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  1. What a gang of fucking stupid hick motherfuckers on this site. Thank goodness I live in a good socialist country with good welfare and a high standard of living unlike your piece of shit capitalist shithole USA. My friend Trine referred me to this site, we live in Norway. In Norway we don`t believe in fairytales about GOD. You are a bunch of dumb American idiots, while we are the master people , we hate USA in Norway because you are so goddamn fucking stupid.

  2. “This video applies to whiggers, too !”

    I know a 33 year old whigger. He truly is a sight to behold, so strange in his demeanor, so bizarre in his behavior, it’s laughable. It really is moreso sad … he comes from good German stock. His aunt’s a serial coal burner, too.

    I shame him when I see him.

  3. My friend Kari tried posting something on here and it was removed. This is a parasitic site of censorship. Anyway, here is what Kari wanted to say:

    What a bunch of stupid fucking American hick idiots on this site. Thankfully I live in a good socialist country with a good welfare system. Nothing like your crappy moronic capitalist shithole USA. Norwegians hate USA because you are such a fucking stupid motherfucking useless people. Bow to us, we are the masters, Norway will rule the way. Socialism rules!

  4. I’ve seen blacks in Canada in the middle of winter going down the street with their butt crack or underwear showing. Even freezing temperatures won’t make them pull their pants up, so it must be in the DNA.

    The message sent is: white people can kiss my ass – even in the winter.

  5. @ Trine/Kari

    ” A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. ”

    And that would include Norway.

  6. Outlier, it is a strange fashion. From what I understand it was started by male prostitutes in prisons. It was a method of advertising their services.

    Trine, really why don’t you just try to grow up. I can’t recall the last objection to socialism on this site. Not saying that there hasn’t been any there probably is but it just isn’t the focus of the site. If you or your ‘friend’ actually read the site you would know that.

  7. Thankfully I live in a good socialist country with a good welfare system

    The high standard of living in Norway has nothing to do with socialism. Norway is full of smart, kind Scandinavians, that’s why it’s such a nice place to live.

    There are plenty of socialist countries in Africa, and they’re all hell-holes.

  8. And they use their oil and their socialism to underwrite little Mohammed and Nkouzi instead of little Olaf and Katarina. In fact there probably is no little Olaf.

    How many children does your friend Kari have? Now how many do Fatima and her cousin Mohammed have? Whites get degrees in comparative gender studies, immigrants get children.

    You Norwegians may hate us stupid hick Americans, but we’ve always liked you. Pity you may soon be gone as anything one might recognize as “Norway,” and all that will be left is a bunch of mosques, and packs of useless Africans looking for the last remaining blonde to rape.

    Hope I’m wrong, though.

  9. No way, our political and welfare system are pure socialistic and it is way better than your failed capitalist system. Just look at the UN list of best countries to live in, we rank number 1 each year.

  10. Hunter, while the guy speaks a good message, I think you need to explore him a little further before you bring any more traffic to him. Make no doubt this man is a nigger and he hates White men.

  11. Piss on you Trine. I know quite a few Norwegians and they don’t hate Americans any more than others do. Socialists on the other hand always hate America and that goes for American socialists too. Just look at the current administration…

  12. LOL, of course not all Norwegians hate the USA, but many do. Trust me! And it`s because of your imperialistic foreign policies, and over exaggerated religion.

  13. Viking, no way. That`s not me. I would never use such a synonym, Vikings are trash and barbarians, cannibals etc, not anything I would relate to.

  14. Now we are in good shape, low unemployment, high standard of living, low level of religion….. and glorious socialism….. Our government consists of AP (the red labor party + SV (the socialistic left party). It`s glorious, and you will never known such bliss. Universal healthcare is a wonderful thing, unlike your terrible system.

  15. Yes I constantly travel in order to make sure that what I say is the truth. I travel all over the world with my doctrines.

  16. Basically we can see that the anti-whites are now going to use the insanity defense in their trials. Remember the white anti-whites must now defend Obama’s “nigger lynch mobs.” It is going to suck to be them.

