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  1. I watched the whole video. I like Geert Wilders.

    Funny that Beck supports Wilders but doesn’t support Golden Dawn. Beck said in the video that if people can agree on 70% of the issues, they’re allies (I think he was quoting Reagan). I wonder if Beck could agree with 70% of the Golden Dawn platform?

    One point in the interview was interesting. It seems Wilders thinks there can be no moderate Muslim religion, ever. Beck said he disagreed with that, if I heard it right. That was about 3/4 of the way through the video.

  2. Wilders is controlled opposition, kosher conservatism, muscular liberalism.

    That is no alternative.

  3. Beck and Wilders are planting spores of thought crime …. let’s hope those spores germinate.

  4. I agree with Anonymous that Wilders is controlled opposition. He’s not a true nationalist but I would say he is much better than most democratic politicians. However, a much better leader of the Dutch-speaking people is the Flemish secessionist & nationalist Filip DeWinter.


    By the way, he and his daughter are pro-Confederate. Anyhow, he’s much, much better than Wilders. And unlike Wilders, there is no cult of personality surrounding him like there is Wilders. Rather, there is a strong Flemish nationalist movement.

  5. A man in the Rhine Delta has to fear a muzzie.

    I can’t say I like Beck there about Golden Dawn. You can’t pick n choose your nationalists.

  6. Opposition-controller Beck may promote Wilders but can never speak well of Golden Dawn, and I doubt he could promote DeWinter. But one of our local Tea Party groups, one of only two that are neither Beck-ite (9/12 Project) nor Libertarian recently invited DeWinter to speak.

  7. Mosin Nagant, that’s excellent that y’all got DeWinter there to speak. I would love to hear and possibly meet him. He’s my favourite political activist in the Western world. How was he in person? How was his English?

  8. Can’t say since we couldn’t make that one, but were at one of their other meetups where Brimelow and Louis March were featured. An unusual line-up of speakers for a Tea Party group, but then, this group is led by men, not women, and has no direct Glenn Beck influence.

  9. There really are Tea Party groups like this, in the white North. This one has an active “Western civilisation and cultural preservation committee” and hasn’t been distracted or side-tracked by “Support Israel.” In other respects, however, it’s a typical T P.

  10. @Lily Della Valle

    “Funny that Beck supports Wilders but doesn’t support Golden Dawn.”

    This is because Wilders is pro Jew.

    Golden Dawn are anti-Jew.

    They are the real deal so they attract venomous slander and hatred from the media. This is one way you can determine who is genuinely nationalist, and who is just playing. It seems you can have gentile freedom, or the Jew, but you cannot have both. Golden Dawn know this.

    It is still up for debate if there really is such a thing as moderate Islam. The moderates are very silent when the extremists carry out atrocities but this is largely because they are scared of repercussions too. But it is true that there is a spectrum across Islam from ‘Iqbal six-pack’ to ‘ravin mad Wahid the neck chopper’.

    Best bet is to throw them all in the sea with the Jew and let Jahwe, Mohammed and the sharks sort out who is righteous.

  11. Beck seems to be hung up on the Nazi/Holocaust myth. Some one needs to tell him there were no gas chambers or ovens in Nazi Germany. There was the fake gas chamber and fake oven at Auschwitz, but they don’t count. If there were no chambers/ovens, then there was no Holocaust.

    By emphasizing fear of the Nazism he supports human rights (by default) and, therefore, he supports multiculturalism (by default). Beck is part of the vicious cycle.

    Also, he seems hung up on “immigration versus assimilation”, but that’s a moot point. What Dutch person wants their daughter or son marrying a muslim or a black? Of course, the uber-political-correct would, but they are a very small group. Unfortunately, there are the elite celebrities “role models” types that have married, dated or adopt non-Europeans to set an example.

  12. “There really are Tea Party groups like this, in the white North. This one has an active “Western civilisation and cultural preservation committee” and hasn’t been distracted or side-tracked by “Support Israel.” In other respects, however, it’s a typical T P.”

    Wow. A friend of a friend I know tried to start up a ‘meet-up group’ and called it ‘Intro to Western Civ 101’ or something like that. After some initial interest, it literally splintered and died, because 1) no one in the group (mostly women) wanted to be LED by this MAN- Hmmmm. Wonder where that attitude was engendered? Then, the few that were interested in the ideas of the group, couldn’t get past the ‘Israel is the People of God’ Bullshit (they obviously know neither their Bibles nor Church history [Gal. 6;16, and ‘God Hates the Jews’- St. John Chrysostom])

    And that group sat there, with NO interest, until his subscription (again, money being the ‘entree’ into free(?) Public Discourse) lasped. But then, this is Michelle Bachmann territory- the faux conservatives are merely religious heretics and RINOS.

  13. “Beck seems to be hung up on the Nazi/Holocaust myth. Some one needs to tell him there were no gas chambers or ovens in Nazi Germany.”- Outlier

    Don’t you remember Beck ‘named the Jew’ earlier in his career, and almost was flushed down the toilet for it?

    No, he’s already capitulated, and is one of the ‘unrighteous Gentiles’ who are siding (via stone-dead silence) with the Deicides, and, what is worse, he is acting as a false-tongued son of Satan, just like Rush, et al.

    My God, how puffy and OLD Beck looks in this video. Wonder if the stress of not telling the Truth, (when he knows it) is causing him to drown his lies in Doritos and HFCS pop? (He can’t drink coffee or alcohol, being LDS…. right? he he he)

  14. Truly male-led Tea Party groups are too rare, and yes, heretical anti- and un-Christian conservatives are “faux conservatives,” who are in fact un-conserving our Western heritage.

