“Youth” Attack WW2 Veteran In Missouri


The “youth” of America have pistol whipped another elderly WW2 veteran in a home invasion and kicked him while he was praying … this time in Missouri.

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  1. Two Trayvons. Isn’t that ALWAYS the story?

    They beat a man who protected their right to be racist Negroes.

    Nothing but cowardly pieces of balck shit.

  2. I am sorry for this old man. He was totally conned. CONNED. Scammed. Lied to.

    His very existence proves my repeated point that we were on the wrong side of WWII.

  3. From the old Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night”, the scene on the railway train:

    OLD BRITISH WAR VETERAN: Don’t get smart with me, young man. I fought the War for your sort.
    GEORGE HARRISON: Bet you’re sorry you won.

  4. Bob Whitaker occasionally mentions the fact that in the 1980s when Pat Buchanan made the statement on TV to an audience of millions that WWII was fought so that blacks could marry and breed with white women than not a single veteran called, wrote, or otherwise objected to that statement. Think about that. Buchanan told him he received not one single response after that aired to repudiate him. In other words, out of all the WWII veterans who watched that on TV or heard about it later, not a one of them must have been bothered by it.

  5. The “Greatest Generation” gave us “civil rights”, negro voting “rights”, and massive 3rd world immigration. All of which set the stage for a black president and this latest Trayvon attack.

    That an aging WWII vet is treated this way is damnable on one level but is it not poetic justice on another?

  6. It’s possible that by the time the fighting lads realized what had happened, they couldn’t do much about it.

    Buchanan was partly right. It was also fought to secure loans. Many veterans of that war might very well have lamented, then cursed and agreed with his point about niggers.

    Those who fought as antiracists, would have agreed, those who hated niggers would only agree looking at the results, those who sat on the fence might have aslo concluded that it was something that equalized minorities legally.

  7. I’ve never talked to one WW2 vet who said he fought racism, and I know more than a few.

  8. There would have been all sorts with general conscription. Lots of communists, socialists etc etc… It was also a big war that involved most of the world. Have you spoken to Russian veterans? British veterans? Canadians? Aussies? With that many people fighting the “Master Race” I’m pretty sure that there were people who really did see all humans as equal.

    However, the vast majority must have just been doing what they were told.

    I know the Americans fucking hated Japs. Not so much Germans. Eisenhower called it a war without hate (believe him? I dunno) Japan was a war of extermination. The
    Japanese very quickly realized after the nuke they better give up though.

  9. I never talked to one who said much of anything. The most I ever got out of them was from one man who only said the Germans had a good army. Other than that, crickets.

    I now know that they were saturated with anti-racist propaganda. None of them ever mentioned this. None of them thus ever objected either. Many of them I knew displayed exactly what Bob Whitaker talks about–worshiping any hollering, dictating, cussing authority figure and preaching to all and sundry that that was “how to be a man.” Many of these also got back and tried to run their families like a sergeant does men during basic training. This resulted in a hell of a lot of their kids ending up fucked up people both then and later in life. If you will look, many of the worst criminals were the kids of this kind of WWII veteran and they all talk about what kind of sadistic asshole their fathers were. That hitman they called “The Iceman” is a good example of this. There are many other examples. Many of these vets came back and were also raging drunks and alcoholics and produced similar results concerning their families.

  10. My grandad returned and killed himself with drink within about 7 years. So yes they were a very traumatized bunch.

  11. Neither of my grandfathers fought in WW2. One was a flight mechanic on B-29’s stateside, and the other already had children and wasn’t drafted.

    My father was a decorated pilot in the Vietnam War. When I was growing up he was a bigtime hardass, but never a drinker or abusive, and his personality probably had more to do with being a Detroit cop for a living and my being a wild little street-kid.

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