Massive Potential Voter Fraud In Florida


Roughly 180,000 potential non-citizen voters have been found in Florida … 58 percent of whom are Hispanics.

Democracy ends in a farce. Just imagine how bad voter fraud must be in Democratic-controlled California.

How do you destroy a democracy? In the same way that you destroy a currency. Through inflating the number of citizens until citizenship becomes a means for elites to confiscate your wealth and take away your liberty.

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  1. Elect a New People.

    No wonder they keep talking about Hispanics being the key to 2012.
    What on earth can be done?

  2. “while giving white Republicans a pass.”

    I’m in the Twilight Zone … these people are fucking from another planet. How many White Republicans are non-citizens?!?!?

  3. “Whites and Republicans are disproportionately the least-likely to face the threat of removal”

    I wonder why.

  4. Voter fraud is of massive proportions here in California where I live.The communist left has a big stranglehold on the state government and on the city goverments. Attempts on the part of Americans to put an end to voter fraud are defeated by the leftists in Sacramento,San Francisco,Los Angeles. I can’t speak for San Diego. I’m not that familiar with the city.I don’t imagine that the situation there is any better, not with our leftist state government in tight control of everything in California.
    The leftist radicals actually go out and encourage illegal aliens to vote. It’s treason. At this point, I have no idea what the answer is to solve the problem.
    So many here in California actively support illegal aliens voting, and many others are indifferent. Amazing.

  5. This happens in urban or metropolitan areas. Our local conservative volunteer poll watchers watch for this sort of thing in vain in our rural precincts.

  6. “I’m in the Twilight Zone … these people are fucking from another planet. How many White Republicans are non-citizens?!?!?”

    Any 100+ year old white… votes for the democrat political machine that supported his coming here the last time, so surprisingly few in other words.

  7. Every foreign who gets to vote literally erases some citizen’s franchise. Every single time it happens a legitimate citizenship is being immolated.

  8. Right, John, it’s exactly that serious and important, and yet all the Tea Partiers’ poll watching efforts expended in rural areas don’t touch the problem.

  9. That is just pure idiocy. Bush pushed through a federal law that was supposed to go into effect in 2008 that required anybody that wanted to vote or board an airplane to have a national ID card, but Pelosi and her crew made sure that the funding bill to put the law into effect never came to a vote.

    Maybe someday we will get some representatives in DC who actually give a shit about such matters and everyone who is truly eligible to vote will be issued a picture ID that requires a PIN and a password to use.

    Strange as this may sound, for a short time Jerry Brown advocated a similar system during the Dem primaries in 1992. I think the donkey team leaders spanked him for talking so crazy because the idea dropped out of his list of promises without any notice.

  10. When I log on to the Internet and visit a few favorite sites, I am extremely optimistic about white Americans finally “waking up.” But then I go outside and within a short time of talking to and listening to and hearing people, I am asking myself, “how are they STILL not getting a clue?” Many, no all the people where I live are still light years from waking up. Many of them must not even know what I am talking about when I use the words “liberal” or “conservative,” left wing or right wing. Mentioning the “gay agenda” or feminism achieves the very same effect as a detailed discussion of what a tensor field is. From there it gets really bad.

    And these are, for the moment, very prosperous working class people. Virtually none are educated beyond HS, and would generally test out at about a 7th grade level or worse if and when they are tested ( a close relative of 45 tested out in reading and math at a 4th grade level recently on a test!). Many have been making over 20 dollars per hour at jobs that are at best semi-skilled and mostly, well, I really can’t figure out what, exactly many of these peoples jobs are. But they live in 100 grand plus houses and drive Z71’s, Hummers and the like and almost all have Harley’s. Tonight many are out wasting over 200 bucks for dinner at some SWPL restaurant and then a “popular” bar. But every week many of the factories they work are laying off entire shifts. Union Construction, that employed a high percentage of them, is over. Literally. Only the “fat lady” singing and the last one out the room shut off the light remains to be played out for concerning that area of employment. But a friend and her husband just bought a McMansion a few weeks ago. The riverboat casinos are packed. They all talk like they are going to keep on making big money from now on. When I recently suggested that a bright kid just graduating HS should go into engineering, the parents and adults looked at me like I told him to go to Mars and told the kid he really needed to just get a job.

  11. Down here in Florida when I lived in Broward, I was actually prevented from voting in the 2006 congressional elections. They said that my voter id or card or something was invalid, even though I had voted in the last major election in 2004 and hadn’t changed my address or anything in 10 years. I was getting angrier and angrier until they finally gave me a ballot, but said “my vote would not count.”

  12. Brutus,

    I have had the same frustration — when working class people are making good money, they assume it’s forever.

    In 2006 I told a Russian immigrant real estate house flipper that the housing boom wasn’t going to last forever and he should buy gold (417 an oz at the time). He said, “Well, it will probably end someday . . . but not in my lifetime.” It lasted another year and that was it. He did acknowledge I was right. Now he’s working a construction job,

    But I’ve seen it again and again. Haven’t they seen how other people lose their cushy niches? They think “it won’t happen to me,” until it does.

    Even Social Security is not set in stone. The government could go bankrupt; they’ll still send the SS checks for a while, but they won’t buy much. It will be like Russia in 1990-2000.

