Romney: Russia Our #1 Enemy

I have generally given Mitt Romney the benefit of all doubts in this campaign, recognizing him as the best GOP candidate to defeat Obama and strongly curtail BRA. So far, Romney hasn’t pandered to Blacks, Latinos, Illegal Immigrants or cried on national TV over America’s White RACIST history etc.

But this week, Mitt Romney said something really stupid: in an interview with (ex AIPAC lobbyist) CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Romney said that Russia was the United States #1 geopolitical foe:

“This is to Russia this is without question our number one geopolitical foe, they fight every cause for the world’s worst actors, the idea that he has some more flexibility in mind for Russia is very, very troubling indeed.”

Does anybody reading OD think THE RUSSIANS like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are a greater threat to them than say Mexican and Central American cartels, M13 gang members? Does Romney think THE RUSSIANS are big threat to try to take over US states in the South West? I never pegged Romney as a dumb *#% like Dan Quayle and George Dubya Bush. Did someone forget to tell Romney that Communism and the Berlin Wall fell over 20 years ago and the current country of Russia isn’t the same country/threat to America as Stalin’s USSR in 1947?

So Romney is trying to position himself as strong on National Defense – willing to confront THE RUSSIANS,, playing on Cold War nostalgia. Romney is currently hanging out with Pat Robertson’s Liberty University crowd who are certainly nostalgic for the 1980s, the Reagan Administration. They remembered the good old days when American conservatives were “standing tall” opposing the Russians….. well, not all of us. I was supporting my White kinsmen – the Russians in the 1980s as they were invading Afghanistan, fighting the same dark, hairy Muslim mountain scum the US is fighting this year. I also supported the all White Russian Soviet basketball teams as the fought against the mostly all Black “American” Olympic basketball team coached by the likes of Black racist, Georgetown’s John Thompson.

So we all need to communicate to the Romney campaign, to the GOP establishment – to all White Americans that:

The (White) Russians are not our enemies. Neither are decent White people in Sweden, Holland, Poland, South Africa – and we don’t hate other White people over some historical grudge from 100 years ago.

And if Mitt Romney and those like him insist on spreading hateful nonsense against other groups of White people, White nations, they will pay a heavy price: they will be forced to live (actually die) in non White places like Detroit, St. Louis, Haiti, Zimbabwe where there are no Russians, no White people of any kind.

“Kindness” means recognizing and being “kind” to your own kind.

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  1. Can anybody explain to me why the Russians are backing Iran? From a pure self-interest point of view, it makes no sense to me.

    The likelihood that Iran, when it gets the bomb, will have a nuclear exchange with Israel and/or the US is rather small, but it does exist as a real possibility. If the US got put in a position where it had to glass over Iran, most of the fallout would drift its way into Russian territory, causing all sorts of health disasters. The Russians have got to know this, and they have got to know that Islamic powers with the Bomb are never going to be as meticulous and ethical about handling it and preventing accidents and ill-advised escalations; back in the Cold War, the US and USSR had an entire elaborate protocol for making sure a nuclear exchange didn’t occur lightly or by mistake. The Islamic nuclear powers will never be capable of this level of foresight, thus increasing the chances that Russia will be inundated with tiny glowing irradiated bits of Former Teheran.

    From a risk/reward point of view, the cost of scoring a few easy diplomatic points by sticking it to the US makes no sense to me.

    Can anyone explain it rationally?

  2. Russia has a large neo-Nazi movement. Also, the government are passing anti-immigrant laws, and one that would strip the citizenship of any women marrying a foreigner. No mention of a similar law for men, but then again, for some reason it appears, that most mixed-race marriages are a white women marrying a non-white males.

    Lot of clips in youtube …

    “Horrific Documentary on Russian Neo Nazis part 1 ”

    Horrific Documentary on Russian Neo Nazis part 2″

    They were made by an anti-white white journalist who doesn’t think Russia is for white people. He’s a rarity…… just kidding, they’re a dime a dozen.

  3. OtG
    Amateur answer off top of my head – no links, but if I remember rightly it’s largely to do with them being long term ‘allies’ and business and trading partners.

    Same as with Iran/India, they don’t trade in US dollars, they barter trade product for product now which really grips the US.govs sh*t.

    They have said right from the start of the Iran/Israel nuke tensions that they will back Iran, as has China. Don’t forget, Iran is in Russias front yard. The US sphere of influence is getting right up against the Ruskies border and they ain’t kidding when they say they don’t like it.

  4. The likelihood that Iran, when it gets the bomb, will have a nuclear exchange with Israel and/or the US is rather small, but it does exist as a real possibility.

    Iran won’t nuke the Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock – its the 3rd most important shrine in islam.

  5. Not to mention Oscar actually answered his own question, at least from the point of view from the lens he is using.

  6. I think the Russians are backing Iran cause they get oil from, and EVERY-one is FED UP to their eye teeth of Jizzrael, and their John Travolta-like Shabbos Goy Slave State, the JooSA.

    Why shouldn’t the russkies back Iran? The JooSA TOTALLY screwed them for a hundred years. Iran didn’t. Were I a country – I’d back Iran, too,

    Iran is not threat to any-one. I wish some-one would nuke Jizzrael.

  7. “Oscar you are a fuvking moron.”

    Now we see on glorious display the dazzling wit and nimbleness and subtlety of thought which enabled John to win all those Oxford Union debates back in the day.

    Devastating was he to behold, as he mowed down one opponent after another with his famously searing dialectical thrust, “you are a moron,” which required no further explanation, and the cold, forceful logic of which no man could deny… earning him the immortal nickname, “John that, uh… talking guy.”


  8. “Why shouldn’t the russkies back Iran?”

    Because in a nuclear exchange with a neighboring state that has nuclear submarines and over 200 deliverable warheads, Russia will become massively irradiated by the fallout. Chernobyl radiation was found all the way up in Norway. Russia would absorb enormous collateral damage.

    That’s why I’m asking. It’s not about the politics, it’s about the physics.

  9. Iran is no threat at all. Funny you mentioned Oxford there.

    I don’t see this as a debating society. Tonking Iran is simply about opening up Iran to market forces. When did they last engage in aggressive wars?

    I’ll tell you when… It was hundreds of years before Genghis Khan annihilated Kwarizim.

    Only a complete tool could possibly feel threatened by that shambles of a nation.

  10. My question was not about whether Iran is or is not a threat. I don’t stay up awake at night worrying about Iran. My question was about logic, game theory, and Russia’s behavior in light of its presumed self-interest.

    I’m interested in what the Russians are thinking, and why. If Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, then the chances of Russia suffering heavy collateral damage from fallout in an Iran/Israel/US nuclear exchange are basically zero. Like the old line says, “The only way to win is not to play.”

    But if Iran does acquire nukes, then the question is on the table, even if the chances are remote. Russia can ally itself diplomatically and economically with Iran as much as she likes, but why support their nuclear ambitions? It’s like buying a lottery ticket in the Generations of Deformed Babies sweepstakes: why do it?

    Presumably there’s an answer, because they’re doing it, and they aren’t crazy or stupid. But their reasoning is not apparent to me. That’s what I’m asking.

  11. I’m interested in what the Russians are thinking, and why.

    May be Russia thinks Iran can take over northern Iraq as its Shia, so together they can control a big chunk of oil/gas?

  12. Well I reckon anything is possible, Outlier, but the fact is, Russia is already up to its eyeballs in its own oil and gas. And why they think a resurgent Shia/Greater Iran would share it with them is a mystery too. And also, is it worth getting quasi-nuked over? That to me is the tickler.

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