Why Racialists Must Join Twitter


Everything that John Nolte says here about discourse poisoning is equally true for racialists. We recently harassed Touré to the point where he had a meltdown on The Dylan Ratigan Show about “racist tweets.”

“More and more news narratives start on Twitter. Nothing is more dangerous to the left than everyday Americans talking amongst themselves, and today, more and more news narratives start in these conversations, not in MSM editorial meetings.

What’s especially revolutionary is that this new reality means the news media can’t start narratives at will like they once could. They can seed the clouds and hope to make rain, but if everyday Americans dismiss or, better yet, shoot down these offerings, chances are it’s not going anywhere.

Furthermore, the only way the MSM can even attempt to filter or control Twitter memes not started by them is to cover whatever it is we’re talking about. And this, my friends, is how stories are now able to jump over the fire break of Media Matters and those corrupt fact-checkers. . . .

Because we’re tireless and relentless and no longer stuck behind a blog or inside a confining comment section, these battles take on a life of their own and, in a situation like that, the liars (the MSM) always lose.”

Sign up a Twitter account and follow @occdissent.

The MSM exploits symbols like Trayvon Martin which are woven into narratives like “Race In America.” These narratives are then fed into myths like the Civil Rights Movement which provide legitimacy to politicians like Barack Hussein Obama to pass anti-White legislation.

Twitter is the perfect tool for shooting down symbols, propagating counter-narratives, and destabilizing myths.

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  1. I’ve already said the same thing before in extensive conversations with people I know: the news cycle is starting to be driven by Twitter conversations, it filters down from Twitter to the blogs, and from the blogs into the MSM.

    Posting on Facebook spreads information around to other people who share our view or to people who are connected to us. Twitter blasts it right out there to the world.

  2. Hunter,

    I am following you on twitter now. not sure how to use this newfangled thing though, but I promise to log on mroe and try to get it.

  3. The “bugsters” are making real progress in getting talking points on newspaper articles and on blogs — but WN’s are nowhere to be found on twitter. If even a fraction of the guys writing long posts and arguing with each other on forums could get involved and get active, it could really shift the debate.

  4. Perhaps Hunter or one of our younger readers can give us some tips on the best way to set up and use “twitter”.

    My impression is that Twitter is something best used from a “smart phone” – Iphone etc.

    Since the only smart phone I’ve ever own was “liberated” from me by some Black “brothuhs” on a Chicago CTA bus, I’m not currently using a smart phone or any cell phone.

  5. I just signed up to the TWITTER but I don’ t like it. Still I will do anything to advance the civil rights of White people and to stop the Negro Worship and White Slavery that is taking place in this shithole, formerly the Great USA. So if you see me on there spazzing out like a tech-no-tard, which I am, then please help me. Or, if you see me a middle aged White woman, being gang beaten or muh dicked, please help me (it won’t be likely b/c I am not usually in situations to risk it) just good to know other occdissents and race realists are floating around on TWITTER. I don’t want to pre-judge but it looks so fucking useless, but I say that about everything when I first start. I said it about this too and now I’m ADDICTED to it, not a day goes by but I’m reading this blog and pumping my fist in the air, with hope for our people.

  6. Kievsky,

    I’m still trying to get the hang of Twitter. I have found it pretty useful for sharing information. More stories posted here are coming off Twitter. Especially since Facebook started purging everyone.

  7. Gregory,

    Very true.

    We’re writing great stuff … but because we are excluded from the “mainstream,” it mostly tends to circulate through racialist forums and blogs, and through racialist social networks on Facebook.

    Suppose you had 100s of WNs on Twitter retweeting news articles over, say, a black-on-White mob attack. Something that would really catch fire beyond the racialist universe.

    In fact, I am pretty sure that a lot of stuff that is posted here (which traditionally has been sent out automatically through the bot into Twitter) has spread around to a few mainstream sites. I’ve seen material posted exclusively on OD get picked up by mainstream sites.

    Probably through Twitter.

  8. “If WNs would just ditch Facebook for Twitter, they would be more effective.”

    I second that motion. I’ve been using Twitter for over two weeks and it is way much better. The only thing I don’t like is that there is only a limited amount of space which you can type in.


