USA Today/Gallup Poll: Negro Fatigue Confirmed


There has been some speculation in the blogosphere that Negro Fatigue is setting in nationwide among Whites over the Trayvon Martin case.

Here are the numbers:

“In one of the starkest differences, 73% of blacks said they think George Zimmerman would have been arrested if Trayvon was white, while only 33% of whites agreed. The majority of white people polled —52% —said race made no difference in the way the case was handled.

Blacks were more likely to think Zimmerman is guilty of a crime; 51% say he was definitely guilty and 21% say he was probably guilty. Whites were more inclined to reserve judgment; 58% say his guilt was unclear based on information currently available.

The poll also showed that 72% of blacks think racial bias was a major factor in Trayvon’s shooting.

White Americans were split on the question of racial bias, 30% said it was a major factor, 26% said it was a minor factor, and 27% said it was not a factor.

Blacks also keep abreast of the development in the case in far larger numbers than whites: 52% say they are following the case closely.”

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  1. I like how USA Today demonstrates why Whites are sick of Trayvon coverage by including some college professor’s ridiculous diatribe about White Privilege.

  2. Someone said in the comments:

    Stand your ground doesn’t apply, Zimmerman was executing straight self defence.

    Hahaha! Very true.

  3. Trayvon was already labeled because of stereotypes … that young black males are hoodlums, that they’re up to no good, that they need to be watched.”
    Professor Muhdik McChimp.

    No, Trayvon was virtually cannonized by the DWL and Media.
    This after he smashed a guy’s nose and bounced his head off the concrete. The labeling he did himself, to wit:

    “No Limit Nigga.” Add to that the dealing, the stolen jewels and the WTF spray vandalism at Skoo’.

    This asshole is tenured?

  4. That girl in the video: The Perfect Government Educated Zombie. God they’ve done a number on us.

  5. I feel pity for her. So much brain power being used to explain, rationalize and obfuscate the simple truth: Young black men are violent, sullen and criminal.

    She thinks she’s being noble and intellectual. Instead, she exhausting herself with nonsense.

  6. I pity her as well. It’s very sad. She is not even close to viewing the world as it is. She has a life of misery ahead of her. I guarantee you she will end up getting raped in some third world hellhole by the time she is 25.

  7. ““In one of the starkest differences, 73% of blacks said they think George Zimmerman would have been arrested if Trayvon was white, while only 33% of whites agreed. The majority of white people polled —52% —said race made no difference in the way the case was handled. …”

    Race has absolutely made a difference. While the blacks immediately circled the wagons, whites would have just as immediately thrown Trey von Martin under the bus.

  8. Or run over by an Israeli Bulldozer.

    I hope she wakes up before she does herself any damage. What can you do eh?

  9. “God forbid this girl ever gets attacked by a black:”

    Awww…. How cute. Someone’s a sophomore in college. She sounds like she’s reading from a textbook.

  10. She’s going through a phase hopefully. One good coontact and the edifice of her ignorance will be shattered.

  11. The best thing the Israelis ever did was grind that DWL bitch into the dirt.

    Scum like that will give their lives for any non-white. The Israelis were happy to oblige. Hopefully she served as a cautionary tale: May she serve her people in death; for she hated them in life.

    Jews look like assholes, DWL bites it. Win-win!

  12. Her brainwashing is so complete it reminds me of The Bourne Identity.

    Perhaps her handle should be “Unborn Identity”.

  13. Maybe Denise can send her a PM on youtube, she’s probably got a canned response tailored to the hive-minded.

  14. Actually I have a great deal of fear that she will end up like Amy Biehl or worse, raped and tortured by one of these violent, impulsive, hypersexual subhumans. The way she literally SPITS the word white, with such disgust, drips with White hatred, liberal self-righteousness and moral superiority. “I GET it, most other whites don’t, THEY are all racist haters. low-class ignorant rednecks while I am sophisticated and educated”. I know she’s very young but this kid made me vomit. Her cold disdain for her genetic kin depressed me, while she admires, defends and holds in high estimation a group of people who will do absolutely NOTHING but harm her in every way. She can expect nothing but misery on a mental level and pain on a physical level, possibly even death. How sick and depraved that so many of our young people have been taught such a negative self-image leading to future self-destruction, all because they didn’t learn to protect themselves from the sullen, angry negro.

