“War Against White People” : “Now That’s Justice For Trayvon”


H/T Anon

Matt Owens is now in critical condition after being beaten in Mobile by a Black Undertow mob

A little bird has dropped by the OD comments to tip us off to the beating of Matt Owens … a vicious Black Undertow lynch mob attack that happened in Mobile on Saturday night. The victim’s sister Ashley Parker claims on Facebook that a black woman who participated left the scene saying, “now that’s justice for Trayvon.”

“This is my brother. He was beaten by 20 blacks last night. He is in ICU with bleeding on his brain. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. They chased him and beat him on the front porch of his residence. They hit him with brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on. We haven’t heard from the police if they have been arrested yet. The news won’t touch this story. As one of the blacks left…the bitch said “Now thats justice for Trayvon ” People. You need to wake up and open your eyes because the shit has hit the fan.”

Note: Here is a local news report on the incident. The MSM obviously wants to send this story down the memory hole.

40-year-old man beaten in street: fox10tv.com

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  1. Someone should post this information on Stormfront and send it to Kyle at CofCC if those things have not been done already.

  2. You can tell EVERY-ONE. Cram it down their throats. Don’t take ANY EXCUSES what-so-ever.



  3. All 20 of them should face the death penalty. This guy is never going to be right again. I don’t care if they were women or children or yoofs. If not, the lynching tree may have to return.

    The increase in violence and theft started a week after Ohomo was elected. On Michigan Avenue and in the River North hotel areas in Chicago crime skyrocketed. I always noted the streets …. they were always straight shots to the west to projects that supposedly don’t exist anymore.

  4. Read Keith1’s comments. Fucking nig. These black Zombies cannot keep to a consistent story. “pray fo hims..after he was justifiably beaten by a crowd. Pray fo us all.”

    I’d happily drop a cluster bomb on that Zombie crowd. Who cares about God! There’s no common humanity.

  5. Join us on Twitter at #Matthew Owens.

    Note: It is a good thing that Facebook is deleting accounts because Twitter is better at pushing our message. Most of the energy that is wasted on Facebook could be better spent agitating on Twitter.

  6. I put your link request on the Philly article – you linked to the mobile one that didn’t show me the comment section – but it looks like it was buried by then because I had to search for it. I couldn’t believe Philly Fox was such a horribly managed site, guess they got too many “Real phillidelphians” working there.

  7. Just looked up and down Delmar Dr in Mobile on Google Maps. Wide lawns, ranch houses, a well-kept working class neighborhood at the time the mapping vehicle drove by.

    I am a Matt Owens. I’m a 40ish white male living alone in a majority black SW Atlanta neighborhood that was rapidly gentrifying before the housing bubble burst. Ten years ago I leaned liberal and just found black behavior irksome at best. I never imagined owning a firearm. Now I “see.” I have no illusions about the possibility of race riots near or around me.

    A few months ago I bought a Glock 26 for home invasion protection. I’ve also applied for a carry permit. Last week I bought a Remington 870. My DWL friends in the neighborhood think I’m too “reactionary.”

    I would never dream of “sassing” basketball playing youths in front of my house on a Saturday night, or ever. But if a crowd comes up into my yard seeking Trayvon justice from the lone cracker on the block, I’m ready.

    For now I’m doing my part to send Matt’s story around the web, to assist in obtaining justice for him.

  8. My guess is he told the kids to pipe down and they ran off and told Dad that the Honkey called em baboons.

    It can’t go on indefinitely. This is like something out of the propaganda that the radicals shoved down a credulous public’s throat. Except: it’s real and it is directed at us.

  9. All white guys born from 1965-1980 are in a low intensity war. Some know it. Some don’t. Most do not. He certainly did not. A hard core racist would have had a self loading rifle ready for the mob.

    That guy should have stepped off his porch blazing away and killed half of the blacks. Wounding the other half. He would have been well within his rights to do so. They attempted to murder him.