  9. I read a kindle sample of Rockwell’s “White Power” and the stuff he was writing about in the mid 60s is the same stuff now, but now the old media is a dying beast that has stranded itself way out in ideological left field. No Uncle Walter to tell us to be nice to blacks and the VC.

  10. I’m joining the Twitter tardiverse.

    It says I HAVE to have 5 ‘follows’ (?) straight away. I have Hunter and Mindweapon so far. Can anyone advise on some more because if I end up having to ‘follow’ Katy Perry just to make up the numbers I WILL shoot myself.

  11. ese, u gotta stop this shit. racism ain’t good for nobody.

    “Now boy, this freedom talk ain’t no good for nobody. It’s just gonna stir up trouble. Like right now – I wouldn’t be horsewhippin’ ya if you hadn’t gone and stirred up trouble over this “freedom” business. I’m trying ta help ya, boy. Freedom is bad for you. And I’m gonna prove it with this here whip.”

  12. “No Uncle Walter to tell us to be nice to blacks and the VC.”

    hmmm…OH! Cronkite!!!!

    (Was he Juden?)

    Is Twitter’s personal info being sold to the Feds, and your employers, just like FB is? Which is why I quit FB- that, and having it degenerate into a perpetual HS reunion… that never ends…..

  13. Thanks John.

    Fr John – almost certainly, but, I suspect the Feds have entire squads dedicated to, and warehouses full of info on, HW’s patrons already so what can you do.

    Just don’t ever use the word nigger and i’m sure we’ll be fine. I repeat, no nigger. Whatever you do DO NOT say nigger.

    And definitely don’t say kikenvermin. But mainly don’t ever, ever say nigger.

  14. Leo – how do I find you? We could Twitter. I am trying to stalk Svigor. I DO want to recreate my late lamented fun-luvin’ Joobook profile. Gosh. I had so much fun….!

  15. I have all kinds of variants on the word Nigger. The Feds? I’m already on “lists” under my real name. Yawn.

  16. OK Leo. I’ll never say nigger, whenever I am going to [nigger] go on [nigger] twigger.
    Err Twitter.


    Denise- your comments on this and other threads on Hunter’s blog make my day. You are so funny.

    Have we culled the best and brightest of White Racialists on this site? I’m seeing the usual quotient of four-letter wordsmiths, but I’m also seeing and hearing erudite thinking Whites on this blog, in greater numbers.

    Just askinG.

  17. Leo – You will know me by my fruits! and my Gravatar!

    I love you Fr. john. You know that already. And yes – we are the best!

  18. Naga and Webe’s are good. TP to Jackie R!

    Also Neegras and Kneegrows. I’ve gotten around Mainstream site filters with those 2, for ages.

  19. Fr John – Hunters Bar and mindweapons is where all the groovy cats hang out. And The whitechrist’s Weblog of course, which I am slowly working my way through by the way. It is utterly superb Fr John, 11 out of 10, but for me a site more to read, study and learn from rather than make (dumbass) comment.

  20. I’m now following Hunter, Paul Kersey, uKn_Leo, Murph, Denise, Joe Rebel, and Jared Taylor. I’m @cmonti77

  21. “Now boy, this freedom talk ain’t no good for nobody. It’s just gonna stir up trouble. Like right now – I wouldn’t be horsewhippin’ ya if you hadn’t gone and stirred up trouble over this “freedom” business. I’m trying ta help ya, boy. Freedom is bad for you. And I’m gonna prove it with this here whip.”

    This dosent make sense. U guys need 2 stop bein so racis..

  22. Basically, everyone is one Twitter, and you can start shit with almost any media personality. It is the perfect tool for trolling. Also, there are millions of ordinary people on Twitter, unmediated.

  23. This is pretty much how it works: when you want to draw attention to a hot story, all you do is retweet it to your followers, especially to some “hashtag” like #tcot.

    When you share a story on Facebook, it pops up in your friends newsfeed, but on Twitter it gets eyeballs outside our circles.

  24. I just signed up. I get the value of following people, but I have no followers and therefore no one to retweet to. Do you need a large of number of followers for this to be effective?

  25. PK has been blocked by Toure? HAHAHA!!!! I’ll have to really get into this thing. I want to be blocked by Toure too!

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