zimmerman was heard screaming on the 9/11 call before Martin was shot and killed.

(5) We know that George Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself and his community from Trayvon Martin.

(6) We know that is the reason that George Zimmerman was not arrested by the police. It was a clear cut case of self defense under the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law.

(7) We know that this happened in a gated community that is only 49 percent White and that there have been robberies, burglaries, and shootings by the Black Undertow in that community. That is why Trayvon Martin looked like such a suspicious character.

(8) Finally, we know that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head when the police arrived, and that there were grass stains on his pants. This is consistent with the story provided by the eye witness. Fox Tampa Bay has finally blown the lid off this whole fake story by repeating what Fox Orlando had reported earlier.

Kyle Rogers spotted the single most important fact in the whole case in one of the few media outlets that reported the story before Organized Blackness swung into action and created its own narrative:

“But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.”

Let’s be honest here.

This has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin. It has everything to do with the foul mood that the African-American community is in right now. Just two weeks ago, Al Sharpton was in Alabama to lead a march from Selma-to-Montgomery to protest the threat posed by Voter ID laws.

Sharpton marched from Selma (which has a black mayor) through Lowndes County (which is controlled by African-Americans) through West Montgomery (which is represented by blacks on the Montgomery City Council). Five years after Alabama passed a Voter ID law, Barack Hussein Obama won Dallas County, Lowndes County, and Montgomery County in the 2008 presidential election.

Organized Blackness was already grandstanding in Selma earlier this month before it seized upon the Trayvon Martin story. The Selma-to-Montgomery march failed to attract sustained national attention and the so-called martyrdom of Trayvon Martin is now being spun into the preexisting narrative of black victimhood as a substitute.

George Zimmerman should be praised by his neighbors for attempting to defend their gated community from a notorious criminal element. Trayvon Martin would still be alive today if he hadn’t been stupid enough to violently attack Zimmerman. He got himself killed. It is no one’s fault but his own.

The black community is clearly trying to use Trayvon Martin as an excuse to jumpstart something … but what? The 2011 England Riots were sparked by the shooting and death of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan police.

Is that where we are going? Is George Zimmerman going to be lynched to appease Organized Blackness? Are race riots what Dr. Boyce Watkins was hinting at on when he said, “It’s time for something to change, and it’s time for that change to come by any means necessary.”

Update: The Trayvon Martin FAQ provides further details. Zimmerman claims that Martin attacked him from behind. The injuries to the back of his head were consistent with his testimony.

Note: It turns out that Jonatha Carr’s violent chimpout at Florida Atlantic University – in which she threatened to kill White people and denounced Jews before she was tased – was over the Trayvon Martin case.

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman:

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  1. A great source for ‘Trayvon’ Martin information:
    Destructure Blog: Trayvon Martin FAQ

    This comment at that site presents a pretty convincing case that ‘Trayvon’ attacked Zimmerman, consistent with Zimmerman’s and witnesses’ claims, and with Zimmerman’s injuries.

    Reaction: “Let’s hold a demonstration demanding the right for Blacks to attack anyone they so please, with impunity. Anything less, is R-A-C-I-S-T.” (This is mostly-hyperbolic today, but may not be in a few decades, at this rate… After all, who in 1980 would’ve thought that Gay Marriage would be a reality 30 years later?

  2. In discussion it seems that people have very strange ideas about what happened there.
    God speed Mr Zimmerman. This hostile reaction by the ignorant is the downside of being vigilant. God speed sir.

  3. A nationwide largescae riot would be preferable to the slow boil of permanent anarchy.

    Let’s get this unpleasantness over with this spring and summer.

  4. #6: “BRA” stands for Black-Run America,” a concept (which has a meaning somewhat different from its literal sense) articulated more clearly at the website “Stuff Black People Don’t Like,” known in alt-right circles simply as SBPDL.

    Some other frequent acronyms around these parts are DWL which means Disingenuous White Liberal and YKW which means You Know Who. And the funny thing is, you _do_ know who.

  5. Just emailed my mum about the BBC coverage of this. My mum noticed something. The Moms always has perfect makeup on. Her eyes are never sore. No tears. She functioning like someone who is well over her greiving. Something is not quite right about this black mom. Sometimes it takes a mum to notice this stuff.

  6. The death of Trayvon is a result of imagining that what makes a black thug a black thug is living in black hoods. The magical cargo cultists sent him away to live in a white neighbourhood, so hims cud turn hims life aroun’.

    Thuggish loutish behaviour comes from the inside. It’s not environmental. If he were a nebbish erkel-like studious kid he’d never have been suspended. It just doesn’t happen to quiet kids who keep their noses clean and their heads down. Trayvon’s doom was just a matter of where and when. The moms made the absurd claim Tray wanted to be a pilot. Yeah right, because aspiring pilots are often suspended from skoo’ and spend their evenings spending 6 hours chatting up girls on the sail foam and taking evening strolls In the rain to buy ice tea cans.

