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  1. Jim, Barb, and Hunter – start readng the Satanic Bible aka the Talmud. You’ll know where is all comes from. They’ve been breeding for pure evil for thousands of years.

    Oh – and by the by – I got more updates, from people I know – about consistent conversations about Jews being behind all te destruction. You know – Racialists talking to ordinary people – who know it’s the Hebes.

  2. Stop feeding the troll. You all let it get you on the defensive and now it controls the context and form of this thread. Bob Whitaker is right about this point. Next someone will be posting a long copy paste job on the history of the development of the internet.

  3. So Whinesky – or is it Dirk – or don’t forget sewer mouthed Kari – now thinks every-one acting against the US Constitution is a traitor, and should leave the USA.


    Wow. There’s gonna be a lot of empty real estate in Joo York, Miami, Scarsdale, Suburban Detroit, Atlanta, etc when the Hebes clear out. AIPAC, CFR, The Federal Reservsky, SPLC, Abe Kike Demon Deluxe Foxman….oh – I could go on all night.

    I think I’ll snap up some synagogues, have real Christian priests bless the sites, clean out the dubyuks, etc, the evil spirits, and turn the buildings into Holomodor Museums.

  4. Ah Brutus – nah. I’m gonna feed the troll til it chokes.

    It’s thrashing around now. Getting desperate.

  5. Brutus,
    I’m of the opinion that countering troll hooey IS a valuable pursuit.
    Not because it’s going to change the mind of any trolls. But because it MAY open the eyes of lurkers who are just beginning the process of Racial Awakening, who’ve heard all the kinds of Troll Lies all their life and need the Racialist truth. It’s also good practice for Those of us Who can See to sharpen our arguments when operating in meatspace.
    I, myself, come here to read Hunter’s history lessons, because it’s good for me, good for my own morale. I, even, personally, would be curious to know the exact history of the internet and would read it if posted.
    I think trolls do us a FAVOR when they deny obvious truths or tell obvious lies and somebody then posts the truth.

  6. Denise,

    My favorite book of all time is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — well, actually, all five books of the trilogy.

    I barfed when a black got cast as Ford Prefect in the movie. I am soooooo sick of Hollywood’s magic negro fetish. Gaaaaah. Even liberals oughta be sick of something so cliched already.

  7. My favorite book is the Bible, I love all the magnificent, humanitarian and divine Jews in that book. Compared to it, there`s no other book of significance.

  8. Whinesky – There are people on this blog, that have met me IN PERSON,

    Dumbass JDIF 101 troll.

    Hey LIAR – when are you going to post your identiy? Couldn’t they fit your entire schnozz into a single frame?

  9. Barb – agreed, on trolling.

    I love Hitchhiker as well. The wit and imagination is wonderdul, in those books. I was disgusted as well., with the repulsive Negro actor cast as Ford. couldn’t even watch the movie.

    There was an English TV series, done years ago. A laconic “hipster” English actor, named David Dixon (who seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth), played Ford. He was absolutely perfect.

  10. Denise.

    Yes your whereabouts are established. But we wanted to ask you anyway though, for different purposes. The style of questioning is a part of our formal procedures.

  11. I love Douglas Noel Adams, he was a radical atheist and did promotional work for the British Liberal Party. Good going Denise and Barb.

  12. Douglas Adams is best known as the creator of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as we all know.

  13. Now list some authors, artists, music, film etc that you like, and I`m sure I`ll be able to break more than half of it down as being created by either liberals or Jews.

  14. Outlier, you are right. it`s a matter of intellectual thought and progression, some are better endowed in that department than others.

  15. Just because its called “progressive” doesn’t actually mean its progressive. That’s a label the liberals gave it to pat themselves on the back and fool people, like you. Its all designed to break down the family unit, attack conservatives, and erode western institutions. That said, there was the exception “Our Idiot Brother” (2011) that made fun of progressives, and its very funny.

    It all flows from the Frankfurt School and its Critical Theory that has embedded itself in universities, entertainment industry, mainstream news, etc.. There’s several youtube clips on this, but here’s a couple:

    “The History of Cultural Marxism & Political Correctness” Bill Whittle


    ” The History of Political Correctness (Complete) ”

  16. My name is Trine Stølen. I cannot upload a photo unless I become a member, something I will never do. But how about you, lets see your true photo. Don`t tell me you`re that Doris Day looking broad? (-:

  17. “Outlier, you are right. it`s a matter of intellectual thought and progression, some are better endowed in that department than others.”

    Yes, because nothing says “superior logic” like having to befuddle people into going along with it.

    Did you know poison is also good for you if a crafty fellow is able to convince you it is?

  18. Trine says:

    May 2, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Jack, those are some awesome movie picks. Really, I`m impressed. I like all of those choices you made there, great selection of films. I`m a huge movie buff and you have very good taste in film. I love Ford, have you seen The Searchers? Polanski is great, I love Chinatown. Have you seen Rosemary`s Baby? Redemption? The Tenant? I even have some of his early Polish films on dvd, very good. Capra is amazing too, one of my favorites. His films are naive but always genuinely effective and moving. High Noon, great movie.One of the best, personally I love the way he disses the town at the end and leaves. Pretty controversial actually. The Quiet Man is brilliant, what a masterful portrait of Ireland, by the great John Ford.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Thanks for the kind words. We share good taste in films. Yes, I have seen John Ford’s the Searchers – an extremely “racist” film, even for my taste, but very good. I haven’t seen or remembered any Polanski films since Chinatown (awesome). Did Polanski direct “the Pianist”? I see Polanski as an extremely talented artists – his Macbeth is by far the best film adaptation of any Shakespeare work ever – the viewer doesn’t even feel he is watching a movie – it’s like you are transported in to 12th century Scotland and you’re just there! That said, I see Polanski as a horrible Jewish criminal who has gotten away with drugging and raping a young girl and I don’s have any hesitation about wanting him executed. I don’t think any artists, including great Jewish artists should be exempt from the normal societal rules and laws about personal conduct. Drugging and raping your girls is simply wrong and Polanski had shown a strong desire to go after young girls before this victim. This is pretty much my take with “the Jews”. I recognize and appreciate the fact that many Jewish people are very smart, some are good/great artists, good at other things – but too many Jews are given a pass and allowed to get away with all kinds of bad behavior and the Jews and their defenders put up a wall of defense saying “you can’t criticize Roman Polanski or any Jewish people because, well, Jews have been persecuted in the past, plus you must be a bad, evil anti Semite person for thinking this way”. I don’t go for that.

    The Jews are just another group of people – like other people, only more so. The Jews are not God’s Chosen People, nor are they “the Children of the Devil, Spawn of Satan” etc. I reserve the right to speak my mind for what I think is right.

  19. Maybe you’d be VERY surprised at whatg blows up in your filthy face. Go eff yourself, after you are done with your your rabbi, you offal.

  20. Jack Ryan, I`ll get back to you shortly. You have many good points and I agree with you. Your ability to think in a reflective way shows that you are an intelligent person.

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