  13. @Brutus and Kievsky: excellent descriptions of the presently still working “middle class” — still in denial and ignorance, fully distracted by materialism and the ever increasing challenge of the “race” to keep up.

  14. Non-citizen white Republicans=0
    Non-citizen “people of color” Republicans=0 (would be opposed to that also)
    Non-citizen “people of color” Democrats=Shitloads
    Non-citizen white Democrats=0
    Non-citizen white illegal aliens=0

  15. “very prosperous working class people. Virtually none are educated beyond HS, and would generally test out at about a 7th grade level or worse if and when they are tested ( a close relative of 45 tested out in reading and math at a 4th grade level recently on a test!).”

    That’s not prosperity. That’s merely fattening a pig before slaughter.
    The literacy rate in the colonies was 98%- before Dept. of Education.
    The sanity rate (meaning ability to discuss matters from a philosophical, political, and historical basis, tied to one’s own culture and ethnos) was also most likely at about 90% .

    That is why the game show ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?’ was so popular- it was actually a CHALLENGE to a truly ‘dumbed-down’ populace!!

    Dear GOD, we have a nation of imbeciles, coddled and addicted to luxury, gluttony, wastrelism, and rank stupidity! Reading the sections of ‘The Clansman’ at the present time, where the Captive Congress acted like hired assassins against the people of the South, and the utter ‘hog-tie’ that President Johnson (Lincoln’s successor) was forced to endure prior to being called for impeachment, for merely daring to call the Senate to task for obeying the Constitution, eerily mirrors this second GREAT TRAITOR to the American People- this President that is the legacy of every Southernor’s greatest fears- a NIGGER as Commander-in-Chief.

    Misericordie, Domine. No WONDER why my son’s classmates consider him ‘odd’- I’ve taught him to think, and to see things from a panorama of history, outside the narrowness of just the past four years! And yes, he IS smarter than a fifth grader- he should be working at that man’s job, you noted above, and he’s barely in long pants….

    God have Mercy on this sorry, foolish, sinful land……

  16. Hunter, your last paragraph hits the nail on the head.

    Universal suffrage, especially extended to non Whites, is the death knell of our liberty, prosperity and peace.

  17. Peak Beaner has arrived in Texas. Everyone is sick of them, even my “open-borders” libertarian friends have seen the light.

    Tick, tock.

  18. That is why the game show ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?’ was so popular- it was actually a CHALLENGE to a truly ‘dumbed-down’ populace!!

    I liked that show …. until I began to see a clear pattern of of difference in the difficulty of questions when the contestants consisted of one negro and one White person.

    I have also recently noticed a similar pattern on “Wheel of Fortune”.

  19. Just want to mention that not all illegal aliens are Mexican/Hispanic. Anyone from anywhere in the world can come to this country on a tourist visa and stay here without any government authority(ies) doing anything about it.
    I live in California now,but I am originally from New York City. I met alot of foreigners in NYC who came to the US on tourist visas and stayed. I know that because they weren’t the least bit hesitant to let me know.They are not the least bit afraid of getting caught and being sent back from where they came from.I was always told this with an accompanying smirk.
    Not all the illegal alien voters are Hispanic. There are substantial numbers of illegal alien voters from all over the world,as well.
    Just wanted to mention this for a deeper understanding of the problem.

  20. Justsaw Frum, Zakaria and David Mandson discuss Europe. Jew Jew uuuuwwww and an Indian.

    These people discussing Greece? Spain? Etc? What has gone wrong?

  21. The Miami Herald, and it’s Hispanic Latino writers, such as these, has lost all credibility a long time ago, but this article may be the funniest yet.

    Asking non-citizens to not vote is “Purging” them. “Targeting” them. The citizens who vote are “getting an [unfair] PASS.”

    But in a Latino community like Miami where English is not taught or respected, this sort of embarrassing contradiction in the writing is acceptable.

  22. …if the franchise is cheapened like that it is truly worthless.

    These stories read as alarmist to many centristy types. But people ought to know that their leaders are inflating the franchise, by displacing them ethnically and racially.

  23. “where English is not taught or respected”

    You have to say to them, these Hispanophone non-respecters of English: Tell me how you would say, in Spanish, “We landed on the moon”? The answer is, You can’t! Because incompetent Latinos never landed on the moon. How do you say, in Spanish, “We Latinos won world wars, traversed the seas, sent spacecraft into outer space, mapped and photographed the surface of Mars, cured diseases, revolutionized technology and agriculture, created the internet, created the entire matrix of modern life as it is understood, the modern life which has created the opportunity for Latinos to proliferate like cockroaches?”

    The answer is, You can’t say that in Spanish or in any other language because it isn’t true. You can only say it in English; and to a lesser extent, in German, Russian and French. With the exception of the great J.L. Borges, and the possible exceptions of Lorca and Unamuno, Ortega-“und”-Gasset, and Cesar Vallejo, nothing particularly interesting has been said in Spanish since the time of Cervantes. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of genuinely interesting Hispanophone authors who are mesoamerican mestizos. And no, I don’t really count Octavio Paz, a fine humanist but at the end of the day, a bear of very little brain.

    No respect for English? That is equivalent to No respect for Reality.
    Tell them to piss off until they accomplish something respectable while speaking Spanish. Until then, it’s English down your throats, mis amigos! With the funny upside down exclamation point included, gratis.

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