    Fight back hard people.
    Nit a matter of “if…”

  7. BRA means America is run for the benefit of black people.

    The Trayvon Martin case is a classic example of BRA: a negro attacks a Hispanic, who kills the negro in self defense, and somehow White people are blamed for it. The Justice Department launches an investigation. The MSM runs a million disingenuous stories.

    Meanwhile, no one cares about Nancy and Bob Strait, the victim of Knockout King, or the White boy who was set on fire in Kansas City. In BRA, we laughably pretend that black people are the victims of violence rather than the perpetrators.

    These shootings and homicides happen all the time in Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans. Trayvon Martin though is a national story though because “George Zimmerman” has a German sounding surname and the MSM and Organized Blackness are collaborating to stir up hatred against Whites.

  8. I just left a comment on SBPDL suggesting that it will now be more difficult for Whites to defend themselves against Blacks. Every instance of self-defense will now be characterized as “White racist” vigilante justice.

    It also appears the media (aka organized Jewry), the Obama administration, and the mainstream left plan to use this incident to mount an aggresive attack on castle doctrine, concealed carry laws and gun rights.

    When Obama said his son would look like Trayvon, he cryptically added the laws needed to be examined as well. This line of attack amounts to yet another attack on the ability of Whites to defend themselves, as the supporters of strong gun laws tend to be mostly White.

  9. Do you remember the Jena 6?

    A group of black thugs with a criminal background ambushed a White student and nearly beat him to death. His black attackers were portrayed as the victims because there was something that looked like a noose in a tree.

    What is BRA? Only in BRA could something like that happen. In BRA, Rodney King was a victim of racist police officers, not a maniac who habitually engages in reckless driving. He just got yet another DUI a few weeks ago.

  10. Come to think of it, I had forgotten that CNN glamorized Rodney King last year. Soledad O’Brien even went so far as to question the guilt of Wayne Williams. While the Black Undertow was burning the UK to the ground, CNN couldn’t shut up about Daryl Dedmon in Mississippi.

  11. HW — you have to realize that these days nobody goes to Journalism School (or to Ed School for that matter) in order to just learn how to properly do their jobs: they do it to “change the world”. Read the literature, you can’t miss it. And they do their jobs accordingly: they don’t want to properly inform you, that was never the plan, they want to influence and change you.

    Of course, YKW do it for the additional motives of self-aggrandizement, controlling the narrative, and generally stroking their feelings of natural superiority over the evil goyim, who they mysteriously can never quite bring themselves to simply move away from. Funny, that.

  12. “Do you remember the Jena 6?”

    I do remember the Jena 6, and you are exactly right. It was a great example of the sheer unreality of BRA. Hanging some rope in a tree was treated as far a worse offense than almost beating a White student to death. Crazy.

  13. Hail – Paul Kersey won’t allow me – though he does allow others, the rat- to name Die Judenraus Spawn O’ Satan. The letters YKW stand for the Children of the Devil aka Jews.

  14. Oscar – write “Jews”. You don’t have to subsitute any proper names here. Come over and sit down in a nice big comfy seat, in the “Monomaniacal WN who Blame Jews for Everything” corner. We have a great time! The beer is always German!

  15. Is George Zimmerman of Jewish ancestry? I have heard some people saying that his father is Jewish, but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere. Maybe that is why the black chick at FAU was ranting about Jews.

  16. Zimmerman is certainly a Jewish name but according to the FAQ linked above his adoptive parents are Catholic.

  17. Lew – name the Nigger and the Jew. The truth is our weapon, and shield. Name with confidence – and AGGRESSION. The respond to aggression. Sets off deep limbic triggers.

    Learn to teach them to heel. They do it, reflexively. I’m fighting with Niggers online. They typis in caps. I tell them what they ARE.

    The White posters that are offering reasonable arguments against the innocence of Saint Trayvon are getting demonized, and “yelled at”. None of MY posts, identifying myself AS a White woman, and the them what THEY ARE – low IQ violent savage Blacks BEASTS that destroy EVERYTHING – have gotten any blow-back. They stop posting at once.

    I have been doing all kinds of variations on tellng them what they are, and issuing orders – including telling one, and I’m quoting myself, “Shut UP you stupid ugly fat Black sow”. The SheBoon that threatened to come to my neighborhood, and I told It to come right on in, I’ll be waiting” disappeared right after I wrote that. I know this is all online – but even online – if you assert your natural station in temrs they understand – they are natural slaves – and they obey.

  18. Zimmerman is a German name. So is Hoffman. Jews steal everything. FYI – Jews “convert” to “Catholicism” all the time. Larry Kudlow is one such example. The Jew that founded that Opus somethng money cult, in modern “Catholicism” was a Hebe.

