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  1. There’s going to be a big media push to blame the “incompetence” and “choking” of SG Donald Verrilli in advance of what seem to be double defeats for the White House on both ObamaCare and SB 1070. And it will be a canard: I’m sure Verrilli is a fine lawyer. But not even Perry Mason can defend the indefensible.

  2. The whole point of federal supremacy is that states can’t override federal laws, in the areas where the federal government holds power of course(which just happens to be an ever expanding sphere for some strange and assuredly unfathomable reason). How this transformed into a situation where states cannot assist and support federal laws and duties is just insane, luckily, “only” 4 of the judges are likely to side that way.

    OT, what are your thoughts on the Patent Reform act of 2011? A couple of months ago they passed it, and the bill basically changes the patent system we’ve had since the time of the founding fathers from a pro inventor/investor system to a pro big business/lawyer system. The change doesn’t kick in until next year however.


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