  10. Hey Scott, get some range time in with that 870; folks tend to short stroke a pump action shotgun when the heat is on; and learn how to do tactical reloads too

  11. When the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan called for a Million Man March in 1995 and gave a speech about numerology, there was much snickering in the press about how the crowd wasn’t anywhere close to a million. Then, however, people started looking at the pictures of the crowd Farrakhan had conjured up and … holy moly, I don’t know what a million men looks like, but that was a big crowd.

    Among the Marchers, for example, was Barack Obama, who took time to fly from Chicago to Washington for the October 16, 1995 event. His mother died of cancer three weeks later on November 7, 1995, unvisited by Obama. Dying mother or Minister Farrakhan: who is more important to an aspiring black politician?


  12. OK; I see Drudge has it. I love social media. I hope Brietbart, Beck and The Daily Caller pick it up too. The mainstream hates drudge for linking this stuff.

  13. I still think the “white revolution” will start in America. White Americans just seem to have a shorter fuse, historically.

  14. Drat – I’m gonna have to get back onm Joobook. The Comments on that first link are fascinating…

  15. NOI and NBPP for that matter is radical and frankly insane and known to be so. Both a useful enemies. We need them to categorize all our opponents as members or fellow travelers of NOI or the NBPP. Frankly they are a godsend.

  16. Nation of Islam and NBPP will simply create their analogues in the White race.

    It is a matter of being forced to rise to the African Challenge, or be finally beaten down in the streets.

    This is very very good. It’s going to force Whites to band together. When the bodies band together, so will the minds and hearts.

    Here’s what I think happened with Matthew Owens.

    He’s driving home from work. Black kids playing basketball don’t get out of the street to let him go home. He honks or asks them, they keep playing. This has happened many times. THey simply ignore him, because they can; because now they can show dominance over a white man.

    These Dominance Games happen across the country, but especially in the South, because of black density and the New South attitude of “give YT his comeuppance.”

    It was a lynch mob with primitive weapons. No guns. Like Gangso f New York, except the Whites had no gang.

    One solution is for whites in the New South to live in neighborhood clusters and make a Gangs of New York type stand for their race


    Alterantively, a White man who is living in such a situation should up and move to Kalispell, Montana, and defend by his demographics, a White bastion.

    The Wild West was created by Reconstruction; if you read old dime novels about America in the late 1800’s, it’s all about Confederates who went West to escape Reconstruction.

    Now you have a New Reconstruction, and once again the West beckons you with an offer of freedom and being White, and in doing so, you actually defend a piece of ground rather than living on enemy occupied territory.

    And by living in enemy occupied territory and being White, you maintain that occupied territory for the occupiers. Let them sink, or form White Associations. Fight, or run, but don’t sit around and let yourselves get beaten down in the streets.

  17. “Hunter Wallace says:
    April 24, 2012 at 2:19 am

    Join us on Twitter at #Matthew Owens.”

    There should be no space between Matthew and Owens: #MatthewOwens

    Very, very, very disturbing.

  18. My brother works in Mobile. He never leaves home without his 9mm. Whenever I visit, I pack my 380. I don’t visit bad areas, but I go armed in case I break down an have to wait on repairs.

    We have got to arm ourselves heavily. We cannot allow this type of conduct to go unnoticed. I for one am becoming radicalized.

  19. Citizen Owens in critical. Time for the Mobile Infantry?

    Want to know more?

    Meanwhile in Buenos Aires.

  20. Hunter,

    I missed it — what was the weakness of the Borg and how does it related to Lawrence Auster? I watched the clip but only got that he attacked a part of the Borg Cube that Data didn’t think was vulnerable.

    Please explain. Thanks.

  21. If anything the nigs should be encouraged to group in fifty, hundred strong groups. Then it’s a riot by any other name.

    At that point the lead, tear gas and rubber bullets start flying. Better than Christmas. The trick is to get the groids in one place and have a few misbehave enough to kick off a full scale street battle.

    I’d almost be inclined to help organize a Trayvon prosession just to grease the wheels a bit.

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