  19. Dem collared folks might be shiftless and lazy, but dey sho do make dis ol’ Cracker laugh.

  20. I still like Jones, though. Even if he knows the real problem in his heart (maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t), it’s not a bad call to leave it out of his show. He wouldn’t be getting nearly the traction he is if he didn’t take the middle ground. People will find out for themselves what is going on once when they begin to awaken. And Jones is still the best doorway out there.

  21. This is the reason I refuse to live in town anymore. If you live in the country and are always shooting up barrels and stuff, nobody notices when a gun goes off. You can get a hoodie wearing piece of shit in the ground without the whole goddamn world learning its name.

  22. “Come to think of it, I had forgotten that CNN glamorized Rodney King last year. Soledad O’Brien even went so far as to question the guilt of Wayne Williams. While the Black Undertow was burning the UK to the ground, CNN couldn’t shut up about Daryl Dedmon in Mississippi.”

    Don’t forget Omar Thornton, who shot up his former place of employment(I think they caught him stealing), then accused the dead whites of being racist. The media of course immediately excoriated the dead for being evil racists.

  23. Denise — you know it’s all very sticky, because the truth is that I don’t categorically hate or dislike jews (and you shouldn’t either) and I don’t wish them harm at all. I just want to get along with everyone and play nice. The world is a big enough and rich enough place, you’d think we’d all just be able to enjoy it and not cause each other grief.

    But one has to view things clearly, and they do as a group overplay their hand and overstep some very natural boundaries, and weaponize elements of society against us for no very good reason, and they need to understand that Yes, We’ve Noticed, And Now It’s Time For You To Stop.

    If they’d just give it a feckin rest, then there’d be no problem and we could all party on happily. There’s a sense in which I can’t understand the mindset: they think we’re all only a mere 30 seconds away from going full Hitler, and yet they don’t leave, which is what a reasonable person would do if they really believed that. They have the whole non-white world to roam in safely, yet they stick around us, simultaneously fretting about us but insisting on living next door. It’s weird.

    Like I say, I don’t wish them ill at all, I just want them to Stop It.

  24. Zimmerman is his adopted name!

    Bwahaha. They are the logical outcome of the multicult.
    ” Po trayvon icons he wuz jus in Wyatt hood he’d beze hokay.”
    Zimmerman thinks he’s a bloody German by adoption!

    Okay. This is rich.

    The trayvon/Zimmerman case is a text book example of why black and brown pets are a menace. Angelina, Theron, Bullock, Klum?

    Are you stupid c____’s watching what your fashion accessories are doing?

  25. Jewish girls are great. Very bright. They are very attracted to Brits and Germans. They love the Anglo. Sometimes too death. It’s a tricky thing. We tend to be more manly than their nebbish coreligionists.

  26. Kind of boring in the sack, though. I’ve dated five or six of them, all nice, charming gals, liked ’em all, but all except one were sort of duds in bed. C-plus or so. I think somehow they don’t understand what the competition has on offer. But then again American girls in general seem to have become disappointingly unfeminine, it’s one of the great pleasures of life, truly womanly women, that post-modernity has robbed us of.

  27. Unless it’s been unreported or under reported does anyone find it a bit odd that the “Hispanic community” hasn’t come out to support this guy?

    Clearly, from the picture he’s NOT one of OURS, regardless of his surname.

  28. European women also tend to be less of a pain in the arse as well. More submissive. Persian girls quite hot in bed. I’m not surprised the men hide them away.

  29. The Black Panthers have offered a $10,000 reward for the “capture” of Zimmerman.

    Only people I know who are racists are those that use the term with some notable exceptions.. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al

    If a white man made a speech and referred to whites as “our people” as Jesse and Al always do, the guy would be crucified.

    The damage has already been done by these black “leaders.” How is a jury going to convict the guy with each LE official saying, one by one, on the stand that he committed no crime? Then there is the eye witness and the strict interpretation of the law itself. Imagine the outcome here…….. Race riots coming to a neighborhood near you. ..

  30. “who they mysteriously can never quite bring themselves to simply move away from”. Bingo, Oscar. Age of Treason has a great blog covering the dust up in France over the shooting of the Jews. In a nutshell, Euro YKWs were salivating at the thought the shooter could be white and French (real French). Now the YKW controlled media is singing another tune since the shooter was a Mohammedan. His point is that both Jews and Muslims hate each other MUCH LESS than they hate their European hosts, yet strangely, they REFUSE to leave their European hosts. I’m with Denise on this one regarding the Jews. Sadly, I have known some and none have ever done me wrong, but collectively, I think they bring trouble on themselves due to their own behavior.