  15. Jim, I’m booted off of commenting on JooTube for 2 weeks, due to some “hate” comments I made on a Nog video.

    You can’t save every-one. She’s sealed her fate.

  16. No she only hates us bad whites, the chances of her making that kind of stupid mistake are pretty low.

  17. I disagree anon. She is young and stupid, she will be raped. I know many stories like her, all were raped, and none of them learned a damn thing from it. She is a true believer- the kind rich liberals use and abuse. She is not one of the wealthy do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do super zips. She looks lower middle class. She is an expendable crewman.

  18. “I feel pity for her. So much brain power being used to explain, rationalize and obfuscate the simple truth: Young black men are violent, sullen and criminal.

    She thinks she’s being noble and intellectual. Instead, she exhausting herself with nonsense.”


    Tonight while perusing FaceBook, a fundamental was boiled down to a basic in my mind. Most of our people, i.e., the normal, “salt of the earth,” “blue collar” and rural types of “flyover country,” posses a fair amount of wisdom. However, they are so poorly educated and, frankly, have so little interest in any kind of intellectual or cultural pursuits, simply cannot express communicate except in the most crude and often ridiculous of fashion. They use idiotic and usually crude pictures, silly bumper sticker cliches and the kind of writing one sees on the walls of public restrooms to express sensible advice and sagacious observations of the world. In other words, they are not stupid, only ignorant and uncultured to the extreme and living up fully to the derogatory unsophisticated “hillbilly” and “redneck” stereotype.

    On the other hand, many anti-white, “progressive” liberals seem to possess not an iota of common sense, let along wisdom or lucidity, yet are able to express themselves elegantly and often in sophisticated language and text. They very often do APPEAR to be far more on the ball to onlookers who may just be entering the fray for the first time or have not really thought much about what is going on.

    This veneer of sophistication does help them immensely. It has allowed them to take over our society.

    Much more can be said about this. And its bearing on the probable outcome of the struggle between “us” and “them.” Despite the obvious growing reaction of the white working class, I am not at all for sure who will win the “war.” In the same way and for essentially the same reasons Arthur Jensen does not forecast the economic collapse of the US and thus the fall of our present elite, as do many, I am not so sure about liberalism being defeated any time soon. They control too many key positions, not least of which is academia. And they are going to dominate it even more according to my research, e.g., fewer and fewer non homosexual, non liberal white males are enrolling. And YES, I know all the arguments being set forth by “our side” about this and against academia. Yes, I know them well. My reaction, however, is the following:

    Let me know when you hear of someone being appointed federal judge without a law degree. Let me know when you become a high ranking bureaucrat without a degree. And several more things.

  19. I know what you mean, I weep for my people. I come from a small town in the midwest. I know the real goodness that exists, and it all goes to waste. All of it. They would be better off as hateful narcissists.

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”
    -Hosea 4:6

    I went and got meself and edumacation. I plan on being on the inside, not standing in the courtyard. It’s a lot easier to lower the gate from former position, rather than the latter. It will take a lot of effort, but I am convinced there is no other way.

  20. Notice that the girl’s video has about double the number of views as that “How whites took over America” video that has allegedly “gone viral” (it’s been up a few days longer, but even so), or if you prefer: more than a month’s worth of ramzpaul. Pretty girls get all the clicks, regardless of what they’re saying.

  21. I don’t really mean to denigrate our people, but damn. They need to get the rag out of their ass and get with the program. The world today is not like an isolated farm about 1850.

  22. The poor thing doesn’t realize that the Nasty Whiteman, would like her to have a career and a house and a nice car (and kids if she wants them.)

    She’s too concerned with savages to realize this. She literally would be better off as a narcissist. At least age would be taking care of herself that way. I only see self destruction if she keeps this shit up.

  23. The Color of Crime

    Check out FBI crime statistics. Tens of thousands of white women raped yearly by negroes, and less that one hundred [sic] negresses raped by white boys each year.
    It’s actually less than twenty.
    Negro on human violent crime is many times greater than human on negro violent crime.
    But then, everybody knows that.
    The question is this: How long are we going to put up with the sub-human behavior, and the troublemakers in the media who encourage it?

  24. I didn’t even know I had it till I went to the Doctor for my annual check-up. After having blood work done it came back showing CNFS Chronic Negro Fatigue Syndrome. He said it is an epidemic and that the only cure was for them all to go BACK TO AFRICA !!

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