“Expiation” and “Social Justice”

Lynch mobs for "social justice"


Paul Kersey has reacted to the public lynching of George Zimmerman. The thrust of his post is about “expiation” and atonement through BRA’s whole mythology of White guilt.

An excellent example of this was seen on Hardball With Chris Matthews tonight when Matthews talked about how the Mainstream Media had brought “heat” to the case which brought the “light” of mobocracy.

Matthews went on to elaborate about the need to balance “justice” with “social justice” … admitting publicly on the air that what is called “social justice” has been driving this whole media manufactured carnival.

I also noticed that NewsOne.com was running the blanched mugshot of George Zimmerman in the pink jumpsuit from ABC News in one of their stories this morning.

What does it say about ABC News when it deliberately alters a photograph of Zimmerman to give him a White skin color?

Doesn’t that just put the “Get Whitey” exclamation point on this story? Doesn’t it just put the exclamation point on – taking this to the level of the forest from the trees – the fundamental nature of this entire epoch of American history that we are living through?

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  1. There is quite a good website on the liberal end of things written by Bob Somersby. He called Matthews et al (Irish Jounalists) “career liberals”. They daintily agreed on invading Iraq while shouting down antiwar liberals as “liberals” themselves. and have singed off on every Obama policy…especially the more belligerant policies.

    I’m beginning to think that they are something beyond liberal or communist. BRA merely describes the profile of what they are. It does not describe the contour lines, volume or mass. Matthews is something much worse. O’Reilly, Hannity, Dowd—all the “Fenians”. I don’t know what motivates them and they ain’t white whatever else they are.

  2. “Social Justice” = collective guilt. Meaning no justice. That is one of the most toxic phrases of modernity.

  3. When we were crowing over Derbyshire’s 15 Thesis – I wrote it’s gonna be a long hard slog. I don’t think we are done, as a Race, JUST yet – but the future is far from certain.

    This Bolshevik Show Trial is seperatng the wheat from the chaff – but there’s a lot of chaff.

    Hold the line folks. Don’t panic. Support Zimmerman. And realize that we have been called to be Warriors.

    We have been Chosen.

    The ways in which we choose to answer the call will be varied. Many of the Regulars here are offering excellent advice. Do what works best. Don’t ever give up, though. Giving up assures failure. Winning may take generations. But we have no choice, in the end.

    We are the Elect. We are the Chosen. Heed the Call.

  4. George Stephanopolis is a faggot eating Travon Martins dead asshole and Diane Sawyer is performing fellatio on his corpse cock. Both need to go.

    ABC news is disgusting.

  5. Man I wish I was one of Zim’s defense attorneys. I would have so much fun stuffing this shit up the prosecutor’s ass: slowly, methodically, and for far longer than they ever anticipated.

    For instance (and a TINY instance!) Zim’s team must put the prosecutor on the stand. They must subpoena her phone, internet and cable TV records, ALL of them, Google never forgets; and then determine at microscopically probing levels (revealing all sorts of other fun stuff in the process) whether she viewed NBC’s “he looks black” editing libel, and then question her at scorching length on whether it had a bearing on her decision making to indict.

    There is soooo much fun to be had in this case! (Though I don’t mean to be glib about Zim’s peril.) This is a case just waiting, positively dalivating, for a Portia versus Shylock grand slam.

    “Tarry, Jew: the law hath yet another hold on you.”

    Do it, lawyers, and do it right. Fight for good, for once in your miserable lives.

  6. Does anyone know the timeline of the trial?

    I ask because if Zimmerman is acquitted (which seems likely) in late summer or fall, and the Trayvons riot like they did over Rodney King, that would be an absolute disaster for the Obama campaign.

    To convict Zimmerman, they’re going to need to stack the jury with all frothing at the mouth BRA supporters. If someone with sympathy for crime victims, or even mild conservative tendencies gets on the trial, Zimmerman will walk.

  7. Hackers will get into her emails and other documents. Wikikeak levels are likely. A lot of geeky nerds who were thumped by Trayvons will go very deeply into the
    electronic record. Hacking Trayvon’s facebook is only the tip of the iceberg of what these types are capable of. The NRA must take an interest in this as self defense statutes willbe destroyed by a conviction, which must by definition destroy ccw permits stand your ground and self defense itself. I’d prefer rioting before giving up rights if I were an NRA type.


  8. Denise, I know you’re married, but you turn my crank.

    Never give up. Never surrender. Do your duty as God’s holy people and hold the damn line.

    Be an Aryan.

  9. Sharpton,Jackson, Holder, Pfleiger, Wright etc etc etc. All their communications ought to be scrutinized. This was heavily coordinated and the Grand Jury nullification is a very suspicious move.

  10. Denise, thanks. You are a credit to your gender. Please continue to remind us to be strong, and we will be.
    I’m getting whiter by the minute.

  11. Who is this looney girl? She must desperately crave attention the way she is using that ridiculous “sociologese” speak to try to make herself seem smart, yet she doesn’t have the sense to take that thing out of her nose.

  12. Eric, Thanks!

    I’m actually a Celt. We love to fight!

    I EFFING refuse to go down wiv-out a *%&((*$$& bloody fight. Meek acceptance is not in my DNA. These are not mere Internet words. Any-one who knows me, in person, will FERVENTLY attest to my refusal to back down. My hubby just noted that Celts don’t like to blindly follow rules. I am certainly not going to obey the rules of the vile BRA.


  13. Baldowl – you are a credit to your gender, and your Race.

    You and the others here give me heart, and hope, and a reason to fight on. We are few – but we are not alone.

  14. She’s probably already getting a regular dose of brown sugar. Spoiled little white girls like her love to demonstrate their edginess and devotion to the Cause by letting themselves be polluted in that fashion. I predict she’ll soon join the ranks of the Eloi, fulfilling her self-image as an enlightened example of liberated femininity by becoming a sexual prize for some quasi-human with his hat on sideways.

    What a waste of DNA.

  15. “What a waste of DNA.”

    Who knows, maybe this is how the gene pool cleanses itself. Who am I to question God, he’s allowed it come to this, there must be a reason. Keep the faith, and the faithful will be rewarded.

  16. She is just status seeking. The most telling thing about what happened were the posts on world Star Hip Hop however, but I doubt that she or anyone she is attempting to impress would ever spend a second of their time anywhere near diversity.

  17. anon is exactly right, we need not waste our time on slave-morality fembots, she is merely status seeking, the time will come when she come crawling back to her brennus, her hrothgar and the rest. i’d bone her though

  18. She going to go to South Africa and get jackrolled. Or to Palestine and get her skull crushed by an IDF bulldozer. No loss really.

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