  31. Back when I was 19, and this was in 1996, I dated a Jewish girl. She was cute, slender figure, a little taller than average. I’m 6’2″ and she was 5’9″, so I always thought we looked good together. Anyway, she was nice enough, certainly not the stereotypical bossy, neurotic, self-absorbed ‘American Jewess’ caricature. Maybe it was because her family was working-class, I dunno. Or maybe she was just young still.

    Her father was always good to me, but that might be because he didn’t have any sons, and was just happy to have some male company in the house occasionally. They were just an ordinary family, and we never talked any politics, nor did ever sense any strong feelings about anything.

    Also, I dunno about that “duds in bed” stuff. I have to disagree. Granted, we were just clumsy teenagers, but I recall she enjoyed herself quite a bit, and so did I. Anyway, we had our fun, then kinda drifted apart like young kids always do, and that’s that. Last I heard, she moved to Miami some years ago.

  32. Wayne — well there’s the thing. I think it’s really important to separate the notion of legitimate, rational criticism from malice and hatred and ill-will, and those things really need to be avoided and rejected. There is valid criticism to be made of a group’s (any group’s) political actions if they seem to work against the common good, but that’s the limit: people really must reject existential ill-will, and they have to remember (as you’ve noted) that not every member of a group is responsible for what appear to be group actions. I know plenty of Jewish folks who are great, great people, and I’m positive they don’t go to secret evil meetings to scheme against America. Not only is that sort of stuff crazy and wrong, it tends to dilute real criticism by attaching to it the aura of wild-eyed obsession. It’s hard enough to formulate a lucid analysis, without the extra burden of giving your opponents an easy out: “sure, blame the joooooos!”

    The truth of course is that a) while the country may be in a mess, it could be a LOT worse, b) there’s plenty of blame to go around, the mess doesn’t have a single solitary cause, and c) what’s the best way to fix it?

    That being said, the need to vent out of frustration is a common human need, and some of my venting may have come off as too much, lately. I’m going to try and be more circumspect in the future.

  33. 313Chris — well my sample was only 5 or 6, so it wasn’t exhaustive or complete. (Hmm, maybe I should undertake more research!). I’m glad you found different, though. That was sort of a sweet story.

  34. Oscar – the Yids never stop. It’s what they do. I’ve known Jews, and Blacks and Brownsm that I’vel ike very much, as individuals. I love my own people far more than I like any of them – because my people are my people.

    I’ve gotten into spats, recently, with Stone Lifter and Lnad Shark. So what? I’d still take them any day of the week, at their very worst, then any Yid or Orc.

    Yids have been attacking my Race for CENTURIES. It never ends. What’s shocking, when one studies real history, is that Whites never wiped them out en masse. Yet, when you take the long view – Whites should wipe EVERY last one of them off the face ofthe Earth. For GOOD.

    Hitler and the NS NEVER had plans for mass extermination. In view of the Kosher murder spree in the 20th century – we should be building ovens.

    Great big really hot ovens. For EVERY last one.

  35. John – England is being exterminated of English. Keep dating Jews. Who needs English?

    Your kids can be Jews.

  36. This isn’t a sign of strength – it is a sign that they feel they are being squeezed. Gun rights have been expanding, not shrinking. A Federal Court in Maryland recently struck down Maryland’s restrictive gun permit system and thereby expanded the right to bear arms outside the house:

    Since BRA is premised on an existential threat – pay us off or we’ll riot and kill you – they have to find some way to stem the trend of whites arming themselves. Once sizable numbers of whites are known to be carrying, the existential threat of violence will be perceived as far less a threat. As a result, whites will be far less likely to support the payoffs to BRA as a necessary evil. The usual suspects are trying to return to the prior norm – where the risk/cost of self defense is very high – either because it is difficult to get a gun, or because there are significant costs when you exercise your right to self defense (criminal and civil penalties).

    Viewed from this perspective all the agitating will be perceived by most whites as what it really is – a message that we have to tolerate black thuggery. Heck what were the hoop players thinking when they “protested” by wearing hoodies – all the perps in the recent home invasion in Philly were wearing hoodies!

  37. Agree Admirer. It’s the last gasp of people who know they are losing all moral legitimacy. It’s beautiful to watch.

  38. Denise this was twenty freaking years ago! No kids from that.

    Hahaha. I married a Basque girl.

    Anyway. I mentioned that Persians are a bit hot. That’s all.

    Back to the main topic.

    What I take away from the Treyvon thing is that one must NEVER turn one’s back on a black. That’s what triggered the assault. Zimmerman turned, retreated to his car and the big nigger tackled him from behind.

  39. What is the endgame of this agitprop? How much leverage can they get out of a black riot, or whites defending their communities? Do they believe that there will be a repeat of 1967(the ultimate result of course, not merely the short term mayhem)? Is this merely a hundred different individual news workers justifying their increasingly at risk job with sensationalism?

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