  17. Most Norwegians are very normal people. And they raising head. Probably that because leftist are angry and lamenting all around.

    “…….Anders Behring Breivik loses front-page power in Norway
    Silje Gloppen, a teacher, said however abhorrent Breivik’s views, lessons needed to be learned from him. “Norwegians and, I believe, the rest of the world have to consider the possibility that this man is speaking the truth when he says he believes our ‘Norwegian culture and ethnicity’ is threatened by multiculturalism,” she said.

    Breivik’s outlook is shared by “too many”, she argued, citing the comment fields under articles on Norwegian newspaper websites, and a battle on Wikipedia pages related to the case between moderators and extremist writers trying to take hold of “the truth” on the internet.

    “I am afraid the left side in politics have for too long failed to grasp that there are challenges with the new society that need to be discussed,” she added……””

    “”…..The Price of Anti-Racism
    Racists are not the problem when Norwegians adopt or in other manners import individuals of other races to our country. The problem is the “anti-racists'” lack of respect for and comprehension of the fact that we actually have a diversity on this planet not only in respect to different animal races and species but also in respect to different human races and even different human species

    If you take a look at nature you will see that the various animal races and species do not mix naturally; only animals who have had their insincts broken down by breeding and domestication and in a few rare cases also wild animals who have no alternatives (like animals in captivity) mix with other races or species. If you for example take a dog and place it amongst wolves the wolves will kill it immediately. That’s how nature works, whether we like it or not. “Anti-racists” for sure don’t like it, for various reasons, but it is wrong to attack racists only because they are exactly how nature intended them to be.

    Try to corner an animal and you will see what will happen! Be not surprised when the animal attacks you. Humans are also animals, and people like Anders Breivik act on instinct because you have cornered them. You can actually thank yourselves for the fact that he killed some of you “anti-racists”. You have cornered our entire European race! …..””

  18. Oops, well I should have checked this thread before posting… So it’s just some troll fucking around on the internet. Well my diagnosis of “Trine” on that other thread just flew out the window…!

  19. Kari…isn’t your country the one which had a guy on an island with multiple firearms shoot numerous people at an indoctrination camp that believes in importing more of the very people the man in this video is talking about? Immigrants who want to entire and live like parasites off your good welfare system. Yeah…you folks are totally superior to us.

  20. ” My ip is fixed to mislead. I`m using a proxy server. ”

    But you’d never engage in sock puppetry ?

  21. This “trine” is so stupid it doesn’t even know it’s stupid. It doesn’t even realize we are
    smart enough to see through its lies.

    First it says:

    “Trine says:

    April 28, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    The difference between me and you is: I`m ready and willing to reveal my identity, unlike yourself.”

    Then it says

    “My ip is fixed to mislead. I`m using a proxy server”

    So which is it, stupid little liar? Are you too cowardly to reveal yourself, and so you are hiding behind a proxy server, which makes your insults to Denise laughably hypocritical, or do you not really live in Norway?


  22. Come back and tell us about your glorious socialism when you’re a minority in your own country. Do you think those immigrants are going to treat you as kindly as you treated them? Ha!

  23. I am of Norwegian descent and I am so ashamed that there are no Vikings left there. That idiot Breivik killed his own kind and then they sang Kumbaya right on schedule. Is there anything more masochistic than that?
    The Vikings must have moved to North America.

  24. Juri wrote:

    “Humans are also animals, and people like Anders Breivik act on instinct because you have cornered them. ”

    Human are not animals.

    Brevik didn’t act on instinct. He acted on logic. He fully recognized that: political correctness stifled free speech, leftist activists had invaded the school system and were brainwashing kids at an early age, feminism is a “death cult”, etc..

    He did what he did because he clearly believed it was the only path.

    Brevik is a manifestation of socialism – in particular, MultiCult and mass immigration of muslims.

  25. Yes, Rhonda, the Viking spirit emigrated out of Norway long ago, although certainly there must be a few true Norwegians left somewhere in Norway.

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