Amurrica Series: The First Gay President


Ladies and gentlemen, the president of Amurrica

The First Gay President by Andrew Sullivan

In the National Journal, Ronald Brownstein more accurately describes Obama as the president of the “Blue Wall.” So what is this “Blue Wall” that is responsible for the first gay president among other objectionable things?

“Central to this role reversal is the rise of what I’ve called the “blue wall”: the 18 states that have voted Democratic in at least the past five consecutive presidential elections. Democrats have not won that many states so often since Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman carried 22 in each election from 1932 to 1948.

The blue wall encompasses the 11 states from Maryland to Maine (except New Hampshire); the three West Coast states; and Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Hawaii (plus the District of Columbia).”

The “Blue Wall” is The Left Coast (California, Oregon, and Washington) plus Hawaii, the Upper Midwest (Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin), and the Northeast minus New Hampshire (DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut).

Note: I’ve said repeatedly that my embrace of secession will be considered ridiculous until the day it isn’t.

The “Blue Wall” gives Obama 242 of the 270 votes he needs to win the White House. Therefore, anyone who claims that the “Blue Wall” is not the center of the problem that is dragging the rest of the country into the dystopian future is blowing smoke up your ass.

Think about it: all that the Democrats need to do to have an electoral lock on the White House is to hold the “Blue Wall” states and use immigration to expand the “Blue Wall” into Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada while changing demographics put other states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida into play.

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  1. He’s also getting whiter.

    I’ve noticed that the press is covering the gay angle as a way for Obama to distance himself from blacks. All the blacks on the TV are being challenged about their antigay
    community. It’s subtle but he’s distancing himself from black cultural norms ( at least black public norms). The blacks will all vote for him anyway, so he’s got a free hand with impressing antihomophobics in the white voting blocks.
    Its amazing that the Dems didn’t run a Harvard black decades ago. This one gets to write his own script.

    Is this our first White African president?

  2. If Obama is homosexual then at most it would decease the black turnout a few percent. Of course in a close election that is all it would take.

  3. I’m actually going to have to vote for Mittens.
    Not that it will do any good.

    Next stop, planet Kolob.

    (Look it up.)

  4. There seems to be a striking correlation between the presence of Yankees and the tendency of a state to go “Blue.”

    Yankees are thick on the ground in Eastern Iowa. They are present in Northern Ohio. There are Yankee enclaves in Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina. Sometimes New Hampshire goes “Blue.”

  5. If you broke down the vote in Michigan, where Obama currently has a 5 point lead over Romney, I bet you would find that Michigan is a reliable Blue state because Yankees are combining with blacks there.

    I bet you would also find that the exodus of some of the blacks in Michigan and Illinois is why those states have become more competitive lately.

  6. You can add Texas to that Blue Wall, give or take 5 years, and we got us a one-party state, Massachusetts writ large. That’s okay with me, though. The situation has to educate European-Americans that their government and all non-Whites view them as the enemy, this will never change, and that “saving” the United States is a lost cause. Then, it’s our turn.

  7. They’re not kidding: Obama is AC/DC. His three (known) Black BJ-administering associates all wound up dead by the same MO – bullets to the back of the head – during his run-up to the Presidency. The Chicago PD has been “investigating” the killings for close-on 4 years now, with no results. Unsurprising, since the Chicago PD almost certainly did the offings on orders from Obama’s Chicago Mafia. Zero’s not just “any” nigger…he’s a particularly Bad Nigger.

  8. Michigan is a swing state this time. Obama might win it, but it’s not reliably blue anymore. Too many unemployed whites in foreclosure, and too many EBT niggers driving Cadillacs. The Nigger Summer will be pivotal.

  9. Hunter, you probably didn’t know this but the eight counties in North Carolina that went against the Amendment are counties with large Yankee populations.

  10. Seadragonconquer – He still has Reggie Love working overtime from under the desk in the Oval Office. And they never whacked Larry Sinclair, Obama’s favorite sniveling coke whore.

    If Illiniois would cede from Chicago, Illinois would be Red. Only the collar counties would be 50/50.

  11. Hey…if Obama Sr. was already married when he knocked up Stanley Ann, then that would make her son illegitimate. Could we then call him Barry the Gay Bastard?

  12. True:

    “…Wake (Raleigh), Durham (Durham), Orange (Chapel Hill) and Chatham Counties make up a small island in the middle of the state that voted against the amendment with Buncombe (home of Asheville), Mecklenburg (Charlotte), Watauga (Boone) and Dare (Outer Banks) being the other four…”

    The “conservative” yankees nearby here all wear glitter peace sign t-shirts and tie dye, and are members of gym cults without much conversation outside their workouts. Heavy men in spandex pants line the roads on bikes, doing their best to get run over so they can help change the zoning laws and provoke land seizures for personal bike lanes (the coin they get tossed for getting the changed laws on the books).

    They know nothing of conservative books or issues at all. (Oh— they are “anti-abortion” and this statement makes them moral and “good conservatives.”) All say they are christian too, but seem never to have made any actions in life in that direction. It’s just code for “we’re moral!”

  13. First time I’ve agreed with Newsweek all year. He’s not just our first First Queer, he’s Big Gay Barack, Cock Commander in Chief. Our first aids patient President. Note the still sealed medical records.

  14. Dixiegirl, are you from my beloved NC?

    We call the town of Cary; containment area for relocated yankees.

    Yep those counties are lost to us and have been for a long time. We’ll lose more too as more damnyankees move down here to retire

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