New Trayvon Details Surface



The CofCC is reporting that new photos and information about the real Trayvon Martin (aka No Limit Nigga) has surfaced on the internet.

The individual who is providing this information at Stormfront claims that a poster at 4chan /pol hacked into Trayvon’s Facebook account and uncovered fresh evidence that he is a drug dealer.

Is this our Trayvon?

Is this Trayvon Martin?
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  1. It’s important that we stick to facts, strong evidence and not publish photos of people who turn out not to have been Trayvon Martin.

    That said, doesn’t anyone have a link to the police report that states that Martin was 6ft tall (or 6 ft 3) and weighed 150-160 lBS? I found some police reports, just not that information.

  2. Jack. Does it really matter what the facts are in an incident? It’s not as if the left is sticking to any standard.

    The blacks swallow us up in their maw either way. So just fight back. Words don’t hurt.

    The forensic damage to Zimmerman more than confirms he was being battered and then he put a stop to the baboon antics with a human technology.

  3. I agree with Jack Ryan about sticking to strong evidence. While it’s an intriguing possibility, if a 4chan hacker is the source of the information, skeptism is probably in order.

  4. The facts are the wounds on Zimmerman. I don’t see how he could have been beaten unless he was completely off guard. It’s not like Trayvon could have done much damage after the shot is it? Zimmerman got punched in the nose, collapsed and Trayvon proceeded to batter him. Zimmerman pulled up the weapon and shot the filth.

    Everything else is bunkum.

  5. Zimmerman’s wounds have been confirmed by multiple credible sources. The credibility of the people defending Zimmerman is not undermined by pointing to Zimmerman’s wounds. Although it would be entirely unsurprising if the “No Limit Nigga” turns out to be a dope dealer, 4chan is not a reliable source. It’s too easy to fake facebook and twitter accounts.

  6. I agree that the Left (CNN – Communist News Network, MSM) doesn’t play fair, but that’s no excuse for us to get reckless. The truth is most always on on our side and the truth is a good weapon, not of course the only weapon and the truth often loses out to the mob, forces of lies and evil.

    Here we should be careful lest our side accepts some small deception/lie which the Left will jump on to discredit our whole case, our right to live. It’s clearly the case that Layvon Martin was not the cute little boy presented in the very dated propaganda photo put out in the MSM media blitz. But, what was his real height, weight? I’ve heard 6 ft 0, 6ft 3 – we can find the true stats, same as we found out why sweet little angel Layvon was suspended from school for 10 days.

  7. It was never asserted in the post that it was him. I think it is him though from the screenshots of his Facebook profile. The grill photo was from his Twitter account.

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  9. intelligentpam says: “To you mighty…how in the hell are you going to say that he is a stupid nigga.”

    Oh, the fact that he, an unarmed man, physically attacked an armed man in the armed man’s neighborhood. Then, he got shot, and now he be one dead Trayvon. That’s pretty stupid, Pam.

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  12. That dual picture looks like it’s pre-dead Trayvon, but one never knows, as they do rather all look alike.

    By the by, have Massa Simpson and his little New England equivalent girlfriend Marcie weighed in on this “tragedy” yet?

    Why not? Don’t they CARE? Have they donned Hoodies, in solidarity wit dey bruthas, ‘n sheeyit?

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    Please remember that there is no point in attempting to maintain your sham outrage over NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. Rest assured he is now put away in a box where he can do no further harm to anyone. And as Martha Stewart always says, that’s a good thing.

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