  15. Glenn Beck:”John, I envy you.”
    John Travolta:”Why is that my flabby friend?”
    Glenn Beck:”You fellated more jews than I ever will.”
    John Travolta:”Cheer up, buddy, you’ll get there. AIPAC types are a tad more prudish than the Hollywood kind. Do it with a keffiyeh on!”
    Glenn Beck: *hugs John*

  16. ” Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length] ” appears to be produced by black muslims. Most of the video is interesting, but towards the end a pro-black and a pro-muslim message is clearly stated.

    May be there’s is a ongoing 3-way battle between evil and Christian/white and Islam. Islam is an enemy to Christian/whites, but not the enemy most people think – is its a distraction.

    Beck’s problem is that he struggling to fit himself into a clear category, but he’s clearly not in the Islam camp. I think many leaders in the west are struggling with this.

  17. “It is still up for debate if there really is such a thing as moderate Islam.”

    GB in the vid also uses this inaccurate term: “moderate Islam”. People who use these terms are signaling to you that they have not read nor studied with any depth in the history and tenets of actual Islam.

    This point has been made many times, and much better, by others, but it bears repeating until it becomes common knowledge: what is called “radical Islam” is merely “actual, realistic Islam”. Most people of the world, including most Muslims, are simply sort of a species of quietists: they want to get on with their lives, fall in love, raise their children, have satisfying work and a modicum of prosperity (most people on earth don’t want to actually Get Rich, they’d simply prefer to be Not Poor); most people don’t give a rat’s arse about ideological or theological hair-splitting, they use religion for practical purposes like blessing marriages and births and comforting sickness and death. This is the sense in which the majority of Muslims are ostensible “moderate Muslims”: the sense in which they just want to live their lives in peace and quiet, and since they were born into the religion of Islam, its rituals and comforts will suffice, as much as anybody else’s would.

    But that isn’t what “real” Islam is about, at all. “Real” Islam is about conquest and domination and all sorts of unpleasant things. When we see “radical” “Islamists” performing all sorts of acts of aggression and perversion (look at those child rape cases in Britain!) we are not seeing “radical” Islam, we are seeing a version of “real” Islam which most decent, quietist Muslims simply can’t be bothered to participate in. Maybe they are unconvinced of its authenticity, or maybe they are convinced but lack the will to power. You’d have to ask them, but you couldn’t trust that you’d be getting the truth.

    History and statistics show that once a demographic trend starts to actually favor Muslims, they switch in ever-increasing numbers from quietist to authentic; or, in today’s false parlance, from “moderate” to “radical”.

    The trick is to not let that demographic trend take root in the first place. Who cares whether Muslim immigrants assimilate? My base question always is, “Why do we even have Muslim immigrants? Why are we even talking about this? What do we get from having these people here, aside from headaches, that we couldn’t get elsewhere? We are a nation of 300 million, the third most populous nation on earth; why do we need any immigrants at all? Why are we having this discussion? Who are the people who have placed immigration on the table in the first place, and refuse to take it off?”

  18. Beck may be controlled opposition, but we aren’t the sort of people to stay in his control.

  19. “History and statistics show that once a demographic trend starts to actually favor Muslims, they switch in ever-increasing numbers from quietist to authentic; or in today’s false parlance, from ‘moderate’ to ‘radical’.”

    The trend is doing that and while Western people can hardly coexist, Judaism prospers, historically, under Muslim demographic dominance.

  20. It is still up for debate if there really is such a thing as moderate Islam.

    There’s no such thing as “moderate islam”. Radical islam is islam proper. Not every muslim has the temperament to physically attack non-believers, and they are the moderates (by default). But, even the “default moderates” do their small non-violent part to advance islam and get into Paradise – the end game.

    An African black Christian ex-muslim limo driver, I meet last year while in Georgia, told me the basic goal of islam is to kill all non-muslims.

    But the muslim world doesn’t have the technology to destroy the non-muslim world (i.e. the West) – in fact, its clearly the other way around. The immediate concern is mass immigration to EU countries, and how did this come about even though most Europeans didn’t want it? The elites made it all possible, and who are the elites? The Frankfurt School graduates? The elites are, therefore, the real enemy. But what has been the effect of this mass immigration? Answer: animosity toward muslims.

    Presently, the war drums are beating for the West to attack the muslim countries, but who would benefit from that? Also, if the West threatens to attack all the middle east then the immigrant won’t want to move back.

    Are the elites and Israel the same? But why would Israel want this? Is it because the Dome of the Rock is in the way? If today, Israel knocked down the Dome, then all hell/jihad would break lose.

    Is this what Beck and Wilders are struggling with? Neither wants to be publicly anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, but all these issues appear to be all tied together.

  21. The key question would be, are they pro-White, or are they pro-White Genocide. Until they state their position without any equivocation, they aren’t worth listening to.

  22. The key question would be: are they pro-White, or are they pro-White Genocide?


    That’s what it boils down to.

  23. It was a pleasure to hear Geert, but listening to him hammer the UK’s racially aware BNP at about 19:40 into the video was enough to make me ill.

    All of Europe’s conservative, racially aware white political parties must agree work together, or the white race will cease to exist. The BNP “gets it”.

  24. “Judaism prospers, historically, under Muslim demographic dominance.”

    Nope *only* if the muslims need Jewish help to fight White people like in Moorish Spain or the Turkish Empire. This is their big mistake over muslim immigration into Europe. The more they betray Europe to the muslims the less the muslims need them. Some of them have started to realise this hence the split.

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